Freaky Mistletoe Summary: At his own Christmas party, Jacob kisses someone on a dare for cash. The kiss, surprisingly, turns out better than he or his partner could have ever expected. You'd think they'd be happy about that and embrace their chemistry. Instead, they somehow blame their kissing compatibility on the freaky mistletoe. Based on Canon, Ignores Breaking Dawn, Jacob POV, Humor/Romance, T.

Author's Note: Written by Purelyamuse for the JBNP All I Want For Christmas Is challenge, but submitted too late. I have lovergyul to thank for this idea. She basically begged me to write a Blackwater fic and this one-shot is what I came up with. I hope you like it.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight.

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Prereaders: lovergyul, TeamJacobYeah, JBlackFFR

"Do you really think we need all of this stuff? We have a tree. Isn't that enough? It's just the guys."

"Do I look like a guy?" asked Emily, a bit of irritation in her voice.

"No, but…"

"But, nothing. Look, I'm used to hosting the parties. You haven't been Alpha that long and I wanted to help."

"Okay. Fine. I'm sorry. Thank you for helping. I'm just not used to all of these frilly things. There haven't been any girls in my house for a long time," I said, immediately regretting what I'd said as Emily gave me a sad smile.

"Well…" she said, looking over at me and attempting to hang a bit of greenery from the archway that connected the kitchen to the living room, "…maybe this will help."

"How exactly is a plant going to help me?" I asked walking towards Emily who clearly did not have the height on her tiny frame that she needed to hang the decoration. I hung it for her.

"Not just a plant," she scolded. "Mistletoe." She punctuated the word by giving me a chaste kiss on the cheek. I returned the kiss and smiled down at her and thanked her for all of her help.

The sun was setting and the pack plus their girls (and other girls that had followed Quil here no doubt) were starting to show. The tree's lights glittered making the room look festive, which I didn't mind, but the fire that Kim insisted be lit was making me sweat bullets. It was odd feeling uncomfortable in my own house, but I didn't bother saying anything because I knew my dad would yell at me for making the girls suffer in the cold.

I ignored my discomfort and sat next to Quil and his date on the couch. I think her name was Jenny, but I couldn't be sure. Since imprinting, he constantly had a plethora of girls around him. They seemed to find his love of Clair adorable and flocked to him. I found that funny because he never really did anything with them but date them casually and offer a few goodnight kisses. But, he certainly seemed to enjoy the attention and constantly berated me for not having a girl on my arm. It was a few days until Christmas, and I thought he might take pity on me and leave the subject alone. He didn't.

"No date?" asked Quil, knowing full well I didn't have one.

"Nope," I said hoping to shut him up with my curt response.

"Why?" he asked. "Julia has a sister, only two years older. She could've come too. She could still come. Do you want us to call her?"

"I'm fine," I said grinding my teeth afterwards.

"For someone who's fine you sure are grumpy," said Embry, who had his date and imprint, Micca, sitting on his lap.

"I'm not grumpy," I said, sounding like a grump.

"Okay," said Embry drawing out the word.

"When's the last time you had a date?" asked Quil. Julia peered around him, looking me over obviously wondering the same thing.

"When's the last time you shaved? You look like an idiot. Don't you get it man? That goatee's not going to grow in. You look fourteen and stupid. Native Americans don't have a lot of facial hair."

Embry agreed, coming to my aid, and hopefully changing the conversation onto more important things like making fun of Quil. "Seriously, dude. Not gonna happen." Embry shook his head as though showing his sympathy towards Quil.

Jared laughed from afar, listening in on our conversation but not joining in.

"My 'stash is awesome. So, when? Like a month ago? Two?"

"Winter dance," I said, giving in and slumping my shoulders in defeat.

"So, one week. Not bad," said Embry.

"You weren't at the winter dance," said Seth, piping in as he sat near the fireplace, his date sitting next to him.

"Yes I was. Last year," I mumbled the last words. The guys broke out into laughter at my expense and I threw my head back in annoyance. Why couldn't they leave me be?

"Last kiss?" asked Quil.

I glared at him.

"Was it Michelle? She liked him, right? Or was is Mara?" mused Embry.

"Her name was Tatiana, alright?"

"Isn't that the girl you took to the dance last year?" asked Jared as he finally joined the rest of the guys and sat on the arm of the couch.

