Through the Forest of InuYasha

The bone eaters well...

Many years have passed, since the bone eaters well stopped working. My mother was unable to travel between worlds after returning to the Feudal Era to be with my father. The well was never the same again.

My father had sealed it with a tree, shoved down the mouth of the well. He didn't want me, or my brother to venture back to mothers world. None of us could anyway, not even my mother. It has been almost eighteen years since the cursed Naraku was destroyed and the Shikon jewel of four souls was banished to oblivion.

Well or so we thought. I was born on the night of the new moon, my father a half demon, was not of that world during the new night. He was human just like my mother who too was human. My father was a 'hanyou', a half demon; he would change into a human on the night of the new moon and retort back to his demonic state on the rise of dawn.

My kid brother Inuko, he too was a half-demon, sat next to my mother's side, waiting. "Papa, when is the baby going to be here?" he would ask in a quite monotone voice. It was on that night when I was born. However, I was not born a half demon, but a human. I took on the likings of my mother, yet had my father's eyes.

My father, Uncle Miroko, and Aunt Sango all sat next to my mother's side, smiling. I'd never seen my father so happy to see me. The name that I was given was Kikyko, it was my father who choose it, he said it was in memory of someone who he always held dear to his heart.

This is the story of my life... and how the banished Shikon Jewel of four souls came back from the dead.