This is a little poem about why people keep journals. I wrote this last night, inside my offline journal. As well as the accompanying little rant/article on why I've decided to keep a notebook (like I did when I was younger and watched Harriet the Spy) I composed this poem to go along with it. It explains why someone may keep a diary or a journal. Harriet the Spy also got me started writing in my notebooks. I had always kept journals, but I'd write for a day or to, and then stop. Finally, back in sixth grade, I decided I would finish my red notebook and then I did and needed to keep writing, now they've all piled up. It's an addictive hobby, that's for sure. I've started journaling again recently - writing and collaging in an A4 sketchpad - and I've very nearly finished my first book. I can't really explain my writing. And I hope you like it.

When you feel that warm sunshine's gone,
And you're a hopeless, emotional mess,
You'll take out your little blue notebook,
And write out all the stress.

If a lesson just goes too long,
Or people are giving you grief,
Your notebook'd love to know what's wrong,
It won't attack you for your belief.

So if all your feelings just pile up inside you,
And your happiness seems far away,
Stop for a moment and write 'til you're blue,
Because you're welcome to - each day.

So what did you think? I know it's short but it's sweet. Thanks.