2nd Week: Realization

One week after the big drinking contest, Natsu was still all smiles, even more than usual. Not only that, Mirajane noticed in wonder, he was actually nice to everyone. Of course, Natsu was a good guy, but when he was in Fairy Tail, he would always start the occasional fights with his fellow guild mates, male or female. Especially with Gray. But the scene she was watching now was entirely new to the barkeep.

"Yo, Gray, do you pray to god?"

Gray almost spit out his beverage. "The hell-"

"You should." Natsu was dead serious. "I swear he's up there and he listens."

"Ah," Gray said and arched a brow in confusion. "Is this a new way of starting a fight?"

Mirajane was very bewildered. That was definitely not the usual Natsu. Had something happened? The barkeep clasped a hand over her mouth when something wonderful occurred to her. Could Natsu perhaps be in love? And if yes, who was the lucky girl? Lucy? Maybe her Lisanna? Or even Erza?

"Why so lost in thought, Mira-nee?"

Speak of the devil, Mirajane thought and smiled sweetly at her little sister. "Oh, nothing at all. I've just been wondering what was up with Natsu."

Lisanna raised an eyebrow. "Why exactly is that?"

"Don't you think he's acting a little weird?" Mirajane whispered as she leaned over to her sister.

Lisanna turned herhead and found Natsu attacking Jet and Droy from behind, babbling how god was such a fair guy and all. Lisanna couldn't help but smirk knowingly. So he was still on that. She remembered well how relieved Natsu had been after Lucy had told him that they had in fact used a condom. He had even started dancing around cheerfully with Happy after he had finished filling her in about the details of their talk. Of course Happy still didn't quite get what was going on.

"I don't see what's weird," Lisanna finally said. "Natsu's a cheerful guy. Just leave him."

Mirajane furrowed her brows. "Yes, but-"

"Mira-chan! Can we get three beers over here?"

"Coming right up!" Mirajane smiled at her little sister. "Take care of the bar for me, okay? We'll talk about this later."

Lisanna rolled her eyes, smirking. "Sure thing, sis."

The white haired girl was actually happy that her older sister had been called out. She really hated lying to her family, especially Mirajane. Her brother wasn't completely stupid, but very oblivious to everything remotely romantic or sexual; always saying how he had to focuse on becoming a strong man first. But Mirajane, she was an entirely different story. Lisanna was half-sure that her sister already suspected something. It was just really difficult to keep acting like she didn't know anything. But she had promised Natsu to keep it a secret and she really didn't want to face Lucy's wrath. Moreover, she felt kind of special being the only one who knew about it.

"You didn't tell her, right?"

Lisanna startled when she suddenly found herself merely inches away from Lucy's face. The blonde was blushing furiously with a frown on her face and stared at Lisanna in dreadful anticipation. Lisanna, trying to not show that Lucy had almost scared her out of her skin, put on a nervous smile and backed away a few inches.


"Mira-san." Lucy leaned in a little more, whispering, "You didn't tell her about me and Natsu, did you? He-he told me that you found out."

Lisanna put a finger on her chin in mock wonder. "Oh, I dunno, did I perhaps?"

"Stop joking around," Lucy hissed under her breath.

The white haired one offered a warm smile. "Don't worry, Lucy," she said as she took Lucy's hands in hers in a comforting gesture. "I'd never do that. You don't have to tell me what a chatterbox my sister can be. You'd probably never hear the end of it. Besides, I promised I wouldn't say anything, didn't I?"

Lucy gave a moan of relief and squeezed Lisanna's hands tightly. "Oh, I knew you wouldn't. I'm sorry for freaking out." She let her head rest on the counter, sighing deeply. "It's just, ever since that thing, I've been feeling kind of out there. It's like I'm not myself lately."

"Well, I think that's normal. You're not that guy after all." Lisanna pointed her chin at a happy Natsu.

