AN: Don't worry, I'm working on my other stuff, but this is a quick oneshot for a friend of mine, he's going to the doctors later. Just letting him know I love him and it will all be fine.
Pairings: Various involving Soubi, Kio/Soubi
Warnings: References to childhood abuse.

A brilliant butterfly, darting low over the field, and then was caught, wings still outstretched.

He'd always come when called, abandoning his games and studies, crouching at his master's feet, learning how to endure, to become perfect, to be the best fighter there ever was. He gave his ears without complaint when asked, and didn't cringe from the whip.

As the years pass, the wings retain their colour behind the glass.

He stayed calm as the knife sliced a pattern through his skin, rejoicing as after all this time he finally, truly, belonged to someone. He'd obey the other's every whim.

With time, the binding is all that holds it together. Remove that, and the butterfly will shatter, scales from its wings flying free.

When the little boy, the brother, said that he was free, he didn't believe it. He couldn't understand it. He followed him around like a lost animal, not knowing how to act.

With patience, an artist can restore the broken wings, making the butterfly whole.

It was the artist who saved him. The constant flirting and laughter made him begin to heal, to live his own life, to make the choices he wanted. They were only small decisions – what to wear, where to go, but they were a start. One day, he'd acknowledge he could choose who to love, and then he'd stay where he was.