Raindrops smacked down heavily on the pavement. Danny stood under the hospital arch, waiting for a taxi. Now it's official. We really need a car.

After a couple long minutes of waiting patiently, Danny began to tap his foot. That tapping turned into dancing within a minute. As Danny danced around under the rain, he began to sing, "I'm singin in the rain, oh yeah, just siingin in the rain! What a glorious feeeelin I'm haaapy again! I'm laaauughin at clouds..."


"But maybe I'm not laughing at thunder and lightning. Not bad lyrics, though. Better remember those for later. Well, I guess it'll be safer indoors." and Danny trumped back into the hospital.

The receptionist stared down her nose at Danny. "My word! What a beastly looking animal. Oh, do go away. I'm much to busy and you're dripping all over the carpet."

Danny glanced around, "But ma'am, this is a hospital. It's all tile!"

"Hmph! You're still dripping."

"Well we can't have that!" a voice boomed from across the reception area.

The receptionist sat up straight and replied in the sweetest voice possible, "No, I suppose not. What would you suggest doctor?"

A large, but not overly so man walked in. He had an air of command about him, and carried himself so. His face was short and round, but friendly looking. His head was completely bald, except for a gray patch that ran from temple to temple. He walked over to Danny. His voice was deep and warm, "Here's a towel for you, lad! Hoho, you definitely look like you need it. In fact, I'd almost say you look like you went out and danced around in the rain for a bit, hoho!"

Danny stuttered back, "Well, yes sir!"

The man's face showed no surprise. "Oh ho! You must be Danny! I'm Doctor Carnus. Sawyer talks about you a lot, you know."

"S-she does?"

Doctor Carnus laughed, and it echoed through the halls. The receptionist coughed rather loudly at this. "Oh, terribly sorry, Flora. I'll keep my good feelings to myself." She merely resumed writing.

The doctor turned back to Danny. "Pessimistic old bat. Fast writer though, and great penmanship. Good to have her around if you need things filed. Anyways, yes, Sawyer talks about you often. Most of our discussions have been about you, actually."


"Oh yes. You're a lucky dog, you are, to have caught one as amazing as her."

"Um, actually I'm a cat, sir."

"Hoho, just a figure of speech, my boy. I must say though, she's been recovering so much quicker than we thought. She's always full of energy, and so cheerful. You and her go together perfectly."

Danny sighed and shrugged. "I just wish there was more I could do for her."

"You've lifted her spirits by visiting her every day. It may not always show, but it does a lot for a person to be with the one they love during hard times. Why don't you sleep here tonight? I'm sure Flora can find you a room, and there's breakfast in the mornings. It doesn't taste that bad."

Danny's face brightened. "Would that be okay? I don't want to intrude..."

Doctor Carnus laughed again and gave Danny a large pat on the back. "Oh, don't you worry. Besides, you're helping us in a way. You'll be here for Sawyer in the morning, and we save you cab fare. Not a bad deal altogether."

"You got yourself a deal Doc!"

The doctor's face dimmed slightly for a second. Hushed, he whispered, "It's been a long time since anyone called me Doc..."

Quickly, his face brightened again. "But no matter. Flora, would you be a dear and show our guest to his sleeping quarters?"

Flora replied sweetly through her teeth, "Right away Doctor Carnus!"

As the doctor left, Flora turned rapidly to Danny. "Don't think that just because the doctor is on your side you've won, CAT! AHEM! This way please. And here, use this to dry off," and she tossed Danny a small towel. Danny shrugged. Not the nicest lady ever, but I've seen worse. And he began to dry himself as he followed Flora deeper into the hospital's halls.