Ok this is the last chapter. It is going to be rather sad but I feel that it will work better this way. Thank you to all those that have reviewed and favored this story; you all have been great and I really appreciate it and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year =D

Dear Santa

Bella smiled and raised her arms straight out and raised her face toward the sky. Edward watched as his angel leaned forward, crouched. Before he could get over the shock of seeing the angel so broken she flung herself off the cliff.

"NO!" They all shouted as Bella fell into the raging water below.

All she could remember is the icy cold water and once again her love pleading with her to fight and survive. She did not want to fight nor did she want to survive. She felt herself drifting and seeing a bright light. Within that light she saw her grandmother beckoning her to come toward her. With a final thought of her love darkness consumed her.

Edward had immediately sprung after her the millisecond after his love jumped off the cliff. He saw her in the water and was pleading with her to fight and survive, but she wasn't listening to him. She just smiled a haunting yet peaceful smile. Was she started to close her eyes he pulled her out of the icy cold water. Without even thinking he ran home, praying for her to keep fighting.

Warmth. That was the new feeling. Bella was no longer cold, instead she was warm. Was this hell? She wondered. Groaning she opened her eyes to see a bright room, "Bella!" she jumped slightly to see her love by her side.

"Edward?" She questioned.

He pulled her close and he inhaled her sweet scent. How could he have stayed away this long? How could he have broke her heart in the woods?

"Please love do not ever do that again." He begged her.

Edward was faintly aware of his family in the room, but they decided to keep quiet. They were glad that she was ok.

Bella then looked around and saw the rest of her vampire family and the sun seeping into her room. It was Christmas morning and surprisingly she was not dead. But what was even more amazing was the question: had Santa really gotten her letter?

"How?" Bella asked her voice hoarse from many months of not being used. As Edward was about to speak, Bella shook her head, "I do not want to know. I am just happy Santa got my letter."

The family smiled sadly at their long lost family member, "It's good t have you back Bella." Carlisle spoke going over and giving his daughter a hug.

"Yes it is good." Esme nodded

"You really scared us sis." Emmett spoke

"Yes you did." Jasper said wincing slightly at the emotions

"I love you Bells." Alice stated

"Please forgive us and myself." Rose said.

Bella looked around and sighed, "It's Christmas. So yes I forgive you. That is why I had asked Santa to find Edward so I could tell him that. But then when I realized that he was here before I drove to your house to give it to him personally," They knew that but thought it was best if she did not know that they were actually there. Before either of them could speak she asked, "Where is Charlie? Did he know what I did?"

Edward's face fell, "Well he did see your note about running away. But we called him about you trying to go to our house, but you were in a car accident and your truck kind of was destroyed. Carlisle fixed you up and we are willing to pay for a new car. Rose took a look at it and it's gone Bells."

Bella tried to sit up and winced at the pain she was in. Edward helped her and she pulled her knees to her chest and hid her face, "I am a terrible person. He must have been worried sick."

"He was, but he is ok now. He is not thrilled with us at the moment…mainly Edward he wants to kill if that helps." Emmett said with a small but sad smile.

"Yeah everything is going to work out." Alice reassured her.

"Yeah I will believe that when pigs fly." Bella scoffed

They gave her a sad smile, but Bella remembered something and gave Edward a sad look, "Can I speak to Edward, alone please?"

They nodded as Carlisle said, "We have to go home anyway. It was a rough night and Charlie will be getting up soon. Merry Christmas Bells."

"Yeah Merry Christmas." They were out her window.

Once they were out of hearing distance Edward nodded to Bella, "What did you want to say?"

Bella sighed, "You are going to leave again aren't you?"

Edward looked at his angel with a pained expression. Was he going to leave again? He had to. He was a danger to her. He was a monster and he still had to track Victoria.

Taking his silence Bella confirmed her thoughts, "I thought so."

"Bella I-"

"Don't Edward. Please do not say anything more. If you read my letter you would know what I want." Bella said. She looked at him as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the soppy wet envelop, "You did not read it that night?"

"No, I was too guilt ridden to read." he answered pained

Bella nodded in understanding, "Well I just want something to remember you by. I want to know that you existed. That is all I wanted for Christmas. I wanted to see all of you again." She yawned and laid back down.

"Sleep love. I promise that I will grant you your wish. I love you." But she was already asleep when he whispered the last part.

Reaching under the floor boards he carefully lifted them up and pulled out a box. Looking at a picture from her birthday party he smiled sadly. Re-closing the box he wrapped it up and placed on the side of her bed. Kissing her on her forehead he turned to the window and said, "Merry Christmas Love. Be well."

This was the last time; he promised himself, that he would ever see her. Going back home he explained that they needed to leave again, but he had assured them that all would be well in the end.

Later that night, after getting yelled at by Charlie, Bella was in her room. She had thought that last night was a dream. But it wasn't if she was getting yelled at by her father for running away. Edward had been here. She looked to her nightstand and saw a box with elegant handwriting on the card.

My love,

Yes I needed to leave again. It is for your safety love. I lied to you that day in the woods, I really do love you. I could not bear the thought of you dying at the hands of our kind. I nearly died when you jumped. Please understand that I really do love you and I hope that you will find happiness.

As promised here is your stuff that I hid. I only hid it so that it would be easier for you to forget about me, but I realize now that it would be impossible. In hopes that I am able to return I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me.

With all my love for an Eternity,

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen

Bella smiled sadly at the stuff in the box. She was no longer sad nor was she angry. He had been real.

Pulling out a piece of paper she wrote another letter. She had started the letter the same way she started the others. The only difference was it was a thank you and a much cherry start, "Dear Santa…"