Hidden Allies



Summary: Ultimately she thinks it boils down to the simple fact that he needed someone to choose him first.

Spoilers: General Season 1 Glee and through Season 7 Buffy though the crossover is very slight – barely mentioned, even.

Pairings: Tina/Puck friendship, slight mention of possible Dawn/Puck

Disclaimer: Seeing as how James Marsters and Mark Salling are NOT shirtless and serving me decadent foods while I lounge by the pool of a lavish mansion I'm pretty sure that means I DON'T own anything and that Joss Whedon and Ryan Murphy are the luckiest SOB's ever.

Author's Note: Started this fic long before season one was over and just never got around to posting it. From the point of view of one of the quieter Gleeks. Keep in mind that I haven't seen many episodes of Glee (a grand total of three) in spite of having owned the first season for a month. I apologize in advance for any characters and/or situations that are ooc. Concrit is totally appreciated.

She has never quite understood the way that some of her teammates (i.e. – most of the other girls and Kurt) adore and worship the ground that Finn Hudson walks on. Even Mr. Schue acts like he's a Saint. Sure, he's nice and sweet in a way that most of the other jocks aren't but unlike Brittany's cute dumb blonde routine (which is so totally fake) his naïve oafishness is a little (a lot) annoying after about five minutes. Seriously, anyone who actually bought Quinn's hot tub pregnancy story deserves everything they get. It's not like they all haven't gone through the same sex ed course every year since sixth grade.

It's not like she thinks Puck is the greatest catch either. Neither he nor Finn is her type. She does see his appeal though. He's definitely the better looking of the two and she's pretty sure that she's one of the only people who realize that he skips math, not because he can't do it, but because he can. She once overheard their teacher talking to Figgins about how Puck's so far past them all that the class is boring for him. The teacher in question told Figgins that she'd set Puck up with OSU to take correspondence classes for math. The whole conversation was seriously weird for her at the time but she gets it now, why he never said anything about it.

He's never been the nice guy, as proven by all the slushie facials and dumpster tossing, but she thinks he totally got the shaft in the whole Babygate drama. Mercedes and Kurt rallied around Quinn; acting like the girl had done no wrong. But nobody ever gets that drunk on wine coolers, considering their alcohol content is like 1%. There's no way that Quinn didn't know exactly what she was doing.

Ultimately her decision to take his side boils down to the fact that she's been in classes with him her whole life and has seen the way that he's always been second choice to Finn. She thinks that what he really needs is for someone to see him and choose him first. That's why when Dawn Summers comes to McKinnley High and joins Glee with her friend Vi, Tina watches the way those blue eyes are drawn continuously to Puck and thinks that maybe the new girl is the answer to everyone's prayers.