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Challenger walked about the village holding his jacket closed pulling his collar tight around his neck to shield it from the rain. The rain had only started a few hours ago but already there were large puddles in the dirt; deep enough that when he stepped in them the water almost went up to his ankles.

"Where is that lad?" he asked himself gruffly as he squinted through the early morning darkness. He suddenly spotted someone up the road from him close to the jungle's edge. He sighed and sped up to the man.

"Robert-" he said

The man looked up water dripping from his hair and face from the sudden movement. Challenger sighed sympathetically when he reached him he looked him over, the young man was a wreck, soaked from head to toe with large dark bags under his eyes that were still very visible through all the rain.  His wounds were healing but not at all as well as they should have been. His heart just wasn't in it. It had been almost four days since they had gotten back to the village and Challenger wasn't sure if he had slept since then.

"You shouldn't be out in this rain, it will soak through you're bandages and you may get an infection." Challenger said

"It doesn't matter," Robert responded passively. His whole demeanor was harsh and cold like it had been that night when he was forced to speak of Haiton and his old fiancée. It was as if all the joy and light had been sucked out of him. Challenger noticed that he seemed a lot bigger than he had thought the young scholar was. He looked much more like a force to be reckoned with than what the professor had seen of him while they were living in Deanna's house those few weeks ago.

Challenger stayed silent he looked at the ground watching the rain droplets collide with the earth, for once unsure of what to say. He looked up his eyes gazing across the village resting on a hut, one in which another of his friends wasn't fairing too well either.


A large crack of thunder jerked Roxton out of his light doze. He jumped up looking around; he then relaxed and wiped his face sit back down again taking his place next to Marguerite's bedside. She hadn't stirred since they had reached the village and Roxton was more than just a little bothered.

"Oh Marguerite," he cooed quietly touching her face. He could just hear her voice in his head,

'Roxton' she would say in that tone of hers 'I'm fine, I don't know why you're so persistent when I'm fine. I'm very capable of taking care of myself.'

"I know," He said listlessly responding to her voice in his head "I just wish you would," he said his gentle face turning to a harsh frown a lump forming in his throat.

He pulled back slightly guilt tearing at his stomach; he didn't want to think about this right now,

'Think of something lighter maybe even funny-' his mind told him.

His face softened,

"Did I tell you what happened when the Chief walked in on Malone visiting with Veronica today-" he started to chuckle.


"Robert-" Challenger began his tone one of reason

"What if she doesn't wake up Challenger! What if I lose her forever!" Robert suddenly burst out.

Challenger swallowed "There is no reason to think the worst, Deanna's strong-we all know that."

"Too strong for her own good," Robert groaned

Challenger looked at him puzzled hundreds of different thoughts entering his mind.

"What do you mean Robert?" Challenger asked deciding it was time to just get everything out in the open or neither of them would ever get out of the rain.

"Well- you've seen her Challenger- she takes risks-"

"Everyone takes risks Robert-"

"No I mean she takes unnecessary risks, she does things to the extreme she can't ever let something go or I don't even know but it's infuriating. Here! Here's a perfect example- she-she's in there-" Robert pointed to Deanna's hut through the rain "And-and- she might not have to be if she had told us, that she was hurt, I don't know why she does things like this- I mean she had that wound for god knows how long! That's on top of everything else and then the horses and . . .oh! Why can't she just- just-"

"Trust you," Challenger said looking up at him from under the brim of his hat as the water ran over its edge.

"Yes and no, I know that she trusts me but there are just some things- things that I just wish she would tell me, or let me help her with. She carries the burden of so many things that she shouldn't have to-" Robert stressed walking back and pressing his palms against a tree leaning on it.

"You mean that you would carry for her,"

"Challenger," Robert said turning back to him "I'd do anything for her, anything" he sighed sitting under the tree, Challenger walked over to him.

"Deanna's the only reason I'm still alive Challenger, after what happened with Eliza I hate to say it but I-I was a broken man, I just couldn't believe that someone could be that-that wicked and dark and that I had cared about them so much. I was ashamed of myself, I wanted to die but-Deanna saved me and it wasn't just her skills, her knowledge of the plateau, her tenacity or anything else like that but it was her heart. Trust me- I know how silly that sounds but it was. Somehow she showed me that-that --that there ARE good people, people who under everything, deep down in their souls are good and really care about others. She taught me to trust people again and to trust myself."

Challenger pursed his lips looking down.

"She-she's everything to me Challenger I-I don't know what I'll do if I lose her-" he said sorrowfully laying his head on his hand.


"How are you feeling?" Malone said as he entered Veronica's hut pulling the blanket off his body that he had used to shield himself from the rain.

"Better," she said softly "Is there any change-in either of them? " Veronica asked almost timidly afraid of the answer.

Malone shook his head coming to sit next to her on the cot, their backs to the wall.


"Is Roxton with Marguerite?"

"Yes, he's been in there for the better of the these past three days, I think he's afraid to leave her," Malone sighed

"You can't really blame him," Veronica said "I mean the last time he 'looked away'-in his mind this happened, he's still blaming himself."

Malone nodded, "I think Robert does too,"

"To a point I think- but he's falling apart--this is going to kill him if she-"

"Yea I know,"

They were silent a minute,

"Are you sure you're feeling better, "Malone said

"Yes," Veronica said with a bit of a chuckle unsure of why he was asking again when a thought came to her mind.

"You don't blame yourself for me getting injured do you Ned?"

