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Chapter Twenty-Two


"Where do you think you're going, boy, and at this time of night?" Vernon snarled at the ungrateful freak that still lived in his house. The raven-haired teen had packed exactly as he'd been told.

"Out," Harry responded coldly. He really hated this place. "What does it matter to you?"

"Be respectful, boy!" Vernon scowled as the teen gave him attitude. Unfortunately, his words were lost as the door was slammed shut. A moment later, an owl arrived with a letter, and Vernon grabbed it. "So the boy's going to be gone for a couple of months, eh? Fine."

The Dursleys would be more than glad to have the freak out of their house for the summer. The last two weeks had already been unbearable, and Harry could attest to that as he walked quickly to the park. A portkey would be waiting for him there, ready to take him to his destination as soon as he grabbed it and said the password. On the belt that his teacher had given him, were the six Pokémon he'd captured over the year. Some of which that had been with him since early on... and most of which that had suffered through the Department of Mysteries chaos with him. Either way, there was a little belt waiting for him, and as soon as he grabbed it, he spoke.

"Sinnoh," Harry said to it, and the next thing he knew, he felt a tug on his navel. Of course, he was easily floored when he landed.

"Heh, need a minute to recover?"

"I'm fine," Harry groaned as he stood up. "Hey, Professor. Where are we?"

"As close to the bridge to my place as possible," Nozawa said, nodding to Hermione and Ron who arrived with some nice 'thuds' nearby. "It'll take another portkey, though."

As Harry greeted his two closest friends, all three of them having packed as the letter from Nozawa had said to, they noticed they were on a mountain. Looking out, one could see for miles. It was absolutely gorgeous.

"That was actually an international portkey," Nozawa said. "Right now we're in Japan, on a mountain that the English and Japanese Ministries agreed upon. That's why it's daytime here. This next portkey will take us to Sinnoh. Be ready, because this one's a wild ride."

The three teens looked at each other before nodding to their teacher. He pulled out a Pokéball. A fitting portkey. As soon as they touched it, Aromi said the name of their destination, and then things happened. Instead of the usually chaotic mess of colors and surroundings, things went black for a while. They didn't even feel that tug on the usual spot. Things just vanished... but then there was a tunnel they were hurtling through.

"Hang on tight – don't let go!" Nozawa called to them. "We're almost there!"

Then, the journey slowly stopped, and they were gently placed on the ground. The trio sat with a thud as the Pokéball crumbled. It took more energy than a regular portkey to get here.

"You guys alright?" Nozawa asked them. They looked pale. "Better rest for a while."

The professor looked out upon the lake that they'd landed near, and let out his Pokémon. They immediately recognized the place, and grinned to each other. They were home. It took a few moments, but the professor was able to convince the trio to release their teams as well, and they did – and their teams looked very interested in where they are.

"Just take a break for a while, guys. I'll explain where we are in a minute."

Another turning point;

A fork stuck in the road.

"So Ron, did you study the book I gave you?" Nozawa asked the redhead. Their Pokémon had been returned about a minute ago. Ron nodded. "So you have a better understanding of how the technology here works?"

"Yes, Professor," Ron said. Nozawa rolled his eyes.

"You guys don't have to call me that, really," The young man said as he led the way to Sandgem Town. They'd ended up near Lake Verity from the portkey.

"He practiced with the phone by calling me for two weeks," Hermione said. That had certainly been fun, but at least the redhead had gotten better.

"Oh?" Nozawa said, giving a look to Hermione. Her face flushed. "He was calling you?"

"W-Well, he couldn't call Harry, his relatives wouldn't allow it," Hermione stammered.

"I heard about them... anyway, I'm going to give you three a map, show you how to use it, then I've gotta go. You three are going to be on your own."

"You aren't going to escort us through the region?" Harry asked, frowning.

"I said I would bring you here to visit, not to escort you," Nozawa grinned. "Don't worry, I'll meet up with you guys every now and then, but I've got a job to do here. I've been gone all year, and that means I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll show you around the cities and meet you at their entrances, but other than that, this is for you three to have fun and relax and explore."

"I thought you invited us to show us around," Ron said, thoroughly confused.

"I never said that," Nozawa corrected. "I invited you to come visit Sinnoh. I'm here to make sure you guys don't get endlessly lost for the time that you'll be here. But you three are trainers, and as such, you will experience first-hand what the vast majority of trainers do on their journey. You are going to be going through this region together, with your teams, which is an improvement over my trip through it."

"How so?" Hermione asked.

"I didn't travel with anybody but my team," Nozawa answered. "I believe I mentioned it during Christmas break. You will be traveling together, going through all of the trials and tribulations this world has to throw at you, and all three of you will come out stronger. That much I can promise.

"Remember me saying that I refused to baby you? If I were to lead you through the region on a great big tour... you are officially Pokémon Trainers. As such, it would be better for you to go through this region as trainers – and prove that you can do it. Or do you not have the guts?"

