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Are You Challenging Me? …Part 4

Axel strummed the last few strings on Demyx's acoustic guitar before setting it down on the floor. "Are you ready to go to sleep now?" Axel asked.

"No…can you play one more song?" Demyx asked hopefully.

Axel sighed before pulling the guitar back into his lap. "What would you like me to play?" He asked.

"Hey There Delilah," Demyx smiled, pulling the covers up to his chin.

Axel smiled slightly as he began to play the guitar. He wasn't exactly upset with Demyx for making him stay up late to play the guitar for him…Demyx was doing him a favor. Demyx knew that Axel didn't want to be around Roxas so he made up an excuse to have Axel stay up late so that Roxas would be asleep by the time Axel got into bed.

"Go to bed Axel…I can sleep now," Demyx murmured, turning to face the opposite wall.

"Night Dem," Axel said, leaning the guitar against the wall before strolling into his new bedroom.

He wasn't surprised to see Roxas awake, waiting for him. Of course, Roxas acted like he hadn't been waiting for him and didn't acknowledge his presence until Axel returned, dressed in his pajamas.

"You never sleep in your pajamas," Roxas muttered.

"It's cold."

"It's summer."


Roxas slipped out of bed to go cut the lights off. When he climbed under the sheets he didn't curl up next to Axel as usual, instead he turned on his side so that his back faced Axel.

"You have no right to be mad at me," Axel muttered.

"No, but I do have the right to avoid you when you're mad at me."

"Come here."


"Why not?"

"I'm not going to lay in your arms when you're mad at me. It's not fair."

"How isn't it fair?"

"I'll be getting what I want and you won't be getting what you want."

"How do you know that's not what I want?"

"You're mad at me."

"But I'll always want to hold you."

"Bull shit."


"How am I supposed to believe what you have to stay when you can't believe me?"

"I dunno."



"We haven't broke the bed in."

"…How do you suppose we do that?"

Axel heard Roxas get up, a few moments later the lights were on. Axel looked over at Roxas. The blond smirked at him, leaning against the closed bedroom door.

"There's only one way," Roxas replied, his eyes glinting with excitement.

Axel sat up. "You know we can't. I almost hurt you last time."

"We can if you'd stop being a pussy."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. You're a big chicken if you're won't even help me break the bed in."

"Are you challenging me?" Axel smirked, arching an eyebrow.

"You know it babe," Roxas smirked, standing up straight and strolling over to the edge of the bed. He leaned forward, hands gripping the edge of the bed. "Are you up for it?"

Axel leaned over so that his face was mere centimeters from Roxas'. "Who am I to deny a challenge of this magnitude?" He asked before wrapping his arms around Roxas, pulling him on the bed.


Her eyes are like a storm, an untamable hurricane that destroys any and everything in its path without any remorse. From a distance, they appear to be an electrical green that glowed in the darkest of nights. Up close, he can see the electric rays of blue and green that made up the color of her eyes…Her eyes that usually scream emotion, but not now. Her face and eyes were cold, hidden behind the frozen mask he thought she had abandoned ages ago. She retreated back into her tough shell that he spent so much time prying her out of when they had first gotten married. She was the cool, indifferent, bitch that he had married and not the strong, caring, hard but gentle woman he had came to know over the short two years they had been married.

She blinked tiredly, turning so that she lay on her back. "Are you done with that magazine yet? I'm ready to go to bed and you know I can't sleep with the lights on," She said, her voice back to the tone that Marluxia could only describe as bitchy.

Marluxia sighed, placing the magazine on his night stand before getting up to cut the lights off. He climbed into bed next to her, lying close enough to where he could feel the heat radiating off of her but so that he wasn't touching her.

"Do I have to start all over again?" Marluxia asked tiredly.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Larxene murmured, hoping he would shut up so she could forget about him for a few blissful hours.

"You're acting like the…thing your mom made you…All emotionless and bitchy. You know you don't have to be like that around me."

"You said that before and it turns out I can't be myself around you. So, excuse me if I'm going to return to stoic bitch mode."

"You don't have to...and you can be yourself around me. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to"—

"Yes you did. That's why you did it. You wanted me to hurt and I did. You can be proud."

"Stop it."

"Stop what?"

"Being like this!" He shouted abruptly. He hadn't meant to shout at her like he did but the damage was already done. She jumped a little, startled by his sudden outburst.

She turned so that she faced him, her eyes glowing in the darkness…Her eyes screamed murder as she silently observed him. Part of Marluxia wanted to shy away from the storm raging in her deadly orbs but a bigger part of him wanted to brave out the storm, to fight through it until he found the sun shinning again.

She didn't say anything as her hand rose from under the sheets, roughly cupping Marluxia's cheek in her soft hand. Her nails dug painfully into the skin of his face as she observed him.

"Why?" She asked quietly, letting him go.

"I don't want you to shut down. I'm not your mother…I won't let that happen."


A low, groaning sound rumbled through Demyx's room. His aqua eyes shot around the room, his ears straining to hear another noise that didn't come. Dismissing the sound, Demyx snuggled deeper into his sheets. When the sound rumbled through his bedroom again, Demyx shot up and quickly followed the sound.

The sound was coming from…Axel's room. There was no way they could be having sex after what happened earlier, Demyx thought as he stopped in front of the closed door. He pressed his ear against the cool wood, listening intently. Grunting, moaning, and the sound of a bed frame banging against the wall emitted from the bedroom.

Demyx made a noise of disbelief before quickly opening the bedroom door to see Axel and Roxas in action. Not the kind of action you're thinking but…wrestling. They were making all of this noise because they were wrestling.

Axel had Roxas pinned down with his body but the blond continued to struggle, thrashing around wildly so that he could break free. Demyx always thought Axel was being crazy whenever he would say everything Roxas did looks sexual…until now. As Roxas thrashed around he would buck his hips forward, grinding against Axel. He threw his head back, his back arching as he moaned in frustration…It all just looked so sexual.

"What are you guys doing?" Demyx asked.

Axel looked over at Demyx, unconsciously loosening his hold on Roxas. Taking advantage of the redhead's momentary distraction, Roxas quickly leaped on his back. He tightened his arms around Axel's neck in a head-lock, his legs wrapping around the redheads torso. Axel clawed at Roxas' arms, trying to shake him off. When the blond wouldn't budge, Axel pushed all his weight on Roxas' smaller body. The two toppled over, Axel crushing Roxas against the mattress with his back. Roxas immediately let go of his hold on Axel, his hands gripping Axel's shoulders so he could push him off. Axel continued to press all of his weight on Roxas as he pried the blond's legs from around his middle.

"We're breaking the bed in!" Axel said quickly in answer to Demyx's earlier question.