Malone looked at her surprised, was it that obvious

"You do don't you," Veronica said stunned


"Well Ned this wasn't your fault any of it, there is no way-" she looked at him "I know" she began slower and calmer pulling him to her "That you would never do anything to hurt me,"

Ned sighed and hugged her back burying his face into her hair. 'Oh how she read him so well, '


It was nighttime now and Roxton sat still, holding Marguerite's hand staring out into the darkness of the hut the only light within it a small candle casting faint shadows against the walls.

The quiet of the room unfortunately for Roxton let his thoughts wander back to that terrible instant when he looked up and saw Marguerite fall. 'How could she do that-' he thought 'How could I have let this happen, I'm suppose to be protecting her- oh she has to pull through please Lord let her pull through, don't take her too, please-' Roxton silently prayed, but he was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't notice Marguerite's face wince as a crack of thunder ripped through the silence of the room.


Robert tentatively walked into the hut droplets of water dripping from his hair and body to the ground.

A woman sitting in the hut quickly picked up her sewing and ran out pulling her shawl over her head.

Robert swallowed, he had only been in here once since that day and couldn't take it; he spent most of his time standing outside the door.

He guiltily walked over to the bed by the wall.

He released his breath harshly as he reached the bed, a lump of guilt and sorrow welling up inside of his throat.

"Be thankful she's alive," he recalled the chief saying to him days before.

And he was thankful but to see her this way. He looked down at her. Not a place on her wasn't marked by a bruise or a cut, most of her body was now covered in bandages much like a corpse ready for burial.

Her hair had been washed and brushed out twisted into two braids that lie over her chest that gently rose and fell with her paced breath.

He sniffled and sat next to her, the old wooden chair creaking under his weight.

"I'm sorry Deanna," he said suddenly staring at the ground. "I'm sorry I haven't been there for you, that-that I haven't been here. Here to protect you when you needed me. I'm sorry Deanna I-" he looked over at her "I-I just don't know what to do- what do you want me to do Deanna---Deanna-" he said getting choked up. He pushed his chair back and kneeled next to her cot, gently brushing her long bangs and wisps of her hair from her face. "What do I do? Deanna—please don't leave me-" he whispered laying his head against the cot his eyes beginning to sting. "Don't leave me-"


Marguerite slowly began to come into awareness her mind slowly coming out from the deep dense fog of darkness. She stayed perfectly still keeping her eyes closed as she attempted to collect her thoughts not having the strength to move. She felt very stiff and her stomach felt so tight-it hurt to breathe, a stinging sensation kept creeping up through her chest when she inhaled making it feel as if there were a thousand needles flying and bouncing about inside her when she breathed.

'What is going on?' she thought trying to remember when she suddenly felt someone gently squeeze her hand and it all came rushing back to her, the attack, the battles, the fear, the spear, the spell, strong arms, darkness, a familiar touch, raptors, doctors, a gentle voice- a hand.

"Roxton-" she tried to say, her eyes still closed, but it came out in a whisper. She swallowed and tried again. "Roxton," it came out stronger this time and she felt the hand holding hers jerk suddenly.

"Marguerite!" Roxton said his heart stopping as he quickly leaned over her, "OH please ple-ase tell me you said something, please!! Speak to me Marguerite please! Just keep talking!!"

Marguerite smiled, a small inward chuckle passing from her lips, "I do believe you will regret that request soon," she said softly as she opened her eyes weakly.

"Oh Marguerite," Roxton gasped dropping to his knees cupping her face in his hand. 

"Wait till the others find out you're awake, we've all been so worried over the past few days, -" he continued

She smiled weakly as he fussed over her, she slowly reached out to him and he calmed and took her delicate hand in his and kissed it kneeling next to her.

"You really scared me Marguerite-" Roxton said suddenly

Marguerite made a sad face agonized by the thought of causing him pain and reached up with her other hand and gently brushed her fingers over his face and through his hair.

"Scared you Lord Roxton the fearless hunter-" she quipped her voice weak but her spirit ablaze as she tried to lighten the mood.

"Marguerite-"he interrupted pulling back a bit still holding her hand

"I'm serious I was so- I was so terrified even by the thought of losing you,"

"I'm here now," she said trying to comfort him

He frowned slightly leaning in and holding her gently burying his face in her hair.

"Why would you do that Marguerite?" he whispered

Marguerite's eyes started to tear as Marguerite thought back to that moment and of the fear that had gripped her heart as she saw that warrior raise his spear to- to-

"He was going to kill you-" Marguerite swallowed

Roxton pulled back to look at her,

"I-I couldn't let-him- let him take you away from us- from me!" she whimpered tears running down her cheeks.

'Oh do I have to be crying now?! In front of him,' She scolded herself in her head

"Oh-shhh-shhh Marguerite, " He cooed gently gathering her up into his arms as small sobs shook her body. "It-it's ok Marguerite, I'm here, I promise you Marguerite no matter what I'll always be here for you- always"

'It's because I-I love this man-' Marguerite answered herself in her head, 'But does he have any idea what kind of promise he makes-'

A large sob at that thought racked Marguerite's body.

"Oh Marguerite," Roxton almost chuckled "What is the matter my lady, are you in pain?!" he asked pulling back suddenly realizing that may be what was going on.

She shook her head and then stopped suddenly a thought coming to her mind; she looked up at him, 'he said the others were alright but-'

"Is Deanna alright?" she said suddenly

And her eyes widened in fear as Roxton looked away from her closing his eyes.

"Roxton? Please tell me-"

"It seems that-" he started holding her close to him.


The glimmering rays of dawn began bursting through the dark storm clouds causing whatever they touched to glisten and shine like diamonds, sparkling with the remnants of the night's rain; small droplets of water running off the jungle canopy looking more like dazzling jewels than fresh rain water.

