Emmy looked out the window. But she wasn't Emmy anymore, she was Dweia.

Althalus had gone. He had finally gotten annoyed enough to leave.

'If you need me I will be visiting our children,' he said before leaving out the front door. He had walked to the local village and bought a horse. From there he had gone somewhere. She didn't look fro him as she was too sad.

'Unconsciously the window flew to him. She couldn't make out his surroundings as the window was focused on him. He was riding on his horse as fast as it was allowing him to go.

Emmy spun around as the sound of galloping reached her ears.

She frowned. She had not spoken the word for sound yet. She watched as he raised his head and said something.

She then watched as he almost ran into a tree. She heard his curse, muffled. That was when Emmy realised that it wasn't the window making the noise.

Rushing outside, she watched his gallop closer with her mouth open.

'What…When…Why?' Emmy managed to stumble out.

Althalus grinned. 'I guess I missed you too much.'

'Guessed?' she asked.

'Did.' He replied back.

I am trying to update all of my stories for cchristmas!

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Live Long and Remain Ugly

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