Ever since those two words left her mouth he felt like he had just suddenly been murdered in the most painful way possible. Without a word he rose silently to leave Unohana's office and made his way back to the eleventh division. He could have been compared to a walking zombie, not noticing anything in his path nor the tears falling freely from his cheeks to soak his shinigami robes. He began to think of all of the things that would change now that this happened. He didn't know how he was going to tell Ikkaku, or Zaraki, or anyone really. This was truly a nightmare.

It all happened about a month ago during the invasion, there was some beauty-challenged being going around and messing with everyone's life. Unohana had told him that several of the women had turned up pregnant, even a couple of men. Now this had to happen to him, this was happening to him. It wasn't exactly his worst fear but it wasn't like he had ever actually taken anything like this into thought. He was a he, not a she, so there's no way this could be true. But then again this had been his second test, there really was no way he could back down from this.

His thoughts stray to when it happened. He had only been with two people in the last few months and honestly he was scared. It wasn't a well known fact that beneath that kind and caring exterior that Souske Aizen was an evil bastard but Yumichika knew the side first hand. It wasn't something that he was proud to admit to himself but he had been sleeping with him. He had been sleeping with Ichimaru too, and the last time they had all been in the same bed together was three fucking weeks ago. Three weeks later he was pregnant and crying on the mat inside of his room attempting to rock himself to sleep. Yumichika laughed lightly because of the comedy of it, he who initially didn't even want to be in any type of relationship with either one of them was now knocked up. The worst thing was who they were.

Souske Aizen and Ichimaru Gin.

Three weeks ago was his birthday. They had a wild party in the eleventh and the two bastards had decided to give him the worst birthday present of them all. He had actually given into them, like he always had before. Every single time they snuck into his room in the dead of the night he always let them in, here were the repercussions. Fucking stupid Yumichika, so fucking stupid. He thought to himself and knitted his fingers through his hair. He was laying on his back staring up at the ceiling and crying his eyes out. There was nothing worse in the world like what was happening now. This was years of karma rolling up into a big ball and smacking him right in his gorgeous face.

He didn't notice the door open and close or the sigh that came from the man walking close to him before swooping down and laying beside him. The first thing he had noticed were the strong arms that suddenly wrapped around his waist and pull him close to a hard chest. Yumichika turned his back to the embrace and instantly knew who it was, so he let him rock him for a while before his thoughts were interrupted by a question.

"What's wrong?" Ikkaku whispered as the smaller body turned and wrapped his arms around his neck. Yumichika buried his head into Ikkaku's neck and let out a sob. He tried to soothe the shakes that went through his body to no avail.

"I'm pregnant" he whispered back and grew worried as he felt Ikkaku's body instantly tense up. His prediction of what his best friend was going to do was wrong as his he just gripped him tighter and groaned into his black hair.

"Who did it?" a dangerously low voice growled. Yumichika laughed and hid his head deeper into the bald head man's neck. He felt so slutty, what was he going to tell Ikkaku? He didn't even know who's it was, it wasn't like he hadn't only been with two people but what was he going to say? Well it might be the guy who everyone thinks is the nicest guy who's ever lived (who's actually a sadistic masochist) or his creepy snakey best friend who freaks literally *everyone* out when he meets them. Who knows? I fucked both of them at the same time like a drunken whore in heat. No, he wasn't going to say a damn thing.

"I really don't know" The hands tightened on his back and he silently cried harder.

"Yumi, you're going to tell me everyone who you've been with in the past six fuckin months. Now" Even though this was a distinct order and he never disobeyed Ikkaku, this was something he just couldn't deal with. He wasn't going to say a damn thing.

"Ikka please I don't-" Yumichika could feel the pretty ribbon holding his inner sanity together shatter into a million pieces and everything spilled out, he clutched to Ikkaku for support. "I..cant" A few minutes went by which he spent calming himself to Ikkaku's heavy breathing.

"Are you..I mean can you even get an abortion?" the bald man asked hesitantly.