"Do you always wrestle to break the bed in?" Demyx asked, scratching the top of his head.

"Yes," Roxas groaned as he shifted his legs so he could use the combined force of his arms and legs to push Axel away.

"Don't normal couples have sex to break the bed in?" Demyx asked.

"I don't know if you've noticed, Dem—OUCH!—but we're not exactly what you'd—HEY!—call a normal couple," Axel said quickly as Roxas managed to push him off.

Roxas leaped on Axel's back again, grabbing a fistful of his hair. Axel shouted in pain as Roxas forcefully tugged on his hair, pulling his head back. Roxas slammed Axel's face into the bed, letting him go as he quickly jumped up. Axel picked his face up from the sheets, looking over his shoulder as he felt Roxas jumping up and down on the bed. Axel yelped in surprise, rolling on his back as he tried to get away but he was too late. Roxas had jumped on Axel, digging his elbow purposefully into Axel's gut.

Clutching his aching stomach, Axel groaned in pain. Roxas straddled Axel's waist, beaming down at him.

"I win!" He said victoriously.

"Thanks Demyx," Axel groaned sarcastically.

Roxas stood over Axel, holding his arms up victoriously. "And the crowd goes wild!" He shouted before imitating the faint noise of a crowd cheering wildly.

"Oh, shut it," Axel groaned, grabbing Roxas' ankle and pulling his foot from under him so that the blond fell down beside him.


"Hello? Reno…? …Okay, I'll meet you there at noon…Bring Roxas? Why? …Cloud called you? …Um, okay….Remember, bro, he is a whore…Okay, I just don't want you to get your feelings hurt…Okay, bye."

Axel put his phone back down on the night stand before lying back down. He wrapped his arms around Roxas' waist, pulling the blond close.

"What did Reno want?" Roxas asked tiredly.

"Cloud called him and they're going out to Red Robin for brunch…He wants to double date so it won't be so awkward."

"Oh," Roxas said, sounding disapproving.

"Cloud is still dating Zack, huh?"


"Your brother is a whore."

"I know. What time is it?"

"It's ten o'clock."

"Why did we sleep in so late?"

"We were tired…especially after you cheated and tried to kill me with your elbow."

"Stop being a vagina," Roxas said as he got up. "I call the shower."

"Look at you; cheating again."


"Don't call me that!"

"Wuss-puss," Roxas sang before closing the bathroom door shut.


"Marluxia is wearing sweats? I thought I'd never see the day!" Demyx said dramatically as he sat down on the opposite side of the sectional.

Marluxia laid the book he was reading on the coffee table as he looked up at Demyx. "What are you doing here? Where's Axel?"

"Axel is on a double date with Reno. What are you reading?"

"A Yellow Raft in Blue Water," Marluxia said as he picked the book back up and began reading.

"Didn't we read that junior year?"

"Yeah…Larxene had bought it and I saw it in the library…and, yeah."

"Where's Zexion?"

"I dunno. Who let you in?"


"Did she leave?"

"With Naminé."


"You're boring."

"Go find Zexion then."

"Maybe I will."


Looking offended, Demyx got up and headed for the library in pursuit of Zexion…maybe they could have a little fun in the library.


Reno drummed his fingers on the wooden table, looking positively bored. The sound of his dull nails drumming against the table drowned out all the noise thundering through the restaurant. His tired, green eyes watched in boredom as Axel shooed the waiter away for what seemed like the hundredth time today. Roxas smiled brightly at him, his mouth moving fast but Reno couldn't hear what he was saying…his voice was drowned out by the sound of his fingers drumming against the table. He nodded anyways, anything to get them to stop talking.

Suddenly, someone cut the volume back on. The sound of Roxas talking excitedly filled his ears, drowning out the noise of his drumming fingers.

"…I told you he was on his way! He probably just had to deal with Sora or something. My brother isn't the type of guy to stand people up. He may cheat but he doesn't ditch anyone. You owe me ten bucks Axel. Pay up!" Roxas said, holding out his hand, palm up.

Grumbling to himself, Axel took out his wallet and gave Roxas a crisp ten dollar bill.

Reno sat up in his seat, looking around for the blond who he was told looked a lot like Roxas. His eyes immediately fell on the tall blond making his way toward their table.

He looked a lot like Roxas but he also looked much different. Cloud had sharp, pointed features that defined his well sculpted face but his porcelain skin looked soft and gentle. Confidence radiated from him, showing clear in his stride and the way he carried himself all together. He has a nice, slim body but his well defined muscles were also visible under the thin, long sleeved shirt he wore.

He smiled when he reached them, his lips pulling back to reveal perfect, white teeth. "Hi, I'm Cloud," He said socially, nodding to Reno.

"I'm Reno," Reno said, quickly getting up to pull the chair out for Cloud.

"Quite the gentleman," Cloud smirked sexily as he took his seat.

Axel gave Reno a quizzical look, having never seen his brother act like a…gentleman. Axel had a bad feeling that his brother could possibly fall hard for Cloud even though he never gets attached to people but…he also never pulled a chair out for a date before.

"Why were you so late? It's nearly one," Roxas said, looking at his watch before casting his brother a disapproving look.

"I had to get rid of Zack and then call a cab because Sora took my car," Cloud replied.

"And Zack is your boyfriend, right?" Reno asked.

"Yeah," Cloud said, rolling his eyes.

"Cool," Reno said before taking a sip of his drink.

"What do you do for a living?" Cloud asked, taking Roxas' drink and sipping some.

"I own a club," Reno replied as if it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Really? Which one?"


"Oh, the Greek god of wine, joy, and theater. He was a peace lover, right?" Cloud asked.

"A man who knows his Greek mythology. I'm sure you can guess what the decorations are like."

"You must have panthers around the place and some ivy. Are the lights like his thyrsos? And I bet everyone who works there has long hair and there has to be a peace sign somewhere in the club."

"I have lights that look like his thyrsos around the bar and the tables and booths but not on the dance floor. Panthers are just about everywhere; miniature ones on the bar and tables and big ones by the doors and in the corners. Everyone in the staff wears a peace necklace and some of the stuff has a peace sign on it…Ivy is just about anywhere I could wrap it around."

"Interesting, I might just have to drop by one day."

"As long as you don't bring the stupid boyfriend."

"Don't worry…I won't."

Roxas and Axel exchanged a look. Cloud and Reno were looking into each other's eyes. It wasn't the type of 'deep romantic' stare but the 'I want to fuck you' type of stare. The waiter hadn't even come to for them to order their food yet and they were already thinking about going home together.

"Well, we're going to my place," Reno said, getting up. Cloud quickly followed suit.