The soft morning glow seeped through the cracks of the hut falling on the forms of Deanna and Robert, Blake having fallen asleep leaning over Deanna's cot, his head now laying in her lap his arms gently hugging her hips.

As the sun warmed her face Deanna began to stir, her eyes fluttering open. She squinted a bit bringing her hand to her face to shield it from the light, her eyes not used to it having been in a deep darkness for so long.

She looked around a bit disoriented when she felt something on her legs. She looked down and smiled softly letting her head fall back against the pillow as she mentally backtracked everything she could remember. Some of it was in blurred or flashes of images but most everything was pretty clear, she sighed lifting her head gently and looking back down at Robert's sleeping form. She quietly put her hand behind her back and slowly eased herself up only to have a burst of pain shoot forth through her body from her side.

'Ah! Well that wasn't smart, ' she thought biting her lip to keep from making a sound.

She looked around again and grabbed a blanket from a table next to her cot. She gently put it behind her pillow and propped it up a bit and then settled back down against it, she watched Robert as she did this to make sure she didn't disturb him.

'Great now I'm tired again,' she scolded herself 'I can't believe I let this happen, stupid-stupid woman!' she continued and then looked at Robert and frowned.

'Oh how I must have worried him,' she thought pained, gently running her fingertips through the edges of his hair brushing it away from his brow.

'Look at his face!' she mentally whined 'He looks awful, my poor Robert. My? Hmm . .' She thought raising an eyebrow to her own thought as she began to ponder her use of the word when Blake began to stir turning his face away from her.

She pulled her hand away letting him wake himself up. He stretched his arms out slightly rotating his shoulders and she heard him yawn as he turned back to her his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and she smiled and-

"DEANNA!" he cried startled flying backward over the back of his chair.

She gasped and then cringed as she heard him hit the floor.

"Robert?" she said unsure extending her neck out to see him, when his head popped up from the far edge of her cot.

"Deanna?" he said again not sure if he could believe

She smiled nodding "Robert-" she chuckled

"OH Deanna!" he sighed rushing over to her and taking her face in his hands and folding her into his arms gently rocking her. Deanna smiled holding him back.

"I'm alright Robert," she said confidently

"I'm so glad!" he said sounding as if he was getting a bit choked  "Because-" he said changing his tone taking her face in his hands once again and pulling her from him so he could look into her eyes.

She looked at him surprised and perplexed

"You are in so-o much trouble!"


"Oh Roxton that's wonderful!!"

"I'm so relieved"

"When can we see her?!"

"How is she feeling?!"

Everyone fussed in the square as Roxton informed them that Marguerite was awake and doing well.

"Someone should go and tell Robert, he was the first "medic" by her side-" Malone said

Everyone shifted uneasily

"Perhaps we should wait, I have a feeling it was a very long night for him," said Challenger

"Yeah," Veronica agreed

Roxton sighed realizing how somber even this good news would probably make his new friend.

"Roxton!!" he heard someone call and looked up but a moment to late and was startled when someone pushed up on his shoulders and then turned him around.

"Robert?!" he said confused "What is it?!"

"OH Roxton it's wonderful!!" Robert cheered

"I know I couldn't be more happy- but I'm surprised you heard already!!" Roxton responded a bit unsure

"Yes and it's great!- wait?" Blake said calming down "Heard what?"

"That Marguerite's awake-"

"She IS?!- That's fantastic John!!" he said slapping him one the back

"What were you talking about?" Roxton laughed looking at him perplexed

"Deanna is awake too and as feisty as ever might I add!!"

"Blake that's-I can't even describe it-"

"It's a miracle!" Veronica burst out throwing her arms over Malone hugging him in her delight

"Wo-hoo!!!" Roxton and Robert shouted jumping and running all over the village telling everyone they're great news, acting like the morning wake up call.

"What is going on out here!! Have you two finally gone mad!!" the Chief bellowed as he walked out of his stone house.

"Not quite!" Roxton answered

"But I think we will soon!!" Robert laughed

"And why is that?!' the Chief asked a bit brusquely

"Because- Marguerite's awake!" Roxton cheered

The chief looked at Robert

"Yep Deanna too!!"

"Well this is a time of rejoicing!! Everyone up!! We must begin to prepare a great feast!! At the next full moon!!"


Back inside their huts Marguerite and Deanna both rolled their eyes


A few days later. . .

"Roxton do you know what this one means-" Robert asked bringing his piece of paper over and sitting down next to him leaning up against a well in the middle of the road.

"I can't even read the one I've got-" Roxton said gruffly regarding the paper in front of him.

While as Marguerite and Deanna regarded it  "imprisoned" in their huts, the two women communicated with each other through notes they gave to Robert and Roxton to exchange, making sure that the men were unable to read by making each note a mixture of French-Russian and Cyzan, the three languages Deanna knew.

"You know they're talking about us-" Robert said

"Yes- most likely- but why do you say that-"

"Well look here- see it says Roxton- some word that I think means silly and the word in Cyzan that-well-"

"Well what?" Roxton insisted

"Well-it means monkey-" Robert said looking at him a humorous look on his face

Roxton looked at him a minute "It doesn't -It does not say that!" he said snatching the paper away

"What are you two doing?" Veronica said coming over to them

"Um . . nothing-" Robert tried but Veronica only chuckled

"You know you really shouldn't be trying to read Marguerite and Deanna's mail"

"Well, we wouldn't if they hadn't made it so we couldn't- it makes it suspicious you know- Right?" Robert said

"Y-a," Roxton nodded still trying to concentrate on his note.

