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Shocking him, Katara kissed the frozen grin of the mask before whispering, "Good night, Firebender."

And then all went black.

Wolf Moon, Part III

Katara woke with a start, her senses invading her brain with more information than she could process at once. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the pounding in her head to subside; her fingers gripped the soft grass on the ground she was laying on—she was still outside. She could smell the bark of the trees surrounding her as well…she hadn't let the forest yet. Slowly the Waterbender peeked her eyes open to see through the tree trunks, dawn was on the horizon. The Wolf Moon's power over her was fading enough for her to have control over herself.

The Waterbender sat up slowly, the night's activities very much fresh in her mind. She…had been like an animal. She'd had absolutely no control over herself; she was acting on instinct to reach one thing—release. Katara's eyes were on the ground around her; scar marks from her bending and her body marring the earth. She followed the scars to the base of a tree trunk, a pair of legs supporting a slumped figure still attached to the tree. Katara's heart felt as if it would shatter; she had…raped someone! Taken a complete stranger against his will! She'd thought she would feel better about herself for taking advantage of a thief, but that certainly wasn't the case at all. She felt like—

"Ungh! Agni!"

Katara's eyes widened as she remembered the finer details of last night—this stranger had spoken. He had only spoken two words, but it was enough to raise her suspicions.

The Waterbender silently crept toward the sleeping Firebender, careful to manipulate her Bloodbending so he would stay asleep despite the approach of dawn. She knelt before him, her hands delicately fingering the water demon mask and sliding to the back of his head to feel for a ribbon or clasp. She found the bindings for the mask and quickly undid them, quietly removing the mask from the stranger's face.


Katara released the breath she didn't realize she was holding and sat back on her haunches, biting her lip and studying the Fire Prince's face. She was deeply torn on the inside, deciding if the stranger she had taken advantage of being Zuko made the situation better or worse.

The Waterbender wrinkled her nose; it was obvious to anyone that the pair did not get along, but she certainly didn't hate the guy. And at least now she has the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from Zuko…

Katara sat for a moment and pondered that thought. She realized with a bit of frustration that she honestly did not feel much shame or remorse for her actions toward Zuko. He did come after her wearing a thief's outfit of all things…so he did essentially set himself up for disaster. Had she recognized him in the first place she may have acted—

The Waterbender snorted, realizing she was still lying to herself. Ever since the beginning of the Wolf Moon about a week ago, Katara's lustful thoughts had been centered on one particular male alone: The Fire Prince. Oh, she'd tried to deny it, but the truth was, she felt almost little to no guilt over her actions toward him last night, because she pretty much fulfilled what she had been fantasizing about anyway.

Katara smiled to herself, standing and walking away from the bound Prince to search for her clothes. She may not feel guilty over last night…but he did deserve an apology, and not just for last night. But she'd make him squirm a little before giving in.




The Fire Prince was jolted awake by the loud pounding of his door. Fear gripped him before he became aware of where he was—face down on his bed in the Air Temple. The Fire Prince glanced at the door, his gaze passing over the beam of light coming in from his open window before stopping, eyes widening in disbelief. It was almost the afternoon! He should have been up hours ago!

"Zuko! You will NOT sleep all day when there is work to be done!"

Katara's voice was like a bucket of ice water to the face. Zuko looked down to find himself clothed in only his sleeping pants, his Blue Spirit attire tucked neatly in his sack as always.

No, no, no, no, NO! It couldn't have been a dream!

The Fire Prince bolted upright and ran to the door, throwing it open and facing a fully dressed and very irate Waterbender, complete with the usual scowl and crossed arms. He gawked at her, unbelieving what his eyes told him was true. Last night…didn't happen.

"Your father better have mapped out his war plan on my face, or you shouldn't be staring at it!" She hissed at him, the usual venomous tone making a late appearance as well.

Zuko kept staring at her, dumbfounded and a little disappointed. He knew there would have been consequences should last night have actually happened, but was it so wrong to wish it had? Sighing to himself, the Prince rubbed a hand over his face tiredly, ignoring the Waterbender's earlier comment.

"You really shouldn't bang on someone's door like that when they're sleeping. It's rude." If last night didn't happen, might as well kick off the usual Fire Prince vs. Waterbender routine with a little flair.

To Zuko's further disappointment and amazement, Katara merely quirked her brow and smirked at him. "I can deal with being rude. It's not like I'm going to suffer from any lingering guilt over disturbing the sleep of a Firebender."

Zuko rolled his eyes, snorting. "Yeah, you wouldn't—"

"…I don't have to worry about any lingering…guilt…after this night."