"Yes," I murmured.

Embry and Quil snickered and Seth mouthed a "Sorry" to me.

"You need to get kissed more," stated Quil. "I can call Julia's sister. I'm sure she likes you."

"Doesn't every girl 'round here like Jake? It's contagious or something," said Embry.

"I don't need your help finding a date or a kissing partner. I just don't care about that. Not right now anyway. I've got school and my car and…"

"Your car," repeated Jared mocking me.

"This is serious. A year without a kiss," said Quil rubbing his ridiculous peach fuzz as though deep in thought. "I'll pay you ten bucks to kiss someone tonight."

"Done," I said. "Pay up, 'cause Emily and I already kissed today.

"What?" boomed a loud voice from the kitchen. Sam.

"Mistletoe. A peck on the cheek," I said shrugging. He didn't respond seemingly satisfied with that reply.

"Oh, that's good," said Embry now in on the scheme to get me kissed. "I'll add to the dare, bet, whatever. Ten more bucks."

"I'm in," said Jared and Seth at the same time.

"Deal," I said scanning the room quickly to see who else was here that wouldn't be a problem kissing. Too many of the pack members had imprinted and would kick my ass if I laid my lips on their girls. I spotted two girls from school who seemed single and were oddly enough looking in my direction smiling. Things were looking up until two guys I didn't know delivered drinks to them.

Just as I was about done with my scan, Leah walked in the front door, a permanent scowl on her face despite her attempt to look nice for the party. She was such a conundrum, that girl. I never knew what was up with her. She confused the hell out of me.

Pickings were slim, it seemed, as there were only a few girls here that were not attached to the guys that were present. I thought idly about backing out, but my muffler fell off the Rabbit in early December and Dad had been mumbling to me that my car made too much racket and I needed to fix the damn thing. So, I decided it was worth a shot. Forty bucks wouldn't go far, but it was better than nothing.

The party continued as I scoured the room for my victim, but I was feeling pretty hopeless. Plus, I didn't really want to kiss any of the girls here. In truth, I hadn't really wanted to kiss anyone since I had kissed Bella. I had only kissed Tatiana to be polite. She had looked rather dejected when I waved goodbye to her on her porch and decided I should suck it up and at least give the girl one kiss. It was alright. It was nothing like kissing Bella, though. No fireworks, no passion. But, a kiss is a kiss, right? I couldn't really complain about it.

As I reveled in my memories of kisses past, Quil knocked me back into reality quite literally with an elbow to the ribs. I hissed at him and mouthed an irritated "What?"

He simply pointed and Embry busted out laughing before I could even determine what he was pointing at. Turning my head, I realized quickly that Leah was standing under the mistletoe.

"Not a chance in hell," I said emphatically.

Quil quirked and eyebrow at me and I scowled. "I'll double the pot," he said.

Eighty bucks? Could I give up eighty bucks? Was kissing Leah worth eighty bucks? Would she hit me if I kissed her? Would that cost me eighty bucks in Band-Aids and Neosporin? Nah, I healed quickly. I was a wolf for goodness sake. So, I shook Quil's hand and then wiped it on his jeans just to be a jerk.

"With tongue," he added and I grumbled but nodded.

I stood and ran my hand through my hair while exhaling and steeling myself before making my way towards her.

All too quickly I was standing in front of Leah, casting my most charming smile at her and cocking my head to the side. Girls liked that, right? Wasn't it cute? Sexy, perhaps? But the real question was, did it elicit the urge to kiss me? I sure hoped so. But when I took in Leah's less than happy expression my theories were all blown to bits. She clearly, did not find anything cute about it. Pathetic, I think is how she would have described my attempt to seduce her into kissing me. I suddenly felt very nervous because not only was she irked by me, but I had an audience. No one wants an audience when they're being rejected by the opposite sex even if it's just a dare. Even if it's a dare involving kissing Leah Clearwater, which no one thought I could complete.

"What?" asked Leah finally, cutting off my thoughts and obviously irritated by my mere presence.

"Nothing, I just… mistletoe," I said pointing above us. "You looked lonely is all."

"Seriously? Your pea brain thought it was a good idea to come over here soliciting a kiss?"

"It is a Christmas-y party-like thing to do," I rambled stupidly and then smiled again trying to be cute. I bit my lip in my nervousness when I remembered that my smile had pissed her off just seconds ago.

