Sae's mind was racing as she stepped out of the shower. Her whole body hurt, and she wished that none of what happened happened. She really just wanted to lay back and disappear. She needed her ae had been with her her entire life. She was her only comfort. And she was the only person that knew how to relax Sae. And the only one Sae would allow to relax her.

She covered herself with a towel and dried her hair a little with another towel. She looked at herself in the mirror. She hated herself for letting this happen to her. Why not Yae? Yae was the problem child. But if this was happening to Yae, Sae would to take all of her pain... So either way, Sae was going to get all of it.

She heard the front door open, and her heart sped up. Yae was home. Sae didn't even bother with putting real clothing on. She opened the door of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her small frame. She went down the hall, and almost ran down the corridor, "Yae!" she called, as soon as her sister came to form.

Her sister was standing in the main hall, her left foot bare, and her right foot halfway into a slipper. "Sae!" she smiled, and quickly finished putting her slippers on. "You are out here all wet! You could catch a cold!"

"I don't care. Maybe if I was sick..." she didn't allow herself to finish the sentence. Yae wasn't supposed to know about what Father did to Sae, but she just knew somehow.

"Another bad day, ne?" Yae asked, her eyes narrowing a little. She took a step toward her sister and pecked her on the check. "Don't worry. We can relax tonight." she nodded a little.

Sae's face lit a bright crimson. "Imouto-Sama, you know no one is around.." she said, softly, looking her sister dead in the eyes.

Yae looked behind Sae, and smiled a little. "You always did have eyes in the back of your head!" she smiled and leaned in a little. This time, she kissed Sae on the lips, moving her hand to hold Sae's chin delicately. She held for one moment, but then pulled away. "Father would not be happy if he knew." she shook her head, and put her hand around Sae's waist. "You need to get some clothes."

"I will, I will! I just wanted to greet you at the door." Sae said, shaking her head a little. She scurried to the bathroom, and sighed, as she closed the door behind her. An imprint of Yae's lips were still on her lips. She knew it was wrong, but Yae was the only one that understand what was going on, even if she was never told. She was the only one that excepted Sae for all that she was and no extras...

And Yae was going to help her relax tonight. That would help a lot. Sae often felt near death after her father mistreated her, but then Yae came home... Yae treated her like a queen. It always made Sae feel grateful of what she had, even if it was very messed up and incestuous, and she was raped... She loved some aspects of her life.

Sae let the towel fall, and she sighed when she saw bruises on her hips, and scratches on her sides. It made her wanna break the mirror. But she just took a breath and grabbed her yukata from the counter. She turned from her reflection and slipped the simple cotton over her skin.

She tied it, and brushed her hair quickly. She cleaned up her towels, and put them in the small laundry hamper they had. She looked at herself one last time. She brushed her hair to one side and smiled, trying to look liek her sister. She could never be her sister. Her sister was the beautiful twin. She was just... Sae.

She slipped out of the bathroom, turning the light off behind her. She sighed a little, and calmed walked past her father's door, to her shared room. She took another breath in before continued.

"Oh, Sae! That took you a moment." Yae said, smiling at her sister. "Do you want me to relax you now or in a little later?" Yae asked. She knew that no matter how muched it relaxed her sister, she wouldn't agree to help her sister in doing it. But she wanted her sister to feel batter, and this was the only way.

"Now please." Sae asked, almost in a weak voice. She crawled carefully onto her bed, and laid on her back. She put her hands out beside her. She closed her eyes.

Yae sighed inwardly, and made her way to her sister. She silently climbed on top of her sister, straddled like she was about to ride a horse, but a little lower. She bowed herself a little, and wrapped her hands delicately around Sae's neck.

A smile appeared on Sae's face, just from feeling the slight warmth. "Please... Yae... Don't linger." she said, her voice caught in her throat.

Yae leaned forward and gripped her sister's neck. Sae involuntarily coughed but gave her sister a look of pure happiness. Yae gripped even tighter. Sae shook a little, but her eyes were still watching her sister. Normally Yae waited until Sae passed out. Then Sae would get a little rest.

Sae was taking in the pain, the lack of oxygen, the feeling of her sister's hands, and embracing it. It always made all the stress in her life just seem to disappear. She honestly had no clue how someone ould live without this. Yae gripped tighter, and Sae felt even better.

Yae could feel Sae's beat slow, and her slight convulsions stop. That meant it was time to stop. It had only been about 30 seconds, so she knew Sae wasn't dying. Yae felt horrible about suffocating her sister, but without it... Without it, Sae would've probably tried something stupid like hanging herself just to get her need.

Yae would kill herself if she found her sister dead. She would probably kill herself the same way, so she and her sister were guaranteed the same spot in Hell.

I'm sorry sister, that you need this. I will I could do something more productive... Like stop Father... But he doesn't even know I know... He would kill you if he knew... I'm really sorry...

Imouto-sama: Highly respected younger sister.

Yukata: Cotton kimono usually worn around the home.