Lucy lifted her head and looked over at her fire breathing team mate slash one night stand, blowing another beat sigh through her full lips. He was so joyful. More than she had ever seen him before. She knew that in his place, she would be just as glad and relieved. But no matter how much she wished she could, she couldn't get out of her shoes. She was stuck in this mess, in this terrible situation with no idea how to get out.

Her face darkened a little. "He sure is happy."

"He's a guy," Lisanna almost scoffed and shrugged it away. "They'll always be insensitive."

Lucy looked down, frowning. "I guess."

That was when Lisanna realized how pale looking her blonde friend was. Truthfully, she didn't look good at all. She had slight bags underneath her auburn eyes, and if she looked really closely, Lucy's hair was kind of messy and unkempt. It was obvious that she had tried to bring more color to her face with makeup, but Lisanna could see it. She could see that Lucy wasn't feeling well. At all.

"What's wrong, Lucy?" The blonde lifted her head, puzzled. "You know you can tell me. There's something bothering you, isn't there?"

Lucy was quiet for a while, then gulped and closed her eyes. "You… you're the only one I can talk to right now. So I'm gonna have to bother you with my problems," she uttered very soft-like. "Do you have some time?"

"Well yeah, as you can see."

"No, I mean… Could you come with me for a bit?" She nervously played with her fingers.

Lisanna eyed her curiously, and then shrugged. "I guess that's okay." She cupped her mouth with both hands and called out to her sister, "Sis! I'm gonna go hang out with Lucy!"

"Oh, that's so nice! Don't be late!"

"Sheesh, I'm not a kid anymore," Lisanna mumbled angrily, throwing a scowl at Mirajane who was waving cheerfully.

"Let's go?" Lucy asked sheepishly.


Natsu watched intriguingly as Lucy left the guild with Lisanna. What were those two up to? He knew they got along rather well, but they didn't really hang out much, just the two of them. Up until now, they had only exchanged friendly small talk every now and then, when they were in the guild, but other than that…

It hit him like a thunderbolt. Were they going somewhere to talk about him? His eyes widened at the realization. But Lucy had told him she didn't have romantic feelings for him. He had actually thought that the issue was in the past now. But what else could she need Lisanna for? She was the only one who knew about what happened.

He had very bad feeling about this…

"What's the matter, dumbshit? You look like crap."

Natsu scowled at someone the first time in a week. "Shut up, popsicle."

Gray actually grinned. "So you still know how to make that face," he scoffed. "Good, your stupid grin really started to freak me out. What was with that anyway?"

"Can't I be happy?"

"You can. In an orderly fashion."

"What does that mean?" Natsu grumbled as he took a sip of a fire drink.

"I know, you're a happy-go-lucky person, but you were acting like you're on drugs or something," Gray said, shrugging. "Seriously, what's going on? Did you get laid or something?"

The fire mage promptly choked on his drink and started patting his chest hardly to catch his breath. Gray looked over at him indifferently and waited patiently until Natsu had stopped coughing to turn around and look for Mirajane in irritation, mostly to give her an earful. She was too far away to even notice him. But what was with all the people choking on their drinks lately in here? Something strange must be in those beverages.

Gray gave Natsu a violent flap on the back and the fire mage actually calmed down after that. "Kidding, man. No need to freak out. I know there's no way you'd ever get laid."

Natsu glared viciously at him. "Well, maybe I did get laid!"

"Yeah, right." The ice mage burst out laughing. "Maybe in a million years or more."

"Maybe it was last week after that party!"

Gray shot out of his seat, visibly irritated. "You're lying!"

Natsu crossed his arms, grinning in triumph. "Now, are you really sure about that?" he purred.

"That's just impossible! There's no way you can score with a chick and I can't!"

"Gray-sama can always score with Juvia," the water mage cooed sweetly from somewhere behind them and Gray flushed an alarming shade of crimson.

"You! Don't even joke about that!"

"Heh." Natsu smirked up at his rival, his expression sickeningly smug. "Beat you again, sucker."

By now, Gray looked beyond furious with jealousy. "With who!"

