A small girl lay huddled in a ball, hiding away from the world. "It's not happening, it's not happening..." she chanted repeatedly, trying to hide the intense fear she had. This little girl was hiding from her father, who was preparing to torture her yet another night.

She always acted like the perfect daughter, while her twin was always messing things up... Her twin was getting into trouble, leaving the house when they were told not to, but she didn't get in trouble.

The young girl's name was Sae. She was a little short for her age, and she was more skiddish and frightened then her sister, Yae. She was weaker physically and mentally, and she didn't know how much more she could take-just from her twin.

"Sae-ko? It's okay... If you play nice, it'll be short tonight. Just c'mon out, and then I'll go easy on you." she heard her father, not to far away.

She fought back a sob, as she hid deeper into the closet she was hiding in. She hoped that he wasn't going to check where she was. She didn't want to get caught today. Her sister had had a boy over-one of the Tachibana boys-and daddy was mad... That being said, he was not going to go easy on her.

"Sae, I'm not playing this game, come out or you won't see daylight for a year!" she whimpered, and slowly moved forward. She didn't want to come out, but she knew that her father wasn't kidding when he said that, and she really didn't want to be cut off from the only thing that made her feel relatively okay.

She opened the closet door, and slid out, "Daddy... I'm over here..." she said, her voice shaking, as she tried to steady herself on her hands and knees, though her elbows were quivering.

"Sae-ko!" he chimed, as if it was a pleasant greeting. To her, it was hearing the devil on Earth.

He came to her, and picked her up carefully, holding her bridal style. "Today, I have a great new toy, that I know you will enjoy." he said, basically telling her that she had to pretend to be excited or she was in trouble.

He took her to his room, where there was a small rack in the middle of his floor. He smiled at her, and put her down. "Go to it." he commanded, and her face became pale as she approached it. He grabbed her small wrist, and attached it too one of the bars. He did the same with the other.

She was still wearing her school outfit, that Kiryu-sensei had made for her. She was homeschooled, along with her sister, and the Tachibana twins by Mama Kiryu (she had never figured her real name out.) She had even met the Kiryu twins once, but they were young and they were under exposed.

Anyway, Sae's father had finished hooking her hands and feet to this rack-like thing, making Sae very scared that she had ever come from inside that closet. He probably wouldn't have looked for her, and she would've just stayed there until Yae came home.

But she came out.. and this was her punishment.

Her father gave her a big smile, as if it was Christmas and she was about to open her big present. Though... It was nothing of the sort.

He came extremely close to her, and began kissing her, as if she were the love of his life. She revolted, trying her best to pull away, but it was a futile attempt. She was bound and he was stronger then her nonetheless.

He kissed her even deeper, as he-without her permission-began exploring her body with his hands. She struggled as her touched her breasts through her shirt, and she wanted to bite his tongue as it explored her mouth.

Sae had barely just managed fourteen years of age, and she was hardly a show when it came to how her body looked. She wasn't curvy, and she hardly had any breasts. She still had a childish voice, and her face still echoed her younger years. She was still quite short, and many could mistake her for easily twelve. But her father acted as if she was thirty-five, rather then a mere teenager.

He began unbuttoning her shirt, and she tried to let a cry out, but he was blocking her from making much noise. He slid her shirt open, disregarding her bra-which he had bought, just so that she would have a front clasp. He pulled away from her lips, and she immediately plead, "Daddy, please stop..." she said, as her father began sucking on her neck, as her groped her chest with both hands.

"You've been a bad girl, Sae. You don't deserve for me to stop." he said, as he moved his lips down to her collarbone. She pulled back, trying to avoid his lips, but the bonds just rubbed at her wrists.

He then moved his hand down her stomach, to her hips. He began unzipping her skirt. At that point, she mentally scorned Kiryu-sensei for making it a full zip skirt. She wished that it would at least slightly burden her father from her punishment.

He tore it away from her, and began rubbing himself against her legs. She felt disgusting as he did this to her. She would never appeal to anyone with this on her record. He would never let her live it down. Ever since their mother had died, she was his little toy, and even though she really wanted to be in a relationship with Itsuki, she could never ruin him by dating him. He needed a pure girl. An innocent soul.

She gasped at the sudden shock of him moving her panties and putting himself inside of her. It hurt and she tried her best not to cry out in pain. He was not gentle. He was always very rough and fast. She would be less hurt if he at least acted like this wasn't punishment.

She squeaked as he painfully drove into her. She tried her best not to cry, because she didn't want a punishment for that. He was torturing her, and she couldn't stop him.

He pounded into her harder and harder, and she let out yelps and squeaks, as she tried to fight back tears. He was biting her on her bare neck and chest. He pinched her nipples hard, and that only added to the pain she felt.

After a short while of this-that felt like eternity to Sae-he pulled out of her, and moved away for a moment. But she wasn't that lucky. She was never that lucky.

He began unclasping her wrists, which were now raw for the struggling she had done. He let only her hands loose, and had her get on her hands and knees. She was hoping for one moment, that he was actually going to go back to what he was doing, but then he got in front of her put himself in front of her.

Sae's pained eyes looked up at her father and he gave her a mean look. He wanted her to suck on him. She screwed her eyes shut, as she did as she was told and put him in her mouth. She tried to put it all in her mouth, but nearly gagged and threw up from just a little bit. She used one hand to touch the part that wasn't occupying her mouth.

She really wanted to just bite him, but she didn't. For if she had, it wouldn't just be this punishment. She would get hit and locked in the cell again. She didn't like the cell. She wasn't even with her sister in the cell.

She kept on with what she was doing, massaging him with her tongue and her hand, but she seemed to be growing rather impatient. "Sae-ko. You can do better then this." he said, his voice laced with annoyance and anger.

She quivered and followed his command, through tears. She moved more of him into his mouth, even though she coughed and gagged, and she moved her hand faster. He was grunting, and she almost smiled. She was almost done for the day. Then she would be off free for at least a little while.

He let out a louder grunt, and he jerked out of her mouth. He put himself uncomfortably near her face, and began to rub himself, at an extremely fast speed. A speed Sae would never reach while holding herself up with one arm.

He came, and she nearly threw up as he let is salty liquid get all over her face. He rubbed himself on her, between her eyes, on her cheeks, and under her chin, She hated the feeling of the warm liquid, and as soon as he let her free, she was going to race to the bath, and scrub her face for at least 10 minutes.

He smiled at her, and almost gave her a look that read If you don't smile back, and mean it, you will wish you had so she smiled at him, showing her teeth and everything. Some of his liquid fot into her mouth, and she was about to spit it out, but she knew that her father would defiently punish her for that, so she continued to smile, even though she wanted to throw up.

"Now. Get dressed, and do not let your sister find out about this!" he demanded of her, and he unclasped her ankles. She nodded, almost excited like and got up, ignoring the intense pain between her legs.

She buttoned her shirt quickly, and retrieved her skirt from the corner of the room. She finished dressing and immediately headed to the bath room.

she undressed herself and got in the shower with a washrag, and soap. She scrubbed herself until she was raw from head to toe. That way she knew she was clean.