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A Christmas Fic: Still Untitled

"Shiho, that's beautiful" remarks Shikamaru, a lopsided smile on his face, his eyes trained on the tree.

"You really think so" answers the girl with the glasses. Her glass rim glints from the numerous tiny lights on the Christmas tree. The girl looks up smiling towards the taller man. The man continues to admire the tree and remains clueless though. While another female from across the living room just observes them.

Temari clears her throat "I didn't know we have a visitor Shika"

"What? You're here? Aren't you supposed to arrive tomorrow?" Shikamaru whose usual countenance is that of a bored individual is obviously surprised.

Temari looks at Shikamaru, gauging him. He looks guilty...of something. Temari glances at the girl. What's her name? She looks familiar. Ah yes a few years back that girl helped Shikamaru in breaking the code and was even the reason why Shikamaru broke his leg. Temari's eyes sharpen. What is that girl doing here –alone with her husband? "I'm glad to see you too, husband of mine" Temari says sarcastically.

"Temari-san, I—Shikamaru assured me you won't be arriving from your mission until tomorrow. We—we are preparing a surprise for you" Shiho stutters.

"Really? A surprise. Yes I'm surprised. Good job" Temari gives her a dangerous smile. The type of smile that clues in the opponent that he's or in this matter she's about to get toast "So did you have a wonderful time?"

Shikamaru groans.

While Shiho has taken that smile as a sign of welcome "Yes, very much so. Shikamaru was good enough to take care of everything that I requested of him"

"Really?" A loaded question asks by Temari. A sharper woman would have noticed but Shiho apparently did not.

"Yes. We have lots of fun" Shiho nods her head in excitement. Her eyes are bright and her smile widens.

Temari glares at Shikamaru then smiles sweetly at Shiho "So you have fun flirting with Shikamaru and making all those I'm-so-helpless-please-help-me looks don't you?"

"Huh?" Shiho is shocked.

"Woman! Shiho's here to help me" Shikamaru has finally spoken.

"Help you? With what?" Temari demands back.

"With this tree. With the Christmas decors outside and in this room. You should see what we have done in our room" Shit. Wrong use of words. Shikamaru closes his eyes. He just poured kerosene on Temari's fire. "It's not what you think Temari" Shikamaru argues reasonably.

"OUR ROOM SHIKA?" Temari did not shout but Shikamaru can still feel the emphasis on each word. He winces.

"Anou Temari. I don't think you understa..." Shiho speaks softly that it's almost impossible to hear her.

"SHUT UP!" Temari addresses Shiho "YOU LIKE MY HUSBAND DON'T YOU?"

"I— I'm grateful to him. He's kind and brave. He saved me once before. I—" Shiho speaks louder and tries to be bold.

"He saved you once. That doesn't mean he likes you too. Shikamaru doesn't go for plain looking helpless females you know" Temari says superiorly.

"Tch troublesome" Shikamaru sighs "Shiho is neither plain nor helpless, Temari" Shikamaru tries to control the situation considering that Temari could really hurt the other girl without half trying. But being a male he obviously doesn't have an idea he is actually making it worse.

"So are you saying you like her?" Temari asks quietly just like the calm before a storm.

"WOMAN, I DID NOT SAY THAT" Shikamaru have obviously forgotten his childhood dream of marrying someone plain and doesn't understand why his wife is upset.

"Anou, please do not fight because of me" Shiho intercedes.

"You flatter yourself! We are not fighting because of you" Temari glares back at Shiho.

"Tch she's right Shiho" When Shikamaru notices Shiho's still questioning look, he adds "This passes as a normal conversation between us" Shikamaru points to himself then to Temari.

Temari glowers at Shikamaru "Yeah. Tell her too what a real jerk you are"

Shikamaru looks darkly at Temari then swivels his head back to Shiho and smiles at her reassuringly.

"Gah" Temari catches a glimpse of the smile, stamps her feet and starts to walk towards the door.

"Tch, where are you going?" asks an unbothered Shikamaru.

"I'm actually hungry. I'm going out. Want me to buy you and your girl anything? Poison perhaps?" Temari suggests sarcastically.

"She's not my girl but you could still buy us some snacks" Shikamaru replies then adds as an afterthought "We already ate dinner so just snacks"

Temari doesn't bother to answer him but instead she closes the door with a bang.


Temari is on her way back to her and Shikamaru's apartment when she looks up from the street towards their second floor bedroom windows and sees from there the silhouettes of a man wearing a Santa cap and a woman kissing.

Temari runs towards the apartment, her hands have clenched into fists. She opens the door and dashes inside the living room. Upon entering she sees immediately Shikamaru wearing a red Santa cap which obscured his spiked ponytailed hair.

"You bastard!" Temari exclaims with venom and slightly shimmering eyes.

