The Ghost Santa had finally been taken down. The giant turret made from thousands of pieces of Victoria's Secret underwear returned to its original state, back into a multicolored pile of high quality cloth. Panty dug herself out of the pile and joined up with Garter and Brief on the ground floor to make sure Stocking was alright. In appearance, she looked fine. Apparently the cakes were fine; fate had decided to let Stocking survive that seven story fall from the rooftop. Fatigued, but still in a fit state to eat cake the first question from Stocking's lips were-

"What was that light? Did you get that bastard? Where are those cakes?" Stocking asked.

"It's probably in that direction." Brief pointed at a plume of smoke in the sky.

Stocking ran towards See Through at top speed. Panty barely had time to react and join her in the vehicle before she took off to save her precious cakes. The two left Garter and Brief behind, leaving them no choice but to catch up with their own means of transportation.

"Turn there." Panty said tracking the plume of smoke while Stocking focused on driving and knocking away as many cars as possible.

"The smoke is moving." Panty pointed out. "It could be that the Santa is still walking, and he's moving the sleigh with him.

"I didn't hear no fucking bell toll." Stocking said with malice and double the speed of the car.

It only took a few more seconds before they stopped in front of a bank they had never seen before. There were obvious signs that something large and heavy had been dragged through this area, most likely the sleigh. It wasn't too far off from the crash site either. The two cautiously entered. It was deserted for the holidays, but all the lights were on. Someone had definitely been through here. They looked all around the main lobby but found nothing. No people, no Santa and worst of all no cakes.

"W-Where?…" Stocking said brimming with hopeless tears.

"Let's check down that hallway, we're sure to find something!" Panty beckoned Stocking to follow.

The two ran as fast as their exhausted bodies would let them finally, after a long twisting hallway they stopped in front of an empty vault, gigantic inside, the enormous door to which was wide open. Inside was something more valuable to Stocking than any amount of gold imaginable.

The mountain of Christmas cakes just as it was on the sleigh. Stocking stepped closer and closer into the vault, Panty followed.

"So… we finally have them huh?" Panty smiled.

"Yeah… but it's worth it." Stocking said. "This is going to be the best cake ever. I know it…"

"Then say your last words, because I'm blowing them away right now along with the two of you!" said a jolly voice from behind them.

The two turned, standing outside of the vault was the ghost Santa and a single box of cake glowing menacingly.

"This cake is set to blow. I'm throwing it inside." Santa said teasingly.

"You wouldn't!" Stocking said.

"Yes I would. The original plan is ruined. I can at least take down the ones who did ruin it. You'll never have your delicious cake now!" Santa said. "I will now throw this cake bomb!" Santa is being a little too predictable, don't you think?

"Not if I lock us in here with the cakes!" Stocking said running towards the vault door. It slowly closed as Stocking worked on its large handle with.

"Umm, Stocking… I'm not sure if that's a good idea…" Panty said nervously.

"It is! It's much better than letting him throw that cake bomb in here and blowing us away along with the cakes! We have to save them!" Stocking said almost there to locking themselves in the vault.

Santa could have thrown the bomb cake in by now. He waited until Stocking closed the door shut and locked in from the inside.

"Panty! Stocking!" Brief called he caught up along with Garter. The to did not find Panty or Stocking at the end of the hallway. Instead a ghost Santa and a gigantic golden vault door that wasn't going to be opened any time soon.

"It's you!" Brief said.

The Ghost Santa walked forward and pressed a combination on the number pad beside the vault, there was a small beep afterwards when the Santa had finished pressing in the code.

"Where's Panty and Stocking?" Brief asked.

"Inside the vault." Santa said coolly.

"What did you just do with the number pad? Did you lock them in?" Brief said.

"Nope, they locked themselves in." Santa explained. "They want to be in there. I'm just making sure they do." The Santa said.

Brief ran forward and banged on the vault door.

"Panty! Answer me Panty, are you in there? Why did you lock yourself in?" Brief said putting his ear to the cold metal door for an answer.

"No use, the thing's soundproof as well as being virtually indestructible." Santa laughed.

"But… Why? Why would the lock themselves in?" Garter asked.

"I planted the cakes inside the vault and led them into a trap!" Santa said.

"And they fell for it?" Brief asked even though he knew the answer. It was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I had to bluff." Santa said throwing up and down a box of cake that was never meant to explode. "It's alright isn't it? Those angels are locked inside the vault with the cakes. It's what they wanted isn't it? The cakes?"

"I hope Stocking is enjoying herself." Garter said walking up to the vault door and feeling the thickness. "It'll be impossible to break out of this…"

"But why would you give her the cakes so willingly to a point where it almost seems forceful?" Brief asked.

"To ruin their Christmas!" The Santa laughed in an evil, demonic way.

"Ruin? Those cakes were all Stocking wanted. If you wanted to ruin their Christmas, locking them in a vault with something they want is kind of counterproductive isn't it?" Garter reasoned.

"There's something you ought to know…" Said Santa in a feminine voice.

To Garter's and Brief's surprise, the ghost Santa had started shedding his skin. The Santa was merely a costume. From within the disguise came two demons.

"We were the ones who made those so called Heaven's Christmas cakes." Kneesocks gloated.

"And they taste like shit! Oh!" Scanty laughed.

(demon sisters share a high five)

"Oh!" Brief and Garter said simultaneously.


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