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Soul Mix
Poisoned Scarlet

Jam 01: Heart's a Mess by Gotye

"Your heart's a mess, you won't admit to it
It makes no sense, but I'm desperate to connect
And you, you can't live like this..."

She can't hear anything aside from the loud buffering of the wind, as it slaps her ponytails violently around her. Her skirt flutters and she's careful to keep Soul up and away from that part – by her head, as her gloved hands clutch the staff tightly.

The sun is setting gold.

Radiant amber rays encase her, giving her an almost angelic halo if it weren't for the rather crazed grin on her face, as she throws her head back and closes her eyes to enjoy the sensation of free falling.

She stretches out as if bored but her heart is racing in her chest; her blood is soaring through her veins as the ground comes closer and closer with every rapid beat.


Closer and closer...

"Hey, Maka!"

She opens her eyes, watery due to the intense winds, as Soul's monotonous voice becomes slowly tainted with more panic the longer she surfs the dangerous currents of the winds.

"Maka, now!"

"I know." Maka says, but the wind blots the words from the boy as he uneasily glances down at the earth that is slowly meeting up to reach them – or were they reaching it? – and fear begins to grip his heart.

Maka would never let them die.

Although the rather delusional, rather insane, grin that mars her face speaks volumes of just what she is willing to let happen...


She expertly flips him in her hands, her feet landing solidly on the metal staff as she injects a burst of her wavelength through him and blasts back up into the dizzying sea of blue and white, feathers of white energy dissipating around her tragically.

The abrupt shift in gravity pulls her down, threatens to drive her off the solid metal of her partner, but she fights against it until finally she breaks past the barriers of the clouds and she levels herself again; out of danger, for another day.

"... You know," Soul begins, adrenaline still pumping through his body. "If you keep doing this, one day you won't be able to catch yourself before you hit the ground."

Maka gazes down at the land she can no longer see and smiles, melancholic. "Yeah, I know." Her fingers caress her scythe, the strong and unbreakable steel that has helped her fight through so many years. "But I'll never let you fall, Soul."

He doesn't reply because he can feel her clearly. He can feel her devotion and will and all of those confusing emotions she expresses, and knows she will keep her promise despite these insane free falls in which she takes sick joy.

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About this collection: it's a song-inspired collection and it will be approximately ten chapters long but no longer than twenty. There is no time-line to these drabbles, they can range from when they first met to some time in the future, they can be long or short, and I alternate from manga to anime.

In this drabble, it has manga themes, which is why Maka can sky-dive (the whole Soul-being-a-Deathscythe-and-gaining-the-ability-to-fly thing). If you have not read the manga... whoops.

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