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Seven Sins, Seven Virtues


Booth paced around his living room, waiting for her to come home from the club. He didn't know what to expect, whether she'd come home plastered as a college girl or sober as an AA sponsor. He had watched her walk out of his office earlier that night and he had wanted to follow. He had decided against it, knowing better than to cause a riff between them over something seemingly trivial.

Messing with Bones was like playing with fire. You're gonna get burned. And that's exactly what had happened. He denied her the night before and now that he wanted more a more physical aspect to their relationship, she was fighting back.

And it turned him on even more. The whole 'I'm-yours-but-you-can't-have-me' thing she had going on just riled him up even more. He felt more strung up than he ever had.

But, as he had already decided, this was war.

She was leading him on, playing hard-to-get, in a way and it drove him nuts. Booth knew this game they were playing could last forever, but he wasn't sure if he'd survive. When Bones put her mind to something, there was no way you could get her to change it. And now she was getting revenge. She wouldn't stop until she was satisfied.

And he had a plan to make her surrender.

It was early morning when she came home. Her footsteps sounded strong, not the wobbly stumbles one would see with an inebriated individual. Lights were off in their apartment and Booth feigned sleep in their bed. She moved through the apartment swiftly, making sure all lights were off and the door was locked before she moved through the bathroom and back to the bedroom. When she saw his closed eyes, she slipped off her heels right there so the solid thumps of the stilettos against the wood floor wouldn't wake him. She ditched the shoes by the closet and parted with her dress in exchange for a silky pajama set.

She lifted the covers and slid into bed next to him. Booth was doing his best to pretend to be asleep. He kept his breathing even and had to resist rolling over to look at her. She moved closer to him on the bed and began to kiss his skin gently. Booth acted like she was waking him with her lips on his skin and by the time she made her way up to his lips, his eyes were open and his mouth had curved into a smile.

"Mmm, hey, Bones. Have fun with Angela?"

She kissed him fully and he returned it.

"I did. But I'm glad I'm home."

She kissed him just a little harder this time, hoping he'd respond.

"I'm glad you're home."

He kissed her quickly one last time and rolled over, his back facing her. He heard her scoff quietly and he smiled, knowing her plan was working. Bones repeated her process again, hoping she would be more successful this time. When he turned on his back, he kissed her quickly and said, "I think it's good we're going slow. Shows how committed we are to each other."

He pulled her close to his body and held her as if to say he was done with the kissing and the touching and was ready for sleep. She was frustrated. He wondered if she had initiated a plan to get him to change his mind. If she had, it wasn't working. He smiled softly, kissed the top of her head and closed his eyes.

"Goodnight, Bones."

"Yeah, 'Night."

They both laid there for a while and just as Booth was about to start the next part of his plan, she threw the covers back and got out of bed. Now it was Booth's turn to be confused. He listened to her footsteps. She paced through the apartment for a bit before settling in the kitchen. He heard the freezer open and shut, ice cubes drop into a glass and the sound of a smooth liquid being poured. On light sniper feet, Booth snuck through the bathroom and into the living room. He saw her sitting at the table, sipping a glass of scotch and looking madder than a hornet.

"You okay?"

Bones jumped. She hadn't seen him there and his presence surprised her. She took a quick sip of the alcohol and glanced at him quickly before looking away.

"I'm fine."

"You're upset." It was a statement, an observation. Something was wrong and Booth knew it had to be his fault.

"I would really prefer if you would just make a decision for once."

Her tone meant he was in trouble. Had he taken the game too far?

"You mean…"

"Do you want to have sexual intercourse with me or not?" As always, she was as blatant as ever. He was used to it, of course, but the impatience in her voice threw him for a loop.

"Of course I do!"

She crooked one eyebrow as if to challenge him.

"I do!" he squawked, "You know I do! I just want to make sure this is the right next step for us."

"Booth, I've realized that we don't do anything like normal couples! The whole notion of a 'next step' for us is completely obliterated! We don't do things like Angela and Dr. Hodgins or Cam and Paul-"

"They're not normal, either!" Booth countered.

She huffed. "You are so…frustrating! I can't tell what you want Booth! Archer was predictable! I could tell Angela something about Archer and she would tell me exactly what that meant. I figured him out very quickly. My skills in reading people's emotions and actions have improved significantly, but you…I can't read you! I don't know what you want. You don't want to have sexual intercourse and then you do! Your actions give me more than enough evidence to show me you love me, but you don't say it. The proof is confusing, contradicting sometimes. I'm not used to not understanding evidence. I need you to give me more than circumstantial evidence! I need more than just wanting to go slow to show commitment. I'm more than committed to you. I used to be scared of being with someone. And now I'm scared to be alone. I don't have any control over my feelings anymore. I can't compartmentalize like I used to. I love you, Booth and I need proof that what happened with Archer isn't going to happen again."

"It's not."

"How do you know?"

"Because I'm not Archer."

"Well, I know that," she said, giving him a small smile, "You're much more handsome."

He returned her smile with a cocky grin. "Really?"


"I love you, too, ya know."

He leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was slow at first but it quickly heated up. He pulled her up from the chair, giving him better access to her. His hands slid under her shirt and she moaned against his lips at the touch of his hands on her skin. She decided to wax poetic and whispered into his kiss, "Take me to bed or lose me forever."

He laughed heartily and crouched down, sweeping her off her feet and over his shoulder.

"Booth, let me go!" She thrashed in his arms until he dropped her on the bed.