This is something totally silly I came up with just for fun on a FB fan page I help admin. Thought somebody might get a laugh out of it here too.

Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells from Dean's POV.

Speeding through the night
In a four door Chevrolet
Down the road we go
Angsting all the way.
Give Bobby a ring,
To find out how to fight,
The latest monster on our ass
Whom we will slay tonight.

Oh, rock salt rounds, shotgun shells
Weapons check, okay.
Oh, this monster's gonna die
In a most inhumane way.
What the hell? I hear bells,
I must have hit that tree,
Good thing Sammy's got my back,
And killed that SOB.

A day or two ago
I went out for a drive
Of course old Sammy boy
Was riding shotgun side.
I stopped to fill the tank
The day was nice and hot,
But when I got back in the car
It really stank a lot!

Oh, what the hell is that smell?
What did you eat today?
Sam, you cannot have a ride
If you're gonna fart that way.
Sam, you smell. God, that's stale.
How am I supposed to drive this way?
With my head hung out the window?
Oh, Sam, you're gonna pay!

Hope it made you smile just a little. :)