"A-huh-" Veronica said turning and walking away "It really only just makes the two of you neurotic"

"We heard that!" Robert said

"Yeah and you know it's true and that they love it," she called back sweeetly

They looked at each other and paused a minute.

"It does not say that-" Roxton started again

They were so distracted that they didn't notice Deanna quietly pass from behind her hut to Marguerite's.


"Hey there-" Deanna smiled as she entered Marguerite's hut

"Hi!" Marguerite said surprised sitting up in her cot, she chuckled as Deanna limped into the room.


"Look who's Tiny Tim now-"

"Hey I don't have a crutch, plus you think this is bad you should have seen me before-I was practically hopping on one foot." She sighed sitting down in a chair.

"So does Robert know you're out of your hut?"

"Marguerite- who do you think I am- of course he doesn't-" she said completely serious

They both laughed

"Oh that hurts, " Marguerite sighed

"Yeah" Deanna groaned, "Well you look good,"

"Me? Please look at you all dressed up-" Marguerite said regarding the cobalt blue thick fabric dress she was wearing, a typical style of the Cyzan women with a tight waist, slightly off the shoulder with long wide flowing sleeves.

"Yeah with no place to go- Robert has been fussing over me- like I can't even explain, he won't let me out of his sight-it's incredible and so-"

"Weird" they both said at the same time

"Yeah Roxton too, I'm surprised you got in here," Marguerite joked

"I'm not-they're sitting there trying to decipher out 'secret' notes to each other,"

"Will they ever learn?"

"No," Deanna's said off handedly "but I suppose then we wouldn't be able to stand them at all"

Marguerite chuckled nodding in agreement

"So how are you?" Deanna asked sincerely

"I'm- I'm alright"

"You really had us worried,"

"I know- but I wasn't the one who walked around with-"

"I know I know –I've heard it all before, but I did what I thought I had to do and everyone is fine, that's the end of it." Deanna said determined

"Oh I highly doubt it-"

"Tell me about it," Deanna groaned "I'm really sorry you know-"

Marguerite looked at her with a puzzled face.

"That all of this happened and that you and your friends got dragged into all of this," she looked down

They were silent a minute

"If- I have learned anything from my-friends, it's that we never abandon each other and we always stick with each other no matter what. You're one of our friends Deanna and this-this happened to all of us, we weren't innocent bystanders. This was something we all had to finish if not for our own sakes than for that of one of our friends."

Deanna swallowed, "That's really beautiful Marguerite-" Deanna said with a smirk on her face pretending to wipe a tear form her face.

"Yeah well-" she shrugged "I think I'm getting soft-"

Deanna smiled

Marguerite suddenly jumped hearing a startled shout come from outside the hut.

"I guess Robert just realized I wasn't in my cell-" Deanna sighed pushing herself up from her chair.

"Well you better get back-"

"Yes- before he has a holy conniption-" she chuckled slowly limping out of the tent

Marguerite chuckled hearing the bickering between Robert and Deanna begin as he began to scold her for leaving her tent.

"Well at least it was her and not me for once-" Marguerite laughed settling back into her bed.


A few days later Marguerite finally had her strength up to start getting out of bed and walking for short distances at a time . . . .

"Easy-easy Marguerite-" Roxton said as he helped her stand "Now hold onto me-"

"Roxton-" she smiled sternly "I'm fine"

He looked back down at her with that "I know but-"pained look and nodded swallowing.

"Together now, " he smiled as they slowly started to walk toward the door or the hut. "That's it Marguerite, my what a strong, graceful woman you are-"

She just looked back at him smiling a little and then looked away biting her bottom lip feeling a small blush come to her face.

They passed through the door and a large uproar of cheers was heard.

Marguerite chuckled feeling thoroughly embarrassed and yet so happy to be among friends.

"That's wonderful Marguerite!" Veronica cheered running over to her and putting a small purple flower in her hair.

The two women looked at each other,

"I'm so glad you're ok-" Veronica said getting a bit teary eyed

" You too, "Marguerite smiled hugging the blonde huntress.

"Good show Marguerite!" she heard Challenger yell as he gently put a hand on her shoulder.

"Well you know what this means-" she heard another voice say and looked up.

Deanna was sitting up on a wall next to a nearby hut,

" Marguerite's well and the full moon is in three days-It's time to par-ty!" Deanna cheered shimmying her shoulders.

Everyone laughed and cheered as they began to busy themselves with the food and other particulars of the three-day feast in the explorer's honor.

Marguerite had Roxton walk her over to the wall Deanna was perched on.

"I see someone else is feeling better," Marguerite smirked looking her friend over. It was incredible how fast she was recovering. Even Roxton had told her when she was still confined to her bed that he was amazed at how quickly Deanna was back on her feet and active considering the elements of torture and trauma her body had endured.

"Indubitably," Deanna laughed jumping down from the wall. "But at least your jailer let you out when you were ready- I still have to sneak out when Blake isn't looking-" Deanna joked shaking her head  "Oh – now look what've I done, here comes the warden now."

"Good morning Blake-" Roxton and Marguerite said cheerfully

"ello-" he said looking a bit distracted marching right up to Deanna.

"Where have you been? You didn't tell anyone when you left the hut and-" he said in a hushed brusque voice to her

"Blake-" she said between her teeth

"What!" he whispered back impatiently

She motioned behind him.

He looked back, "Oh Marguerite you're up, I'm sorry how terribly rude of me- How wonderful for you! How do you feel?' he said turning to her.

"I'm a little weak but I feel extremely well, thank you. "

 That's wonderful," Robert smiled "And you'll only get stronger everyday, like this one here-" he said closing his jaw a bit and hooking Deanna around the shoulders and pulling her to him as she tried to sneak off again.

