Author's Note: This is just somthinng i wrote when i was bord and this is just random writtig so you can laugh, enjoy all you want and oh ths is my first Fanfiction too :) Enjoy lol. Oh and rates and reviws would be great and if you have any questions or quiress don't hessatate to ask me:)

Is this for real?

Alexis Castle walked into the living room of the huge apartment her dad owned to find him and Beckett sitting at the table across from each other talking about something.

"She has a right to know." Said Castle

"Yes, but I don't think I could tell her." Beckett interjected.

"Tell who what Dad?" Asked Alexis

"Beck- Kate tell her."

"Castle but"


"Fine, Alexis you may want to sit down while I am telling you this okay."

"Umm okay."

"Well it happened when I was 19 and at collage studying to become a journalist. I met a guy who went by the name Ryn Pascle. He was studding to become a world famous novelist. I of course never told him my real name either so I went by the name of Katelyn Bycken. So me and Ryn studied for a while and become best friends, but after about a year we started to fall for each other. "

"We had been dating for a little over 6 months when we wanted to have a more serious connection to each other, so we you know made love to each other. About 2 weeks after our love making sessions we broke it off. He left the collage to peruse his dream and I changed my total career all together. "

"First I went and study to become a lawyer but after the news of my mother's death I couldn't carry on. It must have been 3 months after me and Ryn broke it off and I hadn't had my period since, but I being me just rode it off as being stressed. That's when morning sickness had started to kick in an-"

"So Beckett are you telling me you were pregnant?" Asked Alexis

"Umm yes, so anyways I went and booked an appointment with the doctor the following day and he had confirmed that I was pregnant. I was lost and didn't know what to do seeing as dad was always drunk and I had no where to turn to, I decided to carry on with my pregnancy and put the child up for adoption."

"I rang Ryn up and told him I was pregnant with his daughter and was going to put her up for adoption because I couldn't raise a child there and then. So when I had the child I had to look after her for about a week, then I just handed her over to her father. Maybe about 2 months after the baby incident I went back to look for where I was able to in rolled into the police force."

"Beckett why are you telling me all of this?"

"Well I think your Dad should continue, seeing as I told him, Castle can you continue the story please?"

"WH what? Oh sure. Well Alexis here I go. I was in collage when I met a girl whose name was Katelyn Bycken and"

"Whoah! Hang on! Dad are you telling me you slept with Kate when you guys were at collage an an and I ii I'm her daughter?"

"Yes, yes Alexis you're my daughter." Replied Kate

"Oh. My. Gosh." Alexis announced.

"I can't believe you're my mum!" Squealed Alexis as she went to hug her mum.

The End