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Prologue:From a Hellhole to an Asylum

Naruto stumbled through the forest of Konoha, blood caking his small malnourished body. He tripped, and cried out in pain as he fell against a tree, ripping a cut on his head he had received five minutes prior even wider, blood spilling out quickly.

Tears flowed from his eyes as blood dribbled from his mouth and down his chin, both landing on the beautiful green grass of the forest. The blond boy stared at the blood on the ground as he began to become woozy, the site disgusting him. Suddenly, he found his hands had failed him and he fell face first into the blood stained grass.

"Is this it...?" Naruto whispered to the empty forest. "Is this how I'm going to die?" more tears came from his eyes, mixing with his blood as it smeared his whisker marked cheeks. "I don't want to die!" Naruto exclaimed to the heavens as he rolled himself over and onto his back, blood continuing to cover him and the ground.

"I... I don't want to die!I'm scared of dying!"He cried out, his voice echoing around the tree covered clearing.

" fear dying?"Came a low raspy voice. Naruto's body jumped slightly as he looked up at who was talking to him. It was a man with dark black, latex skin, a low black hat with a giant round visor. He wore a hang-tie around his neck, a black shirt, black trench coat, black pants, black shoes and was wielding a dark brown walking stick.

"Is that all you fear?" Naruto watched the man in terror as he picked his body up just enough to scramble back against the very same tree that had opened the gash on his forehead wider."Or do you even fear it at all? Maybe you are making yourself believe you fear death, but maybe it runs deeper than that. I've seen you around your village, and while you seem to believe that you fear many things,I believe that you make yourself fear them, so you can play a fool around your village,and draw attention to yourself,as to make up for your lack of parents."

Naruto's breathing became rapid as the frightening man started to walk towards him. Noticing a slightly shining object in the leaves, Naruto pulled a rusted and broken Kunai from them before pointing it at the unafraid man."Stay back,I'm a ninja in training! I'll-"

"You'll do what young one? Kill me? I'm not so sure. Your beating heart and rapid breathing show me that you're afraid, therefore, if you throw your weapon, an inexperienced shinobi such as yourself will miss because of your fear." The man replied as he continued his track towards the young boy.

Naruto's big ocean blue eyes widened in more fear."I said stay away from m-" The boy's sentence was cut short as the frightening man interrupted.

"I'm sorry,but I can't do that."


"Your eyes young one. You have the same eyes as me. The ones that scream for help and recognition. The same that scream for revenge on those whom wrong you. Through those eyes I see myself in you. And as such, I feel that you are a child conceived to be mine, as I can not conceive my own."

"W-what..."Naruto stopped and stared at the man weirdly. The man's eyes narrowed as he spoke again.

"Are you tired of being afraid?" Naruto stared at the scary man's face wearily, put off by the sudden question, but nodded none the less.

"I...I am..."

"Are you tired of being alone?" Naruto nodded once again as his tears resurfaced.

"H-hai...I am..."

"Do you want the respect of the men and women whom torture you... or do you wish for their fear?"

"...I..."Naruto stared at the ground for a while before he snarled. "I want their fear! Every single one of their fears to come to life!" The man smiled at Naruto before holding out his hand to the young boy.

"Then come with me. I will teach you how to fear nothing, and make everyone and everything fear you. I will become the father you never had, and you will become the child I can never conceive." Naruto stared at the man's hand before he reached up with his much smaller one and grasped it.

"I'll...I'll come with you!"The man nodded at Naruto."But what's your name?"

"My name is Jonathan Crane,but I am known as Scarecrow. Before we go young one, is there anything that you wish to retrieve from your village, anything at all?"Naruto's face twisted from sad/happy to one of pure concentration as he began to think of all of the things that he owned, which was an admittedly short list.

"No, there is nothing left in the village for me."