"Isn't that right dear?"

"Better everyday-" she repeated smiling awkwardly, like a child caught in the middle of creating some mischief.

Roxton and Marguerite gave each other a knowing glance.


But the strange couple of Deanna and Robert were right, Marguerite got stronger and stronger each day and soon was able to walk on her own, not always that steadily but every time she stumbled Roxton was right there . .

"With him fussing over her like that Marguerite's never going to walk again-" Deanna joked as she watched Marguerite and Roxton from across the marketplace

"Tell me about it-" Veronica teased "You'd be amazed at just the little things, the little bits of attention that she used to get from him that would just send her up into the clouds. So I know she's eating this up! She tries to hide it like she always does but of course–

Deanna laughed "Yeah, some things you just can't hide----like that little glance between you and Malone this morning!" Deanna said turning to Veronica redirecting the focus of their conversation

Veronica turned a deep shade of red surprised "W-what look?"

"OH come on-" Deanna laughed, "Don't waste my time just spill!"

"Fine! But only if you give up on what's going on with you and Blake- we've got bets going-"

"I'll tell you when I figure it out," Deanna replied leaning over a barrel

Veronica chuckled

"WAIT! Who's taking bets!?!" Deanna said jerking up "Veronica-VERONICA!!"

Veronica started walking toward her hut on the other side of the wide dirt road, covering her mouth attempting to stifle her laughter.

"OH no you dOn't!- Veronica!" Deanna said quickly following after her. "Layton! You get back here and tell me right now!!- Veronica!!"

Marguerite and Roxton laughed as they saw Veronica attempting to elude the tenacious Deanna, as they laughed jumping back and forth between goods carts and such. Challenger and Malone joined them just as Deanna caught Veronica and pushed her with the force of her motion into another tent.

"What is going on over there?" Malone asked but just as he did Deanna emerged from the hut and looked right at him.

"You and me gotta have some words boy!" she hollered over to him

He stared at her a half surprised half terrified look on his face

Veronica pushed herself through the curtain of the hut clearly on her knees out of breath from running and laughing and yelled to him

"Run Ned Run!!"

He didn't have to be told twice, Malone took of sprinting-not really sure what he had done but not willing to stay and find out.

Deanna just gave Veronica a look and gave her a playful shove and took off after Ned.

"Malone wait!! I just wanna talk---really!!!" She yelled passing a confused Chief and Blake who was reading something and not paying attention.

"Robert what is that girl doing now?" The chief laughed

"What?" Robert said finally looking up and catching sight of Deanna sprinting after Malone who was dodging in and out around the huts and markets shops.

"OH No!" he said handing the book to the chief and taking off after her.

"Well that was entertaining-" Challenger smiled joining the Chief

"Indeed and I don't think the show is over yet-" he said wincing as Malone crashed into a cart of chickens.

"Oh-" Challenger chuckled seeing Malone was fine and now trying to get Deanna who was using Blake as a partition and laughing the whole time, a smile now on everyone's face, even a small grin on Robert's as he tried to grab at least one of them.


 Later that night the full moon rose and the feast was in full force, there were people everywhere dressed and painted in vibrant colors with creative masks and costumes, dancing about and laughing, chanting, singing and overall celebrating life. There was food and wine and great bonfires everywhere. Entertainers, breathing fires, acrobats, fighters and people performing all sorts of wonderful feats were everywhere and the explorer's were in the middle of it.

But not everyone was worry free . . .

"Blake- Blake! Don't walk away from me!" Deanna cried as she stormed after him following him behind all of the huts. "Robert!"

He finally stopped, she walked up to him.

"Robert! What is the matter with you? You've been wound up tighter than-than Marguerite's purse all week! What is going on with you, why are you so worried all the time? Especially about me! I'm not made of glass Robert I won't break-"

He turned to her, she was right he wasn't acting like himself but- if she only knew how concerned he was for her, how much he wanted to protect her, if she only knew how much he-

"Why are you so worried about me all the time?"

Almost before she could finish Robert took her hand and pulled her into his arms and a long passionate kiss, tilting her back slightly as he held her.

After a moment he released her, pleased with the stunned look on her face. He turned grinning to himself as he walked off; he had wanted to do that for a long time.

Deanna stood there, rigid, in complete shock for a few minutes; she blinked a few times and shook her head bringing herself out of her daze.

"Haaahhh" she could only utter as she shook her head again looking around "WoooaaaWW!" she breathed suddenly a large smile coming to her face as she fully regained her senses.

'And I thought I was suppose to be the spontaneous one-' she thought a giggle escaping her lips as she walked off unable to keep herself from smiling, now having a really good idea why Robert had been acting so strange.


"I hope everything is alright with Deanna and Blake," Roxton said as he sat next to Marguerite watching the entertainers as they spun and danced their scarves and bangles blowing and jingling with their movement.

Marguerite looked over at him a surprised look on her face, "How uncharacteristically thoughtful of you," she said

He looked at her "What?"

"Nothing" she laughed noticing Robert appear on the other side of the clearing of people.

"One would believe that you think very little of me at all, Miss Krux," Roxton said his male-pride slightly hurt as he looked in the other direction drinking from his gauntlet.

"Oh John," Marguerite chuckled letting down her defenses and taking his hand.

He looked back her, a bit surprised.

"You know I think the world of you-and then some" she smiled

He sighed a truly happy grin forming on his face as he leaned in and kissed her gently and then settled his arm around her still holding her hand.

"Although-" she said her head resting on his shoulder "If I was asked I'd deny it" she smiled

"Oh!" he said pulling his arm away letting her fall slightly.

