Chapter 9 - Dirty Little Secret

Mello cuddled closer to the warm body pressed against him from behind, for he was exhausted from hours of lover's exploration, an activity that had become a nightly theme for the two. Every since Mello's storeroom seduction Matt just couldn't get enough of the blonde beauty. Mello, on the other hand, took full advantage of Matt's eagerness to please indulging himself in the pleasure provided by his lover. Although he enjoyed basking in ecstasy, Mello was no slug when it came to returning the favor; he matched Matt's affection giving just as much as he received.

Matt couldn't have been happier concerning the progress of their relationship. From not being able to hold hands, to kissing, to now having his penis buried inside Mello and vice versa, the change was substantial and that was exactly why Matt had to ensue that Mello and himself remained in Erotica Academy, even if it meant being Light's bitch. Matt often wondered what duties were attached to the vulgar title. Would he be stained by Light's foul hands day after day? Would he have to endure having Light's member shoved down his throat to the point of regurgitation? Or what happens if his beloved Mello were to found out about him and Light? Would he love him less, or stop loving him altogether? The questions were bothersome but Matt couldn't help but think about them, especially after making loving to the one he truly adored the most.

While blankly staring at the back of Mello's head, Matt remembered something he heard from the other students.

"Hey, Mello….Mello," whispered Matt softly against Mello's ear.

"Maaat, leave me alone, I'm tired." Mello pulled the covers over his head snuggling deeper into the pillow.

Ignoring Mello's protest, Matt continued poking Mello on his shoulder. "Please listen to me, I have some information I want to share with you."

Tired and annoyed by Matt's pestering, Mello decided to hear Matt out. After all, it was the least he could do before banishing him from his bed.

"Okay, what is it?" Asked Mello.

Matt hiked himself up on one elbow before euphorically stating, "I've heard that the professors also have rooms in the dorm. They stay on the third floor."

This was a major discovery for Matt who was oblivious to the fact that the professors also occupied the dorm aside from assistants such as Matsuda who stayed in a room down the hall from theirs.

Matt's words were followed by silence, which was then followed by a vacant stare. Resuming his position, Mello ducked back under the covers leaving Matt with nothing more then a bland continuance to express just how little he cared.

"Everyone already knows that Matt," muttered Mello."

"But that's not all. I've also heard that sometimes you can hear noises up there."

"Noises?….what kind of noises?"

Finally peeking Mello's interest, Matt bounced up tucking his legs underneath him. He appeared as if he was going to share details on the subject, but truth be told, Matt didn't know much of anything concerning the mysterious noises. He just happened to over hear three of his classmates gossiping, however, he wasn't close enough to hear the full story.

"Sooooo, you want to go check it out?"

"…...lets go!"

Mello crept quietly behind Matt adhering to his every step as they traveled through the hall. He knew sneaking around the dorm at such late hours was prohibited but he was just as curious about the supposedly "strange noises" coming from the third floor as Matt was. As they approached the third level, Mello spotted a figure disappear around the corner. Startled, he jerked forward bumping into Matt.

"Matt, I think I saw something."

"Saw what?"

"I'm not sure but…"

"Hey look!" interrupted Matt pointing to the stream of light seeping through the door.

"Is someone in there?"

"Beets me, but lets find out."

Matt lead Mello slowly towards the light. As they approached closer and closer the faintest of sound faded into existence. The sound was not of barbaric amplitude but more like a desperate whisper, a begging, a plea. Mello and Matt was in a trance stepping slowly, steadily, as to not make a sound. An inch from the door, Matt now realized that there was not just one person in the room, but there were others as well.

Crouching down so that Mello could have a look, together the two peaked through the door and were astounded by the act playing out before their very eyes. In a small, dimly lit room, set a four post king size bed located in the midst of the floor. Sheer white material spread from the tip of the front post to the back, draping around each post as it descended to the floor. Besides the large bed, the room was bare of accessories as if it was created for the soul purpose of the what was taking place upon its silky pure white sheets. On the large bed was no other then the solemn Mikami, who's expression was anything but solemn, positioned on his hands and knees begging to be fucked harder as Light pounded him from behind. As if that wasn't enough to behold, Mello and Matt's mouth dropped even lower at the sight of two beautiful, slender young boys accompanying Light and Mikami in their erotic act. Neither Matt nor Mello had ever seen them before and were instantly struck by how gorgeous they were. Unlike Matt, Mello and their peers, these boys were very well developed and evoked sensuality greater than that of a sex goddess. Mello, who was aware of the existence of another school near theirs, knew instantly that they were the forbidden fruit. The boys from Wakaikun in which they, the students of Chiisai, were not meant to see.

There were so much perversion taking place at once, yet Matt could not peel his eyes away from the lustful blonde haired boy lying beneath Mikami. His creamy pale white thighs were spread wide, his hard baby pink nibbles were thrust into the air, and his stinky fluids were seeping onto his belly as he stroked both Mikami's and his own dick together. Matt was mesmerized by him. Perhaps he reflected the distant image of Mello, young, toned, sexy, and very skilled in his techniques. Just watching him Matt felt a tingle of delight, for he wanted to be sexy and elegant with a luscious well endowed cock, and even though he did not see his distant image in neither of them, they still gave him hope.