~11 Years Later,Arkham Asylum,Lockdown(Naruto:16)~

Naruto sat cross legged on his cot in his cell as he looked through the barred cell door. He had changed a lot in the last eleven years of his life. His once blond hair had been turned a mixture of white and blond from certain drugs the staff of the Asylum had to keep him on when he first came to the Asylum.

His whisker marks had become more jagged, after Kyuubi was fully dissolved into its seal. Still, he had gained a new trademark given to him by Kyuubi to remind him he was once a Jinchuriki. His big ocean blue eyes had become slightly smaller and was now a shade of red that changed from Scarlet to Crimson in different lights.

He had grown taller than he originally was after he stopped eating ramen, yet he still had a slightly malnourished body, even though it was more athletic now days. But the one thing that hadn't changed,was that he still wore an orange jumpsuit, though this one he was forced to wear and had Arkham printed on the back of the shirt.

Naruto heard feet scuffling down the hall and a guard that Naruto couldn't remember the name of was telling a women dressed as a Psychiatric Doctor about patients."...that's Tommy West. He was placed here for two accounts of murder."

"Nice to see you again Jim!"the man called out to the guard before laughing.

'So that's it, Jim.' Naruto thought as he nodded to himself. The guard,now recognized as 'Jim', went to pass his Cell block before the Female doctor stopped him.

"Who's this?Isn't he a bit too young to be in Arkham Asylum?"She asked the man with a confused look on her face as she studied Naruti. Jim stopped in his tracks before he came back to his cell block.

"That's Naruto Crane, son of the former Professor here, Jonathan Crane, A.K.A,Scarecrow. Naruto here goes by Phantom or Phantom fear,and trust me,you don't want to let his age fool you! We've lost a lot of guards that way. Some were killed, but others...well they became patients here..."

The women's face scrunched up as she continued to study him."So..." Naruto spoke in a low, raspy voice as he stared at the women through the bars, "What are you afraid of?"He asked as her face took on an expression of surprise.

"I'm sorry,what?"

"What are you afraid of?"

"I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what I'm terrified of Mr. Crane."

"It's Phantom or Phantom Fear. And It doesn't matter if you know or not, I'll find out one way or another."

"That's enough Crane!" Naruto shrugged at the guard before laying down on his bed and staring at the cement wall. He heard the doctor and the guard walk away from the cell block. He smiled to himself as he heard the last of the footsteps from the guard and doctor.

'Another doctor...another person to fear me... ah Arkham... Sending lambs to slaughter since its founding back with the original Arkhams... Almost poetic.'

~One Week Later~

Naruto kept his eyes on the path in front of him as the two guards flanking either side of him escorted him to his new doctor. He looked down at the handcuffs that were connected to the chain around his waist. He could easily strangle both guards, but he had no idea how far he would get before he was confronted by the Batman.

Therefore,he allowed the two shivering guards to lead him to the room marked Psychiatric Treatment Room #8. Guard #1 stepped forwards and opened the door, allowing guard #2 to guide him into the room. Naruto raised an eyebrow when the guard pushed him into a chair as he stared at the same woman who had been with that guard...whose name Naruto had forgotten due to her admittedly forgettable features...

"Would you like us to stay Dr. Stevens? ?"

"No, I'll be perfectly fine, thank you." The red headed doctor guards nodded as they left the room and closed the door, appearing to have left the area, though Naruto could see their figures through the window of the door.

The women reached over and produced a tape recorder before pressing record."This is Christy Stevens with my very first patient here at Arkham Asylum:Naruto Crane."

"Phantom Fear."

"Excuse me?"

"I told you a week ago to address me as Phantom or Phantom Fear."

"I would adress you as such, but I want to keep you as far away from your Anti-Hero Persona as possible."

"I could kill you in five different ways right now,I suggest you take my advice and call me by what I prefer to be called." Naruto replied through clenched teeth.

" you wish Mr. Phantom. Now, how was your day?"


"I asked how your day was."

