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The next morning we went shopping, Pattie paid for everything. That's alot since Nudge was with us."Next, we are going to justin's concert." Pattie told everyone after we changed into our new clothes."What type of concert?" I asked. "You'll see, trust me."replied Pattie.

OMG! Justin Was FAMOUS! You don't want to know how Nudge handled this. I've never seen someone jump that high. It's kinda wierd?

when we hot to the concert, there were screaming fans, everywhere! Pattie gave us backstage passes so we wouldn't get lost in the crowd. There were so many people here that the guards had to tell people there was no more room. When we arrived backstage, Justin gave us earplugs for the noise. The crowd was still loud because of our hearing.

The first song Justin started to sing, I think it was called baby? Every once in a while Justin would glance backstage. Then, when the concert was over, I caught him staring at me wierd?

The next morning, Nudge came up to me and asked me if me and Justin were dating. Then she shoved the magazine up to my face. NO! NO, NO, NO! On the front page cover was me and Justin backstage with lips around the picture.

I rushed downstairs as fast as I could. I come up behind Justin and tap him on the shoulder. "Justin, why does Tigerbeat think we're a couple!" I questioned him in a stern vioce shoving the magazine infront of his face. "Shit." Justin murmured. "Um, I need to talk to my manager, Scooter."

"Fix it." I said.

"I will, I promise"

Fang (P.O.V)

I found a one hundred dollar bill a few days ago and decided to buy some food while I had the money. When I was walking past the magazine section I saw Max and this dude on the front page with lips circling them. So, I bought the magazine to look inside to see what all this...stuff was.

"Our sorces say that Justin Bieber has never been single, that he has been secertly dating this young lady. He only says he's single so that his lovers won't become haters." Said the inside of Tigerbeat magazine

Well, that's definentally not true. I only left a week ago, but it might be true that Max is dating Justin Bieber.

My life is so messed up. What am I going to do?

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