Sam's POV

"On the first day of Christmas, Freddie's gonna get..." I sang. "A really hard kick in the shins!"

I was at my lockers that time of day. Nope, I wasn't getting my books in or out of the locker, I was removing my bacon from my new Grill-Me-Now 6000. I got it from my mom's new boyfriend for free. He works in an appliances warehouse and he often gives us free stuff. It's probably good too.

"Hey Sam," Carly smiles as she opens her locker which was right beside me. I smile as I remembered how I traded my locker with Duke, which definitely caused pain to Fredison. "Why so perky today?"

"Well, I got this cool new idea on torturing Freddie," I said proudly. "You know that song '12 Days of Christmas'?"

"Yeah," she replied while placing books into her locker. "That song about this person's true love giving her a bunch of items everyday?"

I smiled. "Yup, I'm gonna give Frederly items everyday for the 12 days of Christmas."

"You're gonna be his true love?" she giggled. "Aww... I always knew you guys liked each other!"

"No!" I frowned, her comment ruining the entire Sam-is-going-to-triumph feeling in me. "Why does everyone say that?"

She giggled. "So, what are you going to give Freddie today?"

It's the first day of Christmas, the first day of my ingenious plan, the first day of Freducation's misery.

"You'll see," I smirked.

Timely enough, that nub appeared in front of us as we just finished talking.

"Hello, lady," he grinned. "And Sam."

"Where have I heard that before?" I pretended to try and recall. "Oh yeah, in Nubville."

"Sam, will you please stop-"

"Neh, neh, neh, neh, neh-" I totally interrupted his lamenting.

"Why must you always pick-"

"Because you're so easy to-"

"I just can't stand you sometimes!" he exclaimed.

"Well, I can't sit you either!"

"What type of a comeback was-"

"YOU GUYS!" Carly yelled for the fifth time today. "Can you guys stop arguing for once in your life?"

We looked at each other, then back at Carly, who looked really angry. "I don't want to hear another of your squabbling or quarelling or bickering or whatever you call it ever again, you hear me?"

"Yes, Carly," I replied.

"Si, Carly," he said in a really dorkish way.

"Come on, the bell's about to ring. We better get to class," Carly suggested.

But before I walk off, I really felt like giving Fredhead a piece of my mind so that he'll know to never mess with me again. I decided it was time for his first Christmas surprise.

"Oof..." he groaned in pain. "Sam... Why did you do that?"

"Merry Christmas, Freddie-o, Merry Christmas..." I replied. "You'd better get used to that, 'cause it's gonna get better with every day that goes by..."