"We didn't even eat yet," Axel said.

"God damn it, Axel. You're so fucking fragile. Here, I'll give you some money and you can eat lunch," Reno said, throwing down three twenty dollar bills before walking away.

Cloud waved at Axel and Roxas before quickly following Reno. When he caught up with him, Cloud grabbed Reno's hand, their fingers intertwining as they walked away.

"Well…They got along well," Roxas said.


"How long has it been?" Marluxia croaked.

"Too long, my friend…Much too long," Axel whispered, his voice cracking.

"The sun is so hot….I wish I could evaporate…Like water. Then I wouldn't have to deal with this."

"Blond's are evil…That's it. There is nothing more to it."

Marluxia removed his sunglasses, sitting up to see what Larxene was doing. He watched as she climbed out of the pool, water dripping off of her tan frame, and walked over to the diving board to jump back in. The little stringy, white piece of cloth could not possibly be a bathing suit. There was no way…Bathing suits should not be that revealing. Whoever invented the string bikini is a bitch...Only a bitch could invent such a torturous piece of cloth.

Groaning loudly, Marluxia laid back down in his chair. He pushed his sunglasses back over his eyes, muttering angrily to himself about teasing women.

"It's just a bikini. Calm down," Axel said.

"That's easy for you to say. Roxas is wearing swim trunks, not a revealing bikini…and it's not like he has anything to tease you with."

"He has a lot to tease me with!"

"Like what? His flat chest and small ass?" Marluxia asked mockingly.

Not in the mood for arguing, Axel ignored that. "I haven't talked to Reno since lunch at Red Robin."

"That was three days ago. Did you call him?"

"Yeah, but I keep getting his voicemail…I might stop by his apartment after this."

"Have you been to Dionysus?"

"Yeah and Rude said he hasn't heard from him either."

"Has Roxas heard from Cloud?"

"No. Why?"

"Well—it might sound crazy—they could be together…You did say they got along at lunch."

"They didn't even eat lunch. They talked for all of five minutes and decided to go back to Reno's place."

"Maybe they're together…They could've ran away and eloped or something."

"This is Reno we're talking about, I seriously doubt it."

"You know…Today is day eleven of our bet. I never thought either of us would last this long."

"Eleven days," Axel repeated in a hollow voice. "I swear, my dick is like ten pounds heavier than usual due to all of this."

"It feels like I'm walking with a weight between my legs," Marluxia muttered.

Axel picked up his phone as it began to vibrate, checking the caller ID before answering.

"What's up Reno? …Are you okay, bro? …Wait, what? …Yeah, I'll be there in like thirty minutes…What? …You're not making any sense…You sound delusional …Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you…Okay, I'm on my way," Axel said before pressing the end button.

"Was that Reno?" Marluxia asked, sitting up.

"Yeah. He sounds kinda crazy right now so I'm going to go check up on him. Tell Roxas where I'm at, kay?" Axel said as he quickly pulled his clothes over his swim trunks.

"Okay," Marluxia said slowly as Axel hurried away.


Axel pressed the elevator button several times, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for the gold painted doors to slide open. It felt like forever before the elevator doors slid open, revealing the red-carpeted, mirror-walled elevator. Axel hurried inside, pressing the button for level ten. The elevator doors closed painfully slow. Axel groaned, muttering, "Come on," under his breath.

It felt like hours had passed before the elevator doors finally opened, revealing the tenth floor hallway. Axel hurried down the hall way to Reno's door, opening it with his spare key for emergencies.

Axel stopped in the door way, looking around the dark, dirty apartment. Reno was always really neat. He kept his room clean all the time when they were young and did the same when he had gotten this ridiculously expensive apartment that looks a lot more like a loft.

From Axel's spot in the living room, Axel could see into the kitchen too…and it wasn't a pretty sight. Reno's usually spotless apartment has half eaten take out and pizza boxes littered everywhere. Empty soda cans and bottles were strewn all over the floor and counter tops. The apartment smelled…awful. Axel couldn't exactly place the smell due to all the different fumes mixed together.

Getting really worried, Axel hurried up the short flight of stairs and down a hallway to Reno's bedroom. "Reno?"

Axel pushed the door open, looking into Reno's bedroom. Clothes were everywhere and so were…empty condom wrappers. Axel cut the light on so he could see the room better.

"Cut it off. It burns," Came Reno's voice in a weak moan.

"Reno?" Axel asked again as he cut the lights off.

His eyes roamed to the messy mass of covers on Reno's king sized bed. He could barely detect Reno's lank form under the huge mass of covers. Axel slowly walked over to the bed. "Reno? What's wrong?"

"He's gone," Reno moaned.

Axel grabbed the dark red covers, pulling them back to reveal Reno's lank form. Reno was lying in…the aftermath of gay sex…stark naked.

"Ugh! Put some clothes on!" Axel said in disgust, dropping the covers back over his brother's naked body. "And go take a shower! Why are you lying in cum? What is wrong with you?"

"I guess…I should go take a shower…After all, he did," Reno said weakly, sitting up.

"I'll go run the water while you…put your self back together. Then we can talk about whatever is wrong with you."

Reno nodded sadly before falling back in the stained sheets in a pathetic heap. Axel gave his brother a sympathetic look before heading into the bathroom. He was surprised to see that Reno had at least kept the bathroom clean as he cut the hot water on.

Axel waited until Reno walked into the bathroom to go back into the living room. Under usual circumstances, Axel would sit down on Reno's expensive leather couch and watch his expensive HD TV but Reno's expensive leather couch was covered in…trash. Axel decided to tidy up a bit. He grabbed a trash bag out of the cabinet and began to throw away as much trash as he could.

About thirty minutes later, Reno walked into the living room to nod at Axel before walking back to his room. Axel tied his trash bag before following Reno. Reno was walking at an unusually slow pace so it didn't take long for Axel to catch up with him. When it looked like Reno was about to climb back into his dirty sheets, Axel quickly stripped the covers off of the mattress. He balled them up, carrying them at arms length as he walked over to throw them in the dirty hamper.

After Axel put new sheets on the mattress, Reno climbed back under them. Axel noticed that Reno was dressed in the long sleeved, light blue shirt Cloud had worn to Red Robin three days ago. Slightly worried, Axel climbed into bed next to Reno.

"What have you been doing these past three days?" Axel asked.

Reno cleared his throat before speaking. "I've been…with Cloud," He said, caressing every syllable of the blond's name.

"You've been with Cloud for three days?" Axel asked incredulously.

Reno nodded like a hopeless fool in love. "We've been together…just alone, in my apartment. I can smell him everywhere…Oh, how I miss him," Reno said, moaning the last part.

