A Basic Introduction
(or What the Hell This is All About, Anyway.)

This entire collection is dedicated without hesitation to Amy (Amy is Rockin), who encourages me and inspires me and makes me a better writer (and a better person while she's at it). There will be various other dedications within, for different chapters, but the whole thing is for Amy, always&forever. I love you, man.

Okay, so, here's the deal. Amy is Rockin and I decided to have a little (well, large) Next-Gen… I don't know, competition, I guess? We've got a list of all possible Next-Gen pairings (including three female OCs of our choosing), and we're racing to write oneshots about each of them before the other. (This is only het, non-incest pairings, by the way.) There are now quite a few other people doing this too, so keep an eye out! (Mystii, xrawrDINOSAURx, HollywoodNights, Acacia Thorn, Aiiimy)

Mine will, I believe, be mostly unconnected – although I'll keep all characters in the same houses and the same ages and with the same friends to try to minimise confusion!

I'll be leaving my OTPs probably until last – i.e. TeddyLily, RoseScorpius, MollyLysander, etc., so please don't bother asking me to do those yet. Otherwise, if you have a pairing you want to see next, feel free to leave a request in a review! The only condition is that you must give me a one-word prompt at the same time. So get your thinking caps on!

Now, each oneshot must be between 600 and 3000 words, and we're allowed to include a maximum of five freeverses altogether. Otherwise, the rules are pretty simple: write until your fingers fall off!

If you're going to be reading mine I respectfully beg you to read Amy's and everyone else's too, as they will doubtless far surpass mine in skill.

Something has just occured to me that is probably important for you to know: I write Lily Luna with green eyes. I always have, and I always will. I know it's not canon, but I don't care. In my head, she will always and forever have green eyes. I'm sorry if this bothers you, but it will not change.

For the record, my three female OCs will be: Chloe Nott (daughter of Daphne Greengrass and Theodore Nott), Jenny Rogers (muggleborn girl the same age as James Sirius) and Katherine ("Katie") Finnegan (daughter of Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnegan).

And now I will shamelessly steal Aimy's idea and give everyone a list of the houses I'm placing all the characters in, to try to prevent too much confusion. The list is actually pretty easy to remember, because I place most of them in one house.

Ravenclaw; Hugo, Lysander, Lorcan, Louis.

Hufflepuff; Katherine, Lucy.

Slytherin; Lily, Chloe.

Gryffindor; Victoire, James, Molly, Dominique, Albus, Roxanne, Fred, Rose, Jenny, Teddy, Scorpius.