I watched Pharaoh Atemu's every move, while he rode with me over the market. I still feared him a little. After a while his cousin, High Priest Seto, said: "Are you getting weak? The last guy, that was mean to a slave you had bought afterwards, is still wandering the shadow realm." The Pharaoh looked at him with a smile and said: "You were the one chiding me to be too rough on the slave-traders and that I can't change the way things are in a day and expect them to be more kind. And now you're calling me weak, for not sending him to the shadows?" High Priest Seto just said: "My apologies, but I was just surprised that for once you actually listened to me."

I saw the Pharaoh smile and looking down on me. One of his arms was around me the whole time and held on to me tight, but I didn't feel restricted, rather protected. He stopped at every stand with jewels and I looked at them. I never dared to say what I liked but it seemed like he could see right through me and just bought things that I looked at for too long. At the end of the day I had more jewels than I could wear at a time, and most of them with rubys. And he promised, that no matter what happened, they would always be mine. I wondered why he promised that and what might happen that could make me doubt that.

After the market we rode back to his palace and I started to shiver a little once we were there. Now I was afraid again of what was going to come. But not as much as I was. He was so kind and gentle and protective the whole day and bought me so much, and he was young and strong and extremely good looking on top of it. And his eyes were still fascinating to me. But still I was nervous and a bit afraid of what would happen, once we're alone. He just smiled at me the whole time and walked with an arm around my waist, next to me, towards what must have been his room. I shivered a little again, as he sat down onto the bed and pulled me onto his lap. But he whispered: "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, and I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to do, my little cutie."

I looked him the eyes, once again mesmerized by their beauty, as he smiled down on me and started to gently kiss me. I let him, it felt nice. His soft lips on mine and his tongue that was soon exploring my mouth, allowing me to taste his sweet flavor. He just kissed me for a long time and I'm completely at ease before he started to gently touch the upper part of my body. I didn't even tense up for a second, I just enjoyed his gentle hands on my skin and cuddled closer to him. He did nothing else all night long and eventually he fell asleep, his arms wrapped around me. But I couldn't sleep, this felt too strange, being in a building and a soft bed for the first time in my entire life. I tried to sleep for a long time but after a while I gave up and started to wiggle out of his embrace. I wasn't stupid enough to try and run and wasn't even sure I would if I could, so I just walked out onto his balcony and watched the stars from there. I could feel the wind a little on my skin, weakened from the city walls, but it was there. I lied down on the floor there, it was harder than the soft desert sand but with the wind and stars, better than the too soft bed inside had been and I eventually fell asleep.

The sun light woke me the next morning and I stretched my body a little and heard a sigh right after. I looked towards it and saw the Pharaoh, standing there with a smile on his face and he asked: "Would you mind telling me why you're sleeping alone on my hard balcony floor rather than with me, in my soft bed?" He looked a little sad, like the smile was forced and I wondered why he could be sad but just answered honestly: "Because I've never slept in a building before, nor in a bed and I couldn't fall asleep in there." I could feel my face turn red as I said it but he smiled and looked less sad and walked over to where I was still lying on the floor. He sat down next to me and started to play with my hair for a while, before asking: "You've been a nomad then?"

I looked at him for a moment, before I nodded and he asked: "The others, who were with the slave-traders, did they come from your tribe too?" I looked at him again, before I answered honestly: "Not till yesterday, some were with them till they reached the pyramid, they tried to sell some there first, but they didn't want me there because I'm too weak and so I got separated from the others from my tribe and was alone." He watched my face the whole time, like he was looking out for the smallest changes in my face, before he asked again: "When was that?" I wondered why he asked but said: "The morning before you bought me." He continued watching me for a long time while playing with my hair. And I watched him while he did, with a little smile on my face, it felt nice to me when he played with my hair. After another moment he asked: "Did you have many friends in your tribe?" I looked towards the horizon and think of gramps and Fenny, I missed them and said: "Not friends but I had my grandfather there and my beloved Fenny."

We stayed there for a long time, until he said: "I have some things to do now and will be out today until very late. But I'll show you the gardens first. I'm sure you'll like it and you can move freely within it, as well as anywhere inside the palace. But I'd like you to be back in this room when I get back. But you don't need to stay up for me, like I said I'll be late tonight." I looked at him for a moment before I started to stand up and I thanked him for his offer to show me the garden and promise to be here when he gets back. He kept his promise and walked with me to the gardens and a little bit through it, before he left for the day. He had looked sad again a little and I wondered why.

I spent the whole day in the garden and enjoyed it there. Unfortunately the walls didn't let much wind through and even so the sand was different from the desert sand, it's too moist, it's more like in an oasis, I liked that I could feel some sort of sand under my feet again. I also loved the fishes he had in the pond and watched them for hours, wondering how Fenny was doing and where gramps was right now and if he was worried about me? He must have been worried. I sat there all day, even ate out there, something that a servant brought me. After I returned to the Pharaoh's room, I walked right out onto the balcony. I lied down there for a moment and watched the stars, planning to go to the bed later and try to sleep there again. But I fell asleep where I was, before I got around to it.