"Reno, don't tell me you fell for the whore," Axel said, still holding on to a little hope for his older brother.

"If I wasn't so sad I would hit you for insulting him…And no, I'm not in love."

Axel observed Reno's dreamy expression as his brother rubbed his face against the shirt he was wearing. "You fell for him hard. This means you need some good ol' Jack Daniels."

Axel got up and headed for the kitchen. After rummaging through the liquor cabinet for a few minutes, Axel found what he was looking for. He quickly grabbed two shot glasses and headed back to Reno's room.

When he walked in he saw Reno sitting up in bed, holding some white rubber looking things in his hands. Reno had a handful of the white things in his hands, holding them in a loving manner. As realization dawned on him, Axel's face twisted into a look of disgust.

"Are those used condoms?" Axel asked, walking up to the bed.

Reno nodded. "They're all I have left to remember him by," Reno said sadly.

"Reno, that's disgusting! Throw those away now!" Axel said loudly, setting the Jack Daniels down and walking into the bathroom to grab the trash can. He marched over to Reno, holding the trash can out.

"Throw them away Reno," Axel ordered. When Reno looked hesitant, Axel pushed the trash can closer. "Now."

Reno sighed before dropping the used condoms into the trash can.

"Go wash your filthy little hands."

Reno nodded, getting up and heading to the bathroom. Axel watched as he shuffled away. Shaking his head, the redhead pulled out his phone to make a call.

"Hey, Dem…Yeah and he completely lost it…Listen, I need your help. Bring Marluxia and Zexion with you…I'll explain everything when you guys get here…See you soon."


"You know, when I agreed to come over I didn't think we'd be cleaning," Marluxia said, casting a disgusted look around Reno's apartment.

"Can you just do me this one favor? Reno's having a really bad day and I just want to help him out."

"Fine then…I'll clean," Marluxia said with a look of distain.

"Where is Reno, Axel?" Demyx asked as he carried the vacuum cleaner in the living room.

"He's lying down in bed. He's so depressed over Cloud. It's disgusting."

"Poor Reno, he fell for a whore. I hope he knows that this isn't going to turn out like Pretty Woman. Cloud is a whore by choice and he's no Julia Roberts and Reno's no Richard Gere."

"Thanks for the analogy, Dem," Axel said dryly as he checked his vibrating phone.

"Hey Roxy, baby…You're in front? …Oh, Cloud…Yeah I'll come…I need a few words with your dear brother…I'll be down in like two minutes," Axel said before hanging up.

"Where are you going?" Marluxia demanded as Axel headed for the door.

"I'll be right back. I need to go talk to Cloud," Axel said before leaving.

Axel hurried down to the parking lot where Roxas was waiting for him in his—Axel's—car. The redhead quickly got in and Roxas drove off, towards Cloud's house.

"Reno is in love with Cloud," Axel said bluntly.

Roxas stiffened in shock for a few moments before shaking his head. "No way…They're both whores! Whores don't fall in love."

"Julia Roberts fell in love with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman."

"That's a movie Axel. How do you even know Reno fell in love with Cloud?"

"They've been locked up together in his apartment for three days, just having sex and spending time together."

"That doesn't mean Reno is in love with"—

"He saved all the condoms they used," Axel said flatly.

It took Roxas a few moments to respond. "What? That's disgusting! Okay, maybe Reno is just…obsessed or infatuated with Cloud. There is no way he fell in love with him."

"You should've seen him…Wearing Cloud's shirt, lying in the messy sheets, and he wouldn't shut up about him. I was so relieved when the guys showed up."

"I still think he's just infatuated."

"You need to control Cloud. He's running around and messing with Reno's head."

"Maybe Reno shouldn't be so easily confounded."

"Don't blame Reno. It's your whorey brother's fault."

"Your brother is a whore too, so he shouldn't be so easily infatuated."

"How can you defend Cloud?"

"How can you defend Reno?"

"Don't answer my question with a question! Answer the question!"

"Cloud is my brother; of course I will defend him over Reno."

"You shouldn't, especially when Cloud is in the wrong."

"They're both in the wrong, sleeping around when they both know Cloud has a boyfriend."

"It's not Reno's fault that Cloud threw himself all over"—

"Shut up Axel! Reno should've left Cloud alone when he found out he has a boyfriend!"

"Cloud shouldn't've even called Reno in the first place!"

"I'm not having this discussion with you," Roxas said, turning his full attention back to the road.

"Okay, I'll just continue the conversation with your sluty brother."

"Leave Cloud alone," Roxas growled.

"Stop defending him!"


"You're so annoying."

"Can we stop arguing now? I love you and that's all that matters," Roxas said, removing his right hand from the steering wheel to grasp Axel's left hand.

Axel sighed, rolling his eyes. He didn't bother responding, Roxas knows how he loves him back and…Axel is just about tired of hearing Roxas say 'I love you.' Ever since their little argument a few days ago, Roxas takes every opportunity to say how much he loves Axel. It was cute at first but now it's just plain annoying. Axel never wanted to be one of those couples who had to constantly pronounce their love for one another.

Axel looked over at Roxas, feeling the blonds stare. "What?" he asked in a bored voice.

"Aren't you going to say it back?" Roxas asked, looking angry and panicked.

Axel rolled his eyes. "Yes, Roxas, I love you more than life it's self! I love you more than the air I breathe, than the food I eat, than the things I see! You are my whole world and I would surely die without you!" Axel said his voice dry, sarcastic, and bored.

Roxas ignored the sarcasm, beaming at Axel. "I love you too baby," He cooed.

Axel groaned loudly, banging his head against the window painfully. "Make it stop!" He groaned.

"Oh, shush you!" Roxas said lightly, giving Axel's hand one last squeeze before returning it back to the wheel.

"We're here," Roxas sang as he pulled over in front of Cloud's house.

"Hopefully Zack is here so I can tell him that Cloud is fucking my brother!" Axel said, hurrying out of the car.

"Axel!" Roxas protested, hurrying after his boyfriend.

Axel barged in the front door. "Cloud! Get you're sluty ass down here!" Axel said loudly.

Roxas hurried in after Axel, smacking him aside the head. "Shut up Axel! Let Cloud handle his own shit!" Roxas hissed.

Sora appeared at the foot of the stairs. "Oh, thank God you guys are here! Someone needs to talk some sense into Cloud! He's packing up to go stay over at Reno's for a week!"

"What?" Roxas and Axel asked simultaneously before giving each other a disbelieving look.

The two hurried upstairs after Sora, into Cloud's bedroom. The blond was talking on his cell phone as he packed a rather large suitcase.

"...Yeah, I'm coming back! ...I miss you already, too…You're a sweet heart…I'll have Roxas give me a ride when I'm done packing…Okay, bye hun."