"None of your business."

"Then it didn't happen!"

"Oh, but it did."

"With who!"

"It's a secret."

"Then it didn't happen!"

Macao gave a loud groan from the table next to theirs. "Do you even realize how pointless your argument is?"

"You shut up, old man!"


"What are you fighting about?" Happy asked cheerfully as he landed next to Natsu.

Natsu and Gray exchanged meaningful looks. "Nothing," they chorused calmly.

Happy flew away angrily. "You're always excluding me! I'm gonna tell Erza!"

"No, wait! We're sorry!"

"Holy crap," was the only unsightly thing that occurred to Lisanna.

Lucy nodded meekly, her brows furrowing even further. Lisanna could only stare at her blonde friend in downright shock, her eyes wide and disbelieving. One part of her brain was panicking and hoping that she had just misheard the blonde, while the other part was busy pondering what she could do or say to comfort Lucy. But she remained stunned, silent, completely and utterly blank.

"H-how bad is this?" Lucy sputtered faintly.

Lisanna's mouth opened, and then closed. Then opened again after a while, "Pretty bad." She quickly shook her head to snap out of it when she saw Lucy's crushed expression. "I-I mean, are you really hundred percent sure? Maybe you just counted wrong or something."

"No, I'm sure," said the blonde celestial mage quietly. "I should've gotten it about six days ago. I've never been this late before. Th-that's why…"

"Oh shit," Lisanna muttered in a sigh, touching her forehead. "Oh damn it, Lucy-"

"I know!" Lucy cried out as she dropped down to sit on the park bench. "I-I'm totally freaking out here. What am I going to do? Just what the heck am I going to do?"

The white haired girl determinedly shook her head. "No, this can't be. It's impossible. You guys used a condom." She sat down next to Lucy, eyes still wide. "There's gotta be an explanation. It's gotta be a puberty thing or something."

"Well, you know," Lucy uttered sheepishly. "I read that condoms only work like 97 percent of the time…"

"What?" Lisanna screeched, horrified. "You mean, three percent of the time they don't even work?"

Lucy gave a deep sigh. "As you can see."

Lisanna fell silent when her friend lowered her head with an expression she couldn't quite figure out. She looked like she was either on the brink of crying miserably or laughing hysterically. Lisanna knew that Lucy needed her right now, and she would definitely be there for her and help her through this. She may have not known this Lucy for that long, but they were friends. They were family as members of Fairy Tail.

She would get her through this. Somehow.

The best thing she could come up with for now was to throw her thin arms around the blonde and pull her close in a gentle hug. Lucy's eyes widened at the contact until Lisanna brought a hand up to pat her hair comfortingly, squeezing her tightly.

"It's okay, Lucy. I'm here for you." Her soothing whispers tingled in Lucy's ears. "We'll figure something out. I'll help you, I promise."

Lucy couldn't fathom exactly why, but the situation left her feeling so helpless and vulnerable that she couldn't stop the tears that were slowly filling up her eyes and falling down her cheeks. Soon she was sobbing into Lisanna's sweater, her friend continuing to whisper comforting words to her until she wasn't shaking so violently anymore and her sobs had quietened down.

The blonde sniffed a few times. "I-I'm so scared," she spluttered feebly. "If… if I really am… I-I don't know what to do. This is all too soon, too fast. It's so not how it was supposed to happen. I wanted to be married for at least a year before I'd even think about… And- and Natsu-"

"Hey," Lisanna said energetically, drawing back to look at Lucy. "Forget about Natsu for now. You have other problems to take care of before you can start thinking about that doofus."

Lucy gave a slow nod and wiped away her tears. "You're right," she said, her voice hoarse from crying. "I need to… you know…"

Lisanna's roamed over the various shops in Magnolia's city centre. She saw a gift shop, multiple boutiques, a supermarket, barbershops, and then finally at one corner…

A drug store.

"Oh," she said slowly. "So this is why you brought me here."