Before the Waterbender could breathe a retort, the Firebender yanked her inside his room, slammed his door and thrust her against it, his grip tightening on her shoulders. Much to his relief, she had the decency to look a little surprised.

"Zuko, what the hell—!"

He silenced her with his lips crashing into hers, her eyes flying open as he possessed her mouth so completely, his tongue sliding past her lips without permission and stroking hers in a demanding caress. Her knees weakened and she leaned heavily against the door as he pulled away from her suddenly, golden suns searching a bottomless ocean for what he knew would be there.

"Zuko…what…" she stammered unintelligibly.

"You," he growled, "need to explain yourself, Waterbender. Or should I continue where you stopped?"

Katara was ready for his attitude and pointedly looked in between their bodies at the Firebender's obvious arousal. "I see I don't have to Bloodbend the desire into you this time, Prince Zuko."

He gaped at her, unbelieving her passion and spirit even when being faced with her actions from last night. However, despite her little display of attitude, Zuko was resolute in getting the answers he wanted from her. So what if he absolutely enjoyed himself last night? He wasn't about to walk around and act like it never happened. Besides, he knew the minx before him would demand the same answers from him were their roles reversed, so he felt his motives were righteous enough…

Before she could even question the smoldering look on his face, Zuko lunged at her and flung her over his shoulder, carrying her to the bed and plopping her down gracelessly.

"No! Absolutely not—Mmph!"

Katara would make sure, in the future, that infuriating Prince could no longer silence her with his delicious mouth ever again. It was far too effective…

He had crawled over her body and was now straddling her hips, doing his best to taste the back of her tongue with his own. Katara's arms had wound around the Prince's neck, her hands lacing through his hair and pulling him closer. All the while, Zuko was making quick work of the fastenings of Katara's clothes.

At that moment, Katara had to admit to herself that she knew she was going to enjoy herself more now than she did last night. All her mental faculties about her, she could truly appreciate the way the Prince's fingers danced over her skin, how her bare skin felt as it was revealed, inch by inch and the smell of ash—

"Zuko! What the—mmph!" She was, again, silenced by his lips, but broke away from him as she watched the last of her clothes burn off her body and float away into dust.

She glared at him, ready to hiss a number of inappropriate things to him when those golden pools hardened and he stared her down into the bed. "Perhaps I'll let you walk out of here with your dignity intact, so long as you behave, peasant."

It was then that Katara realized Zuko had been removing the last vestiges of clothing from his person and was completely bare before her. She only had a moment to gawk at him, to take in his incredible body before he thrust his cock to the hilt into her entrance. The Waterbender's body bolted off the bed, her chest colliding with his as her sensitive core throbbed from the rough intrusion, but the Prince pinned her to the bed, his arms bracing her legs back to allow him to go deeper.

Katara hissed at the stinging sensation emanating from between her legs; it was only her second time and her body—despite having previous experience with this particular erection—had yet to adjust to such an intrusion. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping the pain would subside so she could start enjoying the act when the Prince started taking advantage of her. Much to her surprise, she felt light kisses being placed along her temple, and soft hands rubbing at her hips gently.

"Say 'when'," he whispered, kissing her cheek. The Waterbender lay there dumbfounded, having assumed his treatment of her the second time around would be as course and unfeeling as her treatment of him the first time. But no, he waited patiently, and she sat there waiting for some sign that she was "ready" for him.

Or so she assumed he was being patient. The Firebender was using all the strength he possessed to not pound away at her body ruthlessly until he was satisfied. The ache in his cock was unbearable. Hiding his face in her shoulder, he bit his lip to stifle a groan, shifting his hips ever so slightly to alleviate the ache.

Katara gasped next to him and he winced, thinking he'd hurt her. He began mumbling apologies, placing soft kisses along her neck when he felt her back arch off the bed again and her hips gently collide with his.

"Zukoo…!" she moaned, trying to recreate what had just happened.

Zuko was happy to oblige her, leaning back and pinning her legs to her shoulders as he began thrusting into her wet core. Their rhythm was immediately in sync, steady as she met his every thrust. Her hands flew to his arms, bracing herself on him as she soared to the climax she wasn't expecting, thrashing her head back and forth when it became too much.

Zuko had been angry. Zuko had wanted revenge, to draw out her release and make her feel as tortured as he had last night. But one look at her pretty face, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open in a gasp, head back in a moan…and he was lost. Now all he wanted was to be the reason she found release. He thrust into her, his pace increasing and his own climax building at the base of his spine. They were panting, sweating, gasping, and writhing with each other until that pinnacle moment when Katara gasped and shoved her face in the pillow, silencing her scream. Her body clenched around the Firebender's, bringing his release forth, but not yet. He thrust into her several more times before he finally came with a grunt, causing her body to tingle from the overstimulation.

