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Chapter 9- The Fight

Inuyasha sighed, the sound seeming exceedingly loud in the confined space of Choshi-baba's crowded chamber. He laid back, resting his head on his folded arms, propped on his usual seating cushion, and his legs bent and crossed at the knee as he stared up at the ceiling.

The hanyo always spent hours here in this part of the cave. If he was not with the cubs or with Koga then one could find him here talking, helping the elder out with the various jobs she performed for the clan, or simply resting; letting the comforting atmosphere and the old woman's soothing presence wash over him. So far today, he had spent most of his time helping Choshi-baba to gather the few plants and herbs that were starting to grow outside. He had long since finished his regular duties of hauling in wood and refilling her water pot from the stream deeper in the cave.

Inuyasha turned his gaze to the old woman and watched as she made her way around her quarters, familiar enough with her surroundings that it seemed to make no difference that she was blind. In all the times he had visited the old woman, he had never seen her blindness hinder her in any way. In fact, she usually saw more than those with sight did. In truth, Inuyasha did not know why he felt so comfortable here with her. If the hanyou had to guess though it would be that, she rather reminded him of old Kaede at times.

Inuyasha sighed again, this time longer and louder as his mind turned back to his recent train of thought. In all fairness he wanted to talk about his problem with someone, but he did not know how to bring about the subject in the first place.

"What ails you, Little One?" she inquired in her gravelly voice, as he dropped in a pinch of dried barley sprouts into the boiling potion she stood over, and then turned to search out the kuri. She was making a depression remedy for a young mother who recently had a miscarriage, her first pregnancy. Poor dear.

Inuyasha held back another sigh just barely; now that he was given an opportunity to speak, he had no idea if he really wanted to talk about it anymore. He was hesitant to talk to the old woman about such things, but she was the only one he could talk to about the bond, so she would have to do. He sighed again anyway and announced in a gruff voice, "I think I'm broken, Baba."

"Oh?" Choshi moved to the other side of the room where there was a small mortar and pestle. She placed a couple of the newly located nuts in the mortar and proceeded to grind the kuri meat, while waiting for Inuyasha to continue.

"Yeah, well, it's this family thing. I have been having weird thoughts," he began, gazing up at the smoke stained ceiling. "I thought… I thought I was supposed to be like a brother or something to that mangy wolf, but… well, let's just say I ain't never felt this way about my actual brother." Inuyasha shuddered "Nor would I ever want to, come to think of it."

Choshi chuckled and poured the ground kuri into the boiling pot. She stirred the concoction a bit before joining the inu on the cushions. "Well, Little One, as I recall, you once said that you thought of your brother as a- let's see, what did you call him? Oh yes- 'a prissy pig fucker'. I don't think that you would want to have those kinds of 'brotherly feelings' toward Our Lord Koga."

Inuyasha let out a snort. "No, I don't suppose that would be very good either." His smirk faded as the hanyo grew serious again. "But still, I get these weird feelings and stuff. I never felt this way before and I thought maybe it's the bond messing up or something. I mean, it can't me normal to…" Inuyasha's cheeks flamed at the thoughts that have been running through his head these past few days.

"What are these feelings, Little One?" she asked gently as she settled next to the hanyo, trying not to scare him off the topic.

Inuyasha's face lit up still brighter. He sat up, feeling suddenly vulnerable belly-up on the floor and hugged his knees to his chest. "Um… well, it's like I want to be around him all the time, and-and," Inuyasha swallowed hard, "touch him, er, places."

He abruptly got up and stalked away slightly embarrassed now that it was out in the open. It could not be normal; he probably screwed everything up somehow again. Yeah that is it, he somehow broke the bond, and it is the only thing that made since. He just needed the old woman to say it and confirm his thoughts.

Choshi-baba smiled knowingly, though Inuyasha was staring too determinedly at the floor to see it as he paced. "Ah, Little One, I see." She shifted on her cushion and reached for the inu as he paced by her and tugged at him until he sat back down. She stroked his cheek as was her habit before beginning.

Inuyasha closed his eyes and leaned into the soft touch. He allowed the tenderness not because it felt good or comforted him in any way. No, definitely not. He was simply humoring the old lady; she seemed to like doing it and so he let her. Because he was nice like that.

"These feelings you have are not so strange, Little One," she cooed comfortingly. "We can not know what feelings are the results of this bond and what are from your own experience. Do not worry yourself so. These things tend to work themselves out, one way or another."

Inuyasha sighed and uncurled himself, lying back down to his cushion. "Yeah, I guess so," he grumbled, massaging his hand over his stomach and flexing his toes. The old woman always spoke in vague sentences or riddles but his worries were generally calmed nonetheless, for that, he was often grateful.