"Cloud, what are you doing?" Roxas demanded.

"Oh, hey Roxas! You don't mind giving me a ride to Reno's, do you?" Cloud asked absentmindedly as he continued packing his bag.

"Cloud, you can't leave for a whole week! What will Zack say?" Sora asked as he began unpacking Cloud's suitcase.

"Shit, I forgot about him!" Cloud grumbled as he took the clothes away from Sora and placed them back in the suitcase.

"You're breaking up with him, right?" Axel asked as he watched Cloud throw a lot of clothes in the suitcase.

"Why would I do that?" Cloud asked, sounding genuinely curious.

"You're staying at Reno's for a whole week, you filthy whore!" Roxas said loudly.

"Okay, someone needs to tell Zack that I'm going to…Colorado for a week! Tell him…an old friend is sick so I'm going to visit her…That's good because all the mountains will give me bad reception!" Cloud said, ignoring Roxas all together.

"What's this mysterious girl's name?" Axel asked sarcastically.

"Um…Chelsea…Palmer," Cloud said thoughtfully.

"Really Cloud? I'm not going to lie to you! Besides, that's an awful name," Sora said angrily.

"I'll lie for you!" Riku volunteered.

"Thank you Riku. It's nice someone's one my side," Cloud said, glaring at Sora.

"You can't name someone after cocoa butter!" Roxas shouted.

"Yeah! Name her…Olivia Benson!" Axel said.

"I'm pretty sure that Zack has watched Law and Order Special Victims Unit," Sora said flatly.

"Her mom could have been a big fan of the show," Axel said.

"The show hasn't been out long enough for an adult to be named after a character!" Sora shouted.

"Fine then Mrs. Prissy! Her name will be Heidi Conner," Cloud said.

"That's a nice name," Axel said, nodding.

"Thank you Axel," Cloud said, smiling at the redhead as he continued packing.

"Cloud, stop whoring yourself around!" Roxas shouted.

"You can't go stay at this stranger's house! I don't even know this guy!" Sora added.

"You won't ever know this guy if you're going to have this attitude!" Cloud said.

"Okay, someone needs to be logical here. If Cloud is close enough to this Heidi person then why aren't there any pictures of her around?" Roxas asked.

"True," Cloud said, heading downstairs.

Everyone quickly followed the blond. Cloud sat down in front of the computer, bringing up the internet. Everyone watched, puzzled, as Cloud began to Google something. Cloud printed something out, exiting the internet.

Cloud grabbed the piece of paper and grabbed a pair of scissors. He began to cut something out of the paper before grabbing a picture of his dead parents off of the coffee table and sticking the piece of cut out paper over the photo.

"Look!" Cloud said victoriously, branding the picture frame at them.

Sora snatched the frame from him, looking at the picture. The picture is of a tan girl with died curly blond hair, pulled back into a ponytail. She has freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose and round blue eyes with a lot of dark makeup surrounding the blue orbs.

"She looks sick!" Cloud said, taking the picture away.

"You can't just get some random picture of some random girl off the internet and say she's Heidi Lewis!" Roxas said angrily.

"It's Heidi Conner," Axel corrected.

"I don't care! She doesn't exist!" Roxas snapped.

"Oh m gosh you guys! I just got an idea! Okay…So while I'm in Colorado"—

"You won't really be in Colorado," Sora interrupted with an angry hiss.

"—Heidi can die!" Cloud said cheerfully, ignoring Sora. "That way, I can stay an extra week for her funeral!"

"Nice plan," Riku commented.

"That it is not a nice plan!" Sora said, hitting Riku on his arm.

"What type of sicko are you? You can't just invent someone and kill them so you can have more time to cheat on your boyfriend!" Roxas scolded.

"It sounds really bad when you say it that way…And I consider Reno as a boyfriend."

"Or a butt buddy!" Sora added angrily.

Cloud rolled his eyes. "As a butt buddy if that makes you feel better Sora," Cloud said with a roll of his eyes.

"This is so wrong on so many levels!" Roxas groaned.

"Come on Cloud, Reno's waiting for you!" Axel said, snatching the car keys from Roxas.

"I'll go get my suitcase!" Cloud said happily, hurrying up the stairs.

Once Cloud was gone, Roxas turned around and smacked Axel. "What are you playing at? I thought you didn't want Cloud with Reno since he has a boyfriend! And now you're helping him make up a story so he can stay with Reno!"

"Roxy, baby, I've noticed that they make each other happy…That's all that matters. Cloud is too much of a whore to break it off with Zack but he will…eventually."

"This is still wrong! Just because they make each other happy doesn't mean its okay!"

"What is right and wrong Roxas? What you think or what they feel? Leave them be!"

"What you just said didn't make any sense."

"It made perfect sense!"

"Shut up Axel! You're an idiot and now our brothers are fucking like hormonal bunnies and there is nothing we can do about it!"


"Finally! What took you so long?" Marluxia demanded, storming into the clean living room.

Axel sighed, walking over to talk to his pink haired friend. "Marluxia, I didn't think it would take so long. Sorry I left you guys to clean this place up."

"I had to clean up so much! I never had to do so much manual labor in my whole life! My muscles are aching in protest!" Marluxia said angrily.

"Is that thing a man?" Cloud asked Roxas in a whisper.

Roxas observed Marluxia…His pink hair looked extra pink in the bright light, his skin looked so beautiful that he had to be wearing makeup, and he had a flowery apron on with frills along the edges…He looked a lot like a women until it became noticeable that he didn't have any boobs and a rather manly voice.

"You only washed the dishes and there wasn't even that many!" Demyx said angrily, throwing a rubber glove at Marluxia.

"Yeah, Marluxia is a guy," Roxas whispered back.

"There were so many dishes! You have no idea how long it took!" Marluxia said angrily.

"He has too be gay, right?" Cloud whispered.

"You just had to put them in the dish washer and cut it on!" Zexion said in exasperation.

"Believe it or not, he's married and completely in love with his wife," Roxas whispered.

"No way!" Cloud said in disbelief.

"What ever," Marluxia said, rolling his eyes as he took off the apron. He smiled at Cloud, walking over to the two brothers. "So, this is the guy who managed to capture Reno's attention for more than a quick fuck! Nice to meet you, I'm Marluxia," He said with a charming smile, sticking out his right hand for Cloud to shake.

"I'm Cloud," the blond said as he shook the pink haired male's hand that is just…way too soft to possibly be a man's hand. "Haven't I met you before?"

"Just briefly…I still felt the need to introduce myself since it's been ages since I've seen you."

"Oh…Well, I'm going to go say hi to Reno," Cloud said before heading to Reno's bedroom.

