A/n: This is a sequel to Make It Hurt, where Andover is killed in a jealous rage by Villatoro. One shot.

Sleeping alone would take some getting used to. Elizabeth Owens never fully understood just how alone she was until tonight. Dr. Victor Andover, her employer, lover and dear friend had been dead and buried for about a month now. Victor had been murdered by Piero Villatoro, a male nurse with a jealous loathing of the Doctor of Fear and a lustful eye for Elizabeth. He was also no longer a member of the land of the living as Elizabeth had given him an overdose of tranquilizer straight to the jugular.

Elizabeth craned her neck at the sensation of a pair of arms snaking lovingly around her waist.

"I've missed you so much," Victor whispered kissing her neck. Elizabeth smiled but was silent. "You were right when you said I work too much. What do you think of sneaking out of here and getting a room at a resort in Cabo? We'd planned that last Christmas, remember?"

Elizabeth turned onto her side in order to face him. He was smiling, dressed in the clothes he'd worn on the day he died, although they were free from bloodstains. It was probably the happiest she'd had ever seen him.

"I had to cancel the plans," she said. Victor looked bemused, that boyish smile still plastered to his face.


Elizabeth sighed and put a hand to Andover's cheek.

"You died, Victor."

It was then Victor's smile fell and the light in his eyes seemed to have gone out.

"This is all a dream," Elizabeth continued. "A happy memory of what we used to have."

Victor sighed.

"That's right…I remember now," he said. He caressed her hair lovingly, just like he used to and continued. "I should go…"

With that, Andover faded away. Elizabeth smiled to herself, looking at the photograph of Victor and herself that sat on a frame on her bedside table.

"Goodnight, Victor."