"Do you need a stomach drought, Little One?" Choshi-baba asked with some concern. She reached out and smoothed her gnarled fingers over the hand that was kneading his belly.

"Eh? Oh. Uh, no. It's just a cramp or something. Been happening a bit lately. I just need to get out and move around; too much time spent lazing about with you wolves." He eyed the wolf elder accusingly. The old woman couldn't see it and pretended she didn't know about it.

"Yes, well, if there is pain; make sure you come to see me, Little One. I can fix you a soothing elixir."

"Yeah, yeah," he huffed. He noticed a sudden, but familiar, uncomfortable sensation in his chest signaling that he has been gone for too long. "Well, I guess I'm gonna go see what the pups are up to."


"Well look what we found."

Inuyasha stiffened at the sound of the familiar voice. As usual, it was dripping in hostility and disgust. Inuyasha turned to meet narrowed olive green eyes.

The eyes belonged to Tametoki, the leader of the small gang of wolves who liked to harass Inuyasha every chance they got. He was weak; Inuyasha knew that immediately the first time he met him. He was scrawny and gangly, obviously not trained in fighting. His stringy black hair hung on either side of his face to his shoulders, making his large nose stick out all the more. It didn't help his weakling image that he never approached Inuyasha with less than two other people. Today he had four.

Tametoki stood in front of his gang sneering at the hanyo, his arms crossed and posture set as if he was trying to intimidate Inuyasha with the power he commanded. Inuyasha merely raised an eyebrow at him.

"What do you want, Jackass?" Inuyasha huffed impatiently, resting a hand on the well worn hilt of his sword and the other on his hip. He was out here looking for the cubs. The Omega elder, Aoi, had informed him that the cubs had been taken outside today. They were in search of large sticks with which to fashion Shakujous after Inuyasha's last story featured a certain battling monk, the old man informed him.

So now he was outside, far from the caves, and alone, having not yet found the spot the cubs had gone to. By the looks of the group gathered in front of him, they had been hoping for just such an opportunity.

Tametoki grinned, revealing stained and crooked teeth. Inuyasha supposed it was supposed to be a terrifying look, but Inuyasha just thought he looked ridiculous.

"I just want to know what it's like," Tametoki growled.

"What what's like?" Inuyasha sighed. This guy is such a drama queen. If you got something to say, say it, jackass, Inuyasha thought.

"What it's like to be the Chief's whore," the leader spat. The other wolves behind him chuckled darkly.

Inuyasha had no idea what a 'whore' was, but it wasn't the first time he had been accused of being one and knew it was meant as an insult even without the taunting way it was delivered. "I wouldn't know," he said gripping his sword just a little bit harder.

"Sure you don't. We can smell him all over you, you disgusting mongrel," Inuyasha's eyes narrowed in the only sign of his increasing anger. "It's sad really. Watching you run around after our Chief. A filthy abomination like you could never be good enough to stand in the same room as Chief Koga, let alone take our princesses place."

Inuyasha began to growl low in his chest, baring his fangs. His fingers let go of the hilt of his sword and flexed by his sides. He knew he couldn't resort using his father's fang. It would surely kill them. Myoga-jiji had taught him enough over the years to know that to raise his sword against his pack mate, would declare his intensions to break from or remove the wolves from the pack, something he had no intention to do.

"You should have been left to die for murdering Princess Ayame," the gang began to leer at him aggressively, popping their knuckles and growling back at him. "In fact, I think it's time you paid for your crimes."

With that the group of five wolves advanced on the lone hanyo.

"SANKON TESSO!" Inuyasha yelled, slashing at the first wolf to get to him. He channeled his youki into his claws and ripped into the wolf. The wolf stumbled, holding his chest, allowing Inuyasha to get a bit of distance between himself and the raging wolves.

One must have snuck up behind him, because he saw stars when something crashed into his head. He heard a loud crack and couldn't tell if it was his skull or the object that hit it that had broken. He swiftly turned around to find the wolf still holding the log he had used. Inuyasha kicked the log out of the wolf's grasp and punched his youki infused claws through his leather armor and deep into his belly. Inuyasha growled in triumph at the gurgled sound of the wolf's howl of pain, even as his golden eyes began to flicker to red.

Another wolf grabbed him by the hair and tried to yank him to the ground. The hanyo resisted and swung his foot along the ground, connecting with the wolf's feet and tripping him to the ground. Inuyasha dove to pounce on the wolf on the ground, only to be restrained by a pair of wolves. They grabbed his shoulders and held him back. Tametoki appeared in front of him grinning, his eyes red and feral. He slammed his fist into the hanyo's face.

Inuyasha heard the bones of his nose crack and felt the blood pour. Now he was pissed.