"Well, looks like you guys managed to clean this place up," Axel said as he looked around the clean living room and kitchen.

"Demyx and I managed to clean the apartment," Zexion corrected. "Can we leave now? I can hear them humping."

Axel chuckled. "Yeah, we better get going."

"To the Rolls Royce!" Demyx shouted before running out of the apartment.

"Oh no you don't!" Marluxia shouted after him as he followed the blond.


"Your kisses are too sweet," Roxas murmured, sitting up. Axel tightened his grip on the blond's waist when he made to get up. "Axel, I have to go."

"You really don't," Axel whispered, pulling Roxas down for another kiss.

After a few moments, Roxas got lost in the kiss, forgetting about Sora. He abruptly pulled away, glaring playfully at Axel. "Do you have to do this every time I try to leave?" Roxas asked.

Axel rolled his eyes. "You sat in my lap! Besides, it's not like you want to leave."

Roxas hands began to trace patterns on Axel's bare chest. "I don't want to leave but I said I would. It would be a lot easier to go if you wouldn't throw yourself all over me every time I try to leave," Roxas said, pouting slightly.

Axel's hands traveled up Roxas' shirt, gently rubbing his sides. He kissed the base of Roxas' neck, kissing a trail up the blond's throat until he reached the corner of the blond's mouth.

"Kiss me Roxas," He murmured.

Roxas weaved his fingers in Axel's red locks, turning his head so that their lips met. Their tongues clashed in a fight for dominance that Roxas soon won to Axel's surprise. The redhead decided to let Roxas lead the kiss for a little while before taking the lead again. Roxas moaned into Axel's open mouth before pulling away.

"I want you," Roxas whispered before giving Axel a quick kiss. "But I have to go."

He quickly got up, grabbed his bag and hurried away.

"Are you guys done making out?" Demyx called from the kitchen.

"Yeah," Axel sighed, turning on the TV.

"Next time you guys want to make out for an hour, go in your room. This isn't just your house, Zexion and I live here too."

"He's spending the night at Sora's! I'm going to miss my little blond."

"If you love him so much why won't you just marry him?" Demyx grumbled.

Axel laughed, shaking his head. "Me? Married? That's funny, Dem. Damn, why did we have dish when Comcast is so amazing?" Axel asked as he turned to On Demand.

"Cut on Coraline!" Demyx said happily.

"Okay…Why don't you marry Zexion? You seem like the type to get married."

Demyx hesitated before answering. "Zexion…Doesn't believe in marriage," he muttered, eyes fixed on the screen.

"What? But he believes in God. How can he believe in God and not believe in marriage?"

"He says that he believes in God because when no one has faith in him at least God does…Even if I say I will always have faith in him. Anyways, he thinks marriage is stupid. He feels that it is unnecessary and adds unneeded pressure to a relationship."

"Oh…Do you want to marry him?" Axel asked quietly as Coraline began to play.

"I would like to but it's not like it really matters," Demyx answered nonchalantly, as if he couldn't care less.

Axel saw right through Demyx's façade. He could see the desire to marry Zexion burning in his blue orbs. Demyx would happily walk to the end of the Earth just to marry Zexion and when he would walk back home, Zexion would be waiting for him just to say no. To reject him.


"Marluxia…What is that?"


"That thing you're holding," Zexion answered, unable to keep the disgust out of his voice.

"Are you talking about the baby?" Marluxia asked, cuddling it to his chest.

"It's a…dog, not a baby," Zexion said, his face twisting into a look of dislike as he looked at the dog.

"I got Larxene a puppy to…distract her from my beautiful cock," Marluxia said, lifting the puppy to eye level so he can rub their noses together affectionately.

"It's…ugly. What kind of dog is it?" Zexion asked, mouth turned as if he tasted something foul.

"He is not an it, Zexion. He is a Shih Tzu puppy," Marluxia said, turning the dog so that Zexion could get a proper look at his pug face.

The dog looked a lot like a white and brown chrysanthemum. The puppy was white all over with one huge brown spot on his backside, brown ears, and the fur along his pug face is a light brown that fades to white. The puppy has long, silky hair that greatly resembled the petals of a chrysanthemum flower. His eyes are big, dark brown, and round.

"Isn't he just adorable?" Marluxia cooed before nuzzling into the puppies fur.

"Adorable isn't the word I would use," Zexion replied as he watched the puppy lick Marluxia's face affectionately. "When did you get that thing?"

"I got him the day we moved in here. Remember when Axel and I left? We picked this adorable puppy out and got him a trainer so that he could be ready for Larx."

"What did you name it?"

"He doesn't have a name yet…He's been going as 'puppy' until Larxene names him," Marluxia answered.

"How do you know Larxene wants a puppy?"

"She's a girl, every girl wants a puppy."

"That is not true."

"Who cares?" Marluxia muttered as he walked over to the built in voice box in the kitchen wall.

He pressed a button before speaking into the voice box. "Larxene honey? Are you there?"

"Yeah, babe?" Larxene replied.

"I have a present waiting for you in the kitchen. Come on down," Marluxia responded.

Zexion heard Larxene squeal. A few moments later, she could be heard running down the stairs…and then the living room…and then she skidded to a stop in the kitchen.

"You got me a Shih Tzu?" Larxene squealed, running forward to pick the dog up.

"Aren't you just the cutest thing to ever grace the Earth?" She cooed, cuddling with the puppy in a loving hug.

"What's his name?" She asked after checking the sex of the puppy.

"That's for you to decide," Marluxia said, placing a hand on the small of her back.

"Um…I'll name him Miel," Larxene said before nuzzling the puppy again. "Sweet Miel, darling Miel," Larxene cooed before skipping away.

"She won't be bothering me any more," Marluxia said happily as he watched her hurry away.

"Maybe she'll be so ecstatic that you got her a dog that she'll want to…express her excitement in a physical manner," Zexion said as he began to rummage through the pantry for a snack.

"What are you…No, not even. She will not try to have sex with me," Marluxia said confidently.

This wouldn't be the first time Marluxia was completely wrong about something.

Marluxia was lying in bed, reading A Yellow Raft in Blue Water as he waited for Larxene to tell him she was ready for bed. He was expecting her to have Miel with her so he could sleep in bed with them. So, he didn't pay much attention to her when she walked into the bedroom and placed Miel in his pet bed that sat in the corner of the bedroom.

Marluxia still didn't pay her any attention when he felt her sitting on his lap, straddling his waist. He didn't pay her any attention until she took his book and tossed it on the other side of the room.

"I was reading that," Marluxia said flatly.

