Chapter 3:Escape The Nightmare Of Torture

Batman stared in shock at the giant fox and the young Crane sitting atop his head. He was jarred from his thoughts of awe as he was reminded that he and Crane were not the only living beings in the Nightmare when the Hockey masked version of himself grabbed his arm, jerking it at an attempt to dislocate/break it.

Reacting quickly and swiftly, Batman jerked, as he nick-named it, Hockey-Bat's, arm high into the air before ducking under it and drawing it backwards with a sickening 'Snap'. Rolling away, he came Face-To-Face with the still dead, joker grinning, Boles. Reaching into his utility belt, he withdrew a Bata-rang before tossing it at the living dead man.

To his misfortune, and horror, it passed straight through the body as he heard another sickening 'Snap' behind him. Spinning around, he saw the Hockey-Bat with its arm once again in a natural angle. Hearing the laughter of the younger Crane, he looked up at the young man sitting atop the Demonic Fox. "Have you such an empty mind, Little Bat, that you have forgotten the most important rule of the fear gas?Have you forgotten that I control this world! Just in case you have, let's have a refresher, shall we!"

Batman watched in a mixture of emotions behind his mask as the Hockey-Bat and Boles fell into puddles of nothing before reforming as different people that he had never seen before, the backgrounds changing to a forest scenery and he himself shrinking into a small boy with whisker marks, blond hair and blue eyes. Batman stared at his small hands in shock."What is this?"

"You see Batman,"The Youngest Crane spoke again,"You,and everyone else besides my father believe that I have always been Naruto Crane, born in Gotham. You are all, of course, utterly wrong. At one time I had no father, no mother, no family period. I was looked down upon because of something I had no control over.

I was beaten, tortured and forced to live in fear... ironic... isn't it?But now,Batman... Now it will be you who is living in that fear! You will be looking through my eyes and fearing what I do...However,as you fight to survive my nightmares Batman,I want you to remember something...

You will not be looking through the eyes of Naruto Crane...No...You will be looking through the eyes of Naruto Uzumaki!" With those words said Naruto Crane and the demon fox disappeared and the weapon wielding men, who had remained motionless up until this point, began to walk forwards as his eyes widened, his small feet tumbling over each other as he fell backwards.

"S'the matter demon," One of the men, surprisingly with Pink hair, asked in a demonic voice,"You scared? YOU SHOULD BE AFTER WHAT YOU DID! We would have been fine with leaving you alone,hating your guts and avoiding you,and we would. But that all changed when you decided to mock us by taking our Yondaime's image! And now... NOW YOU'RE GOING TO PAY DEMON!"

The man shot forward, grabbing Batman by his small throat in a vice grip before tossing him with impressive strength. Batman gasped in pain as a wooden bat met his stomach. Failing to gain his bearings in time,because of the untrained small body, he screamed in pain as the same back came crashing across his spine.

Falling to the ground,he whimpered as another man stepped forward, a strange knife in hand, before grabbing his blond head. With his head, now yanked upwards,he cried out as the man slashed an open spot that spewed crimson blood on his forehead. The men laughed as he thrashed wildly on the ground, the blood beginning to stain the green grass.

A fourth man, with green eyes and blue hair, stood over him with a crowbar in his right hand. Raising it high above his head,he brought it downwards onto Batman's head,seemingly intent on caving his skull in. His screams of pain, along with his begging and pleading seemed to do nothing as the man continued to rain down wrath on him with the crowbar.

The onslaught was stopped for few, precious, seconds before the fifth and final man stepped forwards, a monkey wrench in hand as it took the crowbar's place in bringing him pain. The beating seemed as if it would never cease, but as the Monkey Wrench man stopped so another could take his turn, the Batman behind the nightmare's training kicked into high gear.

Lashing out, the bloody out of body Batman snapped the Monkey Wrench Man's right knee like a twig before grabbing said monkey wrench. Using it like a Bata-Rang,he was glad to see that it hit its target which was the Crow Bar User's throat.

The two men screamed in pain as they struggled to stop their pain. Using this to his advantage, Batman rushed forwards and jumped onto the man using the man's shoulder, thrusting himself into the air with a loud 'Crack'.

His escape plan, however, was cut short as the man who had made the incision on his forehead, threw the strange knife, which landed in the middle of his back. His screech of pain was almost completely out-shadowed by their mocking laughter. Struggling to remove the knife with his small arms, he threw it back, wincing as it made contact with the man's chest.

