Chapter Ten:

Kelly sat on the side of the bed watching Annabelle stir from her light slumber. Kelly was already washed and dressed in her 'safe cracking' outfit of tight black hipster trousers, a cotton roll neck long-sleeved top and a black leather jacket.

"Hay" Kelly said in her silky soft tone "I have to make a move before it's too late but I want you to have this". Kelly opened the lid of her mother's box with ease and pulled out a small pearl handled revolver.

"I want you to have this – I hope you don't have to use it but I need you to do what you must so we can be together after this ok?". Annabelle took the small gun and nodded at Kelly unsure on just how she felt about the gift.

"What about you" Annabelle asked the worry in her voice clear in her wavering tones.

"Don't worry about me Fritton, I can look after myself plus I have some 'lost luggage' at Waterloo Station for times such as these so I will pick up my bag from there and it has everything I could possibly need".

Annabelle was quiet, she didn't know what to say about the day they were about to start. "What else was in the box?" Belle finally asked trying to change the subject briefly from weapons and there impending use.

"Just some papers, a letter from my mum, and bit's and bob's. I'm not really sure what the rest of it is but I couldn't face going through it all when I finally got the box open this morning. I thought you might sit and read the letter with me when this is all over?" A small smile appeared on Kelly's face but Annabelle could see the real concern in her eyes.

As Kelly stood and picked up the small back bag she had placed next to the bed ready for her departure she leant over and kissed Belle, losing her breath as she allowed her senses to be overwhelmed with Annabelles scent and the feel of her peach soft skin. Belle sat quiet again trying to stay strong as minute by minute the terror of what lay head intensified. "I love you Belle" Kelly said and with that she was gone before any response was possible.

Flashes 4x4 was parked in front of the school, shining with its new midnight blue paint job. Flash was wearing his trademark hat and an old grey blazer that had not been in fashion since the sixties. Kelly looked back at the school as she got into the passenger seat, a wave of guilt washing over her again for placing the girls in such danger.

"Morning Flash, thanks for giving me a lift".

"It's a pleasure Kel". As they drove off down the drive Flas started "I was kinda hopin you might like – want – to well; some time if you're not tied up with Annabelle; like come out with me for a drink or something?.. It's just you used to say you don't mix business with pleasure but with you not at St Trinians any more I just thought it might be andsome".

"Sorry Flash, you're a bit butch for me; maybe Belle and I could both come out for a drink with you as friends when this is all over"?

Flash laughed and winked at Kelly. "You can't blame a bloke for trying! I actually think you and Annabelle are both Diamond Geezers and I wish you the best of luck. Now of course if you and Annabelle are both up for a little..."

"Little being the operative word Flash... I don't think so somehow – we will just stick to a drink I think"

"Fair enough"!

The rest of their journey was filled with light hearted banter before Flash finally pulled up outside the High Wycombe station. "Thanks Flash, I won't forget I owe you that drink".

Annabelle met the rest of the sixth formers on the gravel drive in front of the school. They had all gathered with their cars and motor bikes.

"So girls" Annabelle said with her head girls authority "you know the plan; we stick together until I give the command then bikes you will split. You all know you own routes. As I give each command each pod will keep splitting until we are every girl for herself. When we get in to London we need radio silence unless contact is absolutely necessary. Our job is to act as decoys and to take some of the heat off the school and Kelly. You are not flying under the radar... we need to cause mayhem".

Finishing her speech all girls fitted their ear pieces and got into their vehicles. A Fiat 500 took the lead with Annabelle doing her best to merge into the crowd of cars from the start. She was driving a vintage MGA in antique white that her aunt had given her for her seventeenth birthday. Her car may have been old but it was a classic and it drove like a dream.

Kelly arrived at Waterloo station just after 12pm and the cold air whipped though the station with an icy lash. Kelly approached a young blonde man who was wearing a Network Rail uniform. He was standing behind the lost property desk but he looked like he should still be in school.

"Hi, I phoned earlier about some luggage I left here... My name is Virginia Opossum".

The boy stumbled on his words obviously overwhelmed by having to communicate with a young attractive female. "I will just grab ya bag" he mumbled as he walked over to a large storage rack. He returned with a large designer holdall and he placed it on the counter.

"Can I just see some ID and get you to sign here?" the boy said nervously.

"My passport is in the bag - may I" Kelly said gesturing at the zip?

"What eva" the boy mumbled trying to look uninterested.

Kelly opened the bag a small way and slipped her hand into a pocket on the side without exposing the bags contents. She pulled out a passport and a set of keys. Opening the passport she showed the boy and signed the bit of paper. Picking up the bag she walked out of the station and round the corner to a private car park.

Swooping under the barrier to save walking the extra distance to the pedestrian entrance she strolled up to a dark grey Aston Martin and pressed a small button on the keys. The indicator lights flashed as the car unlocked. She opened the door, tossed her bag on to the passenger seat and got into the luxurious motor. Kelly pulled the door closed and it locked in place. Kelly placed her left thumb on the gear stick and a computer in the centre dash came to life.

"Identifying Kelly Jones" the computer stated in its robotic voice. Kelly stared straight ahead as a green light flashed across her eyes completing a retina scan.

"Final speech verification... please state your pass code" the robotic voice spoke again.


Annabelle and the rest of the sixth formers raced along the motorway. They look it in turns to lead with the car in the rear racing past the rest to front of the pack. This manoeuvre took place every couple of minutes. Annabelle was enjoying the ride more and more as her adrenaline increased. As they approached the outskirts of London she pressed a small button on her ear piece.

"OK girls, let's do this. Bikes split". With that command all the motorbikes pulled out of the pack and up a slip road on the left.

The school seemed quiet in the cold afternoon air. The heavy frost still lay on the lawns and the only noise coming from the usually vibrant school was originating in the Staff room.

"Your cheating" Geoffrey's voice whined – "as the maths department you should understand probability and rolling sevens that many times in a row is simply impossible. Camilla can't you just..."

"Oh ha who" Miss Fritton chuckled as she dismissed Geoffrey's protests. "What have you in store for us today Matron?"

"I call this one the Cheltenham" she said lifting a cocktail glass with a pretty layered drink that was pink at the bottom and a deep purple colour on top. "It looks good but its sour and cheap on the inside".

"Excellent" Miss Fritton said drinking it straight down.

The mood in the staff room remained jovial as the dice and card games continued and Matron carried on experimenting behind the bar.

The twins took their place on the school roof, sat on bean bags with a loptop resting on a beer crate in front of them. Facing each other the twins played 'Hello, Operator' clapping their hands together with a purity that made the red detonation button attached to the computer look quite innocent.

The walkie-talkie which was hanging from a broken drainpipe on the wall crackled into life. A small voice came through with the communication they had all been waiting for; "dinner is served – I repeat dinner is served; over".

"Right girls" Tania and Tara said simultaneously into their ear pieces "on our command unleash hell".