The two benders sank into the bed in a sweaty mess of panting limbs. Before long, they pulled away from one another and lay side by side, staring at the ceiling. Katara was trying her hardest not to let her gaze wonder and gape at the Firebender next to her. She wondered if the Fire Prince interrogated everyone in the same manner. She glanced his way and noticed the usual scowl on his features was deeper, making his appearance look fiercer. The Waterbender bit her lip; he was mad, and rightfully so. She decided he'd waited long enough for an apology…she was feeling thoroughly convinced anyway.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

She flinched when he immediately snorted, "Yeah, sorry it was me, right?"

Realization came to the Waterbender—aha…he's still self-conscious—and she fought the smile that would give her away. It delighted her in a small way that she could do this for him, reassure him in some manner or another that he was worth something and not as disgusting as he seemed to think he was.

"Actually…no, I'm not sorry it was you."

Zuko glanced at her before sneering again, "Don't pander to me to spare my feelings, it's just insulting."

"Now seriously, when have you ever known me to spare your feelings, hmmm?"

He glanced her way again and she caught a flash of something hopeful in his eyes before it disappeared again. She sighed, leaning on her side and placing a hand on his chest, "I'm not sorry it was you…I'm just sorry it had to be that way. You deserved a warning…or the opportunity to volunteer," she said sheepishly, looking away.

"I knew what was happening."

Katara's head snapped up, her gaze locking with his. He was being serious. "How…how did you know about the Wolf Moon? How could you have known?" she asked in disbelief. The season of the Wolf Moon wasn't a piece of culture Waterbender's typically shared with outside nations.

Zuko gave her a pointed look, as if it were obvious he would know something like that. "My Uncle was well versed in Water Tribe culture and shared that little bit of information with me once at a festival in the Earth Kingdom. The festival reminded him of the same one Water Tribe's have when their benders are "overwhelmed with lust", as he puts it. He didn't know when the festival was, but I recognized the signs you were giving off after our spar, so I figured I'd check on you."

Katara shook her head in disbelief. He knew what she was capable of and still came after her anyway. "Why cover your face?"

A blush crept up the Firebender's neck and he looked away from her, "I didn't think you'd let me come near you if you knew who I was."

Katara lay her head on his chest, snuggling into the warmth his body created. He timidly placed a hand on her hand, waiting for the moment when she broke the spell and started hating him again.

She sighed, "You're a true friend, Zuko. I didn't think there was anybody I could trust with that information…and yet you came out there knowing how dangerous I was. Thank you."

He nodded, reeling a little bit from her proximity.

After a few minutes of silence, Katara inched forward and kissed him softly on the lips. "I thought about it being you…" she whispered.

Zuko's eyes popped open and he stared at her, still wanting so badly to believe her. "You…you did?"

She nodded.

"So why not say anything?"

Katara snorted, "How weird would that have been? The person you think despises you walks up to you one day and says, 'Hey, I'm about to start having some issues in a few days, would you like to have sex with me so I don't hurt anyone with my crazy, powerful, bending?'"

"So you don't despise me?"

Now it was Katara's turn to blush and she looked away sheepishly. She hadn't intended on having this apology turn into a big, emotional confession…she didn't want either of them to get too overwhelmed; things were already weird and unusual as it was.

"Let's just say you have a pretty decent chance of being on my good side," she said with a wicked smirk.

Zuko shot her a devilish grin that made her stomach sink and her legs go numb, "I guess I can work with that."

Suddenly Katara yawned and it became clear that she wasn't going to be able to fight off the post-sex sleepiness any longer. She snuggled into Zuko's side, his arms draping over her body. He kissed the tip of her nose before closing his eyes and they both drifted off to sleep.


A few hours later…

Katara slowly woke, the sun filtering through the window at a different angle from when she had entered the room. Her body slowly came to life and she stretched with a smile as she soaked in the luxuriating feel of a body well satiated.

"I think we definitely overslept—"

Her stretching hands touched something that crinkled on the wall and she opened her eyes to see a note pinned to the wall with a small dagger. She then took stock of her surroundings and bolted out of the bed.

She was alone.

That good-for-nothing Firebender had left her alone! But…where were his things? The room was completely empty, void of his personal belongings. Then she realized that even the sheets and blanket for his bed were missing.

That vindictive Prince…

Katara snatched the note off the wall, seething as she read the note. It was written in real ink, not just blackened water and the parchment was of the finest quality. Typical Prince. Despite her anger, the Waterbender could not help the smirk that formed on her lips.

"Well played, Prince Zuko."


I look forward to seeing the look on your face when you prance around the Temple with nothing but your dignity.

Until next time,


Prince of the Fire Nation