It's been two months since I've laid eyes on my family. I miss them more than anyone could imagine right now. I'm especially eager to see my woman. The phone sex and video chats just aren't doing it for me anymore; I need to hold her in my arms. I stepped through the door of the apartment. She was lying on the floor while the twins crawled on her. I guess they were playing? I lifted up Hope and planted a kiss on her chubby little cheek. I noticed that not only does she now have bottom teeth, but she has some little ones at the top too now. I placed her back down on the floor for her to crawl around and I grabbed Jr. He's heavier than his sister. Clare got up from the ground and stood in line for her kiss. She had her hand on her hip and her brow raised. I put Jr down to play and I leaned in to give her a smack on the lips when she moved away.

"Eli, notice anything different about me?"

"You…changed your hair?"


"Just kidding…you lost the weight."

"Yes. I'm nearly down to my high school size."

"Well as long as you feel good about you. I've missed you…you amazing and beautiful woman."

"I've missed you too. Now watch the kids while I finish dinner."


I lay on the floor and the babies crawled all over me. They pulled off my glasses and pinched my lips together. I was just some big toy to them. The entire event didn't go by without a big glob of drool falling in my eye thanks to my darling daughter though. What more could I expect? They are babies. My babies… they are some damn awesome babies!

I was tired but I played with them. After they were done turning me into a human carpet I had to chase them all over the loft. By the time they went down for a nap I thought I was going to pass out. Shit, these kids are hyper! I went in the kitchen to see Clare putting the filling for a lemon icebox pie into a graham cracker pie crust. I grabbed her by the waist and I kissed her cheek.

"You know we are having a family dinner."

"I know, but I forgot… I better take a nap while those two little tikes are down."

"They just missed their daddy, that's all. But yes, a wise person would take a nap."

"Come with me?"

"Dinner duty, remember? Don't worry… we will have our time. I've been reading Eli."

"Reading what?"

"Just reading…"

"So when do you leave for your tour?"

"Not for a month."



The pies were ready, the meat was done and the potatoes were mashed. Now I have to get myself all done up because everyone will be here in no time! I showered and I put on a pale pink dress with a white sweater and white ballet flats. I looked in the mirror at my new/old figure. I feel pretty. I went into the babies' room to see Eli struggling to get Hope dressed. I took over and I put her curly hair into a shrubby ponytail with a bow to match her little pink sundress. It's funny that Hope has my hair type, and Jr. has Eli's but they both have Eli's black tresses.

I got Jr. and Eli got Hope. We put them in the playpen in the living room and then as if on cue the first guest arrived. It was Fiona and Adam with baby Heather. They sat her in the playpen with the twins and the baby babbling began.

"Clare, you look amazing and the food smells good."

"Thanks Fiona, you look pretty too. I have to ask though; does Heather always have to dress like you?"

"What can I say? Like mother, like daughter."


We had girl talk and then more people started to arrive. My Mother, and then my in-laws arrived almost at the same time. I greeted them all and my mom and Cece swooned over the weight I'd lost. Next to join the party was Alli, Drew and baby Sarah. The baby joined the playpen party with the twins and heather. I noticed that Jr I the only boy…surrounded by women.

The guys were in the living room while the ladies were in the kitchen. Everyone was nice enough to help me set the food up. There is no dining room, only a small space with a table and a few chairs… Usually everyone just eats wherever they are content to eat. Tonight, that place was in the living room.

Everyone laughed and reminisced about happy times we had in the past. Adam bought up some of the wilder times of the past. Most of which involved Eli, him and me...with Morty and some type of nudity. I'm so glad my babies are too young to understand what Adam is saying and I'm glad that I'm too old to be grounded by my mother.

While the party went on Eli sat in the easy chair across from me. Every so often he would look over at me and give me a tiny, crooked grin. I couldn't resist blushing and flipping my hair. I guess even after all this time, he still has it. The rest of the night was great. Quality family time and a walk down memory lane is something you can never go wrong from. The ladies were nice enough to help me clean up after the occasion and then everyone bid me goodbye. Alli and Fiona winked at me. Probably because what they knew was going to go down later. The babbling of the babies left, well all but two.

I lifted Hope and Jr from the playpen. They are heavy together. I took them to the bathroom and I ran the water for them. I placed them in and gave them a good old fashioned scrub down with Johnson and Johnson's. This stuff really makes a baby smell like a baby. It was supposed to have aromatheraputic properties that soothe babies. Usually it doesn't but tonight they went down like somebody drugged them. I guess the company and baby gossip wore them out. I started putting them to bed and Eli snuck up behind me. He laid one baby down and I laid down the other. Then we switched up and kissed each baby goodnight. They sure can be little demons when they want to be but…right now they look like angels.

