A/N: this is just a small Christmas story that takes place after Edward leaves. I don't know if this has been done yet or not so bare with me. Enjoy.

Dear Santa

T'was the week before Christmas and all through the house, a young girl sits in her room all alone just writing something down. Her dad is downstairs watching the game worried about his little girl. She has been depressed since her boyfriend left, but so far so good not a scream can be heard. He sighs and resumes what he was watching but being on the alert for the screams that will soon begin.

The girl in the meantime finished her thoughts and continued on writing once she was done she read over it once more before enclosing it in the envelope and placing a stamp on the right hand corner. She suddenly stops for she was about to get up thinking how stupid this was. With an aggravated sigh she brings down a box and places the letter inside with all the other ones that she had failed to send out. Shivering slightly after opening the window, the girl crawled up under the covers she mutters his name and soon let the nightmares fill her head not knowing the difference in reality.

While this was going on a boy sits on the branch outside. He watched as the girl write the letter and watched as she gave the sigh and pulled down the box. He shook his head as she left the window open as if waiting for his appearance. He wasn't going to go in. He promised that he would not exist in her life, but curiosity got the better of him and he moved in. Ever so quiet and graceful like a cat he crawled through the open window and walked over to the box.

"Edward." He jerked around startled as he heard his name, but alas she was asleep. He exhaled slowly and turned back to the box. It was simple and brown and engraved on the top was the name Isabella Swan.

He sighed at the name of his love but then scowled as now she was not his. He let her go in the woods not too long ago. He had hoped she had moved on, but he can see that she did not. All of sudden arose a scream; that he jumped and spun to see his love in sheer agony.

He tried to calm her down as Charlie was pounding up the stairs he had to get and fast so giving her a kiss on the forehead the screams came to a halt. He watched as Charlie burst into the room in time to hear her say, "I love you Edward please come back."

He ran as fast as he could back to the house where he was greeted with his family.

"What is that son?" Carlisle asked with worry in his thoughts.

"Why does that smell like Bella?" Alice asked

Edward did not respond and he started to open the box, "Dude should you do that? You are going to get coal for Christmas," Emmett stated

"Please he is already on the naughty list." Rose stated with venom in her tone (no pun intended). He had told them about the break up and they had heard about from the wolves about what their dear boy did. She was mad and even felt sorry for the human she hated.

Esme squeezed his shoulder and despite the warnings he opened the box to be greeted with a bunch of envelopes. Looking at them Jasper took out one and said, "These are all letters to Santa."

"We should not read these." Esme stated

But it was already too late Edward took one at random and began to read:

Dear Santa,

I am five years old and all I want for Christmas is for Mommy to go back to Daddy. I really miss him and I know she does too. We left when I was really little and ever since then she has felt sad. She does not like to show it but I know she is sad and lonely. Please Santa I know that it would make her happy.

Merry Christmas Love,

Isabella Swan

"Dude wow. Even at five she cared more for others than herself." Emmett proclaimed while giving a low whistle. Edward sighed and passed the box around.

T'was the week before Christmas and all through the house, the vampires sat and started to read Bella's mail. What can be found inside the box that held letters to Santa that did not get delivered?