Lucy nodded wordlessly, her cheeks coloring a pale shade of rose.

Lisanna smiled warmly, sighing. "You're too embarrassed to buy one?"

She quietly nodded again.

"All right, leave it to me." Lucy's head rocketed up, eyes wide. Lisanna had stood up and now grinned brightly at her. "You're lucky that we three siblings all know the secrets of transformation magic off pat. Mira-nee isn't the only one who can transform into anyone she knows. I can only successfully swap heads, but it should be enough for this."

Lucy watched in awe as a pink magical seal appeared above Lisanna's head. Within the blink of an eye, her short white hair grew longer and slowly changed into wavy dark blue hair down to the small of her back. Her eyes became more pointy shaped and bright red, and her lips grew slightly smaller, along with a sharper nose. Before Lucy knew, there was a Mediterranean beauty standing before her with a smug smile on her mature face.

"It's someone I met in Edoras," Lisanna explained. "This should work, right?"

Lucy felt like crying again, out of gratefulness this time. "Thank you, Lisanna," she said with a warm smile. "I wouldn't know what to do without you."

Cana sincerely thought that life was very boring these days.

Maybe it was because she was a member of Fairy Tail and no matter what happened in that guild, it would always end with something exciting. Day after day, at least something would come up. But ever since that huge drinking contest she had initiated about two weeks ago, everything was quiet. People even refrained from touching alcohol.

She wondered what the hell happened that night that everyone would act that way. She knew she passed out about halfway through the evening. Truthfully, Cana had already been pretty much completely wasted when she had proposed the idea of a drinking contest. And before the winner was crowned, Makarov, she had already been in dreamland.

Cana really wanted to know. But almost no one in the guild seemed to remember anything about that night. It was as if the whole guild's memories had been erased from the point they had started drinking. Alcohol truly could be a scary thing. Of course, that didn't stop her from drinking.

Considerably cheerfully, at least as cheerful as Cana can be, she opened the cap of her bottle of good old Whiskey as she walked down the main street of Magnolia toward Fairy Tail. She hadn't had alcohol of a quality this high in a while. But seeing as her last job went rather well, she figured it wouldn't hurt to treat herself to an outstanding mouthful of this first-class booze.

Just as she was about to take a sip, she noticed something bright in the local park. Bewildered, Cana stopped in her tracks when she realized it was a magic seal. Knowing it could only be someone from the guild, she sidled up a little closer and finally made out two girls, one with blonde hair and one with white.

Lucy with… Mirajane? No, the hair was too short. Lisanna? Lisanna!

Cana was just about to walk up and brightly call out her hello, when it occurred to her that Lisanna had just transformed into a very suspicious looking lady. Maybe it was just the spur of the moment, she didn't really know why, but the card mage hid behind a corner and watched them curiously. What could they be up to that they needed magic for? Were they in the middle of a mission or something? But then again, since when did those two hang out together?

She couldn't deny that she was interested to see what they were planning. She ignored the weird glances everyone around her was throwing her and instead watched in anticipation as Lisanna left Lucy sitting on the park bench and walked towards what looked like a drug store.

A mission involving a drug store? That sounded suspicious.

Cana looked over to Lucy who by now got up from the bench and was walking back and forth nervously. Overall, she looked very wary of her surroundings. Definitely suspicious. Cana quickly hid behind a wall when Lucy looked in her direction.

After another five minutes that felt like an eternity to the card mage, Lisanna finally came out of the drug store, holding a small package in her hands. Cana's eyes widened in horror when she realized what exactly it was that Mirajane's little sister was carrying back to Lucy. There was no way she was wrong about it. She was familiar with the concept of those little things; she knew that it couldn't be anything else.

This left her wondering what Lisanna could possibly need it for. There was no way it was for Lucy. The blonde was probably the most old-fashioned and romantic person she knew. Lucy had told her often enough that she was going to save herself for her wedding night, every time Cana had cooed how amazing a male body could be and what they could use it for.

