Title: A Time to Remember

Author: LittleLonnie

Warnings: Sexual content, mention of drugs, violence. There is one sex scene in this story and although it's decribing what's going on it's not going into naughty details lol.

Spoilers: For 5x20 Characters: Sam (21), Brady (21), Jess (21).

In Epilogue: Sam (27), Dean (31), Brady (27)

Summary: Sam goes to Stanford, he's unaware that his friend Brady is possessed by a demon and uses drug problems as a cover up. Sam and his girlfriend Jessica takes the next step in their relationship and an old bully causes unforseen trouble for Sam. Many years later Dean will learn the truth too of what happened when he wasn't there to protect his little brother.

Important: You should read Chapter 25 of "The ABC of Limp!Sam" which story-vise is another one then this, but it's the same characters with Brady before the demon took over and before Jess.

Disclaimer: "Supernatural" and all characters beside Jacob etc belong to Eric Kripke.

Many thanks to my beta reader Ravanne! She has beta read every chapter!

Chapter 1

"Come on man. When are you going to tell me what happened to you?" Sam had been trying to catch Brady's attention for awhile now, but without much luck. The blond kid eventually met his friend's eyes. His eyes were red and tired, but he still had his familiar smirk on his face.

"You're a good friend, Sam," Brady sighed, resting his elbow on the table and cradled his head against his hand.

"So let me help you man," Sam urged, trying to get his friend to open up about what he was going through. The two friends were sitting in the Stanford library, Sam having skipped his morning business law class to catch up with Brady. They had been close friends for over a year now, but after Thanksgiving things seemed to have changed, and not for the better. Brady had gone home for the holiday break, and it seemed like the good kid he'd been when Sam first met him was almost completely gone. This Brady seemed broken, was using drugs and had seemingly given up on his future plans completely.

"It's nothing you can do, Sam. Shit happens," Brady waved off his friend's concern with a negligent gesture and quickly changed subject before Sam could respond.

"So how's it going with Jess?" Brady asked, giving Sam his new self-assured smirk and winked.

"None of your business," Sam snorted, letting Brady change the subject. For now.

"Dude, I introduced the two of you. I deserve to know! Of course, spare me the details though," Brady snorted too, running a hand through his hair nervously.

"I'm not going to tell you anything," Sam shrugged.

"Dude, my roommate moved out of our place barely a week after meeting this amazing girl. Sure, a little quickly, but who am I to judge?" Brady asked, grinning knowingly.

"You need get a new roommate. Especially since you're not exactly swimming in money."

"That's the first time I have heard you say anything economically related for months!" Sam laughed and Brady just rolled his eyes and stood up.

"Just trying to help my buddy," Brady defended.

"Since he's too dense to ask that amazing girl to move in with him." He shoved his chair away from the table and got to his feet, Sam rising also to follow his friend. He grabbed his backpack and threw it over his shoulder.

"Well I appreciate it," Sam nudged Brady's arm.

"You're always looking out for me." "Grumpy," Brady snickered and strode down the rows of books.

"Likewise," Sam playfully shoved Brady as they made their way out of the library. The two laughed together and for a moment Sam completely forgot about his friend's problems and bad times.

"See you tonight at the party then? Becky will be there," Brady winked knowingly as they got out of the school.

"Sure," Sam said with a decided lack of enthusiastically. The two clasped hands before separating and Sam headed to his apartment. He had never been much of a party animal and he really needed to keep up on his studies if he wanted to keep his scholarship. But he owed it to Brady to try to keep close and keep his friend out of trouble, so he hadn't really much of a choice. It also helped that Jessica was coming along, as well as some of his friends.

Sam let himself into his apartment and quickly locked the door behind him, the instincts of a lifetime on the road in too many questionable rooms in shoddy motels keeping him mindful of his safety. It was a decent sized place and he knew that he'd been lucky to find one this size as close to campus as it was, but it was intended for two. He had thought about asking Jess if she wanted to come to live with him, but he didn't want to scare her away just yet. Things were progressing well between them, but their relationship was still relatively new. He had just put down his bag when there was a knock on the door. Sam peered through the peephole and immediately unlocked the door when he saw who his visitor was.

"Jess!" Sam smiled and Jessica stepped inside, pressing a kiss on his cheek.

"So, you're still coming to the party? Or have you figured out another graceful excuse?" Jess teased as she took off her shoes and jacket, already dressed for the evening so she could hang out with Sam before leaving for the party.

"Yes, I'm going. I'm worried about Brady," Sam admitted and Jess nodded knowingly.

"Me too. I wonder what could have happened over the break. He still won't tell you?" Jess asked as she went into the kitchen. Sam just sighed and shook his head. He chuckled warmly when Jess found the plate of cookies she had baked for him the other day and took one, tearing off a healthy bite. They just looked at each other for a little while before Jess broke the silence.

"I've got a suggestion. I don't want you to freak out, okay?" She sat down at the table and Sam sat down across her.

"Alright." He raised an eyebrow curiously, wondering why she seemed almost nervous.

"I was thinking since you've got this huge apartment and since my roomie is moving in with her boyfriend." She paused a little, studying his reaction.