The three of them looked at each other when their professor paused in his talk. Then he waved for them to follow, when they remained silent. They did as requested, following shortly enough. All three of them were impressed by the sheer number of Pokémon that moved around the area. There hadn't been nearly this many back at the forest in England.

"Pro... I mean, Aromi, how many Pokémon are there?" Hermione asked, curiosity overwhelming.

"If you want to take the time to try and count it out, have fun," Aromi answered, throwing a grin to her as they walked along the path. "We've recognized approximately 500 species, but no way do we know the actual population. At least, I don't. Professor Rowan probably does."

"Professor Rowan?"

"There are people in the world that know a lot more about Pokémon than anybody else, and they're the Pokémon Professors. Most of the stuff I had in my curriculum I took from what they've written about, especially Rowan. Each of these guys, and more, help starting trainers get going with their journey, including the giving of a starter Pokémon."

"So you got Empoleon from him?" Harry asked.

"That's right," Nozawa said, smiling as they crested a hill, and ended up at Sandgem Town. "And that building over there, with the satellite dish on it, is his lab. It'll only take a couple of minutes to reach it."

The young man's prediction was very true. It took a mere five minutes to reach the lab, and upon entering, Nozawa was greeted by one of the aides. The men spoke, and in a language that the trio didn't understand. The scientist left, before returning with whom the three assumed was Professor Rowan. The two of them spoke, and again, the trio had no idea as to what language it was.

"So you are the three students Aromi mentioned?" Rowan said in English, voice deep. His pronunciation of the language was almost perfect, a touch of an accent present in his speech.

"Uh... yes," Hermione nodded after a moment, when the boys remained silent.

"How did he do as a professor?" Rowan asked curiously, as he went about the room, gathering a few things.

"He was pretty good," Harry said. "Probably one of the best."

"What made him that way?"

"Is it because of what I did with Malfoy and Umbridge?" Nozawa asked, grinning over his shoulder from where he was in between calls to friends and family.

"That was part of it," Ron grinned.


"Malfoy and Umbridge?" Rowan asked the older trainer. There was a few minutes of the other, unknown language between the two as the professor was told exactly who said people were. It ended with Rowan's statement, finally back in English. "You need to tell me the full story sometime."

"Yes, sir," Nozawa said, giving the man a mock-salute. The Pokémon professor rolled his eyes as he turned back to the three.

"Have you three attempted to cast any spells since you got here?" Rowan asked.

There was a bit of silence.

"...How do you know about magic?" Hermione asked tentatively.

"I told him," Nozawa said, taking a quick break from all the calls. Constantly holding a telephone got tiring and annoying after a while. He grinned at the trio's looks of shock and such feelings. "Oh, please. You can agree with me when I say that what Pokémon are capable of is just as magical. If you notice, the professor has yet to think you're crazy or anything like that."

"I don't need to think that because you already are," Rowan chuckled.

"I don't count," Nozawa countered, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, why don't we try the translation spell?"

"...There's a spell that does translations?" Rowan asked, intrigued.

"What, you want me to put it on a Pokémon?" Nozawa grinned, the professor nodding with obvious interest. "Alright, I suppose someone on my team will be willing to try it out for the dear, old professor..."

Rowan gave an exasperated sigh, "Are you going to do it or not?"

The trio were giving each other looks at how these two treated each other like old friends. Was this normal for the two of them? Either way, Empoleon was released from his Pokéball. The Emperor Pokémon instantly recognized the place, and gave a quiet sigh of remembrance... before finally turning to his trainer and asking, in Pokélingo, what the problem was. Both Nozawa and Empoleon raised their eyebrows.

"We had the translation spell on you before we came back to this world," He noticed. "Perhaps the transition between worlds cancels all of the spells? That would explain why the Portkey crumbled into pieces earlier."

"Em, empo," Empoleon agreed with a shrug.

"Well, I suppose now is when we find out if the spells work here. I'm going to try the translation spell on you, okay?"

Empoleon nodded, and Rowan watched in fascination as a trainer he'd watched set off eight years ago waved a little stick, a slight glow appearing from its tip and encasing the Pokémon. Said creature shivered a bit.

"I wonder if you know how weird that feels," Empoleon commented. There was a pause. "Oh, hey, it worked!"

"We figured that out when the old man started staring at you like you were the most popular pop star of the world," Nozawa laughed. Said laughter caused the older professor to recover almost instantly and roll his eyes.

"Are you going to do the spell to the rest of your team?" Rowan wondered. Unaccustomed to being around him, the trio failed to notice the slight note of impatience in the elder's voice. Nozawa grinned.

"Well, first," Aromi said, turning to the trio. "Why don't you register these three? I have one last call to make, and they look like as lost as a Magikarp."

The golden trio blushed and snapped their jaws shut, now that their teacher had pointed that out. As said man, along with Empoleon, returned to the phone to call the man's mother, the three Hogwarts students were taken through a series of steps to register them for the world. Rowan knew from Nozawa's correspondence that they knew little about non-magical items, and so he went through the steps calmly, gently. By the time Aromi had finished his call to his mother, they were finished, and according to the Pokémon world, were official trainers. Sure, their Pokédexes had said that, but that was outside of the Pokémon world.