The next morning I woke once again to the rising sun, like I always did in the desert. I noticed that an arm was around me and a head was resting leaned on my shoulder. I recognized the spiky hair immediately and smiled. I waited for him to wake up and as he did he started to stretch his body and groaned. "How can anyone sleep like this?" I chuckled and then smiled at him, asking: "How can anyone live without the desert wind on his face and in his hair and the sand beneath his feet? And how can anyone sleep in a soft bed like yours?" He smiled at me lovingly and said: "It's both the same, I guess. All a matter of what you're used to, right? But I think people can get used to new things, the only question left is: Will I need to get used to my balcony or will you give the bed another try?" I chuckled again and said: "I'll try the bed again, I was going to last night but fell asleep while watching the stars." He smiled at me and gave me a small kiss and said: "At least I finally got to wake up with you in my arms." I blushed at that but still smiled and cuddled closer to him and he held me tight. After another while he said: "I forgot something important the last two days." I looked at him, wondering why he would tell me that he had forgotten something, until he said: "I forgot to ask for your name." He blushed and it looked so cute as he did, so I just smiled at him and said: "It's Yugi." He smiled and whispered: "I love the name, it suits you. My lovely little Yugi."

He had some things to do during the day again. It was every day the same from then on. During the days I was in the garden, all alone and felt lonely and missed him, wondering when he would have time for me. Sometimes he would come there for a while or early in the evenings but most days he would come to his room, while I watched the stars from his balcony. He would sweet talk me to his bed and cuddle and kiss me for a long time, but during the first nights I would walk to the balcony and sleep there, unable to find any sleep in the bed. But after a few nights, even I wasn't satisfied with just cuddling and kissing him and from then onwards it was easy to fall asleep in his arms, in his bed. I was too exhausted to even consider walking towards the balcony.

The first month in the palace went by so fast, that I hardly noticed how long I was there. But one eveneing my Pharaoh was behaving a little strange, he was holding me more and cuddling more and whispering how much he wanted me to stay with him forever. And I sort of felt like he was about to send me away and this was a goodbye. He was like this till I fell asleep for the first time before him and the next morning he looked like he hadn't had any rest at all. But he gave me a present. He called it our one month anniversary present, since it was exactly one month that day that he had found me. He said, it would be outside in the garden and he said that he was happy it had come in time. He hadn't been sure if it would, it could have taken a few more months, he even said he had wished so. His wish only confused me more. He walked with me towards the garden and I stared as I walked out. Outside was a little fennec fox, playing with the water in the pond and tried unsuccessfully to catch a fish and behind the fox stood an elderly man with spiky grey hair.

"Gramps." I shouted and ran towards him. Man and fox turned to look at me and gramps just opened his arms, while Fenny was running around me, jumping up until I bent down to pick her up and hugged her too, while gramps put his arms around us both. "How did you get here? How did you even know I'm here?" I asked him in surprise. He just smiled at me and said with a wink. "Someone has set all the caught and sold tribe members free again and sent them looking for me and Fenny, to tell us that you're here and we could visit you whenever we wanted, as well as that you missed us and would like us to visit soon." I looked at him and then turned to see my Pharaoh standing in the entrance of the garden, watching us with a loving smile. That once again looked a little sad.

I let go of gramps and Fenny and ran towards him and into his arms and said: "Thank you so much, thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't tell you how happy I am and how grateful I am." He held me tight and whispered into my ear: "I hope you know by know that I don't ever want to lose you, but if you truly wish to go back to your beloved desert with your grandfather and Fenny, then I'll set you free again and let you go. I want you to be happy. And I know that your still in the garden all day, every single day and I don't want to imprison you here." I looked up into his eyes, unable to believe his words. He had been willing to pay so much to get me and then all the jewels and I'm sure he would let me keep them, he had promised after all. And after all that he offered me my freedom back, while holding me so tightly, like he couldn't bare to see me leave. The way his eyes looked, he really wouldn't be able to bare it, so I whispered back: "You're right, I love the desert and miss it, but I love you more and would miss you even more, I don't want to leave you." And at least now I knew why he had been so strange. He was worried that I would want to leave him.

He held me even tighter for a moment and kissed me again passionately and whispered: "Thank you, my lovely little one. But I'm afraid I have some things to do like always, but at least today you're not alone." I looked at him and said, smiling: "I'll miss you anyway." And he gave me one more kiss, before leaving me alone with gramps. I walked back to him with a smile on my face and he looked at me worried and said: "We came here last night, as we reached the city but the Pharaoh in person said if we wait one night to see you, he would let you decide if you want to come back with us to the tribe." I looked at him and for a moment, I could see on his worried face, that he knew what I'll do, but I had to say it anyway, so I did. "He did just offer me that choice, but I can't come back, not anymore. I love him. And even so he hasn't said "I love you" to me yet, I hope that one day he will and believe that he already feels that way for me. I can't leave him."

Gramps sighed and said: "I fear that it might be a mistake, he is the Pharaoh and has responsibilities and can't possibly stay with you forever. You know why, he'll need an heir eventually."

I looked at him and said: "I know, but I still love him and know that no matter what, he would never let me down and be there for me. I wont regret it gramps, don't worry."

Yugi: And I was right, I never regretted it and like I said at the start of my story, I married him in the end but to find out how that played out, please read Lily272's story "Beloved slave". It's mainly Puppyshipping but with a little side dish of my beloved Pharaoh and me and in the end of that he proposes to me and I'm so happy about it. And I get a human friend since Fenny will stay with gramps, I don't want to lock her in a Palace too. But that story is rated M because my new friend Joey went through a LOT of REALLY bad stuff, so it's nothing for the faint hearted. But if you don't mind a lot of drama and a bit of a rollercoaster ride he gets, then enjoy it as well. Also I have my own chapter there too and so has my Pharaoh, who seems to be a bit mean at points but really isn't. You know already how good he is from this story.

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