To Our Beloved Readers: My Christmas themed Panty and Stocking fanfic that I decided to write on a whim. It didn't really take much to think it up. I haven't been as strict with the plot as I usually do, given the style of the actual series I expect this much would be considered dismissible (not that I'm saying that the original stuff isn't genius and well written). There will be some plot holes (or at least I think there are), fill it up with your own assumptions and that won't be a problem. My main goal was to have something alright and new by Christmas. Keep your expectations low for the full, best experience of the story. This isn't anything like "Fallen Angels Descend" which was a complete stroke of unintentional good writing on my part.


Thanks For Reading: LordPlagus777 and I hope you have fun with this.

It was in the late afternoon of Christmas Eve. There was knee high snow piled around all around Daten City. This beautiful white layer only lingers for a few hours before it melts, becomes gray ice, and run over on the street to create the usual black sludge. The only part of Daten City that still had a perfect area of snow was the Church where Panty Stocking and Garterbelt lived. Garter is a very busy man and thus cannot be bothered to expend his time to shovel the snow off the very large front yard.

Moments before.

"Panty! I need you to go out and shovel the walk!" Garter asked banging of the door. No answer apparently.

"Stocking! I need you to go out and shovel the walk!" Garter asked banging on the door. Stocking was courteous enough to open the door to give him the finger.

And so the front and back yard remain untouched. All the more grief for guess who? Brief.

Brief's social life permits him an open schedule for occasions like Christmas, New Years, and basically any holiday where people gather and have parties as such. This Christmas Eve he's more active than usual. Struggling not to fall over in the knee high snow, Brief was trying his best navigating through the blizzard outside to the front door of Panty's house. He had half a mind to turn around and go home on behalf that he had no present for anyone in Panty's residence, except for Garterbelt who believes that all little boys are gifts from god and is sure to be satisfied with just his company. But no, he's already gotten this far. He's right outside the house, and his longing to see Panty for the holidays kept him headed for the front door, if he only could tell which direction it was in through the blinding snowfall before his feet froze over.

"Oh yeah… It's Christmas Eve today." Panty said as she slacked off on the couch reading one of her dirty mags.

"You forgot?" Stocking asked.

'Isn't it like, tomorrow?" Panty threw the magazine aside.

"It's today."

"We've been getting ghosts every day for the month. Lose track of the time fighting those little short bastards. We haven't gotten any heavens to show for it either." Panty said massaging a bruise on her arm that was presumably from one of the ghost fights. "Still pisses me off."

"The strange part is that they all looked the same." Stocking said looking at a catalog. "Do you think it's another ghost factory?"

"Can't be, those factory ghosts were weak as shit, these guys on the other hand… are too much trouble." Panty said.

Stocking looked busily through her catalog of sweets.

"Crap… I haven't planned anything." Panty grumbled.

"What need's planning? You can just go out and pick up some cheap guy can't you?"

"And you can go shove cake down your throat. I'll be glad to do it for you." Panty retorted.

"Touché." Stocking said tartly. "But not just any cake." Stocking said trying to keep her drool in her mouth. "It's the Special Christmas Cake that I managed to preorder online!" Stocking looked at the cake she was eating now with less interest. Obviously her daily cake was nothing compared to this special Christmas cake. Stocking turned over the catalog to show Panty. It was indeed, over decorated.

"I'm going to the mall to pick it up! They sent me a receipt which is right here right here." Stocking waved a pass with a reservation number. "Apparently I was one of the last to get some!" Stocking squealed with delight. "I can't wait! Wanna come?"

"Sure, why not…" Panty sighed. "As long as-"

There was a flash of lighting from the sky as it touched down and missed the house my inches. It wasn't a type of lightning that you usually see. Lightning never strikes during a snowstorm either. It was the lightning from above that they have seen before many times. Panty stomped over to the window and pulled it open. The snow blew furiously into the room along with the smell of a burning Chuck.


"Heaven has blessed us with another hint! And more! Come right in Brief! Let's get those clothes off! You must be freezing~!" Garter was slightly audible through the blowing wind.

Panty took her anger out on the window cracking it as she slammed it shut.

"Let's go." She sighed and gestured to Stocking who was almost as exhausted as Panty was at the news of another ghost she followed quietly.

"There you are!" Garter said holding a soggy piece of paper with a half dressed Brief in front of the fireplace.

"P-Panty! Merry Christmas, um, Eve!" Brief said covering himself up with a towel.

"A hint from Heaven!" Garter said handing Panty the note.

Panty glanced at it briefly, it read 'workshop'. She almost immediately pushed it back at Garter.

"Stick it up your ass." She spat before grabbing her coat and leaving.

"Where're you going?" Garter asked unscathed by Panty's rude comment.

"To the mall, with Stocking, to get some cake." Panty said walking out the door.

"Have a great time guys! Don't forget the keys cause I'll be out! Take Brief here with you!" Garter said.

"R-really? I can come?" Brief said with excitement trying to pull on his damp clothes.

"You can carry our bags or something…" Stocking said obviously uncomfortable with Garter's good mood.

"T-thanks Stocking!" Brief said following Panty's lead out of the door.