The final man, The Pink haired one, growled before screaming and rushing at him, in a way that reminded him to much of Bane, as a blue force began to surround his shoulder, much like he had seen the Younger Crane do in desperation many times before, as he was rammed through three trees, his tiny, child like body screaming for the torture to end.

The man reached down, his right hand covering his entire face as he picked him up as Solomon Grundy and Bane had done countless times in the past. "You fucking demon!" The man screeched at him, causing his mind to form the phrase, 'Look who's talking. "You destroy our village,mock our greatest hero,trot around like you belong and now try to kill my friends! Well now I'll return the favor by killing you!"

Batman coughed and tried to gasp air in as the man slammed his knee into his gut, entirely covered by that blue to get any Oxygen in his body, he began choking, his blood beginning to form at the corners of his mouth. "S'The matter demon!You scared!" Batman simply glared from the large blue eyes before spitting his blood in the man's face.

The man growled before throwing hims through more of the forests trees. "I DON'T THINK YOU HEARD ME BATMAN!" The man screamed,confirming that he was beginning to get the better of the youngest Crane as the word 'Demon' slipped to 'Batman'. "I ASKED YOU A QUESTION! ARE YOU SCARED!"

Batman sucked in a deep breath as the Naruto Crane controlled nightmare man began trudging towards him, a look of pure murder written across his features. Scrambling to his feet,he wrapped his small body around his attacker's legs, forcing him to slam face first into the tree he hadn't been thrown through. Seeing a light in the trees, he rushed for it, to be met with a familiar scene of Jonathan Crane offering to become the father of the Young, Naruto.

The skies darkened however, lightning flashing as the setting changed to a destroyed Gotham, Batman ducking behind a fallen building as Naruto appeared on the giant demon fox. "NO! I refuse to allow you to win like this Batman!" He screeched in rage from atop the Fox, looking for him throughout the wreckage.

Seeing a Bat-Signal light, an idea formed in his mind. Rushing past debris and still standing buildings, he began his long, and slightly fearful, journey to the Bat-Signal. "What's the matter little bat!"Naruto called as Batman ducked behind a giant stone step, his heart quickening at the idea that he had been caught. He sighed, quietly, in relief however as the youngest Crane finished his next sentence."Afraid to come out and play!"

Rolling quickly between giant stone step each time Naruto looked away, he noticed the Bat-Signal again. 'About 1/3 percent of the way there...' Batman thought to himself in a state of panic. Once Naruto looked away again, he saw an almost broken Bata-Rang on the debris covered ground, another idea came to mind. Picking it up, he threw it with all the strength a child of the size he still was could, he began rushing forwards as the clang drew Naruto's attention.

"Was that you little bat?Are you ready to stop playing hide and seek and face your fear!What-A BATA-RANG! YOU LITTLE FLYING RAT! WHERE ARE YOU! I'M GOING TO SQUASH YOU LIKE THE RODENT YOU REALLY AND TRULY ARE! SHOW YOURSELF!"

Batman swallowed nervously as he peered around the corner of the wall he was hiding behind. '2/3% of the way there. But, how am I going to get past him! That last stunt pissed him off and now I barely have anytime to move between objects!'

Batman looked around in a panic for a sign of hope as Naruto furiously looked for him. Suddenly, as if the gods were helping him, he looked up and saw that he was in front of a Halloween Costume store with a broken front window. The fantastic part being, the main attraction was a mannequin wearing a poor replica of his Batman suit. Shrugging to himself, he removed the mannequin before throwing it off of the edge that had enough debris to hide him before rushing forwards as Naruto whipped around at the sound of something gliding.

"Ha! I have you now little bat!"He crowed in victory as the giant demon fox caught the Batmannequin in its teeth."Any last words Batman-nequin! Hahaha,so clever!"Naruto called out in sarcasm in disgust as Batman reached the ten feet away from the Bat-Signal mark. "So what's your end game strategy here Deadman! Why the broken Bata-rang, why the Mannequin...what are you up to?"

He questioned as Batman finally reached the Bat-Signal. The Giant Demon Fox twisted its body around, quickly, with Naruto still on its back. "Ha! Got you now you little-wait!What are you doing!" Naruto called to him as he shined the Bat-Signal straight into the Slitted Red eyes of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox.