"Well I never!" Marguerite said "I think perhaps I will go and sit with those becoming gentlemen over there!" she said beginning to rise.

"OH no you don't," Roxton laughed pulling her back down into his lap, she shrieked out but relented laughing letting him wrap his arms around her.

"Did you really think after all of this I'd let you be away from me for even moment,"

"No, but I was counting on that you wouldn't," she admitted

Roxton's eyes sparkled at this confession and his loving embrace tightened on her. "Well Miss Krux you can be sure of it,"

And they sat there holding each other for a while just enjoying each other when Marguerite spoke again.

"I wouldn't worry about Deanna and Robert-"

"And why is that lovely?" he asked looking down at her, she motioned to where Deanna had entered the scene a pleasant girlish smirk on her face as she looked over at Blake who pursed his lips trying to hide his grin as he slowly walked over to her.

Roxton chuckled.


It was the third and last day of the festival and something was bothering Marguerite, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She had made an incredible recovery over the three days of the feast and she was almost back to her old self so it wasn't her health that was bothering her and Roxton was being a total gentleman so it wasn't him for once. Veronica and her hadn't been fighting and Deanna was well being Deanna but there was something, something that was just bugging her.

She sighed and walked around a group of people who were watching a tribal dance when she heard a familiar giggle as Deanna spun in on the dance her face painted beautifully wearing a tribal top that came to just above her stomach, her wrists and ankles had coins and bangs on them making a dazzling spectacle as she spun and danced about.

Marguerite smiled Roxton and the others joining her.

"Well look at that!" said Ned amused watching Deanna, an outsider like them fitting in so perfectly with the tribe.

"Look at what Ned!" Veronica said an eyebrow up

"Well . .Uh-I . ." He stuttered nervously but Veronica just laughed showing that she was joking and continued to watch the dance with the rest of them. Malone sighed wiping his forehead.

Roxton looked over at Marguerite she seemed to be enjoying herself well until . .

"Hey! Deanna what are you doing!! Let me go!" Marguerite half shouted half laughed as Deanna pulled her from the crowd.

"Come on Marguerite!" Deanna laughed as she continued to pull, everyone cheering for Marguerite to go with her.

"De-ANNA! . .OH! Roxton!! Roxton!!" Marguerite shouted feeling that she was fighting a loosing battle, hearing nothing she looked back to see Roxton with a large grin on his face laughing away.

In her moment of distraction Deanna turned her around so they were back to back and locked their arms together pulling Marguerite up onto her back.

Marguerite yelled out her legs kicking into the air then she spotted Roxton's face and the other explorer's amused faces.

"OH you find this amusing do you!!" she shouted as two other dancers came over and grabbed her legs, helping Deanna carry her into a nearby hut.

"I'm not sure what is more startling, the fact that Deanna just pulled Marguerite up onto her back or the look she just gave you, "Malone chuckled to Roxton who only nodded beginning to drink from his chalice, Malone doing the same when suddenly someone was pushed from the hut Deanna had entered and into the middle of the dance.

Roxton and Malone spit their drinks all over the ground.

Marguerite was standing in the middle of the gathering looking very cross her face painted decoratively, her hair fully down, her neck, arms and legs covered in bangles and charms, a flowing cloth/grass skirt pleated with slits completed with a ornamented sash resting around her hips.

Everyone was quite a minute as she stood there looking very irritated her eyes moving over everyone's faces, they then resting on Roxton's. He suddenly felt a bit nervous wanting to take a few steps back, his whole focus was on her, unsure of what she was going to do, so much that he didn't notice Deanna rejoin the group and stand next to her.

Roxton had almost the nerve to move when Marguerite suddenly smiled and his stomach flipped.

The music suddenly started and Deanna began to swivel her hips first slowly and then picking up the pace, Marguerite following her lead with precise accuracy not missing a step.

The eyes of the all the explorer's widened considerably as they watched paralyzed with shock and amazement.

Then they both stopped and Deanna swirled her hips turning around bending her knees down to the ground and then back up again. Marguerite smirked and mimicked the dance almost perfectly, she then did a move of her own and Deanna followed her lead and so it went for a few minutes, a strange kind of tribal dance off until they were finally joined by the other dancers, they lifted their arms and shimmied their shoulders beginning to turn around with the beat of the music swinging their hips as they went. Deanna then grabbed Marguerite's hand and the hand of a dancer next to her and began an intricate motion of moving in and around the other dancers while still keeping their hands locked; Marguerite followed the action with relative ease.

The dancers soon broke their chain and formed a big half circle and smaller one inside of it and then a single dancer in the center of that. They began solo dancing while the dancers who were in the half circles clapped and bounced or did a dance similar to the hula to the beat.

The explorer's were still in shock when Robert joined them, "Hey everybody what's going- -- OH my . . . . ." He said suddenly noticing what they were staring at. Deanna and Marguerite were out participating in the performance, dancing in ceremonial tribal garb. He just happened to come in at Deanna's solo and watched stunned as Deanna spun and jumped about and then swiveled and twirled her hips like nothing or no one he had ever seen in his life.

The explorer's watched as his face turned slightly pale and then a bright shade of red. But he wasn't the center of their attention for long because it was Marguerite's turn and the dancers eagerly pushed her into the middle. She looked to Deanna unsure and protested a bit as they pushed her out but Deanna said something to her and she took a deep breath and listened to the music and it wasn't long until she was swirling and moving gracefully to the rhythm moving her hands and arms, shimmying her shoulders.

The beat suddenly changed and some of the men began to join the dance, other dancers moving into the crowd to find their friends and spouses.