"You're an idiot."

I paused for a moment trying to create a plan. Leah liked to prove how strong she could be around the pack, so I figured it best to just infuriate her further in hopes that she'd give in to prove herself out of anger or to shut me up. So, I went for it challenging her. "Yeah? Well, so are you standing under this mistletoe not wanting to be kissed. Seems idiotic to me."

"Fine," she said pulling off her jacket and throwing it over to the couch. It nearly landed on Quil's head. I heard a collective gasp as the guys realized I was about to be eighty dollars richer. "Go for it, but it better not be sloppy. In fact, I better not so much as even feel the tip of your tongue."

"Sure, sure," I said, lying because there was no way I was doing this for a mere forty bucks.

"Well?" she said, raising her hands in the air in exasperation. "Are you gonna kiss me or what?"

I smirked at her. She dropped her hands and rolled her eyes. I leaned in. She made a bitchy face. I pulled her towards me by her hips. She raised an eyebrow. And I kissed her. She kissed me back.

The kiss was smooth, rolling forward without any trepidation or awkwardness as though we had been doing this all of our lives. Her warm lips fit with mine perfectly. Her hands wound themselves into my hair and I pressed mine into her lower back pulling her closer to me.

Before I could even think about slipping her some tongue, she pressed her own into my mouth. I was completely stunned. But, it wasn't weird. It was nice. Too nice. So nice, in fact, that I was going to need a bathroom break if she kept up what she was doing. Not that I minded. The girl knew what she was doing… smooth strokes, and swipes of my teeth, and nibbling on my lips. It was all consuming. And hot. Holy hell was it hot.

Her body was so close to mine. I could feel every curve of her femininity and her lips were all but soldered to my own. I got a little lost in the kiss forgetting where I was and who else I was with. But, reality sunk back in when Quil starting howling and generally making an ass out of himself and ruining the best kiss I'd ever had. Butthead.

I reluctantly began slowing down but Leah kept on kissing me fervently. It was awkward as hell as I was pulling away and she was coming back at me, so I did what any hormonal guy would do. I just continued to kiss her. And it just got better as her hands roamed down my back and came across my abdomen and up to my chest. She was all nails and teeth and tongue and heat.

"Damn Leah!" shouted Quil. "Thought you didn't want it to be sloppy."

And just like that Quil trashed my night. Leah stopped kissing me and snapped her head towards Quil flipping him off. She then turned her head slowly to look at me. We stared at each other for a long moment of silence. Both of us seemed pretty dumbfounded by what we had experienced. When all was said and done, I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly and mumbled a quiet, "Wow."

"Yeah," she said in agreement. She took a step back, then huffed out, "I don't even like you. Freaky mistletoe."

That night I went to bed early. I was exhausted from decorating all day and moving around furniture based on Emily's specifications. Throwing a party was difficult, but what was more difficult was trying to calm down after kissing Leah. I hadn't realized what an ordeal it would be to kiss her until it was over. She meandered around the room chatting with some of her friends (which hadn't even occurred to me, that she would have friends) without a care in the world. I, on the other hand, sat and watched her every move trying to figure her out whilst being inconspicuous but failing miserably. Seth was watching me like a hawk and kept eyeing the pillow I needed to keep on my lap. How humiliating.

It started out simple, stealing glances when I could, but then it got more complicated as she moved around the room. I had to come up with creative ways to catch glimpses of her or hear what it was she was saying. Was she talking about me? About that kiss? And if not, why not? Because I certainly wanted to talk about it. So much so that I actually dialed up Bella later on in an attempt to talk out my confusion, but chickened out when I heard Edward in the background. He didn't need to know that I still had no clue what I was doing with girls, so I just tried to shoot the breeze and catch up with her instead.

After speaking with Bella, and trying to decipher what it could mean that Leah and I had kissed so well together, I finally succumbed to sleep. You'd think that sleep would be restful after such a long, tiring and confusing day, but seeing as my dreams were plagued with images of Leah in various, er, positions and types of, er, clothing, it wasn't so much restful as it was disturbing and tumultuous and oh so good.