It could only be Lisanna.

The girl may act innocent and goody-goody, but still waters ran deep. Cana wouldn't put it past her at all. She must've gotten it on with a guy after that party. Although she couldn't remember if Lisanna even touched any alcoholic drink in the first place. In any way, she had to tell someone about what she just saw, or else it would probably tear her apart like that dwarf in the folk tale. The only ones she definitely had to stop from learning about this were Mirajane and Elfman.

She watched the two girls turning a corner to the street that lead to Lucy's apartment. She had figured that Lisanna would want to use it there. It was way too dangerous in the guild or in the girl's dorms. Cana gave a deep sigh of defeat. This was huge news.

The minute Cana decided this was none of her business, someone put a small hand on her shoulder that made her screech very high-pitched and almost jump out of her skin. She whirled around to face a startled Levy, hand still raised uncertainly.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh god, it's just you, Levy," Cana rasped out, clasping a hand over her racing heart. "Don't scare me like that."

Levy cocked her head at Cana. "What were you doing?"

Cana stared at her quietly for a moment, and then looked around as if to check if someone was eavesdropping on them. "I guess it's okay if I tell you. I've gotta get it out, or else I'm gonna burst!"

"What's wrong?"

"I'll warn you. This is huge."

"Lisanna bought a pregnancy test!"

"Shh!" Cana hissed with a finger on her lips. "Keep it down, will you?"

Levy flinched, cautiously checking around before whispering, "But this is so huge! No, it's bigger than huge! Or even bigger than that! Wh-what's bigger than huge?"

Cana arched a brow. "This?"

"Exactly!" Levy exclaimed, voice tumbling with shock. "Who do you think she slept with?"

Cana put a hand around her chin thoughtfully. "Well, that's the head scratcher," she said. "Only one that comes to mind would be Natsu. But he wouldn't do that with Lisanna, she's like his best friend. After Happy of course."

Levy nodded eagerly. "Agreed, it has to be someone else."

"Let's go catch her red handed."

When she saw Cana's mischievous grin, Levy's eyes widened. "What? Are you serious?"

Cana smirked at her. "Why not? It's just us." Levy fidgeted uncertainly, and Cana nudged her in the side. "C'mon, aren't you dying to know if she's pregnant or not? They're going to Lucy's place right now. I'm sure she's gonna take it there."

Levy sheepishly played with her fingers. "I am kind of curious…"

"What did you just say?"

Cana and Levy froze stiff at the sound of the dangerously calm female voice. There was only one person, one woman, in the world who had the miraculous ability to sound composed and furious at the same time. And the very same woman was probably the most fearsome and respectable person in all of Fairy Tail.

Erza Scarlet.

"E-Erza!" Levy squealed, sweat forming on her forehead.

"Oh crap," Cana groaned.

Erza crossed her arms over her heavy armor and raised a brow, staring in sublimity. "I'm waiting for an explanation. What you just said. Repeat it, Cana," she said sternly.

Cana let her eyes roam over the Titania and caught sight of an enormous blood soaked axe that she was carrying atop her large cart. She felt herself shrink away just a bit as she gulped. That was probably a little souvenir from the mission she had just returned from. God may help them she wouldn't use it on them.

The brunette quickly waved her hands, laughing anxiously. "Well, you see, that was just-"

"It's true, Cana saw it!" Levy suddenly blurted out.


It was only then that Levy realized she had just involuntary blurted it out and clasped her hands over her mouth in alarm. "I-I'm sorry," she spluttered even more high-pitched than usual, "Erza has that look…"

"So it's true then."

Erza's expression was like made of stone, solemn and dangerously calm. Levy backed away to hide behind Cana whose palms felt distressingly moist by now. The tension became more and more suffocating, until the scarlet haired Titania closed her eyes and gave an overwhelmed sigh.

"Let's go then. I'm coming with you."


Erza furrowed her brows angrily. "Someone needs to give Lisanna an earful. How could she be so irresponsible?" She narrowed her eyes when Cana opened her mouth to object, "I am not taking no for an answer."

