Not an update. Really sorry, but I keep getting these reviews asking why smoking seems to be such a big deal, etc.

I'm not sure what the ratio of book-smart to street-smart people read fan-fiction, but if you aren't street-smart, then there are a few hints that I left in the last chapter if you failed to catch them.

The first hint is that Ino said Kiba was probably out to look for a new 'hookah'. Know what that is? It's a pipe for tobacco or marijuana.

Yeah, marijuana is what Kiba smokes. That's why it's a 'big deal' to some people in this fic. Also, another of the hints was that Kiba was drug-dealing with Ukon. I tried to make that as clear as I could. Back alley, late at night, etc. (I mean, no one has to secretly deal cigarettes.) I was kind of expecting people to be able to get that from the Kiba-Ukon interaction.

So, hope that cleared some things up with people.

I'll update ch.4 at my disposal, but I'll try to make it soon. Thanks for reading!