All or Nothing

A Taiora

Chapter 1

" So where do you wanna go now, Tai?" Agumon pulled on Tai's sleeve, hoping to get him out of his daze. "Huh, oh yeah, um….." Tai didn't have anything else on his list. He didn't want to tell Agumon, because he knew Agumon was trying to take his mind of the whole 'Sora Incident' the day before Christmas, at Matt's Concert, Tai had found out he was too late to have Sora as a girlfriend. She had already liked his best friend. "Man, Agumon, I Dunno where to go next. How about, let's go by the park and look at the skaters. T.K and Kari had a 'formal meeting, not a date' today, based on what Kari says." Agumon grinned and they started to walk over to the park.

Meanwhile, Sora was at her house, on the phone with Mimi in America. "Anyway, how are Tai and the rest of them?" Mimi asked Sora over the phone. "Oh they're all cool, although, I don't think my friendship is going so well." "Why? Did you to get in a fight or something?" Mimi had now become interested and stopped painting her nails with her new color, passionate pink. " No, I wanted to ask Matt something, after the concert, and I brought his present early. Then Tai thought I liked Matt and he seemed really crushed." Mimi seemed irritated with Sora's story. "Sora, haven't I told you OVER AND OVER, that Tai's a good guy for you and he probably still likes you." Sora shook her head and replied, "No, that was a crush in 5th grade, Mimi. He couldn't still like me! Or could he………." "Well, anyway, say hi to Joe for me, and tell him that I'll see him next week." "Why, is he coming to visit or something?" Sora seemed interested in Mimi's interest in Joe, of all people. "Oh, yeah were really good friends. See ya." They hung up. Sora sat and thought about what Mimi had said. Could Tai really like her, or was Mimi just saying that. She was real confused and just didn't know.

Tai and Agumon had made it to the skating rink. He indeed did see T.K and Kari, and as he and Agumon sat, he thought they'd make a good couple. He continued walking. Then he saw Matt with another girl teaching him how to skate. He seemed almost afraid of the ice. He laughed as he realized that was Maya, his twin sister. "They seem to be having fun," Tai joked. " Yeah, especially Matt." Agumon continued. "C'mon Agumon, lets go to the digiworld, I feel like I need to refresh my self."

They traveled to the digital world to see it as snowy as the real world. He and Agumon spent time making snow angels and snow-digimon, and even playing a quick snowball war with Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon that 'happened' to drop by. They all ended up wet and sweaty, and sat to rest in a snow bank. Suddenly the snow bank started to rise up and Tai yelled, "Holy Crap! Wah?" "Wadda mean, 'wah?' I'm not wah, I'm Frigimon!" The snowy digimon smiled harmlessly on the embarrassed Tai and Agumon. "Oh I remember when you were little, and I gave you a ride over to another moving island. And I told you so many stories, remember the one about my sister and the Numemon?" Uh Frigimon, I'm being paged, can I get back to you. Frigimon scratched his head and nodded, then started muttering questions like 'pager, what's a pager?'. Tai took out his D-terminal and looked at the message from his sister Maya. It said:

" Hey, Tai, how's about telling us where you are? Sorry 2 sound like mom, but you gotta tell us man. I'll be in the digiworld, so see ya sometime if your not here."

Sora spent her day at home, watching TV, arranging more flowers, and she even made the 'special cookies' she promised Tai. As she did her work she hummed Christmas tunes. She then decided to turn on the news and saw Matt on the TV. "Showoff," Sora muttered as she sat down on the couch. " Well, the problem here is that our Tenor voice and electric guitarist just dropped out, so we will not be performing for awhile." Matt was saying on the TV. A number came onto the screen to reach the group by. "Shoot! I was going to ask Tai to go to the concert right after New Years with me." Sora turned off the TV, and sighed. Oh Tai, why can't you understand, I don't like Matt!? If you only knew why I needed to talk to him, if only I could tell you………. Sora's thoughts made a tear run down her cheek. The truth was she went to ask Matt if he knew about what Tai's feelings for her were, but she could never get up enough guts to tell Tai now, now that he probably hates her. She felt like she had lost a best friend to death, even though Tai was only a phone call away. What ever could she do?


Please read Chapter 2, coming soon!