Cana gave a sigh. "Fine then. Just get rid of that axe first."


"Bless you."

"Thanks," Lisanna sniffed and rubbed her nose with a tissue she found in Lucy's bathroom. "Either I'm coming down with a cold or someone's talking about me behind my back."

Lucy giggled. It sounded kind of forced. "You're too paranoid, Lisanna."

Lisanna answered with a small smile. She leaned back against Lucy's washbowl, impatiently tapping her fingers against the cold stone, her gaze focused on the stick in Lucy's hands. She could tell just by looking that there must be a whole firework of emotion going through her blonde friend. She knew it from the way Lucy's feet were restlessly twitching as she sat on top of her furry toilet lid and how concentrated she was staring at the thing in her hand that had the power to change her life forever.

Finally, Lucy threw her head back with a groan. "God, how much longer?"

Lisanna peeked at the clock from the corner of her eye. "One more minute," she murmured. "This is really vexing. I'm just as nervous as if it were mine."

The blonde gave a humorless laugh. "Then you can guess what I'm feeling."

"Um, Lucy," Lisanna began really soft-like, as if she was scared to hurt her friend. "What will you do if it's positive? I mean… And this is just rhetorically asking. Would you… would you keep it?"

Lucy actually stopped breathing for a moment. She hadn't even thought about that. All that had been in her head was that it was too big for her to handle and that it couldn't possibly be true. She didn't even once think about the one question that was the biggest right now. If this test were to turn out positive, what would she do? And how on Earth was she going to tell Natsu?

Her fingers cramped tighter around the stick. "I-I don't know," she whispered weakly. "I'm only seventeen. I don't have a steady income, just those few missions I occasionally go to and even then Natsu and the guys always manage to ruin it somehow. I'm not married, nor am I in a relationship. This… this wouldn't be good for the… the…" She couldn't even say the word.

Lisanna nodded understandingly. "I know. Sorry for bringing it up," she said. "Even though we don't know the result yet."

"No, I…" Lucy lifted her head a little. "I do need to think about it."

"I just want you to know, if it's positive, we'll all be-"

"I know." Lucy smiled and Lisanna returned the gesture.

The stick in Lucy's hand suddenly let out a soft beeping sound. Two pairs of eyes, one auburn and one blue, widened at the faint noise and what it meant. Or could mean. Lucy's hands started trembling as her eyes focused on the still empty tiny box on it.

"I-it's time," she gasped.

Lisanna lunged forward and dropped to her knees in front of her blonde friend, grabbing Lucy's hands both to be a support for her and to have better view on the result. Both girls watched in anxious expectation as a small grey line appeared on the left side of the result box. Lucy nervously licked her lips, her breathing quickening and her heart hammering painfully in her chest. Her hands were shaking violently by now, and then slowly, very slowly, another grey line appeared on the right side.

Lisanna stared at it in horror. "Wh-what does it mean?"

Lucy's hand shot forward to hastily grab the instruction sheet from her dresser. Her eyes flew over the words until they reached a drawing of the test and what it meant when there were two lines. Her eyes widened alarmingly when she realized the meaning of those words. With a dry mouth, she let her hands sink slowly. She was too shocked to even cry.

"Shit. Shit," she whispered, terrified. "Shit…"

Lisanna took the instruction sheet from Lucy's hands to see for herself. Her mouth opened wordlessly in shock and she quickly looked back up at Lucy, the sheet in one hand and the stick in her other one hanging limply.

It was positive.


Wow! I never expected to get so many positive reviews for the first chapter. It made me really happy. Although I knew that a theme like this would most likely be welcomed with open arms. If we're honest, it can't really get any cuter, right?

I really loved playing with Lucy and Lisanna's relationship and personalities. I don't know why, but I really want to see them become close friends. Lots of people say they're similar to each other. They're like destined to be best friends or something. At least that's how I want to see it.

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