While Matt's gaze burned holes into the pale blonde, another certain someone caught Mello's attention. The other boy was of equal beauty, however, his beauty possessed a more demonic vibe. In contrast to his counterpart who's honey blonde hair was cut an inch from his shoulder, the second boy's thick, jet black hair fell loosely down his back stopping just inches above his bottom. He sat with his legs tucked underneath him like an obedient dog beside Light, with one hand messaging Light's inner thigh and the other rubbing Mikami's lower back. His piercing deep blues eyes were fixed on Light's dick sliding roughly into and out of Mikami's ass.

"Matt we have to go. Someone might come," whispered Mello while tugging at Matt's shirt. "Matt come on, lets go back now." Mello's tugging was more forceful but still yield the same result. An enthralled Matt was stuck in place, he didn't even budge.

Meanwhile, the scene in room was reaching an explosive climax. Light's hand was now entangled in Mikami's hair, his grip tight and firm. He hovered over Mikami, his chest touching Mikami's back, as he slammed his cock deeper into Mikami's ass. The room was filled with hot, lustful moans, moans that exalted with every thrust of Light's swollen cock. Light's fucking was so violent it caused Mikami to slammed continuously into the slender frame below him. The fragile blonde was obviously feeling a sense of discomfort, wincing every time his body made contact with Mikami's. His light green eyes began to moist as his discomfort turned into pain. Mikami's head yanked backwards forcing a pained grunt to escape his lips as Light pumped his seed into Mikami's battered insides filling his ass with warm think liquid.

Completely ignoring the limp soul he just relieved himself inside, Light's attention gravitate towards the boy sitting beside him. His fingers stroked through the boy's soft strands of hair; his touch gentle unlike with Matt.

"You've been such a good boy waiting patiently for master's dick, "stated a breathless Light. "Open your mouth. I'll give my little kitten exactly what he's been waiting for."

Light pulled out of Mikami but before he could even offer himself up the young boy grabbed his cock engulfing it to the brim. Sucking greedily he devoured Light's member as if it was a sweet sticky-bun dessert.

"That's it, just like I taught you Miyu," encouraged Light while still stroking his pet's hair.

Miyu's reward was greatly appreciated and he proved it by performing the best fellatio both Mello and Matt had ever seen. The majority of the first level Chiisai students were having major problems in the oral department. Either they didn't like the way it felt, their jaws began to ache after a few minutes of sucking, or they had major gag reflexes. For one reason or another, most of them were struggling through what would have seemed to be the easiest course of all. Even Mello who was a top student in all his classes couldn't bear sucking on the six inch dildo provided to the students for oral practice. He could easily handle Matt's tiny penis but the dildo was way to big, he could barely fit it into his mouth. However, this beauty made it look effortless the way he slid Light's dick to the base of his throat with ease. The little demon needed no direction, he knew exactly what was expected of him and satisfied Light to no end, kissing, licking, and sucking at Light's dick till his fluids spurted from his urethra and into his companion's mouth. Matt was baffled at how the unknown boy, who's name they now knew was Miyu, could suck Light off so passionately, and even swollen his juices at that!

Now that the show was concluding, Mello knew they had to make a break for it before it was too late. Wrapping his fingers tightly around Matt's wrist, Mello pulled Matt backwards catching him in his arms. His hand swiftly covered Matt's mouth. "We're leaving," he whispered.

Slowly they tipped toed farther away from the door disappearing around the corner, then discreetly maneuvered their way through the dorm till they were safely back in their room.

"Who were they?" Asked Matt jumping into bed with Mello.

"They're the students from Wakaikun. It's the school across the lake."

"But why haven't we ever meet them? And how come I've never heard about this school?" Pouted Matt.

"Because you're to busy getting into trouble to know about anything. I've known about it from the moment we came here. But we're not allowed to meet them, we're not even suppose to know about them."

"Well I'm going to investigate!" declared Matt. "Do you want to be my ally?"

"No. Now go to sleep, it's late and we have class tomorrow."

"Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase," begged Matt while squeezing the life out of Mello. "We'll find out about it together. Come on, say yes, say yes!"

"Okay okay!…let go of me! Tomorrow we'll ask about it, but I don't think anyone is going to tell us anything."

"Matsuda will. Lets ask him."

"Ummm…no. We need someone more carefree, someone we can bribe…."

Matt thought for a moment mentally scanning for a perfect candidate.

"I got it! We can ask L, he love sweets! We'll give him all the candy we have."

"Okay, then we'll interrogate L first. Now stop talking and go to sleep."

"But I can't Mello…I'm horny." Matt balled his fist between his legs. His innocent face was adorable under the moonlight which made it impossible for Mello to even think about rejecting him. The whole time Mello was trying to hide his own arousal, but after witness the raunchy sex act between Light and Miyu, he was totally at his limit.

"Fine, we'll do it one more time, but promise you'll go to sleep after this?"

"I promise," replied Matt.

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