One shot for Dancing with no Music

I have come to realize that there are practically no fanfictions for Cats Don't Dance, and that is something I do not intend to let fly. This is a one-shot for story based on Cats Don't Dance, and if it works I'll continue. If not... I'll probably just write Zelda fanfics. Maybe a Starfox or two. Anyways, enjoy! Or not, (but enjoyment is preferred).

Aragorn surveyed the battlefield. The orcs were spread far and wide across the plains. It was obvious their numbers were far greater. Aragorn turned to Legolas, "This will not be easy, my friend. We... oh crap. I forgot the lines again!"

The beagle that had been playing Aragorn stormed away, cursing and yelling about dumb scripts and stupid writers. Danny grinned watching him go, causing one of his elf ears to fall out.

Sawyer laughed from the sidelines, "That's what you get for smiling too much Danny."

"You don't need a reason to be happy, Sawyer!"

"Yeah, but I will need a reason to explain to Flannigan why I'm late to the studio."

"Tell them you were on a date."

"With who?"

Danny smiled even wider, which didn't even seem possible.

Sawyer stepped backwards in mock surprise, "Oh no. The director would see right through me. Why would I go on a date with you?"

"Six o'clock tonight?"

"Oh you're smooth."

Danny twirled on the spot, causing the other elf ear and the blonde wig to go flying. "Why thank you for the compliment."

Sawyer giggled, "Just be careful where you throw your costume when you're done with it."

Danny looked towards where Sawyer was pointing, and saw his elf ear had landed in the directors tea, and the wig was currently embedded in the blades of a box fan. Danny gulped loudly, "I'm sure the costume department will clear up any problems with..."

"SAWYER!" The voice rang out loud and clear from off set. It was Flannigan.

Sawyer paled. "For the record, I was never here" she whispered to Danny before speeding off.

Flannigan came stomping in, looking furious. He stormed around the studio briefly before wheeling around and coming at Danny. "You! Where's Sawyer! I know you've seen her! Talk!"

"Well gee, she doesn't seem to be around. Don't worry, she's probably in a back lot practicing and she forgot the time."

Flannigan peered down his hooked nose at Danny. "We both know this isn't true, CAT!" The last words were spit out so violently Danny was taken slightly aback. Flannigan promptly turned on the spot and marched out.

The director looked around nervously. "Okay, people, I think that wraps it up for today. We'll be here tomorrow at seven hundred hours, that's seven hundred, seven o'clock A.M., seven hours after midnight. BE HERE!"

After changing, Danny glanced at his watch. It was only 11 o'clock. "Wow. I've got the whole day ahead of me!" Flinging his boater in the air, Danny danced a quick jig before the hat came back down and landed dead center. He then proceeded to dance his way out of the studio and into the pavillion.