"Y'know, you got me this nightgown for Christmas last year and I never wore it. Do I look good?" Larxene asked, standing on her knees so that one knee was on either side of Marluxia's waist.

Marluxia looked her over appreciatively. His eyes immediately zoned in on her breast…They were just so…out there that he couldn't help but notice them. Her soft, round, perfect breasts were contained in a short pink, silk dress. Marluxia didn't even know if the little piece of cloth she was wearing could be considered as a nightgown. It's more like a push-up bra with silk shooting out of the bottom. Marluxia both hated and loved himself for buying her this wonderful nightgown.

Without even thinking about it, his hands traveled up her nightgown to feel the smooth sides of her torso. He almost forgot how soft her skin is…Perfect tan, so smooth, and much too soft…She's perfect. She's his perfect, blond, wicked wife.

"You look beautiful," He whispered as his hands roamed her upper body.

Larxene twirled a lock of his pink hair around her finger, pursing her beautifully pink lips. "Beautiful enough for a kiss?"

Marluxia's hands traveled up her back, applying enough pressure so that she bent over. Their lips met in a soft, gentle kiss. Marluxia pulled away after a few seconds and began to kiss along her neck. He kissed down to the base of her throat, covering her neck and breast with butterfly kisses.

Marluxia nipped her ear affectionately, his hands still gently rubbing along her sides. "I feel that I have neglected you for much to long, my dear…Permettez-moi de vous adore, ma chérie," Marluxia whispered lovingly.

Larxene let out a shaky breath before turning so that their lips met. Marluxia gripped the rim of her nightgown, gently tugging it over her head before throwing the garment on the floor where it fell in a silky heap.

Marluxia gently pressed himself against her so that she lay on her back with him hovering over her. He captured her sweet lips in another kiss as his hands began to travel the familiar shape of her body. His lips moved along her the smooth skin of her neck, kissing, nipping and licking along the flesh. She arched against him, hands gripping the sheets tightly as his mouth moved to the curve of her breast.

She gasped, a quiet moan bubbling up and bursting out of her throat as his teeth and tongue worked against her hardened nipple. Smirking to himself, Marluxia roughly grazed his teeth against the hardened nub before giving the same attention to her left breast. Another moan escaped her parted lips as his skillful tongue worked on her; she parted her legs enough so that his hips could slip between her parted thighs.

Marluxia slid down a little as his lips traveled down her tan stomach, his tongue and lips leaving a trail of fire behind with every little touch and caress. His fingers hooked around the rim of her black panties as he kissed just above the rim. He now lay between her parted legs as he tugged the small black undergarments down her tan legs. Marluxia draped her left leg over his shoulder; he gently kissed the side of her knee before continuing with the worship of her perfect, tan body.


Marluxia sat at one of the small, round glass tables in the backyard on the deck by the pool as he ate breakfast. Miel was currently whining at his heels, begging for some of his bacon. Marluxia looked over the rim of the table at the little puppy.

"Larxene said not to feed you any table food, Miel…Unless you're willing to work for it. Stand!"

Miel rose onto his hind legs, twirling around before standing straight. His sturdy, short legs supported the weight of his body as he waited for Marluxia to throw a piece of bacon into the air.

Marluxia smiled. "Larxene will kill me for this," He said before tossing a piece of bacon into the air.

Miel caught the piece of meat happily before trotting away to eat his reward in privacy. Marluxia smiled after the dog before continuing to eat his breakfast. He didn't look over as he heard Zexion join him.

"Last night," Zexion said quietly, his voice emotionless.

"I didn't cave as long as I didn't have an orgasm, right?" Marluxia asked before taking a sip of his orange juice.

Zexion stared at him for a moment before nodding. "I know you didn't…I just wanted to tell you how dangerous that was. I'm surprised that you were able to…pleasure her without receiving any pleasure yourself."

Marluxia smiled at Zexion before looking at the spectacular view of the city his house provided. "I'm a married man, Zexion. Any pleasure I give my wife is pleasure I'm giving myself."

"In a way," Zexion agreed before taking a bite out of his toast.

"Y'know, at first I thought married life was going to suck but I actually like it. Everyone should be able to be this happy. I can't wait until you marry Demyx, then you'll be as happy as I am…Maybe even more since you wouldn't be forced into it."

Zexion stiffened at the idea of marrying Demyx. "Um…I don't want to marry Demyx," Zexion said quietly.

"Can't blame you, he's really annoying," Marluxia replied, shrugging.

"It's not Demyx…It's just that I don't want to get married at all. Ever."

Marluxia looked at Zexion questioningly. "Why not?"

Zexion sighed, leaning back in his chair. "It adds unnecessary pressure on a relationship. I don't like the words in a wedding ceremony or what people become after ten years of marriage. Marriage drives people insane."

"Love drives people insane," Marluxia corrected.

"Or sex."

"Does Demyx agree with your beliefs?"

Zexion took a bite out of his scrambled eggs, chewing slowly as he thought of a proper response. "Demyx…wants to marry me," He answered rather curtly, his face and voice void of emotion.

Marluxia just stared at Zexion, waiting for him to say more.

Zexion took a deep breath, looking over at the view of the city. "I love Demyx but I don't want to marry him. He knows that and he wishes that I would change my mind. I don't see the point in marrying him. I don't want to get married. He knows that but he still tries to convince me otherwise."

"You're hurting him," Marluxia said quietly.

"He'll learn how to deal," Zexion said dismissively before taking another bite from his toast.


"Y'know, you guys should really learn how to lock your front door!" Axel said loudly as he walked into Marluxia's house, Roxas and Demyx following him.

"There's no point if you have a front gate!" Marluxia called, his voice coming from the second floor.

"Where's Larxene?" Roxas called.

"She's out back, playing with Miel!"

"Miel?" Roxas muttered under his breath as he headed towards the living room.

Marluxia appeared at the head of the stairs, dressed in pink shorts and a thin white, button up shirt. He strolled down the stairs as he ran his fingers through his pink hair.

"What are you wearing?" Axel asked, looking his friends outfit up and down.

"My mom bought me these shorts! Aren't they just amazing?"

"No," Demyx said.

"Where's Zexion?" Axel asked.

"Where else? He's in the"—

"Library," Demyx and Axel finished for him, nodding.

"Exactly," Marluxia said, smiling. "Come out back and see the dog I got for Larxene. His name is Miel."

"A puppy?" Demyx squealed before running off to the backyard.

Axel and Marluxia followed at their own pace, watching the blond as he sprinted through the living room to the back doors. "

"Y'know, your house is ridiculously big," Axel commented as they walked through the living room.

"I know. Don't you just love it?" Marluxia asked as they walked through the front doors.