"Unohana said I have a few weeks to decide. I just don't know Ikka, how am I going to do this? I can hardly deal with us..if I did, I mean, I can't take care of a baby. Me! Ha, highly unlikely" he laughed sadly to himself. He was vain, self centered, and a bitch. He really didn't know how anyone expected him to give his time and devotion all to them, especially something growing inside of him.

"You'd be a great…parent. You're so good with Yachiru and you are a..kind? person, when you need to be. Okay well on the inside, deep inside. Ok, well I know its in there somewhere. My point is that you'd be great, you can deal with anything if you want to. If you do want it then I know you would be great" Yumichika smiled and looked up at Ikkku through tears. His entire world had fallen apart and here was Ikkaku already helping him pick up the pieces. Maybe keeping it wouldn't be as bad as he thought. After all, it wasn't like it was common for men to have children. He'd probably never get another opportunity to have something like this happen, even if the maybe fathers of the child were evil spawns of Satan.


Fifteen weeks. Fifteen weeks had gone by and here he was. Yumichika's bright smile came upon a sullen looking figure in the 10th division court yard.

"Helloo Rangiku" he shinned with the flick of his hair. Yumichika had grown to love the mornings, he found himself waking up at 4 and sitting around in the strangest places just watching the skies light up. Before he was pregnant he would go out and drink with Ikkaku almost every night, they would yell and start fights for Ikkaku and be loud. Now that the hazy fog of mind numbing drunk nights was gone Yumichika had gone back to fully enjoying the world for what it was, which was beautiful in itself. "Ikkaku, you were supposed to take me out this morning" he whined and watched as Ikkaku just sat there and rubbed calming circles over his heaving wife's back.

It had turned out that Rangiku had been impregnated too. At first she had attempted to drink the creature out of herself but when Ikkaku found out he was depressed. After she drunkenly confessed that it was his he had quickly put an end to all of her nonsense about getting rid of it and proposed to her right there. Everyone was excited about the baby, especially since everyone who had gotten pregnant had had an abortion. Yumichika wished he could bathe in that spotlight as well but it was just too dangerous. The only people who knew about him was his captain, Ikkaku, and Rangiku. Yachiru couldn't even know because that little one can't be trusted with anything.

Lately Rangiku had been moody, sick, and a bitch. To really everyone but Yumichika, which was so strange on every level given that he and Rangiku had never exactly been friends to begin with. On top of that Yumichika hadn't gained much weight, he was pretty much the exact opposite of Rangiku. Ikkaku didn't mind, he was just annoyingly excited about being a father and an 'uncle'. It was a strange triangle of love. Like when Rangiku started to get a bump Ikkaku got her a big silk robe to wrap around herself, Yumichika had been jealous for about two seconds before Ikkaku looked over at him with that goofy smile of knowing. He didn't admit to anyone that he was surprised when Ikkaku had pulled out a very similar box and placed it in front of him that revealed the most beautiful floral robe that he had ever seen. Ikkaku didn't seem to mind being laughed at when he was teased about getting both his wife and mistress the same gift.

No one thought it was strange when Yumichika single handedly planned their entire wedding. He remembered he had been so sorry when he had to leave early, it was the bright days that had began to piss him off. He felt himself missing the gloomy rain and weeping flowers of the spring. That and the fact that Rangiku had been persistent about inviting every single captain, especially her best man who just happened to be that snaky fool Ichimaru Gin. Ichimaru Gin whose grin grew ferociously wide as soon their eyes connected on either side of Ikkaku and Rangiku.

Yumichika left soon after that, though it had to be after he felt a familiar chill run down his body. He'd only turned for a half a second to see Aizen's eyes subtly run down his body while he sat conversating with Ukitake and Shunsei. The smile looked friendly to an outside perspective but he knew when he looked into the glare of his glasses that there was something sadistic that passed between them in that moment. He felt like he was naked as the day he was born and there were a hundred eyes on him in that look. Yumichika instantly turned to walk away and didn't look back as he flash stepped to his captains quarters and hid. Rangiku followed soon after to hold his hair as he cried and threw up repeatedly in the toilet.