"Anyway, I thought that maybe I could come live with you." When Sam didn't answer immediately, she bit her lip and appeared to be wondering if she said the wrong thing. Her expression changed to one of confusion when Sam began to laugh.

"To tell you the truth, I've been thinking about that too," he assured his girlfriend, seeing her exhale in relief.

"Now I'm just happy that you beat me to it and I don't need to ask!" Jess grinned poked her tongue at him playfully.

"Seriously though, I'd love to have you move in," he assured her and she jumped off her chair and rushed over to him, planting herself on his lap.

"Awesome! You're so not going to regret this!" She grabbed both sides of his face and kissed him soundly, her fingers stroking his cheeks. The kiss turned deeper and it ended when both needed to pull back for air.

"I'm going to the bathroom to fix myself up, or we're never going to get out of here," she informed him and planted another little kiss on the lips. Then another before climbed off of him, but didn't leave.

"Damn it, you're just so cute!" she laughed and leaned down to kiss him again.

"Cute? Great," Sam muttered and rolled his eyes which only caused Jessica to laugh harder the whole way to the bathroom.

Sam held the door open to Jess as they left the apartment. They walked hand in hand down the street, the sun still setting in the distance. The party was being held in a frat house not far away so they decided to walk. They were both probably going to drink at the party, so taking a car didn't make any sense.

"Sam! Jess!" They both turned when they heard Brady call for them from the other side of the street. They waved him over and Sam and Jess waited for him to hurry across to join them. Sam immediately saw Brady's slightly glazed eyes as his friend came near and realized that Brady had had probably taken something right before going out.

"You okay?" Sam asked Brady. They could hear the music playing from the frat house now and Brady just grinned widely.

"Quit worrying, Sammy. I'll be fine," Brady said and threw his arm around Sam's shoulders, nearly pulling him off balance.

"Now you enjoy tonight. Deal?" Brady ruffled his blond hair with a hand before doing the same playfully to Sam's.

"Deal," Sam sighed, but forced himself to smile. He took Jess's hand in his as they entered the house.

"Who the hell invited you guys?" was the first welcoming voice they met as they stepped inside.

"Jacob. Great," Sam muttered, and he and Brady shared a knowing look. Jess grimaced when the tall jock stopped in front of them and made a suggestive gesture with tongue in her direction.

"I believe it was an open invitation," Brady answered, stepping forward to stand face to face with the taller man and deliberately placing himself between Jacob and Jess. Jacob moved his eyes from the pretty blonde girl to the petty excuse of a man in front of him.

"No fucktards allowed," Jacob pushed Brady hard in the shoulder, nearly shoving him down and Sam rushed up to stand beside his friend.

"Well, that doesn't explain the hell did you get in then, does it?" Sam said snidely.

"Last time I checked this wasn't your frat house and you don't get to make the guest rules."

"Well look who got his nose out of his book," Jacob teased and stood up closer to Sam. Jacob stood a few inches shorter than Sam, but was built much bigger. Sam didn't allow himself to be intimidated, knowing that he could take the other man down if necessary.

"Told you this was a bad idea," Sam muttered just loudly enough for Brady to hear, but his friend just shook off Sam's concern and pressed past Jacob. Sam followed quickly, Jess following in his wake when Jacob grabbed her arm.

"Where you going sweetheart? What's a hottie like you doing with that geek anyway?" He pushed her back lightly so he could see her face.

"Get your hands off her!" Sam pushed Jacob away from his girlfriend and quickly placed himself between him and Jess. That was all Jacob needed before he threw his fist out, connecting it with the wall. Sam had seen it coming, pushing Jess out of the way and ducking just in time. He stepped back instead, not wanting to escalate the fight but Jacob was beyond caring. He sent another first flying wild and this time Sam grabbed it and sent it back in Jacobs' own face. It made the other people there laugh and that just triggered the jock's anger even more.

"You piece of shit!" Jacob suddenly grabbed Sam's neck unexpectedly and held it as he smashed his fist into Sam's face. Jess screamed and Sam fell back a bit once Jacob released him. He rested against the wall, feeling blood running down from his nose. Sam almost growled in anger, but Brady had rushed to Sam's aid and dragged him out of the house, Jess hot on his heels.

"Son of a bitch!" Brady shouted into the house and the three of them collapsed in the lawn in a mass of limbs.

"Geez, Sam. You're bleeding," Jess removed her thin jacket and pressed it against his nose. Sam grunted and tried to twist his head away, but Jess held it in place.

"Man that was the shortest party in the history of parties," Brady complained and watched as Jess pulled Sam back on his feet.

"I didn't even see Becky! And here you were worried that I was going to be the one getting us into trouble."

"Hey, I tried to avoid a fight," Sam huffed, trying not to laugh because it made his nose hurt.

"Where did you learn to fight like that? Or at least dodge blows. That was epic man!" Brady clapped his hands before going up beside his friend and put Sam's arm over his shoulder to help support him.

"Let's just say my brother likes to practice fighting. Don't ask why." Sam winced as pain shot from his nose.

"No need to," Brady muttered. Sam frowned, but let it go. The three headed over to Sam's apartment and together they spent the rest of evening and night together. Jess called in an order for Chinese food and they piled onto Sam's couch for an evening of drinking, watching movies and healing Sam's bloody nose.