My first DP entry, whoot! This is Pompous pep, aka Vlad/Danny. I hope you enjoy it.

Warning: This is slash, meaning male x male, it also contains pedophilia. If you do not like it then do not read it, go away, and leave me alone. Thank you.

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No School; No Gho... Hi Vlad!

An opening door was the only sound heard throughout the Fenton Works building, home of Amity Park's resident ghost hunters and their children. Their son, seventeen year old Daniel Fenton, quietly shut the door behind him as he walked into the surprisingly empty house. Chances were his parents were in the lab constructing a new invention to combat ghosts. His sister, Jazz, was off at college.

"I'm home," Danny called, not really expecting an answer.

Jack and Maddie Fenton would be in their lab until Jack got hungry or they wanted him to see the progress they made. Normally Danny would poke his head in to see that they were in the lab, but the day had been too tiring for him. Instead he treaded up the stairs to his room. He was still slightly sore from the earlier hours at school.

Vortex had attacked him during lunch. Danny had been holding his own against the weather ghost, but Vortex managed to get the upper hand. Danny just couldn't get it out of his head. Vortex had obviously had the upper hand, and was no doubt prepared to finish him. The only reason he didn't was because the Fright Knight had shown up. Really, the Fright Knight, how long had it been since Danny had seen that ghost?

What's more is the Fright Knight seemed there to help him. The two ghosts had been talking about something that Danny couldn't quite hear. Vortex seemed to look at the Fright Knight with a disbelieving expression before disappearing. Then the other had turned to the hybrid and nodded before also taking his leave. Danny couldn't have been more confused.

The teen opened the door to his room and threw his bag on the floor with a sigh. He rubbed his shoulder where a bruise was no doubt forming. The weekend was upon him at least, no school to worry about. Danny would need the time to fully recover from the latest ghost fight. The last thing he needed to be concerned with was Dash making his possible wounds worse.

Danny threw himself onto his bed face first. The soft cushion the blankets provided was a welcomed feeling to his aching body. Hopefully, no more ghosts would pop up until the weekend was over, but the young hybrid wouldn't count on that. Things rarely went his way in that regard unless there was some big ghost scheme going on against him.

He sighed and sat up again, resting on the edge of his bed. A blue mist passed his lips, his ghost sense. The teen didn't react to it; few ghosts attacked him in his own house anymore. There was only one ghostly being that would intrude in his room.

"Rough day, Daniel?" the voice came from behind him.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Vlad Plasmius became visible, sitting in the chair by Danny's computer, his chest against the backrest and arms resting at the top. The older hybrid smiled wickedly, displaying his vampire-like canines. That explained everything to the teen; Vlad had ordered the Fright Knight to aid him and probably told the other ghosts to leave the boy alone for a while.

The teen returned his own sly grin. There was only one reason why Vlad would have waited in his room and appeared as his ghost half. Their last encounter had taken place over a month prior. Truth be told, Danny had actually started to worry if the older hybrid would ever show up again.

"I can always count on you to make it better, V-man," Danny replied.

Plasmius had never liked the fact that Daniel had started using Jack's nickname for him, and knew the teen just did it to get under his skin. He stood, phasing through the chair as he walked around the bed. They both knew he could just as easily have phased through the bed as well, but Vlad seemed to prefer to drag these encounters out a bit.

Danny knew what was coming, this little dance had taken place many times before, but the anticipation was gnawing at him. Vlad was simply trying to torture him this way, it was certainly better than his other torture methods since Danny wasn't going to sustain any life threatening injuries. His teenage hormones just made the wait so unbearable.

Vlad stood mere centimeters away from his target, gazing down at the boy with that all too familiar smile plastered on his face. Daniel couldn't take the anticipation any longer as he attempted to stand up, only to have the man force him back down. The older hybrid bent down to be at his eye level, their faces almost touching.

Why did he have to drag it out every time? Their lips finally met, only for Vlad to pull away just before the younger male could respond. The ghost boy whimpered, almost pawing at the other for some kind of contact. He hated his uncontrollable hormones, and Vlad's amusement in teasing him.

"Vlad," Danny whined and then yelped as the other forced him down onto the bed.

The blue skinned half ghost pinned his arms above his head. He passionately kissed the teen who eagerly returned the contact. Vlad's tongue ran across his lips and he parted them in invitation. The invading muscle quickly found its mate and began a battle for dominance. Plasmius pulled away again, biting Danny's bottom lip before moving to his jaw line.

Danny's arms were held down at the wrist by one hand as the other slowly moved under his shirt. The teen hissed in pain as Vlad touched a fresh wound. They locked gazes as Plasmius phased his hands into his pillow. The boy looked up, noticing that he hadn't been phased through the bed as well, which left him to wave the pillow around with his hands trapped inside.