The state of his nose didn't allow him to smell the arrival of Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku. The other wolves were distracted by adrenalin and the ferocity of their demon's demand for blood.

Koga, Ginta, and Hakkaku were making their way back from the western border when they caught the scent of blood. They raced to the origin of the blood, the smell becoming clearer as they neared it. It was Inuyasha's blood.

Koga growled low when they came across the scene. Koga was only slightly surprised to hear echoing growls coming from his Betas beside him. Inuyasha was fighting, no not fighting, being ganged up on, by no less than five wolves. His wolves! He had taken Inuyasha in as his own and anyone who challenged that challenged the alpha directly. They were going to pay for such disrespect to his House and his authority.

Koga knew that there were still grumblings about the adoption of the hanyo into the clan. Ginta and Hakkaku had been reporting regularly about what they have heard and seen. He knew that some members of the pack didn't see Inuyasha as worthy, not knowing or willing to hear about the hanyo's accomplishments and extensive help to the tribe.

It was with this knowledge that Koga watched the fight. He knew that if he intervened in the fight, Inuyasha would never be accepted as a strong member of the pack. He had to stay out of it unless it looked like they would kill him.

It was hard though. His demon was screaming at him to grab the pup and put himself between him and his attackers. He had to protect his puppy, make sure he is safe and comfortable, so that he might agree to ma- Oh! That was a nice hit, Mutt!

Koga's demon calmed a little at the sight of Inuyasha, breaking away from the hold of the two wolves. He used the hold as leverage, kicking the wolf who had punched him square in the balls. The wolf fell forward and landed at Inuyasha's feet. He stepped up on the wolf's back and sprung off, flipping over the heads of the wolves restraining his arms to land behind them. They turned in unison to face the hanyo, but he was ready for them. He dipped his fingers in the blood of his broken nose.

"HIJIN KESSO!" His blood hardened and turned to blades, which sliced through the wolves before him. Blood poured from wounds in their arms and across theirs chests as they fell in pain.

Inuyasha turned his now red eyes to the last remaining wolf still standing. He growled loud, his demon beginning to surface. The wolf, realizing it was alone now with a hanyo who had single handedly taken down four wolves at once, was suddenly smart enough to slowly back away. Inuyasha saw this and moved forward, for every step the ookami took, the inu followed. The wolf whined and lowered to the ground, acknowledging defeat.

"Inuyasha!" a voice called out. The bloodied hanyo turned demon red eyes on the Wolf Chief.

He roared fiercely, his demon passed the point of differentiating between friend or foe. Koga's demon corresponded accordingly, reacting instinctively to the challenge. The ookami's eyes bled red and he growled his dominance, as he slowly converged on the wild hanyo.

The inu sprung forth, swiping at the alpha wolf and trying to grapple him to the ground. Koga ducked forward, catching the leaping youkai at the knees and flipping him. The hanyo landed hard on his back, limbs spayed with the shock, and the wind knocked out of his lungs.

The Wolf Chief rolled off the ground and twisted on his knees to pounce onto the sprawled hanyo. He dug his sharp claws into the sensitive skin of the inu's wrist and slammed them firmly on the ground on either side of his head. The hanyo snarled franticly and strained to reach and bite at the wolf. The ookami attacked the neck of the beast he held down, his teeth pressing painfully into the delicate flesh and growled. The hanyo struggled but the ookami only bit harder and growled louder, asserting his place as the true alpha. Finally the hanyo went still and lay limp under the power of the youkai on top of him. High pitched whines began to emerge from the throat that arched back and was bared to the victorious ookami.

Koga's demon began to recede, his eyes fading back to his normal crisp blue. He eased off of the still transformed hanyo and allowed him to try and appease his alpha. The hanyo began to nuzzle his nose and lick at the underside of the ookami's chin and neck, showing his submission. Koga released the hanyo's bleeding wrists and wrapped his arms around the hanyo. The whines of the hanyo began to quiet and Inuyasha settled his face in the crook of the Wolf Chief's neck, as his demon was finally subdued. Golden eyes closed as Inuyasha breathed in the wolf's scent. He realized that he was safe again in Koga's embrace and succumbed to unconsciousness.

Koga waited for Inuyasha to look up at him. He had a lot of questions for the mutt and he needed answers now. When the inu only lay there, limp and unmoving, Koga began to worry.

"Oi, Mutt," he said quietly. No response. He raised his hand up to brace the back of the inu's head only to be brought up short at the feel of warm wetness. Blood. Damn. They must have got him worse than I thought.

"Ginta, Hakkaku, I'm gonna need you to secure these assholes for me. I'll take care of Dog Breath," he announced. The two Betas nodded their understanding and proceeded to gather the wolves that laid about in various amounts of pain and injury.

Koga scooped up the unconscious hanyo and ran for the caves.

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