The two spotted Larxene, Roxas, and Demyx on the far side of the backyard, in the grass with Miel. The pair quickly made their way over to the three blonds.

"He's just too adorable!" Demyx cooed, nuzzling Miel.

Miel licked Demyx affectionately before jumping out of his arms. The puppy began running in circles around Demyx's feet, occasionally pawing at his legs. Demyx quickly got down on his knees and began to play with Miel.

Roxas and Larxene were talking in hushed whispers, giggling and blushing at whatever they were talking about. Roxas covered his mouth, trying to stifle the giggle that burst through his lips. He shook his head before leaning in to whisper something to Larxene. She pushed Roxas away playfully, giggling and blushing like crazy.

"What are they talking about?" Axel huffed.

"Girl stuff," Marluxia said, shrugging.

"Roxas is not a girl, he doesn't have girl talks."

"He sure does get along with girls better than guys."

"He just needs to spend a little more time with the Axel," Axel said, nodding.

"Stop talking about yourself in third person, you sound like an idiot."

"Whatever," Axel said, lying down on the large blanket Larxene had laid out over the grass.

Marluxia sat down behind Larxene, pressing his chest against her back so that she sat between his parted legs. Larxene leaned back on him, his arms circling around her waist. Roxas crawled over to Axel, giving the redhead a quick kiss before lying down in his arms.

"We should go to the island together, Marly. I miss it already," Larxene murmured as she traced patterns on his forearm.

"We can go at the end of summer," Marluxia murmured, kissing the top of her head.

"We should all go dancing," Roxas smiled as he nuzzled into Axel's chest.

"That sounds like fun!" Larxene said.

Axel and Marluxia hesitated. "What kind of dancing? Do you mean going out to a club or…Tango or something?" Axel asked.

"Ooooo! Tango dancing sounds like fun!" Roxas said, Larxene nodding her agreement.

Marluxia and Axel exchanged a look. Tango dancing is very sexual…Not good.

"Um, we'll see…Maybe later on," Marluxia said, not specifying an exact time.

Roxas opened his mouth to ask exactly when but was silenced when Axel planted a firm kiss on his lips. Forgetting his question, Roxas returned the kiss with such enthusiasm that he rolled on top of Axel.

"Hey Zexy!" Demyx said cheerfully when Zexion reached him.

"Demyx what are you doing playing with that…thing?" Zexion asked, casting Miel a look of disgust.

Miel trotted over to Zexion, standing on his hind legs and resting his front ones on Zexion's legs as he looked up at him with excited eyes. Zexion shook his leg, shooing Miel away. Miel walked over to Larxene, looking dejected.

"He's not a thing, Zexy. He's an adorable puppy and I want one!" Demyx said happily.

"Aw, did the mean little man hurt your feelings?" Larxene cooed as she picked Miel up. "I'm going back in the house, come on Roxas."

Roxas pushed Axel off of him, quickly getting up and following Larxene back to the house.

"Demyx, you are not getting a dog," Zexion said, disgusted by the very idea of owning a dog.

"Why not Zexy? They're so cute!"

"They are not cute, Demyx. Dogs are dirty, smelly, stupid, and they cost too much. We are not getting a stupid dog."

"Dogs are not stupid Zexion. Dogs are very intelligent creatures and I think it would do Demyx a lot of good if he got a dog to take care of. It would teach him responsibility," Marluxia spoke up.

"The dog would die under Demyx's care," Zexion said flatly.

"I would never harm an innocent animal!" Demyx protested.

"You are incapable of taking care of another living thing. You managed to kill a tank full of fish in two days, I'm pretty sure you can kill a dog in less than twenty-four hours."

"You need to have more faith in Demyx, Zexion," Marluxia said.

"If he had faith in me I think we'd be married," Demyx grumbled.

"I'm not getting into this," Zexion said before walking away, back towards the main house.

"No, we are going to talk about this!" Demyx said before hurrying after Zexion.

Marluxia folded his arms tightly across his chest, casting Axel a mischievous look. Axel smirked sitting up.

"We're going to go buy Demyx a puppy," Axel said, not asking a question but stating a fact.

"What kind of friend would I be if I didn't get Demyx a puppy?" Marluxia asked.

"It depends; you would be a good friend to Demyx and a bad friend to Zexion if you did."

"Decisions, decisions," Marluxia murmured to himself as he grabbed his car keys and headed for the side gate that leads to the little parking lot, Axel at his heels.



Zexion's head snapped up, his attention wavering from the book perched in his lap to Demyx and the small dog he was cradling lovingly to his chest.

"Isn't she just adorable?" Marluxia cooed as Demyx ran his fingers through her long, orange hair.

"I helped pick her out," Axel spoke up, watching as Demyx allowed the dog to lick all over his face and in his mouth.

"That's disgusting. Demyx, stop making out with that thing!" Zexion said angrily.

"She's not a thing, Zexy. She's a Pomeranian," Demyx corrected as he began to caress her orange fur.

"What are you going to name her?" Axel asked as he scratched the puppy behind her little pointed ears.

"Um…Ginny. I'll name her Ginny, after Ginny Weasly in Harry Potter," Demyx said firmly.

"Demyx, no," Axel said as if he was scolding a small child. "Name her Red or…Ginger…or something else that's not from Harry Potter."

"I'll name her Hermione."

"I said not from Harry Potter!"

"Bella, then."

"That's even worse."

"Okay, I'll name her Ginger since it bothers you so much."

"Now that's settled, I have some bad news to tell you Demyx. Ginger is going to have to stay here for a few days while the dog whisperer trains her," Marluxia said as he gently stroked the short fur on her small head.

"What?" Demyx asked looking horror struck.

"You could spend the night with her if you want and Zexion could stay with Axel," Marluxia offered slyly, looking truly concerned.

"So that's what you're playing at," Zexion spoke up, glaring at Marluxia.

"What?" Marluxia asked in an innocent voice that no one trusted.

"You just want Demyx to spend the night over here! Why?" Zexion demanded.

"I have no other attentions besides keeping Demyx close to his little Ginger," Marluxia said, wrapping an arm around Demyx's shoulders.

Zexion made a noise of disbelief in the back of his throat, not trusting Marluxia one bit. Marluxia ignored him, turning so that Demyx could see his wide smile.

"So, what do you say Dem?"

Demyx looked at his fuming boyfriend before looking down at the puppy curled up in his arms. Demyx gently stroked behind her ear, avoiding everyone's eyes as he answered,

"Yes, for Ginger. I'll spend the night for Ginger."

AN: The whole Cloud and Reno thing is a crazy idea my sister and I came up with. We thought it would be really funny if Reno fell head over heels for Cloud in such a short ammounnt of time. Do tell me what you think