A soft moan escaped Daniel as his partner licked at the wound on his abdominal area. He had managed to gain a small amount of muscle, but usually covered it in baggy clothing. His shirt was pushed up, revealing the pale skin of his chest as Vlad made his way up the teen's body.

Danny gasped as the wet muscle made contact with his left nipple. Vlad continued teasing the bud with his tongue, listening to his pet's moans. He moved to the other, causing Daniel to arch up as he bit into the sensitive skin.

Plasmius phased the white t-shirt through the teen beneath him and let it fall beside the bed. The two engaged in another passionate kiss as Vlad worked on the blue pants. He grabbed a handful of Danny's hair to deepen the kiss as the belt was loosened around his waist. Daniel moaned into his mouth as the jeans were phased through his body and dropped on the floor.

Danny wanted his hands free to repay the other hybrid. The teen was now left in his boxers and Plasmius was still fully clothed, he didn't like that. Danny wanted to feel the other's toned body against his. He made this known by moving his hips against Vlad.

"Eager, aren't we?" Vlad chuckled as he licked along his collarbone.

Danny's response was cut off as Plasmius bit into his clavicle. He could feel the warm liquid trickling out of the wound. Vlad eagerly lapped it up resembling a kitten at a milk saucer. Danny moaned, begging for more. The older hybrid was all too willing to comply as he moved back down to the teen's abdomen.

The man licked around Danny's naval as he pulled at the hem of his boxers. All the dark haired teen could hear was the sound of his own moans as Plasmius' gloved hand moved under the last remaining article of his clothing. The boxers were removed and left with the other discarded articles of clothing. Daniel moaned as Vlad massaged his already hardening cock.

Plasmius began nibbling his earlobe as he continued his ministrations. Danny could feel the muscles of the older hybrid against his own. The teen phased his hands out of the pillow and began exploring the toned body above him. Vlad grabbed his wrists and phased them back into the pillow.

"No, Daniel," Vlad scolded softly. "We're doing this my way, which means no hands."

"You're using your hands," Danny protested.

The older hybrid shook his head, chuckling at the boy's comment. "Yes, but you forget that I make the rules, little badger."

"Cheater," the teen said before licking the man's nose playfully.

Vlad captured his lips and forced his tongue into the boy's mouth. Danny moaned as the other roughly took hold of his hair and deepened the kiss. The other hand moved up his thigh at an agonizingly slow pace. Suddenly the older hybrid stopped as if listening for something that Danny wasn't paying attention to.

Daniel whimpered at the loss of contact. Vlad had completely vanished from the room. He didn't have time to dwell on that as the doorknob began turning and the door flung open. Danny jumped off of his bed in surprise, landing on his backside with the pillow shielding his naked body. His hands were still trapped in the material.

"Danny?" the voice of Jack Fenton bellowed from the doorway.

He stared at his father with an annoyed expression. Something seemed to get through the ghost hunter's skull as he stared back for a minute or two before turning and feigning a cough. They both hesitated, waiting for a response from the other. Jack was the first to break the silence.

"Sorry about that, son," he laughed awkwardly. "I didn't mean to interrupt 'happy time' for you."

Silence filled the room again as this sunk in for Danny. He resisted the urge to smack his head against something. The awkward silence rolled on again. Danny rubbed the back of his head nervously.

"What did you want, dad?" The boy asked as politely as he could manage.

"Oh, yeah," Jack exclaimed as if he had forgotten for a moment. "We've got a new ghost weapon in the lab. When you're finished here, come down to the lab."

There was a blur of orange as the door closed again and Danny was left alone in his room. He finally phased his hands out of the pillow and threw it back on his bed. The young hybrid sighed, his father had horrible timing.

Vlad Masters appeared on the other side of his bed. He was fully clothed in his signature black suit. The man looked at the door with an intensity that could set it ablaze before turning to Daniel with a neutral expression. Danny hung his head and sighed; that meant he would be leaving soon.

"Well, your father certainly has a knack for ruining the moment," Vlad said irritably.

"So," Danny already knew the answer to the question he was about to ask, but found himself hoping the man would decide against it. "You're leaving then?"

"We will continue this another time, Daniel," the older hybrid attempted to reassure him.

Daniel nodded and Vlad vanished again. The teen gathered up his clothes and got dressed again. He walked downstairs and to the lab. Sometimes his dad even got on his nerves, he had to admit.

At least he had the whole weekend to rest. With any luck, Vlad would show up again soon. Danny wasn't really sure with the possibility of being walked in on, though. Only time would tell he supposed. Hopefully, there would not be any interruptions next time.

I am not sure where this is going as yet. Once I have a few chapters done up I will continue, but I'm not making any promises right now.