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Final chapter - or an Epilouge for that matter. Takes place at the end of 5x20 "The Devil You Know" and finally Dean's here! ;D

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"You almost died?" Dean shouted as soon as they got out of the car. Brady was smirking in the backseat after randomly telling Dean about their younger days when he had first taken over good boy Brady's body. Crowley just rolled his eyes at the family drama and got out of the car as well.

"Dean, it wasn't that big a deal! Stop listening to him," Sam insisted and gave Brady a murderous glare as the demon followed them out of the car.

"Oh, but it was. They had to pump his stomach and everything," Brady said dramatically.

"You shut up," Dean ordered the blond guy. He knew they didn't need to worry about him escaping them seeing as Crowley had gotten his fellow demon stuck in a really bad place by making it appear that Brady had sided with Crowley and working against Lucifer's cause.

"Dean, can we focus on what's important?" Sam demanded. He grabbed Brady roughly by the neck and pulled the demon with him into the alley, a tattered image of a man being shaved on one of the walls.

"Yeah. I totally saved his ass back then," Brady reminded them and Sam pushed the demon away from him in anger.

"Why have you stayed in him all these years?" Sam growled, pain and anger blending into a nasty mix.

"Why didn't you leave Brady alone when we lost contact?" Brady shoved his hands into his pockets and merely shrugged.

"After I was done with you and Jessica, Azazel let me know what he thought about that whole incident and letting you get hurt," he explained. Dean let Sam have his moment with the demon and kept Crowley from interrupting them.

"What you talking about?" Sam swallowed hard, not liking where this was going.

"Azazel was an ungrateful bastard," Brady explained.

"He doesn't like it when things don't go as planned."

"Well boo hoo," Sam interrupted him and Brady smirked.

"Oh don't "boo hoo" me, you arrogant little prick. Yellow eyes sure knew how to make someone pay for making a mistake, but at least I came out of it alive. Brady? Well, let's just say that Azazel wasn't really concerned what happened to the meatsuit I was trapped in. So, call me sentimental. I stayed with him, otherwise Brady would have been worm food years ago," the demon explained, smirking at the horror he could see in Sam's eyes,

"Besides, I was kind of hoping to run into you again. Get the credit I deserve. After all, it did all come together in the end. Azazel got his prize and I had some fun with sweet little Jessica," he grinned wickedly and suddenly Sam shoved him against the wall, Ruby's knife against his throat. Brady could see the fury in Sam's eyes as the edge of the blade brushed his skin. Despite looking close to losing whatever little control he still had, Sam wasn't going to kill him. Not yet. Not before they had the information they needed.

"Remember when sweet, innocent Jessica came and said she wanted to move in with you into your apartment?" Brady continued teasing.

"I was the one who planted that idea into her head. Needed to get you two going seeing how you were more in love with good grades and didn't notice when a pretty girl was all but throwing herself at you, right?" he chuckled.

"Also, remember the phone calls I got once in a while? When I always had to leave the room or step away because they were so important? That was Azazel, checking up on his prize investment and keeping me on a leash. Because you know, cutting someone's throat at campus to contact him wouldn't make things easier with the job I had," he said matter-of-factly, enjoying the rage in Sam's eyes that just kept growing, hoping to break him. Sam sliced the edge of the blade against his throat, the shallow cut sizzling in the knife's wake.

"Oh, one last thing. Remember Jacob?" Brady asked.

"Ever wondered what happened to him? After you were back where you were supposed to be and Azazel had finished taking out his frustration out of my hide, I went after him for a little payback. With Azazel's blessing of course, since he'd nearly undone decades of planning with a moment of stupidity. I didn't appreciate getting into trouble with my boss because of him. From what I understand, they still occasionally find bits of him every now and then." Sam closed his eyes and looked away, unable to meet the demon's mocking gaze. Sure, he had hated that asshole, but he wouldn't have wished such a gruesome death upon his worst enemy. Well, his human enemies anyway.

"Sam," Dean spoke up, needing to get his brother's attention before Sam gave in and they lost whatever information Brady could give them. The demon grinned as Sam reluctantly released him and stepped back. Brady straightened his suit and his trademark smirk melted away a little as Crowley came over. He had no other choice but to give them the information they wanted.

"You okay?" Dean asked as Sam stopped by the Impala, his gaze staring off into the distance. Crowley was long gone and Sam had sent whatever was left of Brady to his final rest.

"Not really. no," Sam said softly. The stone cold expression he had worn while talking to Brady was melting away, replaced by one of deep grief. Dean looked over to where Brady's body was leaning against the wall in the alley, sympathy clear on his face for both Sam and the man who had once been his brother's friend.

"Sam," Dean started, but he didn't really know what to say to make things better. Not this time. He put a hand on Sam's arm and stood still until his brother said something.

"What can I say that isn't already obvious?" Sam asked morosely, looked hopelessly at his brother. He turned his gaze back to the body in the alley again.

"My best friend was a demon." Dean hated the pain in his brother's eyes, seeing more evidence of just how badly Sam's life had been toyed with by those black-eyed bastards. He wanted to give Sam some comfort, something that would make what had just happened all right when he remembered something Brady had said.

"No, he wasn't, Sam. Not all along. For most of the time you knew the real Brady right? That's the guy who was your friend. Not that thing," Dean insisted.

"Yeah," Sam muttered.

"He was my friend, and he ended up killed like everyone else I've ever loved or cared about. Because of me." Dean opened the door to the Impala for Sam, but was stopped when his little brother put a hand on the door, hesitating.

"What are you doing?" Dean asked.

"For five years that thing walked around in Brady's body. I can't just leave him there. He doesn't deserves to be left there like a piece of garbage," Sam said and finally tears rolled down his cheeks.

"He deserves to be at peace." Dean had to swallow hard to keep himself from shouting his rage at the universe for this kind of crap that kept seeing to happen to his brother. That everything in his life was now tainted, even his time when Sam thought he had escaped and found his place with friends and a girl free of the supernatural. He rested his hand on Sam's back and then his forehead against Sam's shoulder, closing his eyes and silently comforting him. He couldn't change the past. He couldn't undo all the manipulation and games that Hell has played with Sam's life. He couldn't free Sam of the guilt that yet another person that Sam had cared about suffered for the sin of merely befriending Sam. He couldn't undo all that, but he could be there for his brother, and help him see to his friend's final rest.

"Okay. Let me help you, Sam."