"...How do you think?I stay in a cell most of the time, I never get to see my father, we only have two times to eat a day, and the guy in the cell on the left of me keeps waking me up at night screaming about bugs that aren't even there crawling all over him!"

"I was informed by Commissioner Gordon that you are the cause of that."

"How so? How could I have possibly been the cause of that?" Naruto questioned feigning innocence.

"Commissioner Gordon was informed by a guard who was present at that specific time. I know that there was a barred window in-between your cells at the time, and you sprayed him in the face with a can of you and your father's fear toxin. I was also informed that when the man, who informed Commissioner Gordon's, partner came to give you a dose of a drug that is used to subdue violent inmates, you shoved the rest of the can of Fear Toxin down the guards throat, killing him. Is that correct?"

"Yeah, that's right ."

"How did you get your Fear Toxin?"

"That would be telling Dr. Stevens ."

The woman sighed as she shook her head at the former blond."You're a young man with a lot of potential, but you're here and I can't figure out why! Why are you here? How did you get put here?How long have you been here? Why do you prefer to be called Phantom? Wh-"

"You ask a lot of questions any criminal in there right mind, such as Riddler, My father, Killer Croc, Myself and even the Joker,wouldn't answer. But if you want to know, I'm here because my father and I were testing out a new Fear Toxin on people in the town square, I was put here by Batman, I've been here long enough and I refuse to answer your last, or anymore, questions."

"Please Mr. Crane, I just want to help yo-"

"That's just it Dr. Stevens! You Psychiatric doctors are all smart in your own rights with your college diplomas, but none of you can help us because none of you have been through what we have! And you're too busy trying to 'help us' that you all can't realize that we don't want to be helped, nor fixed!"

"Then what do you want Mr. Crane! I can't help you if you don't tell me!Just like I can't respect you if you don't respect me-"

"I don't want you to help me! I don't want your respect! I want your fear!" Naruto exclaimed as he jumped from his seat, knocking it over, before he slammed his cuffed hands on the table and glared at the red headed woman with his menacing red eyes. "I don't know why you took my case, but if you wish to live, I suggest you drop it!"

"I'm sorry,but I can't do that." The women replied as the two guards came back into the room.

"Are you okay Dr. Stevens ?"

"I'm perfectly fine, please stand Mr. Crane's chair back up so he can sit back down."The guards nodded and did as they were told as Naruto's glare intensified.

"I told you to call me Phantom! So Stop calling me Crane!"The woman sighed again as the guards pushed Naruto back into his chair before once again exiting the room.

"As you wish Mr. Phantom. Please refrain from such outbursts in the near future. Now, what do you feel you would like to talk about that wouldn't make you mad?"

"...Ink blots..."

"Ink blots?"

"That's right. There are three in that bottom drawer, and I know them all by mind. The first is me choking the life out of you with the chain of my Sickle. The second is Gordon hanging in the doorway of his office by my Hang-tie. And the final one is me killing The Batman by ripping him open with a rusty knife and then hanging him by his own intestines!"

"Mr. Crane!That is completely-"

"Times up Doctor." Naruto cut the ranting woman off just as the door opened to reveal the two guards that escorted him for the third time.

"We're sorry to intrude Dr. Stevens, but your time with Phantom is up."

"Ah yes, I see. I'll see you during our next session Mr. Crane ." Naruto smiled a cold grin towards her as said smile reached his eyes.

"Oh, I'll see you before then Doctor... In your nightmares!"

"That's enough! Come on, we're taking you to the rec room.!" The woman shook her as she watched the two guards take Naruto from the room Before talking to the Recorder.

"This has been Christy Stevens with my...less than successful first interview with Mr. Naruto Crane."


Naruto narrowed his eyes as he saw Harley Quinn give him a small, subtle signal that none of the guards noticed before he nodded, instantly recognizing it. 'It's almost time...' He thought to himself. '...and soon...the inmates will be running the Asylum!' A dark grin spread over his face, just at the thought of it...