The Demon roared in pain as it reared up onto its hind legs like a wounded/scared horse, its creator's eyes widening in surprise as he grabbed the giant locks of the beast."Kyuubi(No,it's not really Kyuubi,Kyuubi was dissolved, but the essence that is still left, Naruto calls Kyuubi)stop! No! I SAID STOP! NO! KYUUBIIII!" The young Crane screamed in rage as his hands finally slipped away, the few strands of locks from the 'Kyuubi' he could hold on to, breaking away from the beast.

The mixed haired young man screamed in rage as he fell into the endless abyss that his nightmare created as the giant fox followed closely after him, some of the ruined surroundings the nightmare had made collapsing as the beast fell atop them, sending them crashing down with it.

Batman watched the depths as the surroundings changed from the nightmare that the Youngest Crane had made faded back into the real world, where he stood across from a panting Naruto Crane who held his head, almost as if he had been beaten in the head with a wooden bat and was now feeling the effects of it.

"It's over Crane." Batman spoke in his dark,ominous voice that had finally been returned to him. Naruto snarled, before sneering at the Bat dressed man. Shaking his head, Naruto reached into a secret compartment of his 'Arkham Guard Vest' forcing Batman to tense in anticipation as he withdrew four smoke bombs between the gaps of his fingers.

"You, just like Franklin D. Roosevelt's speech about 'All we have to fear is fear itself', are utterly wrong Batman!"

"What are you talking about Crane?"

"You don't get it do you?"Naruto called to him, drawing his arm back."This will never end! This war between us, it will last until one of us Die! But until then, this, will never be over!"With his part spoken, Naruto threw the smoke bombs at Batman, who tried to shield himself from the smoke.

He coughed,growling silently to himself as he realized that it was more than just smoke, but more Fear Gas. Batman looked around for Crane, before looking towards a guard as he called out to him. "Hey Batman, over here!"


Two Face raised his only good eyebrow as Naruto came stumbling into his, Naruto, Clayface, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy's secret monitor room, cursing Batman's name like no tomorrow."Naruto-"



"Phantom! I am Phantom Fear! Just because They destroyed my mask doesn't change that fact!" Two Face and Mr. Freeze adopted surprised looks as Clayface morphed himself into Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"O...kay... Phantom... Are you okay? You seem a little..."


"I am."


"Batman got out of my nightmare alive and far faster than I thought he ever could."

"So? You still held him long enough to make sure our plans go accordingly. So let it go this time."

"Fine... by the way... Two Face?"


"Here's your coin."


Sighing and shaking his head, Naruto sat in his revolvable leather chair before staring at a screen in front of him. "Hey,Clayface..."


"What time is it?"

"...9:30... why?"

"Because Batman is now way behind schedule. Which means we have time for Plan B."

"Do you mean..."

"Yeah, go free Zsasz."

"Are you sure?"

"Well Joker's not going to do it, and we need all the man power like Zsasz we can get! so go free him!Also, go find Bane."

"...Bane?Why Bane?"

"Because the end of my plan will be stationed in Gotham."


"That's right... you haven't noticed that all of our 'helpers' either have no reason to be on this island and will have to be set free when Joker's plan fails, or will have an inevitable battle with the Batman?"

"Yeah,I've noticed."Harvey replied,flipping his coin.

"We know that there's hardly a chance that many of them can succeed and will be beaten by the Batman, but the way he will have to beat some will land them in the river outside Arkham. The others will find a way into the sewers after their inevitable defeat and then make their way to our meeting point in the Gotham Warehouse district. And once we're all there, the plan will go perfectly. Just remember, there are some that we can ill avoid to lose, which are all those who have agreed to our cause thus far.

The others like Joker, his lackey's, they're disposable after we've finished the part of the plan here in Arkham."

"...How far ahead have you planned this... Naruto?"

"That'd be telling, now wouldn't it Clayface?"

"Of course it would."

Two Face smirked as he sat back. Naruto's plan could Succeed, it could fail, but he knew his friend's end game, and that was to deal damage to Batman that would be near impossible to repair. And gathering most of the Batman's worst enemies and having them work together... no matter how much they hated each other... would be the perfect way because they all knew, they hated Batman, way more than they hated each other.

'It's genius...' Harvey thought to himself as he flipped his coin into the air. 'Heads,we succeed...tails we fail...'

That's the revised first four chapters. I will not be doing this to all of the remaining stories, however, I wanted to show my continued interest in Nothing Left To Fear by fixing the few parts that were broken.