Follows film storyline, as the book (which I read after seeing the film) finishes nicely with a 'ride of into the sunset' kind of scene, the film leaves room for a sequel. So what the heck, I'm gonna have fun and give it a go!

Please note that anything you recognise is from Thomas Harris' brilliant books and thus belongs not to me but he. (Rhymes!)

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It was March; it had been eight months since Muskrat farm, where Paul Krendler had had his brains for dinner. Clarice Starling had been reinstated after 6weeks of enforced leave and many many uncomfortable interviews with her superiors. Now she was back, and glad of the employment, they had decided that assigning her paperwork would be seen as too harsh by the media and had instead given her Brigham's job -an instructor of guns at the academy. Of course they hadn't told her that was the reason, but she knew it was, it was better than she had hoped for, but Clarice Starling missed being in the action, unable to feel that she was helping anyone by simply teaching, the lambs had started screaming -loudly.

It was Monday morning and she felt as though she hadn't actually gone to bed, dark circles under her eyes and lethargic in her movements, slowly she made her self a mug of coffee, feeling like she needed it, and absentmindedly pouring orange juice instead of milk into her cereal. The mail box clattered as the postman pushed through her mail, and she went to pick it up, abandoning her rather disgusting brekkie but taking her coffee, she rather wished she hadn't.

Lying on the floor was an advertisement for 'A New Slimmer Body' and a bill for electricity and, and a personal letter, her address written in the elegant curves that could only mean…Clarice dropped her coffee in shock and horror. Hannibal Lector, Damn him! What did he want? Carefully stepping over her broken mug, unheeding of the coffee stain that was spreading into her carpet, she used a bit of tissue to pick it up, though she doubted there would be any useful fingerprints now the postal service had manhandled it. She moved back into the kitchen, pulling on a pair of cotton evidence gloves she used a knife to prise open the wax seal, and slowly withdrew the piece of fine quality parchment that lay within. Taking a breath she unfolded and read it.


How are you? It's only polite to ask after all, although I must say that my own observations, if you'll permit me to say, indicate that you are not doing so well. Yes Clarice, I have been 'around' but I can assure you that when you receive this I shall not be, knowing you as I do.

Are the lambs still screaming Clarice? Do you wake in the night all in a sweat and bother because their cries are louder than ever? Knowing that you are helpless to aid them, now that your precious F B I have abandoned you as a lost cause?

Ah yes, I know that you are no longer 'out in the field' so to speak, not paperwork, but teaching the next generation of Agents how to fire to kill…Kill. Tell me Clarice, how is what you do different from what I do, you kill and I kill, we both kill people who deserve it, at least in our own opinions. The only difference being is that you hold a license to do so, whereas I am a law unto myself.

However I am sure you do not see it so, no, your (or should I say daddy's) undoubtedly strong morals enable you to see things in black and white. Simply that I am evil incarnate and your darling F B I the 'good guys'. Do you really believe that Clarice? After all we've been through? I think that a seed of 'gray' has begun to sprout in your fertile mind, and I continue to hope that someday, you will realise the truth. The F B I are corrupt and they care little for justice and aid to those in need, they are a political establishment, they care not for anything but their image and the power. You will never fit in there Clarice, you are too pure, too innocent in your lack of selfish motive or drive. You will never be happy there Clarice and the screams of the lambs shall not cease.

You will be glad to know, or at least curious, that I had my thumb sewn back on, a painful procedure but necessary, it's a little stiff but otherwise working as fine as ever.

I couldn't help noticing Clarice, that your report on our last dinner together was…interesting. Yes, I saw it, I hate to say this, cliché as it is but I have my sources, and so I wonder…why? Perhaps we shall have to have a little chat sometime hmm?

Well now Clarice, this letter grows long, and I know that you will be eager to take it off to your F B I forensics team, it was a pleasure seeing you again my dear.

Till again,

Ta ta

Hannibal Lecter MD

Clarice knew immediately what it was he'd found 'interesting' in her report (how had he gotten hold of it?) she had, somehow, urr, neglected to mention the fridge 'conversation'. Except to say that they had briefly fought until he trapped her hair in the fridge and then she handcuffed him where upon he had chopped off his thumb when she refused him the keys. Clarice fought down a shiver at the memories, images and feelings flashing through her. *Krendler eating his own pre-frontal cortex, saying 'mmm good!'* *Lecter holding her wrists, pinning her against the fridge, the cold door through her dress* *going to bite her, stopping short, teeth bared* *and then his lips pressed against hers, hard*. Clarice Starling muttered a rude word and banished the memories, before phoning into the F B I office and getting Pearsall.

"Sir, Dr Lecter has contacted me again" brisk and business like, although her hair is a mop and she feels messy.

"Starling? How?"

"A letter sir"

"You've opened it?" reprimanding already.

"Yes, I had to make sure it wasn't a false alarm -Sir" Clarice tries to keep the distaste from her voice, she doesn't like Pearsall, in fact she doesn't like any of them..she leaves that line of thought quickly.

"Bring it in Agent Starling, I'll be waiting"

The phone clicks the dial tone resumes and Special Agent Clarice Starling mutters another rude word.

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