Pretty Reckless

(Hallelujah Revamped)

Summary: Serena and Darien are trying to fix things while plans conspired by the evil forces of the negamoon get in the way. Will Serena be held captive by the evil forces inside her or will Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts be able to save her in time?

A/N: This is Hallelujah revamped after 2 years of leaving it incomplete. I'm on winter break and there is not much to do now that I'm away from my college life. Hopefully this will be the cure to these sleepless nights I seem to be having.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Sailor Moon.

Chapter 1

Just Tonight

Tuxedo Mask sped towards where Luna had told him to go. He couldn't stop thinking about Sailor Moon and if he was too late to save her.

Back with Serena, the Scouts kept trying to wake her up. Ami was the first to notice Tuxedo mask's arrival. They all watched as he tried to wake her.

"Sailor Moon! Wake up! Can't you hear me?" Tuxedo mask asked, losing hope. He held her.

"Oh Darien."

"Serena please forgive me." Tuxedo looked down at his princess. He could feel himself drawing in. He kissed her. The Scouts watched the pair hoping it would work and Serena would wake up and not be lost to the Negaverse.

"Look everyone," Rini said as she pointed at the couple. The scouts gasped. Serena's eyes slowly opened.

"The power of love brought Sailor Moon back to us. This is so great!" Ami said.

"Darien, I feel warm."

"I'm so glad Serena." Tuxedo mask said.

"How rude of you to interrupt her sleep cape boy," came the eerie voice of the monster that put Sailor moon into her sleep.

"Look out!" Serena shouted and pushed Darien out of the way. "How dare you attack my guy? I'm the one you want. So come on Nega trash. Lets rumble."

"Lights out for you, it's past your bed time."

"I'll say when it's my bed time thank you!" Sailor Moon said, as she pulled out her sceptre and got ready to take out the trash. "Moon sceptre elimination."

The monster cried out as it turned into dust.

"Sailor Moon, amazing job," said Tuxedo Mask as Sailor Moon put her sceptre away. "I'm really glad you're alright again."

"Darien, I just knew in my heart you still loved me," she said as she took a step forward.

"Serena… But I… I … I don't love you." Tuxedo Mask said with obvious hesitation.

"What? But how can I believe that when you just came to my rescue?" she asked.

"That's another story, believe me. Our love is like a rose, beautiful when it's in bloom but it can't last forever." He said, walking away. As he walked a rose flew in the wind toward Serena.

"No…" she said falling to the ground where the rose lay. She watched him as he rode off. The Scouts watched helplessly as their leader fell.

Sailor Moon transformed back into Serena.

"Serena, are you okay?" Ami asked.

Serena slowly rose to her feet. She stared in the direction Tuxedo Mask had left. She tried to hold back the tears. "I just want to be alone," she whispered. Serena began to leave.

"Serena!" Rei called, she placed a hand on her friends shoulder. "We're here for you, you know that right?"

Serena nodded, "thanks." Rei let her go.

"She needs time alone," Luna said. The Scouts watched helplessly as Serena disappeared into the darkness.

It began to rain lightly as Serena walked home. New thoughts ran though her mind as she tried to answer all the unanswered questions she had. Why was Darien doing this to her, why wouldn't he tell her what she had done wrong? How could he suddenly not care for her? He couldn't have just all of a sudden decided he didn't love her. What about all they had been through? She tried to let him go but she couldn't. She just couldn't understand.

Was it something she said or had done? Was she too clingy? She tried to think back to the day he had broken up with her. It was so sudden. The girls had told her he was just in a bad mood. But how long could a bad mood last? It had been weeks. She had tried to talk to him countless times and he had told her he just didn't have the same feelings for her anymore or he would ignore her, making things worse.

As her thoughts took over her attention she became unaware of her surroundings. She didn't even know if she was going the right way home.

Darien sat on the dock. His motorcycle parked beside him. He hadn't felt like going back to his apartment so he decided to get some air and just think about everything. He knew he was hurting her but he couldn't risk the danger that his dreams told him were going to happen to her if they stayed together

He heard a small whimper behind him. In the distance he notice Serena walking towards the pier. He noticed she was holding the rose he had given her. It pained him to see her like this.

Serena leaned against the wall leading up to the dock and sunk down to the ground. She finally just let it go. The tears fell from her eyes and were washed away in the light rain. She just didn't understand. She let go of the rose. It fell into the wind. Maybe she should stop trying. Her countless efforts hadn't worked and Serena realized that they just made Darien grow angrier with her.

Darien felt a piece of the rose hit his face and fly on. He had never seen her like this. Even through the break-up she had seemed so determined to get him back. Now she was broken. He crept closer to the ledge to see her. He stayed in the secrets of the darkness. He could hear her talking aloud to herself.

"This just isn't worth it. If he doesn't love me anymore I wont waste my time trying to get him back," she said. She was trying to convince herself. Her voice was shaking with anger and she broke again.

"Oh why did I try so hard for him? It's just so unfair. He's always been cold but I just don't understand. I don't want to understand anymore. I just want to forget him. Oh please just let me forget him." She said, as she curled her self into a ball and rocked herself.

Darien couldn't believe what he was hearing. Did she really want to forget about him? Was he hurting her this bad? He had thought this had been for the best.

"Hey girly. What are you doing up this late?" a voice from the shadows called out. A man appeared and startled Serena.

"Who are you?"

"What are you doing up this late girly?" The man asked again, coming closer to her.

"Leave me alone!" Serena said, getting off her feet. The man sprang towards her and grabbed her arm. Serena felt a jolt of power serge through her. She screamed in pain and fell to her knees in front of the man.

Darien seeing this, jumped from his hiding spot.