"Aromi, would you like to go outside and see everyone else?" Rowan asked the older trainer. In an instant, the man's face lit up.

"Do you even have to ask at this point?" Aromi countered, now looking very impatient.

Rowan smirked, and led them outside. Nozawa didn't waste anytime, the golden trio staying back to watch.

"Why don't you three let out your teams and start working on setting up the translation spells for them?" Aromi suggested before he dashed a little farther out, Empoleon following. Both wore huge grins on their faces. Nozawa cupped his hands around his mouth before – "HEEEEEEY!"

Aside from those who had seen him do this before, he was given looks of surprise. He waited as patiently as he could – which is to say, not at all. The trio were unsure of what exactly he was waiting for... had he lost his mind? Perhaps he'd called out to get out some frustration or something? It was certainly possible, what with the last year. But it just didn't seem like him.

"ACK!" Nozawa cried, just as something crashed into him, happily knocking him down. This thing immediantly went about cuddling and nuzzling him. "Dragonair, you silly girl!"

"Drago~!" She purred, nuzzling up closely to him, making him laugh.

"Oh come on, you know that tickles!"

Dragonair pulled back only a moment, a grin plastered on her face. Yes, she knew that it tickled him. That's why she was doing it. She relented, though, and pulled back as there seemed to be a stampede of Pokémon – all of whom glomped Nozawa and Empoleon. The trio and their teams stared.

"He has... that many Pokémon...?" Harry asked, feeling faint.

"About a hundred," Rowan confirmed with a nod. "All of them unique."

The trio, and their teams that now wore the translation spell, stared at the sight, then at each other. A hundred unique Pokémon were in that one massive group? And they had all been caught by their professor? Holy crap. Either way, however, the older trainer was more than happy to sit down among the crowd and let his current team out. Voices rose almost instantly from the crowd, obviously demanding stories. Nozawa laughed.

"Okay, okay, just give me some time!" He grinned. "I learned a few things while I was there, you know. I'm sure that Empoleon can back me up on this."

"Oh, he certainly did learn a few things," Empoleon said smugly. The entire crowd hushed and stared.

"Ty... tyranitar, tyran tar?" Tyranitar asked after a while, eyes wide and mouth agape.

"Yup!" Aromi said, grin widening significantly. "I learned how to cast a translation spell! It cancelled itself in the transition from the other world to this one, but I was able to recast it. How about it, you all want it?"

There was an instant chorus of agreements. Aromi's grin widened even further – their students had never seen the man so happy before – as he went to work. He was quick, efficient and accurate in his castings.

"So... does it work?" Rapidash ventured carefully. Then she blinked, just as those nearby her did.

"Holy Arceus, it does work!" Steelix's deep voice rumbled from where he was curled around the group.

Nozawa laughed at this. Steelix blushed a touch.

"Err... sorry about saying that..." Steelix apologized, thinking that he'd possibly offended his trainer or something.

"No, don't worry about it," Nozawa said. "It's just you mentioned someone we had the honor of meeting while we were gone."

There was a long silence as Nozawa and everyone on his teaching team, not including Algida, was stared at.

"You did WHAT?" The entire group exclaimed in unison. Aromi laughed louder than he had previously, his teaching team, as they could now affectionately be called, doing the same.

"I said, we met Arceus," Nozawa repeated. "During Christmas break, we invited him to stay with us for Christmas."

"Dude, nice!" Leafeon exclaimed, grinning. "What did you guys do with him then?"

"Celebrated Christmas, of course," Espeon answered. "What else did you think we did, silly?"

Leafeon stuck his tongue out at the psychic-type, whom responded in kind. Chuckles came forth, before someone noticed something.

"What's that on your neck, Kyashii?" Jolteon asked. It was now that the trio noticed their teacher had every single one of the Eevee evolutions. Now that was impressive. Kyashii blushed at the mention of the necklace.

"Actually, you all appear have them," Flareon commented. She grinned when the team blushed.

"I got the necklaces for them," Aromi said, before explaining about them.

"What's in yours, Algida?" Dragonair asked, flying over. Before Algida could hide the jewelry, the dragon-type saw the picture, and gawked. "No. Freaking. Way."

"What?" The rest of the group asked. Once again, before Algida could say anything, Dragonair responded. This resulted in Algida's face becoming quite red.

"You won't believe it! She has a picture of PALKIA in there!"

"...You're right, we don't believe it," The group said after a moment.

Back over by the lab, the trio and their teams were still a little dumbfounded.

"Are they always like this when they get together?" Hermione asked Rowan, whom nodded.

"They are very close to each other," He said. "Nozawa is, to all of those Pokémon, someone very special. And in some cases, he has that effect on Pokémon he's only met once before."

The trio nodded their understanding. Is this why their teacher had brought them here? In order to get them and their teams to be that close of friends? Perhaps that wasn't such a bad thing... and perhaps coming here was going to be a lot more fun and rewarding than they'd thought...

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