I woke up several times at night sweating, panting and thoroughly confused. This was Leah I was dreaming about, and she didn't like even like me. Her exact words were, 'I don't even like you.' It wasn't surprising to hear her say that, but the timing was shocking. And truth be told, up until we kissed, I wasn't even really sure if I liked her either – even in the platonic sense. She could be rash and rude and downright mean, but I just chalked that up to dealing with the death of her father, so I didn't hold it against her. And honestly, when we patrolled together, she wasn't too much of a pain anymore. She mostly kept to herself nowadays and on occasion we had some pretty good conversations. So, I suppose I'd say at the very least, I didn't not like Leah. That was something, I guess.

Just as I started to feel a bit better about the situation and wondered if Leah and I could ever be more than friends, hell, friends even, I was bombarded with the images I'd stored throughout the party. I was completely infatuated with her after that kiss: the way her clothing moved over her skin, the way that her hair swept over her back and lit up in the lights, the way that she tilted her head back and smiled when one of her girlfriends made her laugh. All of it was somehow now interesting and I realized then that I was screwed because I was interested.

Almost a full week went by and I was extremely bored since it was Christmas break and there was nothing to do. It was Friday and Quil had finally paid up on Thursday enabling me to get the parts I needed for my beloved Rabbit. I joyfully found myself comfortably working in my garage keeping busy when I was interrupted by one of the last people I wanted to see.

Seth Clearwater. Leah's brother.

He walked right into the garage acting like he owned the place. I was quite irritated as I had been thinking about his sister and now felt like I had done something wrong, like my dad had caught me with a Playboy or something. I wanted him to leave. Before I could tell him so, or make up an excuse to get him out of there, he spoke up.

"What did you do to my sister? She's listening to stupid, sappy love songs and keeps thinking about that kiss. I thought you two hated each other."

"We do. I do. Hate her, that is. She's annoying."

"Yeah, well… she liked your kiss."

"She did?" I asked, my voice cracking.

"Yup. She bought some flavored lip gloss the other day."

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"Don't you know anything about girls? Anytime Jade wants me to kiss her she puts on her strawberry lip gloss. They want to taste good, man."

"She did taste good. I mean, ugh, not that… I mean, she doesn't need lip gloss. Her lips are full, uh, fine. They're not even chapped." Geez, I was an idiot.

"You sure you're not thinking more about that kiss too?"

"Nah, man. I'm not. It was good, just… we're not right for each other and the pack and…"

"Bella's gone man. It's been almost two years. She's not coming back. She's married."

"I know."

"So what are you waiting for?"

"Nothing, I just… why are you pushing this?"

"Because Leah needs someone like you. You can put up with her."

"Is that what I'm meant to do with my love life… just put up with someone?" That sounded pretty pathetic and not at all how I wanted to live my life. But what if putting up with Leah meant that I could kiss her some more? I'd have to really think about this.

"That's not what I meant. I mean, you and Leah, I think you could work."

"No way, we'd never work. She said she didn't even like me, and I don't really, I mean…" I trailed off as I remembered the way that her tongue felt against mine and the way that our body heat seemed to linger in the space between us keeping me hot all night long and not in a good way. Or maybe, it was possibly the best way if you looked at it from another angle.

"Methinks thou doth protest too much," said Seth, laughing after his supposed clever comment.

"Don't pull that stupid Shakespearean crap on me. Save it for your girl. They like that stuff."

"Not Leah. Which is good 'cause you don't know that stuff."

"I just told you it was Shakespeare. Doesn't that prove I do know that stuff? And, why exactly are you here?"

"Um. No reason just…visiting my Alpha… my stubborn, stupid, doesn't know chemistry with a girl when he feels it Alpha."

"Alright, get out."

"Fine. Just don't hesitate when her lips are all glossed up and coming at you. Then she'll really not like you."

Later that evening I was distracted at dinner. Dad kept asking me questions about school and the upcoming semester and college applications and I had no idea he was even talking half of the time. I was too busy dissecting Seth's words. What did he mean by 'Then she'll really not like you?' Did that mean that she did like me? Like, like me, like me. Oh hell, I was suddenly trapped in a bad rerun of The Wonder Years. Maybe I should just drop off a note on her doorstep that suggested she check either box A: Do you like me? Or, box B: Do you like me, like me? I was twelve, apparently. She was never going to kiss me again.

