Kara was sitting at the piano in the bar, tinkering with the keys and muttering to herself. Saul, Tori, and Ellen were at a table, talking quietly and drinking. While Ellen and Saul were talking about Anders, Tori's attention was drawn to Starbuck's tinkering. She had pulled something out of her pocket and unfolded it on the music stand on the upright piano.

Chords of music were being strung together. Starbuck's head seemed to tilt to the side as Tori watched, and the cacophony of notes started blending together into something recognizable. Ellen and Saul's conversation stopped mid sentence, and the three Cylons were all looking and listening in awe.

Saul thought he was going crazy. "What the frak?"

"That's it," Tori said. "That's the song."

Without saying anything to each other, the three got up from the table and slowly approached the piano. Saul reached out to spin Starbuck around, but Ellen grabbed his arm. He looked at her, but stilled when Ellen shook her head.

Walking around the piano, they came to realize that Kara wasn't all there. Her eyes were half closed, and she seemed to be talking to someone. The song that they knew progressed and Kara's left hand began flying across the lower keys into something new. The melody that her right hand was doing morphed to follow her left, and Kara's mouth started to sag open. The three stared as a trail of tears started going down her face.

"Daddy," Kara whispered. "I miss you so much."

Tori's hand was at her mouth, Ellen flinched, and Saul's one good eye rolled back. Memories began to flood Tori and Saul's minds, of the lives they had before. Saul's previous memory of finding Ellen in the bank went backwards. He could see himself working on something important. Tori saw herself kissing Gaylen passionately.

Kara's voice broke the spell, and they realized the song was over. "What's up? I was doing something... What was I doing?"

"Where did you hear that song?" Saul whispered.

Kara frowned. "My dad taught it to me."

"What was his name?" Ellen asked her.

"Dreilide Thrace. Why?" She was looking at them like they were losing their minds.

"Dreilide," Tori said, "Geminese for Daniel."

Ellen gasped.