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Edward's Journal Entry

A/N: I wrote this because I was inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe poem, Annabel Lee and because I wanted to write a poem that Edward would write about Izzy. Since he is so in love with her without really knowing her. So this is what I wrote for the FFP o/s .

This would be a short poem I picture him writing right after they share their first intimate moment, so you can look forward to that later! :) Enjoy and review! :)

Song: Explosions In The Sky - The Only Moment We Were Alone

Her heart beats in chaotic


Telling a story I dare not

be told.

Her tear stained cheeks,

and scar filled body showed of how she longed to be free

My Isabella Marie

Heated waves of lust and


That overtook when we were


She filled me with so much


That I nearly came undone

Her and I were the same.

Except she dreamt of

freedom looking through a lens.

And I dreamt of peace

with a paintbrush to cleanse.

She was mine as I was hers

My beautiful Isabella Marie.

Raven-black hair caressed

her back in waves that I so wished to touch.

Skin as pale as the moon

but smooth like porcelain.

That I loved oh so very much.

Lips as wild as a

beautiful summer flower

But soft to the touch that

held so much power

Eyes of caramel that

sweetened me so I could see,

Just how lovely is my Isabella Marie.

Thank you to MeGinnie85 and JandMsMommy for their help :) I love them a whole bunch.

OH! I will have Chapter 1 posted tomorrow or Friday :) (Yes, I finally finished it, and I have started chapter 2! For those who care :))

Thanks again for reading! :)

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