"Did you see him?" She had asked him. Yumichika had just cried harder and tried to convince her to go back to her wedding instead of leaning over him in the beautiful red, gold, and black wedding dress that he had picked out for her. He had told Rangiku before that he knew who the father was, and that he was a captain. That night he slept beside Yachiru after telling Kenny he was scared to go back to his room, you never could be too safe. He wasn't surprised when Kenny had rose in the middle of the night because he felt someone pass the house, he knew who it was. Gin had never been terribly good at hiding his reatsu from the other captains.

"Sorry Yumi, Rangiku's been sick all night" Yumichika rolled his eyes and sat down beside them on the bench. He pushed Ikkaku's arms away and replaced them with his around the red head. She muffled a sound and smiled as he rested his hand on her belly.

"How are you feeling today? You look so beautiful I hadn't noticed you were sick at all" Rangiku laughed and snuggled into his embrace, much to Ikkaku's distress.

"Thanks Yumi, im fine..seemingly a lot worse than you though. I've been trying to throw up for like eight long hours"

"Hm..headache?" she nodded. "Ice cream and pretzels with rice rolled on it! I was up for like two hours before Yachiru stuck it in my face and surprisingly it was better than I anticipated" Rangiku sniffled and looked up at the annoyed bald man. He rolled his eyes and made his way to their room muttering something about 'long ass few months'.

"Where is Kenny? Shouldn't he be skewering the area before you leave the house, I should have seen him twice already" Yumichika laughed and shrugged.

"I told him I was okay.." he pondered as he tilted his head to gaze up to the sky.

"Ah, I'm so jealous. You're not even wearing your kimono, how the hell are you still so skinny!"

"Everyone's different Rangiku, plus you know Ikkaku's kid's probably just stretching his lazy ass out for more room" Rangiku laughed and leaned her head back on his shoulder. It really was true that Yumichika hadn't grown much, which was extremely good for him. Unless you would really take a look at him you would never know of the tiny baby bump on his lower belly which was expertly half covered by a loose white hakama.

"Neh. Whatcha doin out yah room Ranchan?" a voice exclaimed from behind them. Rangiku grinned and looked over at her best friend as he rounded to stand in front of them, she ignored the way Yumichika tensed. She had learned to ignore the way people reacted to Gin a long time ago.

"Yeah yeah Gin, I already heard the talk twice today already. I'm enjoying the fresh air alright. You got a problem with that?" she asked jokingly glaring at the tall silver haired man. Yumichika looked down to the ground as Gin raised his hands in mock surrender.

"Nah nah mommy, just curious" Yumichika breathed as softly as he could, he silently wished that he hadn't told Kenny he was alright to travel the short distance alone. This was the first time that he had been in Gin's presence in nearly 6 weeks, since the wedding he had been permanently attached to Kenny. Most of the days he would sit on the floor and go over plans for the division as Kenny dozed off on the couch and Yachiru ran wild over the Seritei.

"Well curiosity killed the cat" he said offhandedly with a flick of his hair. He felt a shiver run through him as Gin's attention momentarily flicked over to him. As if this is the first time Gin had realized his presence the tall man made an annoyingly long sound of amusement and leaned over to peer down at him, his wide grin never faltered.

"Hm..I suppose Yumikun but-"

"Ayasegawa" Yumichika seethed instantly, a black cloud seemed to come over the three and he swore he heard lightning flicker as his hair pooled around his features. Rangiku sat up a little to look back at Yumichika worriedly. Rangiku's face melted into understanding and she turned to pull him into a hug. He realized instantly that she had just blamed the whole thing on hormones.

"Don't be so mean Yumi" Rangiku said sadly, he could just feel another bout of mood swing coming on and he was getting too upset to deal with it. He could feel the curious stare, the manic grin, even hear the wheels of wickedness turning in the silver haired man's head. Those eyes were staring into his soul and it was too overwhelming to deal with right now.

"It's okay Ranchan, I'm sure Aya-se-ga-wa-kun's jus' got that thing..wha's it called when the husband feels the birth pains n all that? Oh, well I guess the mistress in this case neh?" Yumichika scoffed and wretched himself away from Rangiku to get up and begin to walk away, in his haste he didn't notice the end of a sheath put into his walking path and he stumbled forward. Gin's hands instantly came to catch him and brought him back upright. Yumichika gasped as the hand that steadied him on his hip lightly came forward and brushed against his protruding stomach. With a gasp he swiftly pulled away and looked up into Gin's open eyes, just staring down at his body. "Yah should be more careful, ya could fall and mess up tha' pretty little face a yers" Yumichika watched as the grin slowly faded from Gin's face as he stare down at his stomach. The blue eye's widened and he flinched as the tall man took a step toward him.