Marguerite walked right over to Roxton, he saw her coming and started to step back but she caught up to him and grabbed his collar.

"Now Marguerite-" he started cautiously

"OH what John you thought this was so fun before? Please have a laugh because we're just getting started," she chuckled pulling him right into the dance. He looked around a bit putting his hand in his pocket feeling face flush as he tried to retain some of his dignity.

"OH John come on loosen up!" Marguerite teased her hands on her hips. He just looked at the ground.

"Come now look at Ned he's getting into it-" she said her hand on his shoulders as she motioned over to Malone who was dancing like a maniac.

"The only thing Malone's getting into is that hard liquor," Roxton quipped

Marguerite chuckled " Here-we'll just improvise" she said putting his hand on her hip and taking the other into her hand. "We'll try something like the waltz but a little fast with a bit more bounce and looser hips-"

Roxton just shook his head- he couldn't believe this was Marguerite talking.

Eventually Roxton got the hang of the new step and started pulling off some moves of his own, receiving cheers form his dancing partner and the other explorer's.

"Where ever did you learn to dance like that Lord Roxton?" Marguerite chuckled suspiciously

"Perhaps to answer that I should be asking you the same question Ms. Krux"

Marguerite just smirked tongue in cheek, "Hmm how do I avoid this one' she thought playfully

"Around," she said off handedly hulaing herself away from him

"Now Marguerite-" Roxton started knowing what she was doing, grabbing her hand and spinning her back to him.


Deanna laughed as she twirled finishing her dance with the other tribal dancers and looked around very happy and satisfied with the mood of the celebration, when she noticed the converts from Haiton's army, Daknet's friends, standing near one of the fresh water wells looking almost scared out of their minds. She smiled and walked over to the Chief.

"Well hello my Lady!!" the Chief bellowed seeing her approach from where he sat upon n a large stone throne overseeing the festivities.  "I see that you are enjoying yourself as usual-very nice to see you up with the dancers again-" he smiled throwing a grape into his mouth.

"Thank you my friend, but it seems that two of our merry band aren't enjoying themselves so much," she said

"Really? Who?" The Chief asked looking around, Deanna motioned over to the pair.

"They looked terrified!" the Chief almost laughed

"I don't think they're used to this type of spirit," Deanna smiled

"I suppose not-," the Chief said thinking,

Deanna suddenly noticed two of the dancers whispering and giggling to each other as they looked toward the warriors by the well.

"Well by George Edward Challenger I still wouldn't have believed it!" Deanna chuckled putting her hands on her hips flabbergasted.

"What?" asked the Chief who looked over in the direction of her gaze, he smiled.

"Salla, Lurina!! Come here!" he called to the two of the dancers.

"Yes," they said when they reached him

Deanna smiled and looked down at the ground attempting to contain her amusement.

"Go over there and cheer those two warriors up, two of our heroes you know!! Invite them to dance and if they won't dance have them drink- then they will dance," he laughed

The two dancers skipped off happy to fulfill their task.

Deanna sighed and looked up at the Chief and they both laughed Deanna starting to move away when the Chief spoke.

"I know Deanna?" he said smoothly

'Which thing-' Deanna thought sarcastically

"Know what?" she asked innocently

"I know that you ordered Kety to keep quiet about your wound-" he said slyly turning his chalice around in his hand watching its contents splash about.

"OH darn, but you know it's so hard to keep people quiet without hush money now a days-" Deanna quipped

"Deanna-" He said sternly

"I did what I had to do," she finally said

He nodded looking to her and smiled almost pained "I know, I just wish it didn't have to be you" he said getting up and hugging her in a fatherly manner "But I guess then you wouldn't be you huh?" he smiled putting a finger under her chin "Too noble your just to noble for a woman-" he said

Deanna laughed he had always kidded her that way, how she was to something for a woman, but he never really meant it, he respected her to much and the other woman of his tribe. Unlike many other people of the plateau the Cyzan greatly respected their woman and treated them as equals if not better.

"Just promise me Deanna," he said looking into her eyes "That the heavens forbid you get into trouble again that you will ask for help and not take everything on yourself. Others will help you bear the burden, it's better never to go it alone." He said releasing her

'But it's not safer, for anyone-' Deanna thought

A moment passed when the Chief spoke again "Robert's knows,"

"I know!!" Deanna burst out suddenly smacking his arm "Is nothing sacred-he almost killed me when I woke up about it" she ranted good-heartedly "What were you thinking?!"

"What?! why do you think was I the one to tell him?!" the Chief protested with a  laugh

She just shot him a look

"You are incorrigible you know that," he laughed deeply

"Yes and you love me for it!!" she laughed as she was pulled back into the dance.

The chief shook his head with a chuckle "That I do Lady, that I do,"


She suddenly noticed Robert watching her out of the corner of her eye, "Hmm this could be fun," she thought mischievously as she turned toward a warrior friend of hers. She sauntered over to him to the beat; he caught the angle and moved back a few paces moving to the rhythm. He then moved forward and her backward, then Deanna forward again them getting closer and closer each time.

Finally fed up with being a spectator Robert walked over and spun Deanna around to him wrapping his arm around her waist picking her up off of the ground and waltzing about.

The warrior laughed and rejoined his comrades in the dance.

Deanna laughed out in delight as they spun around her feet off of the ground, Robert grinning like a mischievously Cheshire cat as he dipped her still keeping her feet from the ground, laughing when he heard her shriek in surprise.

"OH Robert!!" she laughed as he swung her back up. He touched his forehead to hers and the stared into each others eyes in the firelight swaying gently to the music.

The Chief smiled drinking from his chalice and turning from the couple back to the rest of his celebration.


