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Author's Note: When Danny said to Steve Superman bring it down just a notch in Hana 'a 'a Makehewa this is what I came up with this fic.

I'm Not Superman

After taking Hesse down and everything was over I thought to myself. I remembered what Danno had said to me as they were waiting. He didn't know why Danny had told him to slow down Superman. He wasn't superman and never would be. Superman was a guy in a red cape that would almost do anything. He was just a normal guy. If he was Superman than he would have gotten to Chin faster and had already taken off the collar off him. Chin would have never been in that position if he were Superman.

He hated when his friends got into trouble because of him. Hesse only went after Chin because of him. He felt guilty after everything was done. Chin was strapped to a bomb not knowing when and if it would go off. Kono was there too and he hated seeing her worry for her cousin.

This would have never happened if he had gotten Hesse before he could harm his friends. He still didn't figure it out how that Hesse was still alive. He should have been dead from the gun shot wounds, but he came back.

He wished that he were Superman because then he could have done something else. He could have prevented Chin getting hurt, but he wasn't Superman. He was only human, but he was a Seal. It wasn't Superman, but it was something. He did get the bad guy in the end though which is what Superman does.

The End