"See ya later Rangiku" Yumichika called as he flash stepped away as fast as he could to Zaraki's office.


Three weeks Yumichika had managed to hide, on a Friday he was caught. At the time he was laying in bed, lately he spent a lot of time laying around. He had grown a lot during his second trimester. Unohana had been making house calls lately, telling him not to stress himself and get more rest. She had asked him if he wanted to talk about something but he told her it was simply couldn't be helped, he was going to take this damn thing to his grave and went back to sleep.

Since he had seen Gin weeks ago he had been at strain and weak. Yumichika couldn't help but keep replaying that memory in his head, the look Gin gave him after he had touched him. The way he had stepped forward, it almost looked like he was going to try to touch him again. That night he had run and locked himself inside his captains bathroom refusing to see anyone, especially Rangiku and Ikkaku who were confused as why he would be so upset. Rangiku obviously hadn't told Ikkaku that it had been after Gin's little visit of course. She had only asked him once why he would have gotten so upset because of the fox to which he responded simply 'hormones'.

The knock at his door was more unappreciated then anything at the moment. Yumichika groaned as he attempted to pick himself off of his new American mattress that he made Ikkaku and Renji carry into his room after he woke up screaming about his back being sore. He found soon enough that he was too tired to lift himself and snuggled down to wrap his big blanket around his body. He was only dressed in his light blue kimono and it was the middle of the fall outside, plus if it wasn't someone who already knew of his 'condition' he was in no mood to explain why his belly had gotten so big. But then again, anyone who knew would have just walked in.

Yumichika closed his eyes and turned his back toward the door. "What?" he asked huskily resting his head down on his big comfy pillow. He could hear the door slide open and heard someone step in. Instantly he gasped and felt the two distinct spiritual pressures enter his room.

"Well hello Yumichika. You haven't been looking well lately, thought I might come by and see if you were alright" He clutched the big king sized blanket around his body as he felt the weight of someone else on the other side of the bed.

"I'm not feeling well Aizen, please let yourself out and take the trash with you" Yumichika said with closed eyes. He resisted the urge to cry out as he felt finger's walking up his sides and the body come closer to his own. He realized it was Gin as the silver haired man came to lean over his body and look down at him with that wide everlasting grin.

"We been following yeh Yumikun.." Gin crooned and placed a kiss on his covered shoulder. Yumichika gulped as Aizen came to stand right above his head and look down at him. As Aizen knelt down he quickly sprung up and tried to get away before he was yanked back down by his arm and pinned to sit against the wall. Aizen's iron hold on him got tighter and Yumichika whimpered as he tried to move away.

"Let me go" he growled and successfully moved his arm out of the hold.

"Ooh, such a nice new bed Yumikun" Gin sung and bounced on it with a smile. "When were ya gonna invite us over to try it out neh?"

"Get out" Yumichika seethed and gripped the blanket more securely around himself.

"When exactly were you planning on letting anyone know of your pregnancy?" Aizen asked with a smirk as he reached to pull Yumichika closer to him. The raven head's attempts to scoot away were thwarted and he found the blanket being slowly pulled away. Closing his eyes he wrapped his arms around his belly. It really didn't stop anything as he could hear the bright smile break over Aizen's features. Yumichika couldn't find the strength to stop them as Aizen took his soft hands in his own and pulled them away from his body as Gin began to meddle with the tie around his kimono.

He quickly pulled his hands away from Aizen's and grasped Gin's as he began to pull open the loose robe. "Seen yeh naked plenty a times Yumikun.." Gin said, Yumichika looked up and noticed the way he had been looking down seriously. Eyes fixated on his belly.