"Bug off creep," Darien said, jumping in front of Serena and breaking the mans hold on her.

"Oh, who are you?" the man asked, stumbling backwards.

"Doesn't concern you," Darien said, "now leave her alone."

"You her little boyfriend?"

"What is it to you?"

"I just wanted to know who she was," the man said, sinking back into the shadows, with a grin plastered on his face. Darien stared after him. It puzzled him that the man left without a fight. What did he want with Serena anyway?

"I could have handled him on my own," Serena snapped, not waiting for Darien to say anything she started to walk away.

"Serena!" Darien started after her.

"No Darien! Just leave me alone!" She walked quickly away from him.

"Serena, please" he said, trying to keep up with her.

She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him, "You wanted it to be this way. I tried Darien. I didn't want to let go. Well guess what? I'm done trying to get you back now. You have it the way you want it," Serena said. They were a few feet away from each other.


Serena turned around and started to walk away again.

"Serena!" Darien said as he grabbed her arm. With this the Crystal reacted. The familiar pink light flashed from Serena's bow on her chest.

"Leave me alone. I loved you Darien and I tried so hard for us. But you gave up on us! So what do you want from me now?" Serena demanded. She could feel him tighten his grip on her. She ripped her arm out of his grasp. Darien stepped back. "Now you know how it feels to try your hardest for something and have someone rip it all away."

The light still flashed. It seemed to be getting stronger with Serena's powerful words. Darien watched as she slowly transformed into Princess Serena. He looked down at him self and realized he was dressed as Prince Darien.

"Serena, there is a reason I've been pushing you away. Please listen."

Despite her best efforts, Serena couldn't move. She was forced to listen.

"Serena, listen. I was pushing you away because… because I've had this feeling, a feeling that something is going to go very wrong if we stay together. A feeling that if we are together something will happen to you," He said, taking her hands, "It wasn't just a feeling. It was a dream. A horrible dream and the more I tried to ignore it, the more vivid the dream became. So we have to wait. Just for a little while. I couldn't think of another way to push you away and I didn't think you'd understand if I just told you this."

"You know how I feel. Not even my own destruction would stop me from being with you Darien. Even if something were to happen, we could fight it off together. So no, I don't understand. And now I just want you to leave me alone because I'm done trying and there is no sense if you're just going to say all this and then push me away from you. I'm trying to move on from you now and you are making this impossible so why can't you just go away?"

"Serena, why can't you listen to me."

Everything around them became dark and it seemed like they were the only people on earth.

"Princess Serena we are meant to be together. I know I've treated you horribly, but it's just… I don't want anything bad to happen to you. We have to be strong. Maybe it's not time for us now but if we can just get past this."

"Prince Darien, we both know this is not what you want. You are a true friend for trying to help me, but this… the feelings we shared are gone. What you said was true, I just didn't realize it. I know this now. I was only trying to fool myself."

"Oh Princess Serena," Darien said, floating towards her. "You were not trying to fool anyone. I was. I was so afraid for you when I didn't realize how much you've grown. Look at everything we've shared."

By the touch of his hand they both seemed to float backwards in time. They watched as the moon kingdom announced that it was under attack. They watched themselves' dance together. The happy moments came rushing over them.

"I wish we could remember more of this time," Darien said, as Princess Serena jumped off her balcony after her love. Time seemed to stop and they were whisked to their battle against Queen Beryl. They just stood watch as Sailor Moon saved Darien from Queen Beryl with her locket. Yet again they were whisked away to find themselves' in Alan and Ann's apartment.

"Darien, can you hear me? It's me, Darien, Sailor Moon,"

"Meat ball head?"

"That's right. Do you finally remember us? Oh Darien. Do you remember about the moon princess?"

"Yes my sweet."

"We'll be together again I promise. Just like you were there for me Darien I'll fight to protect our kingdom so we can be as happy and peaceful as we were then. Do you remember?"

"Yes, I remember everything."

Ann attacked them, knocking them back. Princess Serena took a step forward to help but Prince Darien held her back. They kept watching remembering that piece of memory.

"Renounce your love for Darien and I might spare you." Ann yelled.

"No! I never renounce my feelings. True love can't be taken away by anyone."

"That was the first time I realized I really truly love you," Prince Darien whispered in Princess Serena's ear as the scene played out in front of them. "The first time I realized that the past had nothing to do with my feelings for you now."

"We'll still have each other no matter what they do to us," Sailor Moon said, as she caught Darien from falling.

Princess Serena and Prince Darien were whisked away from their memories and brought back to their present. They stood on the dock and watched the water.

"Prince Darien… how do I know you won't pull away from me again even if you are just trying to protect me? Because I don't know if I'll ever have the energy to fight for you again."

"Just know I will always love you no matter what I do or say. But for now we can't be together. We have to stay strong. And I know it's hard for you to ignore me, but you just have to. Just for a little while"

"Yes, but I just can't stand when you distance yourself from me," Princess Serena said, as the silent tears fell from her face. She melted in to his arms. She had fainted and also turned back into Serena. Darien realized that he was back to normal too. He knew that the Crystal had drained her. He had to bring her back home.

Holding her in his arms just felt right to him. But he knew what she wanted was for them to be together and he knew that he just couldn't. Not when they were about to face the biggest challenge yet. He needed to know if she could stay strong even with out him. He just didn't know what to do.

When he got to her house, he opened her bedroom window. He spotted Luna and Rini lying on the bed asleep.

"Sweet dreams Serena." Darien said letting her go onto her bed. "Things will work out, I promise."

A/N: Yes, I do believe this will be the cure for me boredom. Expect a lot of updates very soon since the first 10 chapters have already been written and I am just revamping this story. :)