"What now woman?" Shikamaru asks perplexed upon seeing the shine on Temari's eyes. His hand goes to his head and removes the cap.

"Where is she?" Temari rushes to the room that has those windows. Temari then sees Shiho and Kiba kissing.

Temari just stares at them.

Shikamaru has followed Temari and also notices the pair "So that's why you wanted to put the mistletoe there Kiba" Shikamaru remarks dryly trying to get the couple's attention that they are now on display.

"What is he doing here?" Temari asks Shikamaru pointing towards Kiba.

"What do you mean what is he doing here? We already told you a while back we were decorating the apartment for Christmas to surprise you" Shikamaru says a bit irritated.

"You did not tell me Kiba is also here" Temari recounts much more irritated.

"I would have but you said you were hungry" Shikamaru shrugs his shoulders.

Temari glares at Shikamaru and then turns her head towards the blushing Shiho and grinning Kiba "You and you, if you wanted to make out do it at your own place"

Kiba's grin turns into laughter "Aww it's that mistletoe's fault" Kiba points towards the mistletoe above him and Shiho with his index finger. He also tilts his head upwards for emphasis which causes his Santa cap to be dislodged. Kiba tries to save it from falling.

Temari follows with her eyes the thing Kiba points at. She bares her teeth and says pseudo-sweetly "I didn't know that a plant can actually dictate the actions of a dog"

Kiba's laughter turns to coughing and Shiho's blush deepens "Temari, we we're just getting into the spirit of Christmas" Shiho speaks in her and Kiba's defence.

"So Christmas means going to your ex-crush house and making out with someone else there" Temari places her hands on her hips "Is that what Christmas means to you?" Temari demands.

"N-no" Shiho shakes her head.

"Temari, that's enough" Shikamaru declares. When Shikamaru uses that tone of voice even Temari doesn't dare to sway him.

"Gomen Shiho, Kiba. I'll make it up to you guys" Shikamaru speaks softly "And thanks again for helping with the decorations"

"No problem dude" Kiba says, his grin returning "Come on Shiho. I'll treat you to dinner"

"A-anou, goodbye Shikamaru, Temari" Shiho nods in the direction of the blond kunoichi.


Temari knows what Shikamaru meant when he says her name that way "Oh alright goodbye Shiho, Kiba" After saying that Temari leaves the bedroom. She opens the door and closes it quietly—a sign she's more than spitting mad.

"Dude, I think you're in deep shit" Kiba offers his opinion to the still Shikamaru "And you're braver than I thought" Kiba laughs.

"I'm sorry. I think we were not able to give her the pleasant surprise that you wanted" Shiho looks troubled.

"Don't worry about it. I already told you Temari is not a firm believer of Christmas" Shikamaru states with a slight frown marring his otherwise composed face.

"But I think we made it worst" Shiho still looks worried.

"Tch, don't worry I'll take care of it" Shikamaru's face clears.

Shiho nods her head then together with Kiba they leave the Nara residence. They are barely a few meters away when they hear a thud and a grunt.

"That would be Shikamaru" Kiba proclaims with a smile towards Shiho "Don't worry I doubt his wife would kill him"


When Kiba and Shiho leave, Shikamaru politely shows them the door. Temari takes that opportunity to move back to their room.

When Shikamaru opens the door to their room, he is almost hit by flying projectiles. The first one being the phone then the remote then the pillow then another pillow "Cut it out Temari" Shikamaru insists then the frame with Shikamaru's, Choji's and Ino' group picture hit him on the head. Shikamaru grunts and glowers towards his wife.

"Jerk!" Temari scowls back "They were making out in our room— I have all the right to be angry!" Temari does not want to admit to Shikamaru that for a minute she has truly doubted him.

Shikamaru looks at his wife, inhales deeply, exhales then calmly tells her "Temari they were helping me decorate this place because Choji and Ino were actually busy with their own preparations. And Naruto and Hinata have bigger preparations to attend to, Naruto being the hokage and all. I was actually fortunate I ran into Shiho and Kiba and they offered to help"

"I don't see why you needed their help anyway!"

"Temari, didn't you like what I did to the house?"


"Temari, didn't you even appreciate the effort we put into it?" Shikamaru asks. His wife knows the extent of his laziness. She should at least be amazed that he actually bothered this much.


"Temari" Shikamaru says in exasperation.

"You know I don't like Christmas, Shikamaru" Temari takes a look around their room. There is the mistletoe hanging on the ceiling near their bedroom window. There are strings of small shiny stars that go around the periphery of their room. There is also a miniature Santa beside their wedding photo on the dresser "I don't understand why you bother"

Shikamaru combs his fingers through his hair "I still have 10 days before Christmas. I could still change your mind"

"Well, don't hold your breath. You might just die doing it"


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