But, then again, if she did like me, was the rest of what he said true too? Was Leah really thinking about our kiss? She seemed so unfazed afterwards. Did she really buy lip gloss for me? And what flavor was it? And more importantly, would I ever get to taste it? The thought made me crazy with longing. I wanted to kiss her again. But what did that mean? Did I actually like Leah? I still didn't know. I needed to talk to her, but I wasn't sure how to broach the subject. And for all I knew, talking to her about it would just prove what an idiot I really was and then she'd not just not like me, she'd despise me or worse treat me like an idiot, treat me like Paul. And that would suck because Paul certainly got the worst of Leah, not that he didn't deserve it, but still.

When dinner was finished, Dad pulled me from my thoughts and simultaneously scared the crap out of me by asking me one simple question: "Are you patrolling with Leah tonight?"

I froze as I loaded my plate into the dishwasher, my breath hitching in my throat. Holy cow, he was right. I may have nodded in response, but I couldn't be sure as I was concentrating on not peeing myself.

"That should be interesting, seeing as you guys haven't seen each other since you kissed."

I shrugged feigning nonchalance and walked away to hide in my bedroom and have a panic attack in private. I wasn't positive, but I'm pretty sure my dad was laughing as I walked away. This was so not funny. I wasn't prepared for this.

I spent the next hour obsessing over what to say to her and how she would respond and what she would be wearing when she was human. That of course led me to realization that I had seen Leah naked. Many times. I had been a gentleman and had never gaped like some of the guys, ahem, Quil. But, I had seen her inadvertently from time to time. Real images that I had hidden somewhere in the recesses of my brain came unbidden to my mind and I was suddenly even more nervous. How on earth was I going to keep any of these thoughts and images out of my head while patrolling? She would know everything. What the hell was I going to do?

Time wore on and I found myself heading to the edge of the woods on my property. I began stripping my clothes off and phased, taking off quickly into the forest. Immediately Leah was in my head nagging me.

You're late, she grumbled.

I was busy, I retorted.

Whatever. Catch up, slow poke.

I caught up to Leah quickly and we both stopped for a moment taking a quick drink from a stream. I couldn't help but look her over when I was finished. Even in her wolf form she was stunning: sleek, and strong, and well kept. A beautiful specimen, really.

Dude, you're ogling me as a wolf?

Er… I responded brilliantly.

Apparently my kiss had a lasting effect on you. You seem brain damaged.

I didn't respond and in a move of sheer genius ran away, acting like I needed to continue patrolling. It was the Alpha thing to do, right? Stay on task, that is.

After a few paces, I realized I was close to losing my cool and spilling the beans so I forced myself to think of something else, anything else. And what did I come up with? Kissing Bella. Yeah, bright move, right?

Leah suddenly got pissy and starting barking at me about how love sick and stupid I was and how I needed to just get over her. I tried to tell her that I was over Bella. I had accepted the fact that she was with Edward permanently, but I couldn't convince her because each time there was a pause in our conversation I slipped back into my memory of kissing Bella.

The night was nearly over and I was feeling relief even though I still hadn't figured anything out. I stupidly relaxed and realized my mistake when Bella turned into Leah in my mind's eye. Leah literally froze and peered at my form running away from her. She didn't say anything to me in response to what she had seen, but she kept running my new image through her mind.

We reached a point where we would normally split: for her to go to her home and me to mine, but she continued behind me and followed me to my house.

I phased near the border of the woods and started putting my clothes back on when she came up behind me. She phased as well and I could hear the rustling of clothes as she dressed. It took all of my energy not to turn around and peek. In my discomfort I finally broke the awkward silence. "Did you want something?" I asked, hoping she'd say something very movie-cliché like, "Yes, Jacob Black. I want you to kiss me. Hard." Then I'd do just that. But this wasn't the movies, it was real life and she said no such thing. Instead she said, "Not from you dumbass. Your dad still has my mom's serving platter from the party."

She walked past me and I grumbled to myself, then grumbled even louder as I caught myself staring at her hips as they swayed from side to side when she walked. How had I never noticed this before? Leah was a woman: a beautiful woman. Damn, I had been so blind.

I followed behind her like a puppy dog into my own house. We entered the kitchen through the back door. The screen door nearly smacked me because I wasn't paying attention to it. I was busy watching the muscles of Leah's upper thighs move fluidly under her skin as she stepped through the door. Man, I was a mess.

Leah started poking around in our cupboards looking for said platter. I was staring again and she glared at me when she turned around asking, "Well, where is it?"