Marguerite spent most of the rest of the night walking and dancing about in her "tribal garb" but was finally ready to relax, so she finally changed her clothes. She took a basin and a piece of cloth from the hut her and Deanna were sharing and walked off to a small stream a few paces away from the still celebrating Cyzan people. She sighed leaning over the stream filling the basin, she walked back a ways and put it on a rock gently dipping the cloth into it, she wrung it out and began washing the festival paint from her face. She took the cloth from her face and washed it off in the basin and smiled at her reflection seeing the sun rising behind her. She turned to it and her smile faded. It was illuminating the mountains on the south side of the village.

'That's it!' Marguerite thought fed up throwing the cloth into the basin and marching off to the mountains.


Deanna laughed at something one of the warriors said and turned still laughing walking toward a table of food. She picked up a piece of peeled fruit and looked around when she spotting something that struck her as strange.

"What in the world is that woman up to now-" she said to herself watching Marguerite climb up the mountains next to the Cyzan village.


After about twenty minutes Marguerite reached the top of the mountain and gazed out over the jungle mumbling to herself.

"Come on don't make me wrong-"

She stopped suddenly seeing what she was looking for and smiled to herself, chuckling she turned her head to the ground enjoying her moment of silent victory.

"And what- may I ask is sooo funny," she heard a familiar voice say behind her

"De-anna!" Marguerite said surprised turning around, "What are you doing up here?"

"Isn't it obvious" Deanna laughed "Following you-"

"Of course" Marguerite laughed turning back to the jungle view.

Deanna raised an eyebrow inquisitively and walked up next to her she looked around and then saw something she had never noticed before.

"Are you telling me-" Deanna started in a slightly bothered ironic tone

Marguerite just nodded "UH-Huh,"

"Oh my god," she sighed walking off toward another part of the mountain continuing to talk to herself.

'I wonder if I should have told her I saw Roxton follow me up here?' she thought to herself 'Nah!" she'll figure it out soon enough-' Deanna chuckled to herself.


Roxton silently snuck up behind Marguerite and was about to surprise her when-

"Don't you even DARE John Richard Roxton-" Marguerite smiled

Roxton laughed, "How did you know-" he smiled coming up behind her wrapping his arms around her shoulders

"If you have to ask---you'll never know," she quipped

"Is that so?-" he grinned

She just smirked, still staring out over the jungle enjoying his embrace.

"What are you doing all the way up here anyway?" he whispered into her ear.

She stayed silent a smug smile on her face as she pointed out over the jungle.

Roxton's eyes widened slightly and he stood up fully, releasing her.

"You've got to be kidding-are you saying after all this! After! AH!" Roxton ranted good-heartedly

"Yes Roxton after all of this I was right," Marguerite finally said turning to him looking very satisfied with herself.

Roxton shook his head "Challenger is going to have a fit-" he said a matter of fact manner

"And I'm going to love every minute of it," Marguerite chuckled

"Well," Roxton sighed

"Well what?" Marguerite said cocking an eyebrow looking up at him

"Only god knows what trouble we're going to get into now-" he smiled wrapping his arms around her again as they both turned and looked down over the jungle their gaze resting on a little house among the green of the canopy, the little tree-house that they called home.


"Malone what are you doing?" Veronica asked seeing the young reporter with a fresh notebook putting the names, profiles, and other important details in the front of it. She walked over to him Challenger following close behind.

"A new chapter Malone?" Challenger suggested

"In a way" he said smiling looking up at them then back at his notebook. "The way I see it with friends like Deanna and Robert I have a feeling things are going to get a whole lot more interesting around here and I don't want to miss any of it."


Deanna stood high on a ledge above a large fresh water pond next to the market clearing of the Cyzan village; she could see the sun rising over the horizon.

She felt someone come up behind her and wrap their arms around her waist.

"Hey there," Robert said softly

"Hey," she answered thinking

"Whatcha doing," he asked innocently

"Watching the dawning of a whole knew day-" she smiled contently

"Yeah," he said a bit more seriously "And what are you thinking?"

She smiled shaking her head, "Here we go again,"

He chuckled

"Well you know what the best way of starting a new day is?" He said after a minute, pulling her closer his arms tightly wrapped around her.

"Wh-at?" she asked a bit warily her eyebrow cocked her face slightly turned to him.

"A bath-"

"A-" she began then she suddenly figured it out, but it was to late Robert had leapt off the ledge taking her with him.

"RRROBBEERRRTTT!!! AAAH!!!" she yelled in surprise as they fell his arms still secured around her, him laughing mischievously all the way down. He let her go as they hit the water so she could swim back up.

"Robert!" she yelled irately when she broke the surface of the water whirling around to face him.

"OH come now love you're going to get yourself all flustered and where will that leave us?" he quipped playfully

"Well it'll leave you underwater!" she said lunging for him and dunking him under that water.


Veronica, Challenger and Malone all laughed having seen the roguish act and watching the quarrel it had began.

"How come every time I'm a-alone with you I get wet!!" they heard Deanna yell before she forced Robert under the water again. 

"You are right Malone, things are going to get a lot more interesting-" Veronica laughed

"Yes, but is that a good thing and will any of us survive?-" Challenger commented humorously


"Here we go again," Marguerite laughed, Roxton chuckling from where he stood behind her his arms still wrapped around her, she reached her hand up to his face as they watched Deanna and Blake fighting with each other in the water, Deanna still scolding him although her tone was lightening and Robert as he just continuing to laugh and drag her under the water with him, but when they resurfaced he had her lip locked in a kiss.

Roxton kissed Margaret's temple.

"Indeed, here we go again-"

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