We left the babies' room and Eli fast walked me into ours. I didn't have time to protest or ask what he was doing. Before I knew it I was sitting on the bed and he was locking the bedroom door and putting out a knife. I got nervous. I thought… wait…what the fuck!

"Eli what the fuck are you doing!"

"I know how this looks Clare but I thought this would be more romantic."

"What murdering me? Are we Sid and Nancy now or something Eli geez?"

"No! I was going to push you in here and I planned to tell you to either take off the dress or have it cut off of your hot body… Things didn't work out."

"I'll say they didn't. Sorry?"

"No... It's okay. I should have thought the plan through better."

"Want to unzip me?"


He unzipped my dress and it fell to the ground. I stepped out of it and I turned around to see that Eli had lost the robe he was wearing. There was nothing underneath. I noticed that he had a fresh tattoo… Well, not so much new as replaced. He had "blue eyes" written on the space above the key he got to cover the other "blue eyes" tattoo.

"Eli! You…got another tattoo."

"Yes I did. I forgot that I was supposed to be surprising you with this. I felt naked without it."

I hugged Eli and I smacked him on the ass. He looked surprised for a minute and then he smacked me on the ass back. He unhooked my bra and it fell to the ground along with the panties I wiggled out of. I thought we'd go to the bed but he surprised me by picking me up and raking half the items on the dresser off before placing me on top. He glided inside me perfectly…like a key to a lock. I held onto the dresser to keep from sliding off as he pounded me mercilessly, delivering pleasure with each stroke. I arched my back and dug my nails into his perspiring skin as the orgasm approached me. When it finally arrived I moaned out and he placed a quick kiss on my lips. He kept going onto to cum a few minutes after me. He leaned on me and we caught our breath on the dresser. His hot breath against my exposed breasts was a turn on… maybe we will go for round two.


Clare was amazing! We didn't get any sleep last night because we were up all night having marital relations if you get my drift. She didn't lie when she said she'd been reading. I found out that she's recently taken a liking to Zane books and other heavily sexual books. I got tied up, whipped and doused with melted candle wax… but the blow job I got after the abuse was so mind boggling that I would gladly cover myself in hot candle wax to get it again. We didn't realize that we were making love all night until our last orgasm when we noticed that the sun was starting to rise and that the twins were up. We didn't get a wink of sleep but the lack of shut eye was well worth it.

After I got out of the shower I took over feeding duty for the little animals and I let Clare go shower. I kissed her on the cheek before releasing her and she blushed while smiling at me. I guess I really do still have it huh?

Breakfast time was more complicated than I imagined because nobody wanted to eat their baby food. Finally I got them to gobble down some of that banana stuff and some apple sauce. They didn't seem thrilled to eat it, but they didn't spit it in my face or paint the walls with it. After feeding I cleaned them up. I looked at the baby routine Clare had on the fridge. I guess the next step is to read to them…so I did. I started reading them Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. These babies are going to love horror and gore, so I may as well start them off with a classic. Clare came and sat down in my recliner while I read to them. Though there were no bright pictures to show them, they seemed interested. I decided to stop at the first chapter for today. I let them down to play after that…

"Frankenstein? Aren't they a bit young for that?"

"Nonsense! They loved it!"

"Uh huh… Yeah.

We watched the twins crawl around and we even had to break them up from fighting a few times. They are sort of territorial sometimes like… wolves or something. There was a little biting involved. Can I really blame them though? I've surely been in my share of brawls. I was relieved when they had nap time. It was like a little break for Clare and me to cuddle up and watch the news. Can you believe it? We are watching the news. I must be getting old or something. After about ten minutes of holding Clare and watching the reports of crime in the city, I noticed that soft snores were coming from her. I can understand why she isn't tired… we didn't get a wink of sleep last night. I took a moment in this silence and odd aloneness to think about life. This time last year Clare and I weren't even together yet. We were still broken up. Adam was trying to push us back together for my sake and I was unhappy because I didn't have Clare. Funny how time changes things. Now I'm as happy as a clam and I'm a father of two… I decided it was time for an adventure. I woke Clare up and then I waited until the babies woke up.


I put the babies in their car seats in the back of Morty. I got in front beside Eli and we went for a ride. It was a warm day so we let the windows down and the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair made me giggle while it took my breath away.

He took us to one of the lakes we made out at in our younger days. There was a tree that our initials were carved into. It was still there. The babies got a chance to see some ducks up close, though they were afraid of them and our wonderful life together had another memory added to it. A year ago I was a mess… I was alone, a little bitter and rather heartbroken but now things couldn't be better. I feel renewed… a new life.

Well guys, this was the last chapter. I hope you all have enjoyed reading this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I haven't decided if there will be a sequel or not but if there is it will be named after this story… I want to thank you all for your reviews, tips and suggestions. They were appreciated. I hope your day (or night) is awesome! =)