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Prologue: Bad Awakening?

~Christmas parties are not good for those, who are in denial... ~

Crime Scene: The bedroom

He didn't want to open his eyes. The dull pain throbbing behind them bode ill. He knew standing up would only make it worse. If he stood up, nausea would embrace him. He felt overheated; there was a sallow taste in his mouth and his tongue felt like a contaminant. The man suppressed a moan, as he tried to recap the previous evening.

The chairman, dressed in a way too tight angel costume.

A gym cramped with decor and students; Christmas music tootled in the background.


Cookies, gingerbread, Advent wreaths.



Exactly, this had been the problem. It had all begun with the freaking mistletoes.

Victim: Kurogane Youou Suwa, P.E. teacher

Kurogane tried to breathe even, so that the weight pressing on his diaphragm and the organs underneath it wasn't shifted too much. This weight – it was soft and warm and from time to time a gentle stream of air escaped it, that tickled Kurogane's tan skin.

The gym teacher didn't have to open his eyes to see whose head was lying on his torso; he just knew too well. For even if he had drunk enough to cause a blackout, he would have known with whom he crossed the line last night. After all, there was just one person who could crash his walls of self-control effortless.

But had they really crossed the last line of intimacy? Well, it was hard to doubt about that.

Evidence 1: The warm bedspread was the only thing covering Kurogane's body, underneath them he was naked as the day he was born.

Evidence 2: The still asleep person snuggling against him was naked as well. And male. The sleeping one was lying on his stomach (another hint for the identity of the abettor), a slender hand was resting on Kurogane's hip.

Evidence 3: Kurogane's bedroom was a mess, as the man noticed when he chose to take a quick look. Clothes were dispersed on the whole floor; the photograph of his parents, usually standing on the bedside table was lying face-down and… yes, (Evidence 4) the item lying close to the bed foot was definitely a used condom.

The oftentimes floridly described feeling of post-coital contentment didn't want to adjust and if it had indeed ever existed, it was now overshadowed or replaced by the anger that Kurogane felt. And the disappointment.

He was angry because he had disappointed himself.

His hand wandered to the scruff of the sleeping one and stroked through soft blond hair, knowing that it would be the last time, that he could do that. Kurogane wouldn't let that happen again. Although he was uncomfortable with the thought of being nothing more than a One-Night-Stand, things could be worse. One could blame alcohol for a non-recurring faux pas and with a little bit of luck, nothing would change between them.

But if this happened again…

No. He wouldn't go through it. He just was not the type for noncommittal affairs, especially with the man he had foolishly lost his heart for.

Kurogane had forbidden himself any kind of relationship with Fai, that was something different from friendship and being colleagues. The erratic nature of the chemistry teacher didn't allow any emotionally deep bond. And Kurogane wanted all or nothing.

So, how had it come to him breaking his own pledge?

Well, of course Fai was to blame for it. And the witch and her crazy hobby of getting people in the most inappropriate situations.

We know the crime scene.

We know the victim, the suspects.

Let's attend to the environmental influence of the previous night to reconstruct the sequence of events:

Since the beginning of December the Horitsuba Private Academy was solemnly decorated.

Artificial snow sprayed on the windows; a giant, colourful draped Christmas tree in the entrance hall and everywhere the scent of cinnamon, hot apples, marzipan, oranges and pastries was in the air. Not to mention the mistletoes hanging in every threshold.

Yuuko Ichihara, chairman and literature teacher of the Academy, loved Christmas. Actually, she loved every festivity, that provided an excuse to drink uninhibitedly, but she liked this one in particular. Because in Christmas time, people did the most embarrassing things. (Who hadn't heard of those Christmas company parties, on which new secretaries and trainees got laid?) So it was no surprise that Yuuko-sensei had delegated her little spies – Tomoyo and the Mokonas – everywhere, armed with cameras.

Whenever it occurred that two people stood under this plant of doom at the same time, the spies appeared to take a photograph of the couple. The more unusual this couple was, so much the better. Well, from Yuuko-senseis perspective, that was. Part of her greatest acquirements was a picture of Sakura, who got a kiss on her lips from Tomoyo in a most sisterly fashion and a picture of the Li-twins. One could really see the disgust in Syaoran's and Syaoron's face; it seemed that even love among brothers could only go so far. Even Kurogane had had the pleasure of being banned on cellophane twice, regardless of numerous precautionary measures.

The first time, the little Kinomoto-girl was allowed to kiss him on the cheek. The second time, he suddenly had a white fur-ball on his face.

So, would you really be surprised if I told you that the gym teacher made squeamishly sure that a certain chemistry teacher kept the distance when he stepped through the door?

...hey, everyone I'm back with a short Horitsuba fic for Christmas time. I just hope that I get the entire thing done before Dec 22th. -.- By the way, this little story takes place before Yuui and Syaoron came to the school, so no SyaoYuui. Sorry for that. But there will be a Yuui-centered spin-off.

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