"I don't know," I said, a bit irritated that she was being so grumpy. What was her problem? Was she mad that I was thinking about kissing her? Or, was she mad that I was thinking about Bella? The latter seemed the better of the two, though I'd hate to see what Leah in jealousy mode would look like. It was probably not very lady-like.

Leah rolled her eyes and walked out of the kitchen. I could hear her exchange with my father and she came back shortly heading for a cabinet next to the oven. She bent over and I rolled my eyes shying away from the view. I opened the fridge to distract myself with a soda and pulled one out for her too.

"Want one?" I asked handing a Coke to her. After setting down the platter she took the Coke from me and opened it bringing it to her mouth immediately and downing half of it. She proceeded to burp. Loudly. For some odd reason, I found that to be sexy. I have no idea why. When Quil did it, it was certainly not sexy. Not to mention the equally unsexy stink that hung in the air afterwards.

She pounded on her chest and made a sound that meant 'refreshing' with a whoosh of air. She hopped up on the countertop crossing her legs, apparently trying to kill me. Those thighs, bare and strong and soft looking, were taunting me. Why were short cutoffs hot on a girl? I couldn't answer that question anymore that I could figure out why I was suddenly so attracted to her, but I was. Somehow, someway, Leah had wormed her way into my mind. Maybe she was right: there was something freaky about that mistletoe.

Leah looked at me pointedly and crossed her arms in front of her chest and blew out a raspy breath. "Why are you suddenly thinking about Bella?" she asked and then added, "You haven't done that for a long time. I thought you were over her."

"Didn't we already talk about this? It's no big deal. She was on my mind; I talked to her last night."

"Oh. How's the pale, perfect, not-Jacob bloodsucker?"

"Fine," I said, trying not to engage in her attempt to anger me.

"Fine enough that she's still married and planning to be a leech herself?"

"Yeah, I suppose. You know, whatever."

"How can you be so blasé about it?"

"I've come to terms with it, I guess. It's what she wants. She's my best friend and I want her to be happy."

"I thought Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with the prepubescent facial hair were your best friends."

"They are. Too." I added the last bit, but then realized it was a mistake because her eyes went all squinty when I said it like she was trying to shoot fireballs at me.

Leah started to shift on the counter like she was going to get down when I suddenly realized I didn't want her to go. I blurted out the first thing that came to mind to get her to stay and keep talking. "How's your mom holding up? My dad has a hard time with holidays and my mom's been gone for years." I was so insensitive.

"She's okay. I'm a bit of mess though," she said and took a drink of her Coke. She closed her eyes and suddenly looked very calm and relaxed and gorgeous.

"What's wrong with you?" Again, insensitive.

"Nothing. I'm fine really. I just miss him," she said and then looked like she was a million miles away.

"Yeah, I miss my mom too. I don't think it'll ever go away. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing."

"I think it's good," she said, her eyes meeting mine as though she were looking for something. "I don't think we should ever forget our parents. They made us who we are. I'm sure you have your mom to thank for your smile and your thoughtfulness and your resourcefulness."

"You think I'm thoughtful?" I asked, my eyebrows scrunching up in pure shock.

"Sure," she said shrugging like it was no big deal to compliment me. "What?"

"Nothing. I just… I'm sure you get your strength from your dad. You always seem so sure of yourself and determined and you sure as hell never back down. And Sue's a pushover. The woman will make me brownies from scratch anytime I want them, so I know you didn't get that from her. Though, your looks, you definitely did not inherit those from your dad. He was a bit…" I shook my hand from side to side gesturing that he seemed so-so on a scale of attractiveness.

"Hey," she said laughing, the sound making my heart perk up. "Did you just insinuate that my dad wasn't handsome?"

"No, I insinuated that you were beautiful."

"Oh," she said looking stunned and then turned silent. She got off of the countertop and finished off her Coke. She crushed it with her hand and put it in our recycle bin. She pulled something out of her pocket and my eyes grew wide as I realized it was lip gloss. I watched closely as she applied it and began sniffing the air frantically like a mad man trying to decipher the flavor.

She put the small tube back in her pocket and spoke up when she caught me staring again. "What?"

"Nothing," I said.

"You're a bad liar," she said and started to walk away. "Thanks for the Coke. Bye, Jake."