"Please leave" he whispered and felt the tears as they fell down his cheeks. He shivered as Aizen came close and licked the tears before softly kissing his face. Breathing deeply he knew he really had no choice, he never had, the kimono was slid down his shoulders and pulled away from his body. His hand was caught in the air and he was swiftly turned toward Aizen before he had a chance to hit Gin. He met an intense stare and just noticed how Aizen had rid himself of his glasses which was very bad for him. Yumichika had only seen Aizen without glasses when he was about to be hurt, or worse.

"You really have some nerve Yumichika, keeping this from us. Makes me think that you believe your body belongs to you" Yumichika was shocked as he was backhanded and he fell back onto the bed. He lifted his hand to his reddened cheek and choked a sob. Aizen stood and disrobed as Gin locked the door and began to dim the lights. "You really think running to your captain will help you?" Aizen asked as he covered Yumichika's naked body with his own. The black haired man cried out as his captors hands made their way down to rub small circles over the sides of his belly. His legs were forcibly spread and Aizen made his way between them.

"Don't touch me..stop, don't-" Yumichika begged, his hands raised to rest against Aizen's shoulders and he weakly tried to push him off. A hand came to wrap around his sex and his mouth was covered as he attempted to scream.

"I never had a baby be'fo Souske" Gin smiled, ignoring the struggling Yumichika beneath Aizen. He made his hand's way in between them and spread some lube on his finger's before shoving them roughly inside of the black haired beauty who responded with a cry. His other hand came to grasp at Aizen's erection and stroked it to it's full length, he made sure to spread enough lube on it. "I don't want to hurt the baaaybee"

Yumichika bucked as the sadistic fucker purposely pushed against his prostate. He had been trying to bite at Aizen's hands for a few minutes now but twice already he had gotten slapped so hard that his head slammed against the bed beneath him. He threw his head back and let out a strangled moan as more fingers were added, Gin was quickly pushed away and Aizen began to enter him slowly. He really couldn't help it, he hadn't had sex in so long and these hormones were killing him. Arching up, Yumichika's mouth went wide as he was filled, his finger nails sunk into the now bare skin of the 5th division captains shoulder's. Aizen let out a grunt and he could feel the stare come over him.

"So beautiful Yumichika.." Aizen said as he slowly pushed his pelvis down to go down as deep as he could. Yumichika's legs kicked up to wrap around his waist and he shook as he felt the pulsing of spiritual pressure in the air. Gin was soon at his side, kissing licking and caressing his body as Aizen took up a slow steady pace. Soon the hand was removed from his mouth and he felt long finger's thread through his hair and he was pulled into a harsh kiss. He gasped as the hand moved to rest on his lower belly as he continued to pump into him. His own hand covered Aizen's as he was slowly fucked into a very gratifying peaceful state of mind. Yumichika's other hand made it's way inside Gin's robes and began to stroke him intently. "Gah fuck, you never get loose huh boy? No matter how many times you're always so tight..so tight mama"

Yumichika gasped and arched up as Aizen's pace began to get more erratic. He whimpered as Gin's hand wrapped itself around his aching erection. "You wanna cum neh?" he whispered into Yumichika's ear. The 5th seat couldn't help it, he whimpered and nodded quickly. "Well tell me this than, who do you belong you?" Yumichika cried out in frustration as a grip was placed on the base of his cock. He moved one hand to the side of Gin's neck and the other to Aizen's naked shoulder.

"Please" he begged. If he could think correctly he would say the reason he didn't want to answer that is because he belonged to himself, but since he wasn't exactly in a state to think anything at all he just knew he wasn't going to say anything. Shaking his head he clenched his eyes and made a sound of disappointment when Aizen grunted and swiftly pulled out of him. He looked down at watched as he pumped himself a few times before cumming all over his chest and belly. Yumichika breathed deeply and shivered as he was soon deprived of any human contact and both his lovers pulled away from him.

Bringing his palms to his eyes Yumichika sobbed and gasped when he felt Gin's naked body in between his legs. He brought his hands up to catch Gin's waist before he plowed into him like he usually did, it would hurt and he didn't want that. While Aizen had a meaty erection Gin's was slightly longer and tended to cause more damage then he realized. "Aw, I wont hurt the baybeeee"

"Souske" he whined and turned his head toward the man watching them from across the room. The naked man leaned back against a wall and looked down with an amused expression.

