A/N: Post-Doctor in the Photo and an eventual B&B fic, because I love happy endings. Depending on where these prompts take me, I may or may not change the rating to M. It hasn't been decided yet, but we'll see how this goes. Hopefully, the next chapter will be up by tonight :)

Seven Sins, Seven Virtues

Chapter One – Gluttony

It had been a year since he heard Bones' confession. It had been six months since he asked Hannah to marry him. It had been six hours since Hannah left him standing at the altar.

He had only seen the movie once, with Rebecca, but the Runaway Bride stunt was funnier in the movie than it was in real life.

He sat in the reception hall, utilizing the open bar that was supposed to be there for his wedding guests. He sat there alone, nursing a single malt scotch and praying to God that Gordon Gordon didn't come searching for him.

The chef and his best friend had sat next to each other in the church while he and Parker stood at the altar waiting for his bride. But she never came. There weren't any bridesmaids and Parker was the only other person standing up with them, so when she didn't come down the aisle, her mother stood from the front pew and walked to the back of the church. He waited with a nervous smile on his face. Parker had tugged on his dad's sleeve and asked where she was. Booth told him she was probably just a little nervous and that she'd be out soon. He looked at Bones, who was watching him with the same intensity as she studied her bones. Gordon noticed, whispered something in her ear, and she smiled at him. It calmed him and he didn't want to look away from her. But she was the one to look away first. Archer whispered something to her and she took his hand. That's when Hannah's mother came back through the doors and down the aisle, drawing his attention away from his partner and her boyfriend. She took Booth over toward the side entrance, the one usually reserved for parish staff. She slipped him a note, walked to the podium and announced that there would be no wedding today. Sorry for the inconvenience, she told everyone, but you can go home now. Booth sat down on a corner bench near the door. Bones could see Parker standing there with him, his small hand rubbing over his father's broad back to console him. As she fought against the swarm of people trying to leave the church, she struggled to see over them. She wanted to hug him, make sure he was okay. But when she finally reached where Parker and Booth had been, they were gone. She peeked out the window in the door and saw Booth's car pulling out of the back lot.

The only noise around him was the noise coming from the waiters they had hired to take care of guests. Hannah's family had spared no expense; they were happy that their nomad daughter was finally staying in one place. The wait staff was busy clearing the centerpieces and place settings from the tables around him and he focused on the bottom of his glass, listening only to the soft clinking of the plates and silverware being moved. But then he heard the soft padding against the carpeted floor. Someone went to the bar and told the bartender, I'll have what he's having. Then, his mysterious guest took a seat next to him. Booth didn't bother to look up before speaking.

"Dr. Wyatt," he said, "I'm not in the mood for one of your pep talks or some sort of analysis. So either we can drink or you can go."

"Booth, I'm not here to cheer you up. Okay, well, I am. But I know you. And if drink is what you want to do, then I'm all for it."

Booth glanced up at Hodgins. Like Booth, he was still dressed in his wedding attire.

"Let's drink then." They finished their current glasses of scotch and Booth went to the bar for two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila. He brought he bottle back and handed a shot glass to Jack. The first few, or ten, burned as they went down. But the close to the bottom of the bottle they got, the easier it was.

"Who sent you?" Booth wanted to know almost half way through the bottle.

"No one," Jack shrugged, attempting to play it off. They took another shot.

"You're lying. Was it Cam? Angela?"

"It was Dr. B," he confessed. Jack poured two more shots for them.


They took the shot.

"Yeah, she was really worried about you. She said you probably needed time and space, but Dr. B. thought maybe it'd be better if I came to check on you anyway."

"Why didn't she come herself?"

Jack didn't answer but Booth already knew the answer.

"Archer," he mumbled.

Hodgins shrugged, not wanting to upset his friend even further.

"What does she even see in him?" Booth wondered aloud. His own words sounded harsh to him, but he was drunk, abandoned at the altar, and alone. Again. He was allowed to be just a little snippy.

"He's the head of pediatric oncology at GU's hospital, he's a vegetarian, he's traveled just as much as she has-"

"I get it, Hodgins. They're perfect for each other," Booth cut him off.

When the bottle of tequila was gone, Jack told him they were done.

"Come on. You can come home with me and sleep it off. You – we're not driving. I have a driver out front."

Booth shook his head. "I'm not staying at your place. I'll get lost inside. Your kitchen is bigger than my entire apartment."

"Pretend you're on vacation," Jack tried.

"Which wing am I staying in? North? South?" Booth deadpanned.

"My house is not that big. Plus, Ella would love to see you."

"Guilt-tripping me with the baby? That's a low blow, Hodgins."

Jack shrugged. "No one else plays peek-a-boo with her like you. She loves you."

"Yeah, well, you're lucky your kid is cute or I wouldn't be coming over."

Hodgins chuckled as he helped Booth up. "I'll make you a deal: come over, play with Ella for a bit and you'll feel better. If not, I'll take you back to your place."

"Deal. But once the baby goes to bed, you better break out a bottle of scotch."

"Booth, this pain isn't going to go away anytime soon. Drinking isn't going to help that."

Jack put him in the town car first and got in right after him. Booth immediately started going through the mini-bar and Jack closed the door, catching Booth's fingers.

"Well, drinking helps," Booth retorted, pulling his fingers back, "It takes the pain away just a little bit at a time."