AkuRoku Diligence Chapter 1

The Prank

"Marly, we're out of drinks," Demyx whined right on que.

"Fine, I'll go get some more," Marluxia said getting up.

Axel smirked as he heard the front door close.

"Demyx," Axel said. Demyx threw Axel the bottles.

"I'll be right back," Axel smirked getting up and running up the stairs.

"Marluxia's going to murder you," Zexion called after the redhead.

"Shut up Zexy and just do your part," Axel called.

Axel grabbed all Marluxia's shampoo bottles and replaced them with his special creation. Axel walked back downstairs smirking.

"You did more than one," Zexion observed.

"My master plan has to last longer," Axel said sitting down on the couch.

"Marly's never going to allow us back to his house again," Zexion said shaking his head.

"He'll get over it," Axel said burning the arm of the couch.

"Cut it out," Demyx said putting out the small flame.

Axel frowned. "I can't have fun anywhere," Axel grumbled.

"Did you get rid of the other bottles?" Zexion asked.

"I need to do that," Axel said getting up.

Axel ran upstairs and removed the four bottles from the trash and poured the shampoo with the pink hair die down the drain.

Axel opened up the sink and took out all twenty bottles of the specially made shampoo and poured it down the drain.

"I'm done," Axel said walking down the stairs.

"Done with what?" Marluxia asked.

"Masturbating all over your shark boy posters you child molester," Axel smirked.

"You better not have touched my Taylor Lautner posters," Marluxia shouted running up the stairs.

"Faggot," Axel muttered shaking my head. "You guys ready?" he whispered.

Demyx and Zexion nodded nervously.

Demyx and Zexion stood up by the arm of the couch and started making out, Demyx holding an open beer in his hand.

"You didn't even go in my room," Marluxia said sitting down next to the redhead, dangerously close to Demyx's beer.

"Then how did I know you have shark boy half naked in your room?" Axel asked keeping his eyes on Demyx and Zexion.

Zexion's hands traveled down Demyx's butt and squeezed. Demyx jumped back, yelping. The hand holding the beer tipped over and poured it in Marluxia's pink hair.

Marluxia screamed like a fan girl, jumping around.

"You ruined my perfect hair!" Marluxia screamed fuming.

"Chillax, you can just wash it," Axel said with mock concern.

Marluxia clenched his teeth and shut his eyes, trying to calm his breathing. He kept murmuring to himself not to kill Demyx.

Axel looked over at Demyx cowering behind Zexion. He gave them thumbs up.

"I'll be back in about an hour," Marluxia growled through clenched teeth, walking up the stairs.

They all sat down on the couch, waiting. The three boys listened to the water run through the silent house.

"How long does it take to wash hair?" Zexion asked annoyed.

"For him? Hours," Demyx said leaning on Zexion.

Zexion lifted Demyx's face and looked him in the eye. They sat there having a silent conversation. 'How does a dumb ass like Dem have silent conversations?' Axel wondered

Axel groaned. "Stop having a silent conversation around me," He nearly shouted.

Zexion and Demyx jumped apart.

"Stop being mean Ax," Demyx said frowning.

"Don't fret Dem. Axel doesn't understand, he's never had an actual relationship before," Zexion murmured stroking Demyx's cheek.

Axel opened up my mouth to retort but a loud skin crawling scream rang through the house. They all froze, staring at the stairs.

"MY PINK HAIR!" Marluxia screamed in agony.

Marluxia ran down the stairs with a towel wrapped around his waist, dripping wet.

Marluxia skidded to a stop in front of them. He stared at his friends with half crazed ayes, his fingers digging in his black hair.

"WHO THE FUCK PUT BLAK HAIR DIE IN MY SHAMPOO!" Marluxia screeched sounding like a banshee.

Axel covered my mouth trying to stifle my laughs.

"THIS ISN'T FUNNY AXEL!" Marluxia screamed his toned chest heaving.

Axel fell on the floor and started rolling around laughing. Demyx fell down next to him, lying on his stomach pounding on the floor laughing. Axel wiped the tears out of his eyes holding his stomach. Zexion was even dieing of laughter on the couch.

"STOP LAUGHING! WHO DID THIS?" Marluxia screeched his eyes popping. He looked like fire could shoot out of his mouth and as if he has a snake tongue.

Axel pointed at Marly, holding his stomach with the other hand, rolling on the floor laughing madly.

"Y-You're hair i-is so emo!" Axel choked out.

Axel tried to control my laughter as his sides began to ache.

Axel stood up on shaky legs and leaned against the couch for support. Axel took deep breaths, controlling his laughter.

"I-I did it!" Axel said proudly.

"I'll kill you!" Marluxia shouted leaping on the redhead.

"Ack!" Axel let out as Marluxia tackled him to the ground.

Marluxia smacked Axel and started pulling his hair.

"Ah! Dem, help!" Axel shouted trying to get the furious raven haired male off of him.

Demyx wrapped his arms around Marluxia's torso and pulled him off of Axel. Demyx got Marluxia into a head lock, keeping a firm grip.

Marluxia thrashed around, kicking his long legs trying to reach the smirking redhead.

"Look, Zexy! I'm strong!" Demyx cheered at Marluxia's failed attempt to escape.

"Good job Dem," Zexion said patting him on the back.

Marluxia finally gave up, his limps falling weakly. Demyx still kept his hold on him in case he tried to kill Axel again.

Marluxia let his head fall, his lank black hair covering his face. Marluxia glared at Axel through his black hair his eyes blazing fire blue eyes.

"You will pay for this," Marluxia growled.

Axel's smirk faltered for a second.

Just what would Marluxia do?