"Oh, we're back to a first name basis are we?" Yumichika's mouth was covered once again and he screeched as he was entered completely in one swift move. Groaning Yumichika breathed for a few seconds with his head against the mattress before looking up at the grinning fool. Gin's fingers roamed all over his front half, Yumichika gasped as he put his hands on his knees and spread them as far away from each other as they would go.

"Hm" he seemed to be questioning himself as he watched himself slide slowly out of the body beneath him. Yumichika was going mad, he had to be, this was going painfully slow and he thought he might die of need if this was going to take much longer. With a growl he slammed back in and began to rock inside of the smaller man who couldn't seem happier about the movements. Yumichika writhed beneath him, the only part of him on the mattress was now his forearms as his back was lifted to meet each thrust. "So who then hm Yumikun?"

"Ah fuck, you…Souske..the both of you… own mme okay!..I don't…fucking know just ah..shit" Yumichika moaned as he threw his head back and the death grip on his cock was removed. He bit into Gin's tongue as their mouths were roughly shoved together. He could feel the grin on his mouth as the moment he tasted blood and licked it from the tall mans lips. White stars flashed in back of his eyes as he and Gin were brought to a climax together, it was overwhelming and Yumichika collapsed back onto the bed and gasped as Gin rode it out. He thread his fingers through the silver hair as Gin delved down and began to lick his stomach clean. Aizen soon joined them on the bed and sat against the wall.

Yumichika lifted his head and moved so he could lay it on Aizen's thigh and Gin came to lay behind him. "Ya know I missed yah right Yumikun?" Gin purred with a wide grin, he placed little kisses all over Yumichika's neck his hand came down to run over the stomach. "I'm glad yah feel that way, now we can all be together forever an' when we leave you getta be a real queen in Hueco Mundo" Yumichika tensed as he continued. "Aren't you happy Yummy? Now you'll never feel sad again, not like when we first came to play o' course. Then we'll all be together with the baaybee" Yumichika couldn't hold back the sob as the tears came again. Gin rose to his elbow and looked down with his smile gone and eyebrows knitted in confusion. Aizen chuckled and patted Yumichika on the head gently.

"Ah, tears of joy" he said with a grin. Gin's smile reappeared and he snuggled back down to once again embrace Yumichika as he cried.

"Yea course Souske" Gin prattled on, dancing his fingers over Yumichika's naked body mostly on his swollen tummy.


When Yumichika woke he was alone, quickly sitting up he looked around the room to see if what happened was really just a cruel dream. But as soon as he looked down and saw all the cum stains and felt the pain in his lower back he knew it was true. Now Aizen and Gin knew and he would really be theirs, he had always tried to ignore the way they would say it so casually. Yumichika had heard Aizen talk to Tosen several times about their secret plans and he had always just ignored it, it wasn't until now that Yumichika realized that he was always going to be there. Aizen had practically already planned it the scheming bastard, he never cared because he already knew he was his. And it was true, Yumichika wouldn't have said anything about anything anyway, just because he didn't care.

A loud knocking on the door was what had woken him, he found out as his door lock was broken and the door slid open with a bang. Quickly covering himself and the bed, Yumichika looked up to see the angry face of Ikkaku Madarame, his bald best friend.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Ikkaku shouted and looked down at him. "It's like nine! Your still sleeping, why?" Yumichika took a momentarily look up at Ikkaku before beginning to crack up. It highly amused him to see him look so flustered.

"I was up late Ikkaku, calm down. As you can see I'm perfectly fine. I'm going to take a shower now, would you like to accompany me officer?" Ikkaku growled and turned to walk out of the room.

"Don't scare me like that Yumichika" he mumbled before shutting the broken door behind him. Sighing, he rose and began to get ready for the day.


Well that's the prologue. Recently I had the thought of adding a baby to one of my other stories and decided against it. But as I decided my mind kind of wandered to who would be good with Yumichika and a baby. This is how I came up with this Yumi/Aizen/Gin fiasco and I'm highly enjoying it.

More to come!