Judge Turpin's body lay bloodied in a heap and Todd looked at the body of the woman he had just slain. She thought she had known him, after all. That he looked familiar. He used the handle of his now-closed razor to lift her bonnet. Mad old street woman…but there was something about her face…the wide-open eyes.

"Caroline," he muttered. His darling Lucy's cousin. She had visited a few times, adored Johanna and fawned over the two girls. When she left, half their savings left with her. He let the bonnet drop; good riddance to the thieving chit.


Mrs. Lovett was calling her boy. He straightened, flicking the razor open. Another set of rubies. They walked through the sewers, found nothing. But…there.

Sweeny spun, hearing the grating of metal on stone. He did not smile. The joys in killing had all come up to killing Turpin whom had killed his wife. Now…there was nothing to feel for. As the small boy climbed out of the grate, his back was to Todd.

"Mr. Todd, please," Mrs. Lovett whispered, desperate to keep the little boy.

"Hush." It was only one word, and with it, he seized the boy, clamping a hand over Toby's mouth. Under that hand, he drew the razor over the boy's throat, red spurting forth, warm red life. And he dropped the body.

From behind him there was a sort of whimper, like an animal. Mrs. Lovett lurched forward, fell to her knees, pulling Toby's body into her lap. Through her tears she rocked him back and forth, back and forth.

"Nothing's gonna harm you…not while I'm around…" The words were muffled through tears. Her face in anguish, she looked up at Sweeny Todd, his razor still dripping rubies.

"Mr. T. How could you?"

"He knew."

And he left her there in the cellar, rocking her boy's body back and forth, singing him his last lullaby.

Sweeny Todd wept alone in his room, for his wife whom had died of arsenic poisoning…for his daughter, run off with her savior sailor lad, and for himself. He had no one.

It did not take long for them to clear out of the shop, sold for an approximately fair sum, and move away. They did not leave each other, but neither could really say why. By the sea they stayed, even had the seaside wedding Mrs. Lovett…Mrs. Todd…had dreamed of. Simple and sober, there were no guests but for the witnesses. And all three of their witnesses could have sworn that the bride was crying and that neither looked joyful enough to be marrying. They assumed that the woman was expecting. They were wrong, but it is what they assumed.

This chapter is to lead into what happens after the wedding, in their new life together. Yes, Lucy really did die of arsenic poisoning. And they got away with the murder of the Judge. Movie-verse, because I haven't seen the play. And AU of course. Clearly. REVIEWS! IT MEANS YOU LOVE ME!