"Bye, Leah," I said in almost sigh, noting the pathetic tone I had just used. She made it as far as the archway between the kitchen and the living room and turned back around.

"Can I ask you something?" she asked, looking down at the ground awkwardly.

"Sure, sure."

She smiled at me when she looked up. "Why'd Bella turn into me?"

"Er…" I responded brilliantly again for the second time that night.

"Just forget it," she said and walked away.

"How about residual side effect of the freaky mistletoe?" I suggested quickly, my words stopping her dead in her tracks.

"That's lame, but I'll believe it. I guess. That's as good as you've got?"

"Er…" Again, brilliance, I tell you.

"Fine, Jake. Whatever," she said laughing and waving goodbye to me.

I stopped her again with my words and even braved moving closer to her, but only one measly step. "Can I ask you something?

"Shoot," she said, running her hand through her hair: her shiny, jet black, flawless, soft, thick hair that I wanted to run my own hands through.

"Why'd you put on lip gloss?"

"Chapped," she mumbled.

"I'm sure," I responded.

"Are you calling me a liar?"

"No more than you were calling me a liar. Plus, your lips just don't look chapped."

"Well, they are," she said sternly.

"I didn't mean anything by it. Geez, you're so…"

"So what? And why are you paying such close attention to my lips, anyway?" she snapped.

"I'm not. I wasn't. I'm…" I started but couldn't think of any way out of my rambling so I simply walked towards her buying myself time to think of how to finish my sentence. But I hadn't come up with anything by the time I got to her. I simply stared at her, my eyes roaming. They began at her eyes and then moved to her lips. When I ended up looking into her eyes again I realized she was glaring at me. I averted my gaze looking upward and I chuckled.

"What?" she said, her voice sounding blatantly angry now.

"Er…" I started and then simply pointed above us. She tilted her head toward the ceiling and a small smile crept up at the corners of her mouth. It was really kind of cute and sweet, in an as-sweet-as-Leah-can-be sort of way. When she dropped her head back down I could no longer help myself. I had to know what the flavor was of that lip gloss.

I leaned in and she didn't hesitate, following my lead. It was probably a first, even though I was the Alpha of the pack. Go figure. Our lips brushed lightly together. "Vanilla. Vanilla Coke," I murmured and I could feel her smile against my lips before she kissed me.

This kiss was different from the first. It was sweet and lingering and more like an introduction to her lips than the last one, until it wasn't. Leah, as I had pointed out, was strong and determined and she apparently knew what she wanted. I found myself suddenly pushed up against the archway with her hands fisted in my shirt. She was attacking my lips with such sheer force I was fighting hard to keep up with her, but was holding my own, thank you very much. Although, I didn't quite know where to put my hands. I wanted them everywhere. She seemed irritated that they weren't on her at all and suddenly grabbed my hands and wrapped them around her back as she stepped impossibly closer to me.

My hands felt fairly comfortable on her body once she put them there and I remembered how I'd liked them there the first time and completely relaxed. I allowed them to caress her back and ran them up to her shoulders and finally into her hair. I had been right and it was soft. So soft.

We kissed for a long time, not even moving from our spot. And it just felt right. Kissing her, hell, talking to her, and just being with her felt right. The only problem was we needed to talk about the kissing, but I certainly wasn't going to stop us. I guess we'd do that later. Yeah, much later.

Leah's hands unclenched themselves from my shirt and she began to roam them over my chest until she wrapped them around my back and ran them up my shirt. I let out a very unmanly squeak at the contact and she laughed in my mouth. Yeah, that hit my ego hard. I huffed at her laughter and she smirked at me, mumbling, "Sorry," while staring directly into my eyes.

"Sure you are," I said keeping the mood light to let her know I didn't really care. I was just embarrassed. She knew I was inexperienced, and I didn't mind that she wasn't. I just hoped that that didn't mean that she'd be mocking me if we actually tried to do this. A relationship, that is.

"No, I am," she said, nodding her head and gazing back down at my lips. "I don't want to scare you away with my wolf-like appetite for men."

"You can't scare me away, Leah," I said and looked up at the mistletoe again. She looked up with me and laughed. "Besides… I don't even like you." I shrugged and added, "Freaky Mistletoe."

She repeated the last two words with a giggle and pressed her lips to mine again. Freaky mistletoe, indeed.